Customizing Phone Cases

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    Hey! Today I'm going to be customizing 3 different iphone cases. I'm painting on phone cases with acrylic paint, using some different styles and techniques including abstract design and semi-realism. Hope you like rainbows, cute animals (or demon animals), fruit and desserts!
    It's been a trend recently to paint directly on the iphone, but I think I'm going to stick with the cases for now 😂
    I really want to learn more about how to customize different items and how to make painted surfaces more practical for everyday use. So if any of you have any knowledge of what kind of techniques or products I can use to prep different painting surfaces, please let me know!
    Also, if you guys really love any of the phone case designs, I could work on getting the design printed on actual phone cases to put in my shop! Answer in the poll in the corner of the video if that's something you are interested in 😃

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    1. dagunner foxy87

      Make it🤤😍😅

    2. Emma Rose Jannigan

      Love you!!!!!

    3. Gabbi Davis

      Hey Moriah mabey you should be a little creative and like draw a lwith glue and eyeshadow it might be cool you never know so hope you see this but when you draw draw on a broken squishy

    4. Chelsey Perrin

      I would put the macacake and cartoon on my phone

    5. Tabby Rice

      Okay, my personal favorite is the, Maka-Cake(?), I think it is super pretty/cute! I would love to have one of my own!

    6. Hey Bella!

      Hey me

    7. Lucy Haskell

      I like the one with animals on it, but could you do that with your original characters and make it into merch? I think that would make a pretty good phone case. Also, a Georgie plush would be cute. I would buy that.

    8. Naina Malhotra

      ALL of them are real nice and pretty so l would like them on my phone

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      I would but I have an iPhone 11 I like the dessert and the cartoon 😂👌🏽

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    18. Gacha Panda


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      Plz paint a backpack 🎒😅

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      I really like the abstract one

    21. Luna Rowland

      If I could Send you a picture I would make the cake and the ice cream thing happen

    22. fluffy lamas

      Moriah can you do a video of paiting the Russian china dolls

    23. Randomae

      Can I have one of your hydroflasks it would me so much I am subscribed and I like all your videos I watch you hilarious and super fun to watch I wish I was that goood at painting and drawing I hope you read this please comment your answer bye see on a new video

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      Make namesake

    25. Maddie’s Vlog

      Pls I whould want those cases plsss but plss not to much money

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    27. Jocelyn Angelo


    28. Alena Reilly

      I luv your crafts

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    30. The_RainWing Lovely

      Yes, Ice Cakaron is a delicacy in my country.

    31. Xandralina69

      You should do a giveaway on some phone cases:)

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    37. Talia.d

      I want the animal and fruit one btw u are such a good drawer

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