Dog Kissing Booth

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    1. Jada Rider

      Y’know what I think we finally need....A modern fun Q&A

    2. Hazel Fig

      Everyone: Dress up as Dr.Phil and interview Julien and your dogs!!!! Jenna: K I S S I N G B O O T H

    3. Ozbully Morales

      What a cavalcade of characters.

    4. Taylor Young

      Please pull a BrandiTV and make urself into a giant snow globe.

    5. Calyn P

      You can teach your dogs to kiss your butt! First teach them to touch the palm of your open hand, then you can bring your hand to your butt and say "Kiss my butt". Eventually, you take your hand away and they kiss your butt, no tongue. It`s so cute!

    6. melissa gilcrist

      Watching your videos literally lights up my life.

    7. lianna theo

      Can you please do a video on what you feed your dogs?! I also have an IG who’s a VERY picky eater and also underweight. Idk if you've also had this problem with any of your dogs but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Love you and Julian!

      1. lianna theo

        ClaudiaMichels3 Oh my god thank you!! <3

      2. ClaudiaMichels3

        Farmers dog personalised food. They say it on their podcast and I'm pretty sure you can use a promo code to get it cheaper.😊

    8. angie lopez


    9. Abida Ali

      Please react to this cute ass video :) The Love Story of Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita (ft. DinkFam)

    10. Mcchicken Daddy

      WHY DOES PEACH OWE JENNA MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

    11. Audra Lewis

      But really, when are J&J getting hitched?♥️😍

    12. Cammie Schuetz

      Can you do a video of the stuff you've gathered from videos? Like wigs and toothbrush or even a podcast portion

    13. Some Quiet Kid

      aren't they technically siblings- ಠ_ಠ

    14. Some Quiet Kid

      Love the new hat :)))

    15. Tea with Kylee C.

      Marble is the cutest thing ever!

    16. Krystal LaRussa-Vega

      Try the cuss collar please lol

    17. Gerard Way’s Forehead

      No one: Absolutely no one: Jennas eyebrows: / \ ( I love you Jenna. This is a joke❤️)

    18. Dat Dat The Goat

      Jenna!! Guess what I got a advertisement for, KFC CHICKEN CROCS! Make your own or do something please!

    19. Moedef 1

      I love Jenna I really do but something about this video made me uncomfortable lmao. But Jenna is still amazing.

    20. Nicole

      Maybe you should make things Bunny sized from now on. How rude

    21. vinasu maaj

      Jenna: "Peachy, gimme a kiss?" Peach: "DISRESPECT YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!!!" Demolishes kissing booth

    22. Jacob Castillo

      You should do a marble and bunny wedding next

    23. carley

      6:18 me in every video

    24. Abigayle Davis

      I want a soap hand update...

      1. vinasu maaj

        Ayo 10 years ago today you uploaded your first video on this channel

    25. Julia Langhurst

      You should do another video over the game episode!

    26. Jarin Garza

      Marble is my all time favorite

    27. Latricia Stults

    28. el ari

      marbles in human form would be rudy from bob's burgers

    29. AvisFeatherBooks

      Jenna’s 4 minute crafts.

    30. Not Applicable

      Dang you used to be kinda pretty. Lame now you are all gross.

    31. shawna shartzer

      her blush looks so cute!!!

    32. davererer

      please do more calling in sick to places you dont work.. those are soooooo funny. thank you

    33. ruby ellerd

      You should make a Reviewing bad apps 6.

    34. PinkSkyscraper1

      I need a Marbles and Bunny video

    35. KiwiDani

      Please do a video of your workout routine please!

    36. Abbie Gardner

      i hade a werid idea so if you did a skit were marbles is the clueless dog cop and peach gets so in debt she gets arrested and gets taken to dog jail. Cermit is the caring husband and bunny is the judge. Again i said it was a weird idea (btw i haven't slept in days) love your videos

    37. Dog Dog

      Jenna, for your next video you and Julien should go to Build-A-Bear and make stuffed animals

    38. Pharoah M

      I had a dog lick my wiener once

    39. Jesse Rambo

      Ayo 10 years ago today you uploaded your first video on this channel

    40. Selina Thorn

      my dog just kissed me

    41. Andrew Stahl

      Who else thinks Jenna should get a fish call “fishy?”

    42. MyNameIsRomanLlama

      Kermit is my spirit cat

    43. Shapen isfabulos

      Have fun at the bowling alley??

    44. Apple O

      Lol she needs to have a baby 😂


      Where did MOOSE-JAW come from? She's a sweet GIANT!

    46. hannah

      This was so sweet I almost cried lmao

    47. Deeanna C


    48. Elle Lane

      Oooohh girl. You look sick. "Ahcheww."

    49. Alivia Green

      Marble: I’mmmmmm working bitchhh!

    50. KelloMelon

      Jenna needs the “Dog Mom of the Year” award.

    51. Atothenal

      ohhh the derpy one!

    52. Courtney Wood

      Where is doing your make up with affiliate codes

    53. Pinkshara plz react to this with Julien

    54. A Glowing Tree

      *jenna every time she sees peach this video* "oh finally ur here bitch you got a dollar?"

    55. Kyle Plunkett

      I'm not sure if jenna has actually addressed this but why hasn't she ever changed her profile picture? In my understanding of her i think it just something she genuinely doesn't care to think about like "I'm too busy playing elder scrolls online to care about my youtube profile picture". lol. i was laughing at "sexual Wednesday" in her youtube banner and realized that hasn't been a thing for a while.

    56. Alyssa Dunkin

      4:14 *the crackhead at the gas station talking to the workers*

    57. Animefluff Please Watch I just found this in my recommends

    58. Amanda Prichard

      Jenna,you are aging well if you think 33 is old. (:

    59. Piss Emo

      can you give yourself a diy tooth gem

    60. Russian Reactions

      Make Kermit a soap blanket