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    New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!
    The ALDC Junior Elite prepare for their last group dance with Maddie and Mackenzie in this clip from this Season 6 episode, "One Last Dance." #DanceMoms #MaddieZiegler #MackenzieZiegler #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller
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    Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
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    1. Lifetime

      New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!

      1. Jazmine Ortiz

        JAZNIME ORTIZ AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND I LOVE YOU TOO BABY AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND I LOVE YOU TOO BABY AND OVER again in a few minutes late to be able to do that we have been a half years of experience and

      2. توأم الفرح

        I love you

      3. Anya Alberto


      4. Mariam Alk

        Melanie Collins me tooo

      5. Melanie Collins

        I wish I can give them a hundred likes right now

    2. games alex

      I Love This Dance so much but i cant dance it.

    3. Jasper Ann

      This is the best group dance they’ve ever done periodt

    4. Hailey Knowles

      3:00 did any one else see the girl on the far left wuz the only one that did not have her hand one the other girls shoulder???? I don't understand how i see these things over the good

    5. Milla Van Rooyen

      The judges look so pleased at the start

    6. Candy Cane

      I love the girls top's to they look so cool. 😋.

    7. Candy Cane

      I absolutely love this dance routine! 😀💗!

    8. lauryn goodson

      fav group dance

    9. Angela Gonzalez

      When Jojo said “ I did it “ I was like wha girl whatcha thinkin huh ? everybody did it bb girl lol 😤✨

    10. zaira akemi

      i love you oll

    11. Allison Bolger

      I feel like Holly is so mature

    12. Sophia Friend

      This is my favourite dance ever

    13. Duhitz. Teona

      Lol the funny think is that this video was posted on my birthday. And they were great 😍😍

    14. Daisy Rivera

      this dance is amazing. so are their outfits

    15. Morena Gacha

      I love dance moms💞

    16. D AND Z !

      There girls were amazing but did you Melissa

    17. Mimi Wash

      I have no idea why the moms make Melissa talk to Abby when everyone knows it will stir up loads of drama

    18. •ꨄ•Lovely Lizzie•ꨄ•

      Boom boom, bow bow - Guest Choreographer

    19. Mariem Boukhris

      I think this dance is my number one dance it looks so much fun

    20. Nurul Tasya

      I love Nia, but in this dance Nia kinda slow. Sorry no offence

    21. Sofia Santecchia

      Did anyone see at the beginning how jojo messed up?

    22. Mandy Walsh

      I think jojo rock this hip hop

    23. Emma T

      Putting Jojo in the front at that one part was definitely the right decision

    24. PinkAngle

      *I DID IT!*

    25. 》 Careko Rblxx 《

      When the other girls are crying jojo just was like “ *I DID IT* “

    26. Ainul Kabir

      Can we give props to JoJo? Like her energy is over the top and she enjoyed this dance so much

    27. Unicorn Girl

      3:15 omg JoJo what are you doing!

    28. Unicorn Girl

      The choreographer is shorter that JoJo

    29. The UwU Factory


    30. Maria & Alina

      I think this was my most favorite episode in dance moms but I want to know why does Maddie Ziegler look exactly the same grown up and Mackenzie Ziegler is a little different!!! Like sometimes I get confused 🤔

    31. Martial Arts Nerd

      Let's be honest if this was not the last performance and was filmed in previous seasons, one of the girls hat would have "fallen" off.

    32. Pheebs Plays ROBLOX

      Melissa at 3:45 XD

    33. Kevin Hernandez 90

      Wow you guys are excited Girls

    34. Ela Deliu.

      I love you girls💖💖💖💖💖💖

    35. Hailey Harmony

      The WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? Was funny xD

    36. Lõllípõp

      JoJo had too much fun in that dance

    37. Mariam Guadalupe Bravo

      A mi jojo me cae mal

      1. haechan's mom

        bien por vos

    38. Lia Camper

      I like how a guy is teaching a routine called boss ladies 🤣🤣🤣

    39. Talia M

      Be honest we all know a part of this choreography 😂❤️

    40. Vanessa Salazar

      Hola hello

    41. iiaroliex

      Who else was looking at Melissa dance-

    42. Brenna halbert

      Who else started crying

    43. Abdul Manan


    44. Amelia Mae 0915


    45. Won Lee

      This is one of my favorite dances in dance moms!!

    46. Aldina Hemrekovic

      I’m sorry maddy and McKenzie

    47. Serkia

      im so sad

    48. E T

      Jill: now that maddie is gone Kendall will get a solo and be the new maddie??? *Abby says in her head that will never happen lol 😂 Jill* Abby: that will totally happen *not* Lol 😂like if u agree 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻

    49. Nikita Ahmati

      I love it

    50. gacha_ berry

      Why are they ALLL wearing black

    51. Addi Lee

      just think about how if they didn’t film dance moms all of this would be happening but we wouldn’t know

    52. Ryan Kirkland

      Can’t take my eyes off Maddie!

    53. rosed calica

      I will miss you Maddie Iokeld

    54. rosed calica

      I will miss you Maddie Iokeld

    55. Unicorn Lover

      Thats was my fav dance they ever done

    56. Mia Redding

      One of my favourite dances 💕

    57. Hailey Lisica

      maybe this is j me but idk i feel like they should have done a lyrical piece for there last group dance

    58. Dany Vive el momento

      Me encantó muy bien por todas

    59. Gacha_ MistMoon

      The moms: Abby should be choreographed this dance Me: Thank god Abby didn’t choreographed this. It was amazing.

    60. Itz galaxy pawz

      The dance abby Did not choreograph It went viral and probley the best