Do Teens and Parents Know Forgotten 90s Cartoons?


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    Content featured:
    Sailor Moon
    Johnny Bravo
    Magic School Bus
    Pepper Ann
    Rolie Polie Olie
    2 Stupid Dogs
    PB&J Otter
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    Do Teens and Parents Know Forgotten 90s Cartoons?

    Publikuar 12 ditë më parë


    1. REACT

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      1. Jennifer Buchanan

        You should do an episod on collage cartoons like undergrads, mission hill, the oblongs and clone high!

      2. Devin Giles

        Hey, REACT. For the next React Gaming, have the College Kids play Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch. It will be a good exercise routine for them to play as the game is both an RPG and a exercise game.

      3. F-zero91maru

        I’m a millennial & I know all these cartoons more than these dummies no offense

      4. LittleCutie ABDL

        Coming up to react to cartoons, sign me up! I always confused Cardcaptor Sakura with Sailor Moon...ooops loved the 2 shows as a kid and to now still (idea: could get the elders to react to cartoons from their time and as bonus with their kids (now adults) and other grandchildren - if they have) Much love, (a small YT both ways trying to make it by helping others) - Mila

    2. LegendaryKing

      I Officially hate every single one of those morons, who do you get every single cartoon listed wrong!đŸ€ŠđŸœâ€â™‚ïž

    3. littleboo2002

      I got all of them right except drew a blank on 2 Stupid Dogs. I remember watching it, but I think I only watched it when it was on the tv and not actually seeking to watch it. I cried at Pepper Ann, no one knew that one.

    4. cam b

      Nobody knew pepper ann

      1. Eric S. Powers

        Sad.. I knew Pepper Ann because it came on before The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show..

      2. Mini Panini

        cam b I completely forgot who she is until I watched this

    5. Joey B Smooth

      One Dad on the show and he let all of us down. (lol)

    6. Armageddon Aaron

      I haven't forgotten johnny bravo

    7. Genekitty

      How none of them knew this, even the parents, hurt my entire 90s child soul.

    8. GrapeDrank25

      If you didn’t get 2 Stupid Dogs you ain’t no 90’s kid.

    9. BabyNineTail

      Proud to say that as a 90s kid, I remembered all of these!

    10. Aniya Dupree

      I love Pepper Ann!!

    11. kertaspaper94

      I missed the Pepper Ann one. And apparently so did a lot of people

    12. kertaspaper94

      "We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all, we love each other."

    13. Matcha Cub

      Anyone who didn’t know who Sailor Moon is.... is an idiot.

    14. Joe Cole

      Jayka: LAKE HOOHA ÎŁ(ïŸŸĐ”ïŸŸ|||)

    15. Quench

      Francesca (Lara's mom) is way too hot for this show!!

    16. Rainbow LesbĂ­an

      you gonna make all the weebs mad now with calling Salior Moon a cartoon

    17. Christian Schmude

      I remember pepper ann though I fault no one for not knowing it. Maybe it's just my own selfish taste in fantasy and action talking here but I don't really think this show is worth much to me it's a pretty typical kids sitcom

    18. Jordan Crooks

      Some of these parents didn't know magic school bus or johnny bravo i am ashamed

    19. Sasuke Uchiha

      i never in my entire life saw pepper ann....... who watched that? also, i grew up watching 90's shows re-aired during 1999 (all these) so i know every single one of them. i'm '94 btw it looks interesting like hey arnold though.

      1. littleboo2002

        I loved that show when I was younger.

      2. Mini Panini

        Sasuke Uchiha I remember changing the channel whenever it's on

    20. Zhane Hoyle

      I'm just glad my girl Madeline and My boy Olie are finally being remember!

    21. Kayla Donovan

      “what’s it called?.. polka dot family?”

    22. Natasha

      The girl that said Danny Phantom for Johnny Bravo, I don't fuck with her xD I'm joking, she seems lovely

    23. Marcos Joel

      I got 6/8 , was a 90s toddler & I grew up in the UK.

    24. A Kamekazi

      Roly Polie Olie is my shit~

    25. Vordt of the Boreal Valley

      How did they not know ROLLIE POLLY OLLIE

      1. Mini Panini

        Vordt of the Boreal Valley right! He's small and smart and round dammit!

    26. Mariela Bedolla

      I knew them all!!!!!đŸ˜đŸ€Ł

    27. Ren Wooldridge

      I can't believe no one knew Pepper Ann. I loved that show growing up. Saturday morning cartoons.

      1. Marcos Joel

        Pepper Ann was one of my faves omg

      2. Bluestormingdragon

        if i recall its on hulu too

      3. Xiya

        never seen it

    28. Robert Underwood

      Most of those I got almost instantly. The only one I hesitated with before getting was 2 Stupid Dogs.

    29. justine

      personally offended by people not knowing pb&j otter

    30. deckire

      holy crap that is complete Nostalgia here. I knew everyone of the shows that popped up, but it took me a second to remember Pepper Ann and Rolie Polie Olie. I never watched Pepper Ann much but she was a famous character and it took me to the name of the town to remember Rolie Polie Olie.

    31. Samantha Contrerasw

      This is my childhood minus sailor moon I didn’t find out about that till like high school

    32. Worldof2ndFlute&Clarinet

      I don’t know who thought that Sailor Moon, Johnny Bravo, and the Magic School Bus had been forgotten, but they need to think again because these shows have NOT been forgotten and won’t be for a long time. Honestly who even said these and offered them up.They honestly couldn’t have been even more wrong like WTF I’m shook and disappointed af.

    33. Irem Ilhan


    34. Whofan 998

      Who doesn’t know magic school bus????

    35. Britni Smith

      Bring these back!! 😭

    36. stormchaser1197

      I knew all of them, I just struggled with the titles.

    37. Tevin Mccollum

      I watched too much tv as a child knew every one within 2 seconds by name

    38. Akai Kensei

      Called Madeline 'Matilda' for some reason and I thought RPO was 'The Wiggles' PBJO just plain stumped me. Got the rest tho :P 5/8 so not too bad.

    39. Keondra Ryan

      i never seen pb and j otter and i couldn't remember the name of pepper ann

    40. unfabgirl

      i HATED PB&j Otter

    41. Aiden Christensen

      I got Johny Bravo and The Magic School bus and I've seen Rolie Polie Olie,

    42. freeloader9000

      "Lake HOO HA?!" Oof...that name did not age well...

    43. PrincessKait1

      I watched every one of these except Johnny Bravo because I wasn't allowed, but I couldn't come up with the names to Pepper Ann and 2 Stupid Dogs.

    44. PrincessKait1


    45. Everything's Peachy

      Im ashamed they didn't know Rollie Pollie Olie

    46. Jessica Rodriguez

      So proud as a 90s kid i only forgot one of the names. (90%) not bad.

      1. Tevin Mccollum

        She’s so cool in 7th grade

      2. Jessica Rodriguez

        And really suprised no one knew pepper anne

    47. Sharnesha Scroggins

      I got all right except for Pepper Ann

    48. Awesome SK55

      When the teens didn't know Johnny Bravo.. My heart sank...

      1. jkjkjk

        Precursor to modern pickup artist fails ahahaha


      I know most these and I'm only a kid some of the shows I watched when I was young or got showed and was surprised that they didn't know solar moon for the parents or johnny bravo the magic school bus all schools show you that for some reason at least most. This is most likely because it was 1900's to early 2000's

      1. Jordan Crooks

        Bro its 1990s not 1900s

    50. BadAkatsukifangirl

      I only know Sailor Moon, Pepper Ann and PB&J Otter :D

    51. Nutjay Woody

      2 stupid dogs Yeaaa

    52. Luke Patrick

      This girl said Johny Bravo was Danny Phantom??????

    53. fallingawayfromthenorm

      My brain has a terrible gift at remembering useless information, like every single show they brought up in this video. đŸ€Ł

    54. Borut Jurisic

      Damn... nobody knew 2 Stupid Dogs??? They were really, REALLY funny!

    55. Ryley Russell

      I only knew sailor moon I really hate it sailor moon sucks

      1. Ryley Russell

        Kris johns have you heard of a opinion

      2. Kris johns

        It doesn’t. 🖕

    56. Chat Galinato

      Sailor Moon??? Forgotten??? Are you crazy??? There's gonna be a 2 Part Movie Sailor Moon Eternal this year and you say forgotten??? Less iconic??? Whoever made this content should be put through the 7 gates of hell!

    57. Rachel RoseLynn

      I got all but the last two!

    58. Angela -Benedetti

      Man I got hype when I remembered PB&J Otter. Pulled that right outta my ass.

      1. Robert Underwood

        You did the noodle dance.

    59. Milica Todorovic

      Vivica reminds me of Doja Cat for some reason :D

    60. Zach Borstad

      2 Stupid Dogs was AMAZING