DM'ing 100 Celebrities To See How Many Would Reply

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    We Dm'd 100 Celebrities on Instagram to see how many of them would reply and it actually worked!!
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    Alex's Instagram: imalexstokes
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    1. Stokes Twins

      Honestly didn’t expect this to work so well..DM us on Instagram! We’ll reply to you ❤️ @imalanstokes @imalexstokes

      1. Abe Hunde


      2. Pink Wars

        Do more

      3. D'angelo Martinez

        Why do you never get your I's u don't capitalize them

      4. FlameTheFox YT

        Stokes Twins almost 15million?? But i see your subs are only 3.4million

      5. //Moonlight\\

        Mis PSY NewFace MV

    2. Laura Corbett

      I'm really gonna try to DM 100 celebrities to see if they will reply

    3. Hannah


    4. Matti Keeble

      Do Charlie damilio

    5. Giselle Jefvika L

      Can you do another of this?? I love it

    6. Adam R

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="440">7:20</a>

    7. Kimberly Nicholls

      who is here wanting coronavirus to go away

    8. Jaida Small

      I wAnNa Dm CoLe SpRoUsE

    9. GreatArianna B

      It weird that Allan went somewhere with Ariana and my name is Arianna

    10. bts army

      BTS ARMY 4 LIFE “Come be my teacher😉”

    11. Danielle Crain


    12. Danielle Crain


    13. Chloe Lavazza

      They sent a dm to my idol first🙂

    14. Nora Alina

      omg i look you instagram 91 requests

    15. Puteri Nuraisyah

      Me:focus at the video Me also:focus at Alex "Fake Love" hoodie😜

    16. BGM WORLD

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1515">25:15</a> checking replays... thank me later 😁

    17. Itzlizzy Ice cream second channel

      Not fortknife

    18. Itzlizzy Ice cream second channel

      Not how to spell the game this is how Fortnite

    19. bh phun

      Fun fact: Asher Angel was also on Andi Mack on Disney Channel

    20. Tate Campbell

      how do you dm

    21. Zeyana M

      I love most of those celebrities

    22. Corinne Derby

      I want to meeeeeeeeeeeeeet Robert did he ever reply?!?!?!?!?!?

    23. Ron Hermanson


    24. Bobby Javier

      I’m sad 2 likes will make me happy again

    25. Morgan and Freinds

      “carative” lol there accent is AMAZINGLY FUNNY 😂

    26. andy zhang

      She said she saw you guys in A mall in Savannah Georgia

    27. andy zhang

      And she said she can tell the difference between you guys is that one of you guys has a bigger stomach

    28. andy zhang

      My cousin said she saw you guys

    29. Kookie Ruby

      Wait that second hoodie guy in black printed fake love BTS👀song hehe

    30. Aryan Subedi

      Can you please say who is older ALAN OR ALEX . PLZZZ

    31. Olivier Sokolowski

      Hey you said you would answer your dms? Use me as a "please read ur dms" button. :)

    32. Summer Champ

      i love all of your videos

    33. Mntolo Lelo Mntolo Lelo Fakudze

      I really like the Stokes Twins a lot who is watching during lockdown? Love u guys a lot mcwaaa

    34. -Izzy -

      Twin Telepathy (I Have A Twin Too)

    35. annabella askins

      1 year!! amazing job!

    36. Suresh Laya

      im a twin.have a twin bro

    37. Gabriella Garrcia

      When they said bts i jumped up like a bunny(jungkook) and lele

    38. Sanjay Dutt


    39. Lily Loves Millie

      Millie Bobby Brown is literally my idol!

    40. Fan Girl

      There all gonna block you

    41. Eylul Onal

      What are you guys going to do if they all reply

    42. yannah anozal

      2020. Anyone?

      1. Lydia Ball

        Yeah 3 hours later I see your comment after you post it. I’m in the house cutting the grass and going to the cinema with my dad

    43. Joshua Voges

      Soooo clickbait I hate people like this

    44. Fani Saravia

      Can u tex addison pls

    45. Lance Johnson

      Put Shawn Mendes you should have said it's been a long day since I've seen you

    46. Cam and Kyla

      Brent Riviera is my favorite ALselr

    47. Myoui Mina

      Are you two fan of KPOP group Twice?

    48. BoSS HoGz

      Lol you only have four million you will have to wait a long time to get 15 mil

    49. AxatxoPlays Adopt me

      Not to be rude but I ship breva

    50. Addie blue

      Remember that these celebs are just people too.

    51. chris king

      im a girl and i love you guys

    52. Kayla Felton

      Ha ha my name is kaylee Jae butt they call me kj

    53. Kayla Felton

      Ha ha my name kaylee/ kj

    54. hashim ahmed

      i love blackpink

    55. aria and finn

      do love the rain does it make you dance did you get you middle name from your grama(song ten thousenawere)

    56. aria and finn

      tell brent to anser laine back she has a unicorn ;ic

    57. aria and finn

      hey can you text maija.beaupre no profile pic bc someone hacked in it so plesen text text it i am not lieing

    58. Harsh Vardhan

      Time waste vedio😕😕

    59. FUNN ZONED

      Alan you should message Alex or Alex you should message Alan cause for me you are the best you tubers and celebrities

    60. M & T Nation

      Love you guys❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️😘😍😘😍😘

    61. Arsh Kshatriya

      Thia Vid completed 1 year today!!!!!!!

    62. ملاك محمد

      omgggg ur guys are armys !!!!

    63. Cuc Cao

      How do you come to U.S.

    64. Cuc Cao

      How do you come to U.S.

    65. Cuc Cao

      I am a fan of Lele pons too

    66. Dray Mike

      I subbed

    67. Feng Chen

      I love u guys and bts songs Jin is my favorite celebrity

    68. roldan advento

      Who's watching stokes twins in 2020 leave a like

    69. roldan advento

      Who's watching stokes twins in 2020 leave a like

    70. Lexi Andrews

      Alan and Alex:hey! Me:why do you keep dming celebrities hey! Alan and Alex:hey!

    71. Lexi Andrews

      Love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much guys

    72. Lexi Andrews

      When they were dming Bart Johnson I thought he said fart Johnson 😂😂😂😂😂

    73. Aloha, Girl

      Guys u were in KCA? Omg!

    74. faze clix yt

      The phone in the thumb nail be looking like. 👁👄👁

    75. Mukesh shrivastav

      Are you an army 💜💜💜 too ??

    76. Anindya Meika pratami

      Why not you guys dan zch sy a artis plllllllllllls

    77. Dancing Queen

      Me: This a good vid My mind: are you kidding me Alan just said “Drake do you love me” Me:Pls stop brain I just want to watch this

    78. •iiOrezoii ・


    79. Tara Cox


    80. Chitalu Kapya

      answer your Instagram already