Dance Moms-Dance Digest, "Girl in the Plastic Bubble"(Season 6 Flashback)

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    1. Im_TT Gaming

      Humm sound like coran xd

    2. Ella N

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="274">4:34</a> the boy kinda looks like Brady. Just me or does anybody else see that?

    3. Finley Edwards

      I love how mellisa was so much more nervous than jessalyn

    4. Makayla hennessey

      they predicted the future.....

    5. Ximena Beatriz Vazquez Hernandez

      This dance is very dangerous for jojo

    6. Gary Banks

      JoJo is really excited

    7. Emma Bazil

      Why do the mask 😷s look like they are in qarinting!

    8. Niang

      Proof that they predicted corona virus😂😂

    9. Ivan Villatoro


    10. Bianca Batang

      Hamster: ooooooooh a ball! Me jelly! Jojo: that was fun!

    11. Squirrel_Fan26

      Is it me or is Nia really clever? She asked an important question before the dance. I mean... LOGIC.

    12. Awesome Ashley


    13. queendiva Fashion

      Jojo your my favourite dancer so far keep it up girl 🤗

    14. Jaynee

      Jojo has corona??? Jk

    15. Noor Khaled

      The child has “Cardi B :”CORONAVIRUS”

    16. Noor Khaled

      This speaks 2020

    17. Luthfia Kutibin

      This is basically corona virus

    18. Yasmin Bond

      I like Brynn, I can’t stand Ashlee

    19. kiara lawesanash


    20. Chloe Clifton

      I think it’s funny that when jojo got stuck in the bubble that her mom was the least concerned 😂

    21. Kat Z

      I saw someone in a bubble at the store lol for coronavirus

    22. Sarah-Anne Pizzorno

      They predicted Corona

    23. Katie Mathern

      Where is chole

      1. Katie Mathern

        Oh ok

      2. Grace Ersek

        This is. After she left

    24. Kyla Cardiff

      My first thought when I saw the thumbnail was quarantine😂


      “There’s a lot of room for air”and yet jojo can’t breath in the bubble.

    26. Dance moms E

      Who looked right at the banana when they talking about if the bubble dose not budge and you and me look at the pointy banana am I the only one 😂🤣

    27. Ava Hardy

      Am I the only one who realized that abby was literlly described the cornavirsus and quarantine.

    28. Hu Ahmed

      Dance Moms your are a real winner from sumaya ahmed hussein not hussein that is my dad name.

    29. Angel Keats

      We could really use those masks

    30. Ruby_playz._

      They predicted corona with the masks! 😧

    31. Its Niza

      If Jojo wants to go outside use that bubble

    32. Ruth McCain

      😲 gom

    33. Alex Millea

      does this remind anyone of quarantine haha

    34. Arshi's World

      Abby’s story is kinda like what’s going on now accept everyone will die if they go outside Btw who is watching in Quarantine

    35. And I oop !

      So basically I looked at the thumbnail and I was like CORONAVIRUS

    36. Yasica Buitrago

      Can everyone please stop saying that gives

    37. Marcie Stevenson

      It’s like cronna

    38. Sophia Berns

      Damm they getting ready for cRoNA

    39. Mark Chen

      Abby : scream fire Girls:( blank) 😱

    40. Grace Selleck

      Everyone in quarantine now like haha

    41. Elise Bustamante

      The description of the boy in the plastic bubble fits the description of the people in Covid-19 PERFECTLY coronavirus who????

    42. Mariah Perez

      Were are those makes for corona

    43. Aimee Hurle

      Melissa was so worried

    44. Nica Quipot

      Talk about covid 19

    45. Ashley Hernandez

      Nia is the sweetest dancer

    46. The Chinny Channel

      Who is sitting at home watching all the dance moms shows over and over again

    47. uzma fatima

      Looks like jojo is having corona virus 🦠

    48. Anya

      Now, this is what our society should be doing. (Not the bubble, I don't want anyone to suffocate lmao) Who would have thought Abby would have predicted the social distancing thing. Stay safe y'all xoxo

    49. Misleydis Soto

      I hate the girl who shows up at the end

    50. Afya A

      i really want them to scream fire

    51. Lany Luv

      Why was Maddie on stage but couldn’t do the group dance ?

    52. Nightmare Wolfs_17

      This lady is always doing something to harm the kids, why are the parents letting this happen, why are the kids still wanting to be there???

    53. Nightmare Wolfs_17

      Imagine touching skin with your friends.....

    54. mads h

      Did anyone notice how Mackenzie said she wanted to be in the bubble and everyone just ignored her? Mackenzie needs more regonization from Abby. she is a great dancer!

    55. Livi Mossop

      I feel bad for jojo

    56. Muggy hill

      Can i just say that they are prepared for the corona virus

    57. zodiac slut

      “i dont have maddie and that scares me... but i have the next best thing” *brynn walks in* me: OF COURSE

    58. Mirrayane Martins

      I m still ready

    59. Mirrayane Martins

      I no speak english

    60. Martina Milosavljevic


    61. marina borges

      Guys who want dance sisters and cousin

    62. marina borges

      Guys anyone notice holly said bda beat us blah blah blah we have to redeem are selves twice

    63. Ana Gonzalez

      Who else thought jojo was jojo siwa I dont know if she is

    64. PopularPlazeGames Frost

      Those masks we need now

    65. Angelica Palacios

      Abby why do you always have to yell at the kids I’m not saying that I don’t like you I’m just saying that why

    66. malak K Bastami

      Why does everytime Abby has a prop its a complete disaster!!!!

    67. Livi Doyle

      Hehehehe corona time 😂

    68. Mady Plunkett


    69. Baby Aleesha 🌺🌺

      Who knew talking a lot could get you the lead role Jk lol

    70. Michael Fairbrother


    71. Paityn Angove

      Abby was happier when they finished the dance then when they won!!!!!!!!!

    72. Daily King

      The thumbnail made me think about corona

    73. OhanaDog

      This dance is actually happening!

    74. Anna Taylor

      You can be in the bubble longer than 5 minutes ya know that right?.. 🙊

    75. moorane lavinia letsoalo


    76. Kay C

      Haha the predicted corona

    77. Luis Castrejon

      What coronavirus is like right now just a lot sadder

    78. Amaris Gutierrez

      Hi how is every one doing

    79. Jinfu Lin



      literly coronavirus