Dance Moms: Maddie Forgets Her Dance (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime



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    After Maddie messes up her solo and Abby immediately feels guilty for her, the mothers accuse Abby of favoritism in this clip from Season 2, Episode 13, “Abbygeddon”. #DanceMoms
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    Dance Moms
    Season 2
    Episode 13
    "Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
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    1. اشياء منوعات

      في حدا هنا عربي

    2. Bloombaby99

      I love how Holly spoke up. In fact, I love it anytime she speaks up PERIOD.

    3. Amity Rainn

      Why did she hug the camera guy?

    4. Elsa no

      Why is no one talking about the smile on Hollys face when maddie is dancing to support her? Holly is a queen

    5. beachy sunnies

      I think the are all jealous bc of madie I think madie and kenzie or the best and is so adorable how madie likes cry love you madie and kenzie

    6. Julka K

      Co się jej stało

    7. zhian

      this dance is cursed the other one: the music stops this one: she forgets it

    8. allison M

      Did anyone else notice Kenzie crying when Maddie was crying ?

    9. Elisa Gasbarrone


    10. Annie

      I just feel sorry for poor chloe

    11. Xantheena Bron

      It’s so sad that Chloe comforted Maddie and started crying

    12. Mia Ottewill

      She performed this beffor

    13. D AND Z !

      I felt so sorry for Maddie but Kelly is right Chole is so sweet Holly needs to shut up

    14. Inaya Saqib

      0:56 OMG IS THAT JOJO IN THE BACK?!???!???

    15. U RY

      다른엄마들 웃는거 왤케 기분나쁘냐/.....

    16. aj unicorn

      Did you notice Christi was smiling when Maddie ran off the stage

    17. FirstName LastName

      3:14 Holly has got some biceps!!!

    18. Crist 456

      Maddie I like you

    19. MrSoprano

      *Maddie runs off stage* In the backround audience: Kelly and Christi *talking and laughing* *Then in their confessional* I’m sad that Maddie forgot her solo and Abby and Mellisa put too much pressure on her.

    20. Herman Cruz


    21. Eunice Zhang.

      Okay, Holly, Nia isn't Abby's best dancer. Nia doesn't win 99% if the time while Maddie wins 99% of the time. Also, you should know better. Abby was crying because of her mom, not Maddie. Besides, nobody's perfect. Everyone has favorites. Like for example, I hate you but I like Christi and Kira. So what? It's not a big deal. Whatever. Get over it and stop acting like a toddler who knows big words. Gosh, you disgust me.


      In another episode maddie had the same solo and her music skips this proves that the comeptitions are soooooooo fake!

    23. -Pastel Kitty-

      God Chole was amazing in this video!🥰


      See look how happy Christy looked

    25. Madddie Meli

      What is her solo

    26. shannon melton

      i am a big fan of jojo

    27. shannon melton

      I love your shows and dancers and want to be like yall from madison manning

    28. sanuki de soysa

      2:36 You can see Kenzie crying in the background ;-;

    29. Bot._.Wolfie 1

      Well it is your whole life but it shouldn’t be ( Great help )

    30. Iconic TaeTae

      ok but like why was mackenzie crying

    31. Autra Saadati

      Maddie: yells at Abby and leaves the company Abby: awww let’s talk it out maddie. Every other girl: cries. Abby: SAVE THE TEARS FOR THE PILLOW

    32. 『 StarSoul 』

      Abby: I need a break The kids: What about us!?

    33. OliviaOMG GG

      When Maddie runs of the stage it goes to Abby's reaction but look at Christie insted... She's laughing... That's quite rude

    34. Jeff Abarca

      Why is Mackenzie crying

    35. Melissa Guenther

      Chloe was like "I feel bad for Maddie because we all forgot once no one's perfect" she's so sweet😊💙💙❤

    36. Munia MM

      Aww poor maddie

    37. Charlotte123

      all of the dances and music it had to be the music that skipped that one time

    38. Kateah_S

      Fallen forgets her dance: improvs, Abby tries to disqualify her Maddie forgets her dance: runs off stage, Abby gives her a big hug

    39. The Bekah and Bentley Show

      0:42 Christi was literally laughing even before Abby got upset how rude.

    40. Horses And Me

      This is the same song that skipped on her

    41. Nawal Ayyad

      It’s sad how when every girl forgets their dance and they say Abby’s gonna kill me or Abby’s gonna hate me

    42. Jennifer’sWORLD


    43. Aubrey Motschamn

      Why is Mackenzie crying in the background

    44. XxRosesAre RedUwU

      Chloe is so nice and kind!🥺🥺🥺

    45. •ꨄ•Lovely Lizzie•ꨄ•

      Also, the real reason Abby cried because she got told her mother had cancer in the audience. (For the people who didn’t know.)

    46. Billy Cobb

      Ha Maddy is Stoopid

    47. Kathryn Raeburn

      Girls forget “ addy yelling Maddie forgots “ addy crys

    48. Rianna Mason

      All I see s Kenzie crying and I don’t know why?

    49. gacha_ berry

      Oml- Dude the way that all abby cares is maddie Like all the other girls know that abby dosnt care about them

    50. Haitham Yousif

      When Chloe laid her head in 2:24 it really broke my heart. Seeing that she thinks Abby hates her. Well u know WAt . She has US

    51. Nathan Denheijer

      Aww when mad doe started crying mckenzie was crying to

    52. Can_i_get_one_fan TikTok girl55

      The way she said “ nobody’s perfect”

    53. Duran Delao

      This kinda scared my soul for some reason! The fear in Maddie eyes!

    54. Enrique Ulibarri

      Poor Makenzie she was crying too

    55. Kiki Smith

      I agree with clohe nobodys perfect and i do feel bad

    56. Deanne kliene

      U mean MADDIE MADE A MISTAKE???? LOL Abby would have insulted one of the others and their mother......

    57. Ajlla Plays

      *other girls forget the solo then they continue it* *abby*:omg, this didnt just happend *maddie forgets it* *abby*:is ok everyone forgets *LIKE WHAT*

    58. First Last

      Poor chloe she had sit and watch abby fussing over maddie

    59. vincenzo vigliotti


    60. Kassie Cruz

      Why do u only care about Maddie huh!?