Dating a Gold Digger (Part 2) | Anwar Jibawi

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    This was filmed before any quarantine and we respect social distancing.
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    1. Shots Studios

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      1. Fatima Junaid patel

        Adam's reactions is totally convincing and his always right. And Anwar is jus so innocent and nice and trust to quickly. ❤💝👍👍👌🤗🤗🥰☺️🌸🌞🌼

      2. Brianna Young

        He stupid

      3. Kate-abby Fenton


      4. Cattle Girl

        Actually my name is Adam

      5. Deggan Dahir


    2. aissa.f

    3. V Μ

      enough with the stupid comments, AMANDA IS SUCH A BABE FFS !!!!

    4. Marian Regencia

      OH NO Go away

    5. Lucas Black


    6. smart

      I love .....we are done👌👌👌🤩

    7. Rehanna Guytin

      Adam. Fin

    8. oneh1ghkid

    9. jhplayz 3

      That's so annoying she killed u for the money

    10. Dominico savio

      When she said thaf Pablo is super gay If im anwar i'll be like: "proof it! "

    11. Bianca Cuevas

      That maybe inbreresing

    12. sahm alden

      What is the girl name (the gold digger)

    13. Sandwich King

      Ok then...

    14. Esmeralda Araujo


    15. Jarrett Davis

      When she looked at Adam she looked creepy when you said your gonna kill it it was so creepy anwari seems dumb

    16. Yolian Dawit

      She is a fucking gold digber

    17. Matthew Zheng

      Anwar is just like a baby just say ok to everything

    18. HSN Kids

      On my days am I the only one who got so angry bcus Anwar didnt realise that she's a gold either 😂

    19. Jack Williams

      Z D

    20. aqonyahan abdizalam hereri

      anwar.. can i help you gold digger . hey honey hhhhhhhhh

    21. Dana world

      Who want part 3 👇🏻

    22. Adriana Lancerio

      werid you should have trust adam

    23. Diana Tarek

      The pool boy actually looks like the man in GTA..

      1. CDL

        Yeah at the beach or director mode

    24. Adame Camara


    25. Josie Hill

      could u do another one maybe after you get saved by the hospital or something? please!!!

    26. MR_edits_ Q8

      Always the friend is right

    27. Sophia Slime The first

      Gold digging for a gold DIGGER

    28. dania Batates

      we all need an Adam in our life

    29. Michelle Raybone

      Make sure you like and subscribe this video NOW!

    30. Michelle Raybone

      She is a gold digger!

    31. Dalilah Rodriguez

      i want a part 3

    32. Ibrahim Alasadi

      Best short movies

    33. laneisha johonson

      can we have more

    34. Prpple Sourdiesel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> the first time you smoke weed and get paranoid

    35. kyle tv

      Noice vid but dwamb bwoi

    36. V\Minecraft GIRL


    37. V\Minecraft GIRL

      Adam should create a channel

    38. Karen Shute

      hi anwar

    39. Sheen Johnston

      😂😂😂 I like his friend! He's so smart 😂 I had to repeat the video.

    40. UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship

      Anwar you are being played by a girl and Adam is showing you

    41. 5_Jol

      She a girl digger But she don’t know how to digging

    42. Damiah Burley

      Adam strikes again..😂

    43. Abdale Ahmed

      Bro just believe in Adam

    44. Rain Mom

      Yup she wants to kill u

    45. Nuriya Isaac

      Gold digger checkkkkkkkkkk

    46. Cailey And Mariah

      So I'm guessing this is the end of bro code

    47. Ikram ahmed Zubair

      My fav video all over youtube

    48. Nancy Tacuepian

      No I edited the comment you liked 😭😭😢

    49. Desiree Milburn

      Money 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

    50. Fatima Junaid patel

      Lmao Adam is always right and is truly Anwar best friend and honestly that cake was looking divine..Anwar and adam is the best together. 💜❤💝👌👌👍🥰🤗🤗☺️☺️

    51. Bree Bree

      I almost died when he said 🦸‍♂️ hey mandy we're breaking up 😂😂😂😂😂

    52. Vanessa Castillo


    53. Fishy-II


    54. Sohail Ahmed


    55. Da Sun

      I literally can't stop laughing like if I was the friend I would've literally dipped or killed them immediately

    56. Alexi Oghli

      Dude your part 1 was 3 years ago

    57. Millicent Olingo

      I hate '

    58. jb Camxx94

      I need part 3✌🏻✌🏻😁

    59. Mostafa Adam

      I learned a lesson

    60. Amaria Dorce


    61. Ketawa Yuk

      anwar and adam are the best

    62. Swuvie Luscious

      Has anyone else seen that Anwar is next to a Green Screen

    63. mujahid pasha

      U both are so damn good together... Ur like real brother s

    64. Exander Gonzalez


    65. Scroll62

      The very definition of a simp

    66. Julie Kane

      She’s a gold digger. She’s literally digging🤣

    67. A-G Vlogs

      Please do video like this again

    68. Civi Ruiz

      You shund trust your. BFF

    69. Civi Ruiz

      In this video

    70. Civi Ruiz

      Nooooooo you are stupind

    71. Julian Dunnink

      P sav yea ur right

    72. Nakir Mahamud

      There should be a last scene where yusuf comes and says " See, I was right".

    73. Far Syed

      Man he forgot to ask why she asked for his food allergies oof

    74. Rimiki Mawblei

      We're done🤣🤣🤣🤣

    75. Omar Ilias

      She has a shovel! 😂

    76. papito Latelabwe

      .com to London

    77. Faiz Said

      Bros before hoes didn't work out here lmao

    78. safia hamed

      Love you💟💟💟

    79. safia hamed