Desperately Trying To Not Touch Our Faces

Unus Annus

Unus Annus

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    Well, here we are. The first day of Quarantannus. In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Mark and Ethan attempt to touch their faces as little as possible.
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    This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
    Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
    Memento Mori.
    Unus Annus.


    1. Ashley Mae

      As a glasses wearer and nail biter I'm fucked

    2. Modern Cowgirl

      Mustang Heritage Foundation! Mustangs are being rounded up in the wild almost every day, and held in holding facilities (medium sized pens with hay and water) and can be adopted by anyone, including kill and meat buyers. The Mustang heritage Foundation helps them get placed in good programs, like The Mustang Makeover or the Trainer Incentive Program or into good homes they deserve. This probably won’t get chosen considering what’s happening in the world right now, but please consider! These mustangs are getting adopted for a cheap fee and shipped into other country’s for slaughter since its not legal here, when all of them have amazing potential and deserve a chance. They didn’t choose to get rounded up and sold. That wasn’t their choice. They didn’t choose to get branded either. The facility for these mustangs is supposed to get better, but who knows? They’ve cut the population of wild horses by 3/4. That’s way too much just for land for cattle to graze.

    3. Keyla Gamer123

      News reporter: Remember to not touch your face Also News reporter: *touches face*

    4. Vox Animalium

      Ah yes, the leader of avengers, Captain Texas.

    5. L.J. Ahlbom

      All Might voice: GO *BEYOND*

    6. Celia Spiker

      Mark - "It's something to take VERY seriously." *he says as headphones slowly droop down his face*

    7. L.J. Ahlbom

      "Whaddaya mean low tear stuff? Why you gotta shit on the video we're making as we're making it???"

    8. Wandering Demon

      1 in 9 the Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition 10 in 10 Project Inc 1000 Crane Foundation Inc 1000 Plus Club To Benefit Cancer Inc 1010 Project Inc 1in2 1P36 Deletion Support & Awareness 1Voice Foundation Inc 2 Live and Let Live 2 Op 2-1-1 Big Bend Inc 20000 Institute 24 Foundation Inc 24 Hours for Hank Inc 25 40 3 4 Fighting Parkinsons 3-Day Fundraisers 353 Imperial 360 Whitehall Housing Development Fund Corp 365 Inspire A Cure 365 Pink Foundation Inc 3B Medical Research and Education Foundation Inc 3Rd Eye Films Inc 4 Bridges 4 Kids 4 Epilepsy 4 Paws for Ability Inc 4 Wheelers for Athletic Spinal Cord Injuries 49 Xxxxy Fund 4Love Project 4Sight 535 Orthopedic Research Foundation 5P Minus of Ohio Inc 60-Mile Men 930 Freinds A A Central Office A Better Choice Foundation A Better Way Sickle Cell Health Group Inc A Bit of Hope CDC A Brave New Day A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation A C B of Oregon A Chance To Heal Foundation A Charity Challenge Inc A Childs Voice Autism Foundation A Christmas To Cure Cancer Inc A Cure for Connor A Cure in Our Lifetime Inc A Cure Is Coming the Michael-Ryan Pattison Foundation A Different Direction, Inc. A Foundation Building Strength Inc A Gift From Alexa A Gift From Gabi Foundation Inc A Gift of Pain Inc A Glimmer of Hope Inc A Heart for Sports Foundation A Hope for Autism Foundation A Hope for Life Inc A I D S - Advocacy - Information - Diverse Services A I D S Response Knoxville A I D S-Aspen Cares A Kawasaki Heart A L S Family Charitable Foundation Inc A La Vida A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation A Life A Time Foundation A M L Leukemia Foundation Trust A M O S Project Inc A Message of Hope Cancer Fund A Midwinter Nights Dream Inc A Milton Miller Memorial Fund Inc A New Light, Inc. A New Year of Hope Foundation A New Years Wish the Mark John Blackburn Foundation Inc A Night of Hope Walk for Cancer Foundation A Noble Cause Inc A P S E Inc A Place Called Hope A Place for Me NFP A Place of Hope Inc A Place Org A R Staulcup Foundation Ltd A Race Worth Winning-ALS Inc A Reason To Inc A Ride Across America A Right To Live Inc, Aka Accelerate Progress A S P E N Rhoads Research Foundation Inc A Safe Place of Houston, Inc. A Silver Lining Foundation Chicagoland Cancer Info Coalition A Single Light A Sisters Hope Inc A Small Miracle Foundation A Sporting Chance of Northwest Arkansas Inc A T Ease Foundation Inc A T Still Osteopathic Foundation & Research Institute A Vision for You Recovery Facility A Way With Words Foundation Inc A-Ba-Js Eds Support Group Inc A-Fib Inc A-Z Women Center Inc Aaaneurysm Outreach Aaction

    9. Savage Sea Monkey

      Who else tried not to touch their face while they were?

    10. Jesus Morales

      Red cross

    11. TallAndTallAndTall

      "Charity schmarity, that's what Amy always says." What words pop up on the screen for a millisecond? Around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="948">15:48</a>

    12. trooper max vampir

      Well back the blue

    13. Jess D

      you could possibly donate to cancer families in need of some supplies/food right now, i know aydens army of angels is accepting donations for some child cancer families in need right now

    14. CTGZealot

      So who has the reddit pages where they are going to keep the tallies for Mark and Ethan? Because that seems like the solution to the count dilemma.

    15. Dada love

      anyone at home trying not to touch your face lol

      1. yroohj gouy

        I have to work at a grocery store so this is extremely difficult

    16. John Lindsay

      Markiplier now owns another moustache

      1. yroohj gouy

        Mark: This is totally serious Mark and Ethan: take absolutely nothing serious

    17. Ash Boy

      Do big PP charity.

    18. emily pound

      Homelessness , to get everyone of the streets into a safer place were they can be treated properly

    19. Jjacob8600

      this is getting out of hand. now they're not even doing a outside thing why is my head itchi-*

    20. DevinDoesThings

      I touched my face once during this video

    21. Tem Temmie

      *When Marks headphones fell down who else got prop hunt #48 flashbacks?*

    22. Sarah Turner

      Justin Bieber is uncle jeb! CONFIRMED

    23. Pie Is Near

      So Ethan was playing ball since he was born? Like, fresh from the womb?

    24. Yikes Yeep

      Convoy of Hope, Good360, Direct relief, Project C.U.R.E and Water mission are all charities providing relief supplies for hospitals. Please donate if you can.

    25. VR FOB

      You know how many times ive touched my face watching this

    26. beauty in da mirrar

      You underestimate me 10y ago my country had 3 viruses almost at the same time I've been awkwardly aware of germs since out the womb

    27. Elizabeth Fuenzalida

      ANY video? Including your individual channels?

    28. Azren

      When you realise that you and Ethan have the same headset.

    29. Georgia Hawthorne

      Look into hospitals needing respirators or any medical equipment. I know over here (UK) we don't have enough and non medical businesses have to help make them.

    30. TheSwedishGuy 12

      Here’s a good charity: My wallet

    31. Axel Rose-H

      Mark: This is totally serious Mark and Ethan: *take absolutely nothing serious*

    32. Kenashi -.-

      I have to work at a grocery store so this is extremely difficult

    33. Doctor Potassium


    34. Unprofessional Artist

      Mark: headphones count, you cant touch your headphones Ethan: has hands on head phones in the next thumbnail

    35. Toxic_spiceProductions

      Raise money for the cure progression

    36. shutupyoureannoying ._.

      I watched this entire video while resting my face on my hands without realizing I don't feel dumb I don't feel dumb I don't feel dumb

    37. AJ The Pheonix

      As a Texan I was extremely confused by the "Captain of Texas" bit

    38. Amanda Paust

      Ethan: What about drinks? Mark: No drinks Me, currently drinking a Mountain Dew: ... oh

    39. Vivi Burger

      Mark, he reminds me of the goth kids from South Park

    40. Caitlyn H

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="620">10:20</a> is this Daft Punk?

    41. AlexAngelKitten

      Me: *hears explanation on why you shouldn't touch your face* Also me: Is holding my face up with my fist

    42. Madison

      I didn't touch my face throughout this whole video in solidarity. btw, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="815">13:35</a> made me burst into laughter. (also, who gave Mark permission to look this good?)

    43. isabellah minton

      Mark:We need to wash our hands at all times Also Mark in different video:I don't need to wash my hands

    44. chloe odonnell

      Me: Being quarantined seeing people outside at school... Also me : SUCKERS

    45. Bobthedino Bobthedino

      you guys toch your face 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

    46. Bloodmoon Pictures

      as soon as they started i got a horrible itch in my beard and it grew stronger and stronger until i found a loophole by letting my cat rub her face against mine, but it made the itch worse so i scratched other body parts until a lock came loose and fell onto the itc h ad tickled it, i tried to get it out of the way so oncentratedly that i accedently touched the other side of my face by adjusting my hair and then i instantly shouted "FUCK" and lost.... xD

    47. Barbara Goodnight

      Donate to Crisis Text Line! No one thinks about the mental health side of it but people need this kind of service too

    48. Chloe

      Any food shelters!!! Food scarcity is a big issue everywhere especially as many people lose their jobs

    49. yroohj gouy

      No one: Literally no one: ALsel algorithm: Demonitiozation to spreading awareness of Covid-19

    50. Adia Exstrom

      Mark and Ethan: We aren’t going to touch our faces Me: *Touches face a million times in the first minute*

    51. Sir Nobody

      Touch Uranus

      1. yroohj gouy

        Donate to red cross

    52. Qura

      Well I need $30 soo u can donate to me

    53. seonghwave

      Wait but how do we facepalm then

    54. Destiny 132

      I touch my face all the time

    55. pheonix2015 wes

      Incubation is 0-17 days according to some hospital records

    56. Kowonski YouTube made me put in a last name

      You made it easier by reminding each other

    57. Wasup bro Wierdo

      Make a wish is a lovely place to donate, I suggest you donate a bit to them, they let kids with disability’s make a wish for anything, and your donations will help support the kids wish’s, that’s just a suggestion 👱🏼‍♀️👱🏼

    58. nuklear gaming

      its corona time

    59. Dragonlover99 wolflover99

      Hey mark and or marks and ethan community i really need someone to talk to i just feel like dying and i dont know what to do

    60. Griffin Rix

      Give it to the hospitals

    61. Spidey I Think

      Title: Two Men Attempt to Avoid Donating to Charity While Trying to Convince Each Other to Spread Coronavirus

    62. Antiplier edits

      Anyone else trying not to touch their face along with them, No? Just me ok xD

    63. jay the gay

      No one: Both of the boys hairs: I've got an itch to scratch I need assistance TOUCHA TOUCH TOUCHA TOUCHHH M-

    64. Brooklyn Beardy

      Who else touched their face

    65. The Mystic

      Its a good thing mark wasnt wearing his glasses

    66. ThatDudeWithBoobs

      Seeing Mark with his headphones over his top lip just makes me think of a futuristic Wilford Warfstache

    67. Jlab gaming

      Donate to red cross

    68. Heaven Alexis

      You should do this again while watching try not to cringe videos

    69. FireC 777

      Let's take a moment to think a couple weeks ago we didn't care about touching out face now look at us

    70. marissa Rozas

      Nice to know that they know the amazing improv game “zip zap zop” lmao I’m in highschool and we do that all the time at kids camp

    71. Ovenproof Meteor


    72. Pigeonical

      Ethan talking about not touching ur face: Me: **suddenly feels itchy on face** 😤😤aAaaaaaAAAaaAAahhhGh

    73. Sora Aragaki

      Couldn’t you edit it out?

    74. lizzyThe TrashPanda

      My name is charity ;-;

    75. ꧁Midnight꧂

      Tbh,give been keeping my hands away from my face the entire video

    76. conflict

      about ten minutes into the video mark becomes the host (notice the headphones covering his eyes) and everything he says from that point forward is a series of secret clues to the plot of danger in fiction chapter 3.

    77. Bob Smith

      Ethan: when was the last time something like this happened? Everyone: 2016, Ebola just wasn't as mainstream Mark: 1919!!!

    78. Caedyn Nigh

      go even beyondus annus

    79. Caedyn Nigh

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">1:51</a> Mark be like: and that's on periodt 💅

    80. Random Person

      Everytime they say "dont touch your face" I have the sudden urge to touch my face