Dance Moms: JOJO IS BACK! at the ALDC (Season 8) | Extended Scene | Lifetime



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    New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!
    JoJo returns to the ALDC and gives Lilly and Elliana corrections on their competing solos in this extended scene from Season 8, Episode 9, "Making a Splash in Pittsburgh". #DanceMoms #JoJoSiwa #EllianaWalmsley
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    Season 8 of "Dance Moms" will follow Abby as she rebuilds her dance company while battling the after-effects of cancer that has left her confined to a wheelchair. Abby is ready to get back to her life and do what she loves most…teaching students to dance! With the goal of putting her life, health and dance studio back together, Abby returns to where it all began - the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh.
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    1. Lifetime

      New episodes Tuesdays at 9/8c!

      1. D’angelo Labasan

        Tamia Watkins axsssaaasssdsdddkaksjlajsk

      2. 2024 Ameen Raissi

        Jay Rafael 11111111(1111111110🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

      3. 2024 Ameen Raissi

        Lifetime love 💝 🇮🇷👨‍👩‍👧‍👦😍😚♥️🤯🙏🏽👱🏽‍♀️👩‍🎤

      4. Amy Braho


      5. Habiba Akter


    2. Matcha Plush

      What happened to Abby?

    3. Jose Luis Morales

      JoJo is huge compare to the other people

    4. ᔕᗩᖇᗩᕼ ᔕᑕOTT

      Wow haven’t seen jojo do that in ages

    5. Amybelle Ordona

      Abby: "Who knows, any one of them could be the next Jojo" Me: I thought she was going to say, "be the next Maddy"

    6. SsJoy _L. MSY

      Then : the next Maddie Now : the next JoJo

    7. Jeremy Elek

      That is the first time in years I saw her do a turn (Edited JoJo)

    8. Alana Fowler

      I think that when JoJo gets older she needs to open up her own dance studio. Or take over for Abby when and if she retires.

    9. Disha Jain

      I love dance moms! It is so fun to watch. Who is your favorite? Chloe, Kendall, Kalani, JoJo, Maddie, Makenzie, Lilly, Sarah, Brady, Ellie, Presly, Gia, or Hanah. Mine is Lilly.

    10. Hasna Rachid

      I love ❤️ jojo

    11. xoxo - Lily Allan

      This makes me feel all happy inside😁

    12. Myra Ibtisam Kamarudin

      Jojo: cAn I dO a SoLo?!

    13. Roxy My Roblox Gameplays

      That was last year-

    14. Jia Rai

      Before Abby was looking for the next Maddie and now the next jojo

    15. Glacha Gal

      I don't like how people are mean to Yolanda even though she hugged Jojo's mom first

    16. Julia Skarbowski

      love how jojo is so tall and is tallerthan Gia

    17. Water

      *Yolanda hugged Jess*

    18. Mini Choo

      Jojo saying “can I do a solo?!” was so cute to me idk why xd


      Jojo at the end CAN I DO A SOLO

    20. Emma Lin

      Maddie is the best dancer but the most popular one is Jojo

    21. Kirsty Ankomah

      Wait is elliana holding a real knife?obviously not?!Anyone watching in 2020❤️❤️

    22. Maya the bee ASMR

      Ok but this was amazing to watch!

    23. Katherine Axiotis

      Ok guys I looked at abbeys story and it says R.I.P and it didn’t say if abbey is dead or not can anyone tell me if abbey is dead

    24. Lykus

      Jojo looks like a giant 6 year old.

    25. Luz Nieves

      My friend said to you do you do that you’re just a little kid now but I don’t think that because you’re good to think you’re a goodKid

    26. Rupanti Hoque

      abby few years earlier: jojo can replace everyone but my favourite abby now: *jojo is the fav*

    27. Clare Mckenna

      I love how it’s no longer the “Next Maddie” but it’s now the “Next JoJo” Honestly I love it! P.S. JoJos turns were amazing!

    28. 》 Careko Rblxx 《

      I need Maddie nia and the old dancer

    29. It’s Gen

      2:54 2:54 2:54 2:54 2:54 2:54 2:54 2:54 2:54 Those turns doe 😍

    30. Aksa Silus

      remeber when she used to who knows anyone could be the next maddie

    31. Diane

      "Do you guys complain about every solo you get or just this week?"

    32. Ruby’s Fantastic World

      I love that JoJo remembered everything. God bless Abby as well

    33. fluffy larios

      I love the way that although Jojo was treated poorly she forgave Abby and comes back to support Abby and she is grateful! The rest of the girls HATE abby for the way Abby treated them

    34. Sayna Sehrish

      Camara men can enter anywhere even in ladies or gents washroom


      Abby Before : yOu DeSeRvE nOtHiNg Also Abby : I wanna find the next maddie Abby now : i WaNnA fInD tHe NeXt JoJo

    36. Anya

      I miss old dance moms😔

    37. ludy Abrantes

      Do you miss JOJO Abby

    38. Lucas Kufel

      3.20 well write you back in *blank*

    39. kiara hayley viray

      wow JoJo has a great outfit and one of the girls cried by the way JoJo spins so good

    40. Syahirah Alawih

      Well.. i guess jojo doesn’t forget who raised her name 😌

    41. Magaly Muñoz

      Wow i like jojo swia shes unspoiled

    42. bzduck s


    43. Keir Simmons


    44. Riverdale Fan1

      *maddie has left the chat*

    45. Rhy Skye

      No! This isn’t the girls we’ve known for so long!!!!

    46. Ciel Phantomhive

      I LiKe it -jojo

    47. Trina Carty

      you guys should do one where Abby throws up instead of Maddie! That would be cool 😀

    48. Roblox Is quite cool

      Jojo needs to grow up

    49. AruyAgarik

      Jessalyn: I'm so sorry, but I couldn't let you down... So I wanted to come Kids: Great...

    50. Who You

      omg the pink windmill kids show!

    51. Hi Sis


    52. Arnie Macanip

      That is not true she is scting to be greart to jojo

    53. EmberWindyhollow AJ

      Stacey/Stacy is the new Cindy...

    54. Anjlee25

      Jojo reminded me of Naruto in this, especially with the “goggles” and voice 😂 I’ve always liked her, such a good role model for the younger kids!

    55. Annika Ericksen

      Jojo then: CaN I dO A sOlO? Abby then: NO! YOU DESERVE NOTHING!!! Jojo now: CaN I dO A sOlO? Abby now: YES!!! WE WILL WRITE YOU IN!!!

    56. Silversinger

      Abby now:look how you should be a star!!!

    57. Silversinger

      Abby before:yOu deSErvE NoThiNG!!!!!!!

    58. Nate EatsCake

      Crazy how Maddie, Kenzie, and Jojo started on Dance Moms are big now.

    59. SsJoy _L. MSY

      When you realize that your old student who was bad turns famous

    60. 2024 Ameen Raissi

      I want to see you so much laylee