Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long (Nickelodeon VS Disney) | DEATH BATTLE!

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    Go ghost and dragon up as two mystic teenagers duke it out!
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    1. AsylumThundr

      Danny after getting sued by the magic community *This is not Okie-Dokie*

    2. A A

      Next fight: Danny vs Ichigo from Bleach.

    3. Jeremy A. Garth

      Ben10 vs Legion (Marvel)

    4. Chris R


    5. Renaissance Maroga

      It is good deathbattle

    6. Renaissance Maroga

      It is good deathbattle

    7. Jay'len Johnson

      Dexter vs Stewie

    8. dwinters62

      How do you kill a ghost

    9. JunkMon

      Johnny test vs Richie rich

    10. Nitro 5 Ninetieboar


    11. CupOfWhiskey

      I dont understand why they changed the art style for american dragon, it looked so bad compared to the first season

    12. Dinah Laurel Lance

      Who remembers the animation upgrade in American Dragon

    13. kolim jone

      Let's see a match between Himura Kenshin or Roronoa Zoro. Who y’all got as the better Swordsman? 🤔

    14. Dr Daydream

      Do dollar shave club vs blue apron.

    15. Jayden Nguyen

      PLEASE gon vs deku

    16. Mr. Oreo

      Octane from apex legends vs Scout from TF2?

      1. kolim jone

        Asta and meliodas

    17. Camilo Gutierrez III

      Hey, What's the big, idea? She-ra vs Wonder Woman was suppose to happen today.

    18. Crippled Ninja 666

      Escanor VS. Whitebeard

    19. yanyan zhang

      Death Battle: Danny’s wail is omnidirectional *proceeds to show a clip of Danny having to turn around to hit ghosts at his side*

    20. Star_ boy

      If YOU were in a death battle who do you think will start the fight you or your opponent or will you just be too chill to start one🤔🤔🤔

    21. Luck Luckiest

      Thank hearing my comments

    22. Luck Luckiest

      Superman vs Goku ultra instinct

    23. Luck Luckiest

      Superman vs Goku ultra instinct

      1. Sharpie

        They’re not doing it they said

    24. Luck Luckiest

      Superman vs Goku ultra instinct

    25. Luck Luckiest

      Thank for your time

    26. Luck Luckiest

      Dio from jojo vs madara from naruto

    27. Luck Luckiest

      Dio vs madara

    28. Luck Luckiest

      Dio vs madara

    29. Luck Luckiest

      Dio jojo vs madara

    30. Luck Luckiest

      Asta and meliodas please try to do the battle

    31. Luck Luckiest

      Asta and meliodas

    32. Luck Luckiest

      Asta and meliodas

    33. Luck Luckiest

      Was really good battle asta and meliodas

    34. Luck Luckiest

      I will like to see death battle between asta black clover and meliodas seven deadly sine I

    35. darkbodie

      господи, не говно наверное впервые за пару лет аж не верится

    36. invadernik

      Sentry (marvel) vs Jackie estacado (top cow). the battle of blackness. BLACKER THAN THE BLACKEST BLACK TIMES INFINITY

    37. Sam Jaffe

      Naruto vs. avatar aang

    38. Leon Fisher

      SpongeBob vs Luffy. LoL I'm just kidding.

    39. James Earl

      Deathwing from (world of warcraft) vs acnologia from (Fairy tail) dragon vs dragon

    40. Ishiro Tanaka

      Honestly, i think Danny Phantom vs Yusuke Urameshi From Yu Yu Hakusho Would Also Had Been A Much Better Pairing for A Death Battle. But Hey, There's Always next season.

      1. Ishiro Tanaka

        @Justin Alicea Seen it already

      2. Justin Alicea

        Watch Sasuke vs Hiei and rethink the power level.

    41. johhnyx14

      Yo spider riders vs dragon booster. Of dino squad vs street sharks.

    42. kumardev316

      do tommy vercetti vs tony montana somehow

    43. Drew Wallace

      Indiana Jones vs Nathan Drake

    44. Alice K

      Death battle between Shikamau (Naruto) and Tokoyami (Boku no hero)

    45. Chase Bruer

      Pikachu and Ash vs Zatch and kiyo (Pokemon vs Zatch bell)

    46. pharoah finale

      Could y’all do some teleporters like cloak vs nightcrawler cuz these two characters are very underrated

      1. dolimi jotoo

        One punch man vs super man

    47. Tyler Colombo

      Jessie McCree (Overwatch) vs Erron Black (Mortal Kombat)

    48. Faficksi

      Jake Long v Juniper Lee

      1. dolimi jotoo

        Megas XLR vs Gurren Lagan

    49. text2meme fan

      Jake long vs charizard coments

    50. Rotten Redhead

      The Female of the Species (The Boys) vs Frank Castle (The Punisher)

    51. Supersmallchibiwolf

      Spike from Cowboy Bebop vs Vash from Trigun. ^_^

    52. TerminalCarrion

      So before he knew he had any powers, he threw what he thought was a regular guy with lethal force?

    53. Luis Paredes

      I think that generator rex vs max steel could be an interesting fight


      Lets see one punch man vs. Superman. Can Saitama win?

    55. Charles Jones

      Green Ranger from the original MMPR vs. Reptile from Mortal Kombat ever an idea?

    56. Mary Kajer

      Sauron vs surtur

    57. the Scott broz

      Megaman vs Seamus pls do this

      1. the Scott broz

        I meant Samus darn auti correct

    58. why are we here?

      Do Sephorath vs dantie

    59. Wander Fulgencio

      This is crazy saying Danny lightspeed than watching Danny dodge his own attack in his human form i don't think the creator knew how much will it take to do these amazing feats they just thought it was cool😂but I love this fight!

    60. ronin slayer

      At my boi danny won

    61. Dreamstepper

      Megas XLR vs Gurren Lagan

    62. King Funsize

      One punch man vs super man

    63. Abdul Rahman

      Dumbledore vs gandalf

    64. Firstname Lastname

      It was nice that both had experience fighting opposition similar to their opponents to go off during the analysis.

    65. Logan Caruthers

      Phineas and Ferb vs. Test sisters Dhalsim vs Hitmonlee Zuko vs. Roy Mustang

    66. Jon Goines

      Asgore Dreemurr vs Leomon (Undertale vs Digimon)

    67. Heath Ledger's Joker

      Trigon needs to be in death battle.

    68. Ben

      I've got a real battle for ya. Trakeena from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Sil from the Species franchise.

    69. blue ghost speedster

      Yas finally

    70. Michael Farrow

      U guys should add the avatar the last air bender

      1. Justin Alicea

        They did Aang vs Edward, but it appears to have been copyrighted.

    71. Sinuz PSZM

      Bro wonder woman's been in 3 different battles now

    72. Justin Texidor

      The Lich vs Anti Pops

    73. ryublueblanka

      American Dragon Jake Long got D.P'd! Suggestion - I dream of Genie vs Bewitched! Peace

    74. ryublueblanka

      Rooster Tooth

    75. Ernesto Reyes

      Very nice. But the death battle that we truly need is Danny Phantom versus Ben 10. Why do we need that? Because it wouldn’t be their powers being put to the test, but their personalities and fighting spirit. In short, Danny Phantom is to Ben 10 as Captain America is to Iron Man.

      1. Justin Alicea

        @Ernesto Reyes Watch Ben 10 vs Green Lantern. Despite everyone hating on it due to the winner, it provides the evidence you need to realize that a reality bending completely destroys Danny. Even possession won't help, as he would just become a fourth personality.

      2. Ernesto Reyes

        Justin Alicea You’re right! Except that Ben has no control over Alien X’s actions. Besides, would X’s powers work on the undead?

      3. Justin Alicea

        Alien X completely destroys that match up

    76. Jon Michaelson

      Been rewatching the last air bender and I’m now wondering when I’m gonna see Zuko in a fight

    77. Mystery Em

      I LOOOOVED seeing a dragon getting it's ass kicked! When you said about that Danny's took 300 plus kilos of TNT and the other just 30, I knew the winner. Also when you declared the winner you should have used the voice of Danny's intro voice. You used the image, and you didn't use the audio. LAME.

    78. Mystery Em

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="324">5:24</a> Wiz became like Boomstick :P hahahahahahahahahaha LMFHO

    79. Aidan Cole

      Hiccup and Toothless vs Daenerys Targaryen (game of thrones)

    80. CS YT

      Congrats! Danny!