Customizing 8 iPhone 11's!! 📞📱(GivEawAy)



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    1. Evita Petrou

      "Phone Entry" "Done" Why: Hmmm. Good question.. I can't afford iPhone plus my sis phone is like before Christ came on earth so I want to give her my phone... It would be nice to have a new phone.. I never won anything in my life so.. maybe it is the first time! Great Chanel btw. Take care and share...

    2. Peanut Skywalker

      “iPhone entry” “Done” “Anu colours” Why: because my iPhone 6 is already broken

    3. Honey_ No_Thanks

      "phone entry" "done" why: dude my phone is sooo gross, ive had it forever and old androids arent so great. also its weird being in a group of friends where every one has i phones and i have a crusty brick.

      1. Honey_ No_Thanks

        oh and the girl getter iphone is wayy fucking cute

    4. JJTech19 Fam

      “Phone Entry” “Done” Why: My sisters bday is coming up and her phone mic speaker and screen is broken so I want to surprise her with it. Btw you are so talented

    5. Sahil Molla

      Bro your big fan bhai Bro you cool men

    6. Potato SKUPP

      "IPhone Entry" "DONE" why? : because I love all your video. I hope I can win one of those iphone

    7. Sydney :3

      "Phone entry" "Done" Why: well, it's 2020 now and im writting this comment by my stupid iphone 5, its screen even broken, it's 16gb(4gb usable and it has battery problem, it's true(bless my phone) 😭 i dont have enough money to afford new one ;-; plz, i love ur channel and all ur art works, they're so cool, hope u notice my comment, ily

    8. Shivam Kumar

      Hey bro love from india ❤️❤️ I love your all the video, I become your fan the way you customise and the way you start and end your video ❤️🔥

    9. free Palestine

      I am inter into the giveaway

    10. Eduardo Alanis

      "Phone entry" "Done" Why: my phone is old and btw is an android, so it get stuck each 10 min (it is stressed), and my family isn't that reach to afford a new phone and even worst and iPhone. And also because I see how passion u put on each phone and when u gave the phones as a present (I love the reactions, because they liked the art and don't pay attention that it is an iPhone) and I wanna be one of those who get some of ur art.

    11. Lizzie

      Please pick me 😭😭😭🥺

    12. Helen Charalambous

      "iphone entry" "done" why: i had my phone for three years and its cracked everywhere and not charging well anymore .. and also doesn't work as fast anymore !

    13. holy abood

      entry done bro if i win i’ll tat marko’s name on me

    14. Sujata Tripira

      "iPhone entry " DONE Why because i eagerly wanted to win your customized phone.

    15. Laura

      "iPhone entry" "Done" Why: I love the designs, but honestly I'm broke and I love taking photos, but I can't afford to buy an actual camera, so an iPhone ia the closest thing to it. Plus, recently it was my birthday but because of the coronavirus i couldn't celebrate my birthday and i didn't receive any presents, so this would be an amazing gift!

    16. Dian Rold


    17. Ghazal Abdulaziz

      "iphone entry' "done" why: because i broke my phone a couple months ago {note 3}and right now i am using my samsung tab e i have been which has been with me for almost 5 years i would love to win good luck everyone love ya

    18. Dian Rold


    19. I - Dorieh

      "Phone entry" "Done" Why: Because I love taking photos, but my phone's camera quality is nowhere as good as an iPhone's. Also, I could never afford something like this unfortunately.

    20. Dian Rold


    21. Rynzz Gaming

      "Iphone Entry" "Done" Why:My dream is I want to be a part-time streamer because I wanted to help my family because right now my family having a financial problem but I dont have a good phone to stream and play games

    22. Alexandra Compton

      “iPhone entry” “Done” why: I’ve got an old ass phone that doesn’t work and now I’m unemployed cause of covid so those unemployment checks will be saved for college. I’m also in design school and your art is sickkkk been a big fan for a while always giving me inspiration and it would be really cool to always have your work with me giving me that inspiration in my own work.

    23. Ana

      “Phone entry” “Done” Why: I’m poor :)

    24. Dian Rold


    25. Dian Rold

      😍😍😍😍😍#GIVEAWAY😍😍😍😍😍 I never owned an iphone or apple products ever since so I am hoping to own one apple products through your giveaways. YAHOOOOOO😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗

    26. lily Potato.

      "Iphone entry" "Done" Why: My phone has a lot of problems. I cant use my phone, text or call in peacefully. I also cant do any research on my phone because it tends to lag or not respond to any of my actions and i hate that situation actually 😭It makes me stressed and i cant do my school work. I need my phone to work not just for daily purposes but for school purposes aswell. 😭😭🙏🏻

    27. Dian Rold

      I never owned an iphone or apple products ever since so I am hoping to own one apple products through your giveaways

    28. Ren Rencio

      Woooooow I wish I got one ✨


      " iphone entry " Done Why : cause i love you custom things they are awesome and i Literally wanted it

    30. Muhammad Idris

      “Iphone entry” “Done” Why : because your artwork is sooo god damn coollll 🔥🔥🔥

    31. noy delacruz

      “Iphone entry” “Done” Because i use an old one I hope i am one of those luckiest person

    32. Xmrbeast


    33. sakora pullen

      I feel that William beas and that checkered one tho, I love drips and checkers and I have a sucky phone😁😭

    34. NBD Devil

      I want to win

    35. Santiago Hurtado

      “Phone Entry” “Done” Why: because my cousin broke my iPhone 6 screen with a ruler, I know it sounds crazy but it actually happened, now the phone it’s not working alright, and now my mum can’t fix the phone because we can’t afford that. And my cousins parents don’t wanna fix it so... I hate my situation. Btw in case Marko it’s reading pls help me brother my ig it’s: s.hurtadoc 🍉

    36. Ciara

      "Phone Entry" "Done" Why: I am using samsung galaxy note 3 neo i got this from my brother back 2016 he brought this back 2014. I dont want a new one honestly cos its still running hehe somehow but despite of that i badly need a new one because i am having a hard time to catch with the new versions of application which i badly needed in school for everyday purposes. Since my phone version is not compatible in lots of application this days im having a hard time to catch with the technology that i needed in school since i am an IT student. Since i am in college at the moment like everyone else here in the comment section my mother can't afford to buy me a new one cause she's the only who supported us in the everyday living. I don't want to give her a problem so yeah thats why im trying this one. Hope you read this comment :) thank you

    37. emma hoffmann

      "phone entry" "Done" Why:because I have an android, that's enough reason lol

    38. layaly sami

      Done - I JUST NEED A MF NEW 👁 📱 cos I’m too broke rn to be buying a new one fml lol

    39. Inma Garcia

      "IPhone entry" "Done" Why:my phone it's broke and my parents don't want to give me another phone 😭

    40. Andriy Marynych

      "Phone Entry" "Done" Why: because I never had an iPhone. I don't have that much money to buy. So I want a good phone and not Xiaomi 😂. Good luck for me)))

    41. Inma Garcia

      "IPhone entry" "Done" Why:my phone it's broke and my parents don't want to give me another phone 😭

    42. Inma Garcia

      "IPhone entry" "Done" Why:my phone it's broke and my parents don't want to give me another phone 😭

    43. Inma Garcia

      "IPhone entry" "Done" Why:my phone it's broke and my parents don't want to give me another phone 😭

    44. Titus Copp

      Give me a shoutout pls

    45. Yanwelll 2003

      "iPhone entry" Why?: My phone ist broken and I need a new phone and it's too freshh boyy

    46. Yanwelll 2003

      Please I must have some of these fresh iPhones😂😍

    47. Marta Szymańska

      *Entering the giveaway and leaving like"

    48. زدني - zidnii

      "iPhone Entry" "Done" Why: i love apple

    49. Satria Yuda

      "IPhone Entry" "Done" Why : because your custome iPhone very awsome, i very want it, if i luck :v

    50. Corgie

      luv your videoos

    51. Kaveya Sahana

      "PHONE ENTRY" "DONE" WHY:because i really want a give away and u are my ins

    52. Лев Неволин

      "Phone Entry” “Done” hi ;)) WHY: I've been using my iPhone 4 for two years . I can't afford to buy an iPhone because in Russia they have a high price . Marco, I know that you are reading this message so I want to say hi to you and your cool mom , and I also want to thank you for your cool content . hug you

    53. محمد الفرجاني

      I hope to win

    54. Juli Elizondo

      "iPhone entry" "Done" Why: because my phone really sucks, I have a Motorola moto G7 play, it was okey when I bought it, but now is trash :( and I would love have something that you've costumize! I love your desings!

    55. Briana Howell

      "Iphone Entry Done Why: I tried of my andriod and who love for a phone from Marko 🤣😁

    56. Galactic_Panda

      “Phone Entry” “Done” Why: Because we don’t have much money rn and my parents phones are barely working anymore and they really need a new one Idk when your giving these away or if you already did but thought I’d try 🤷‍♀️

    57. Kryztel Anne DM

      nth comment. Why: my current phone is broken. I mean, the glass is crack. As in really cracked. Its six year old phone so its kinda lagging. So need a new one😞

    58. Sapphire T

      And yes I did enjoy the video...thanks for helping with our boredom ❣️❣️

    59. Aya Ausa

      "Iphone entry" "done" Why:because i want to upgrade because i have an andriod phone almost five years on me im from the philippines plsss pick mee

    60. Chase Leau

      " Phone Entry " " Done " Nice art phone. I like it. Hope you can pick me Bro.

    61. Peter Plazos

      "Phone entry" "Done" Why: I've never been experience to use this kind of gadget like me honestly i am from a poor family my father die when i am 10 so our life is not that easy growing in a poor family is not easy bullied and discriminate by others especially in school but i am not saying that if i have this Gadget i will become roch for the ohters eye in school now a day Cellphone is so highly requested for research and other requirements if you choose me as your give away winner it will be appreciated for my studies for me to accomplish and to be succeed and to help others too like what you done to me ive always dreamimg to be a vloger too like you having a humble and intellegent ideas that may inspiration to the others like me seeing life as an suffering thakyou for reading may God bless you and more power😘

    62. Rekha K

      iPhone entry and know I can't win still entry 🙁

    63. Alicia Hernandez

      “phone entry” “done” why bc gang gang and youre my inspiration

    64. Worldwide News

      “iPhone entry” “Done” Why: I have been bullied all my life for not having a phone or iPad I was given the chose to get an iPhone or save up for university and i chose university but my high school has been using a lot of tech things and I have to use my mums things and I get bullied for using her things because her things are pretty old but when I take her devices for school there is nothing for her to entertain which I feel bad :((((

    65. Sapphire T

      hello, how are you? I hope you’re staying safe and not getting bored ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽 the iPhones are so pretty can I please have the one you drew flowers on? Or any of them actually lol 😹 I hope you pick me and I hope you get my message ✊✌🏽and much love 💕

    66. 10,000 subs with no vids??

      “Me not tryna win an iPhone 11” why? I still have to pay 4 the plan.

    67. Central Park Saga

      " Phone Entry " " Done " Here us my entry! Fingers crossed!

    68. Ahmad Septyanto

      “phone entry” “done” why: simple i want to change my old phone but for now i can’t afford it because there are something important than buy this phone

    69. aneva_ vevefds


    70. aneva_ vevefds


    71. B K

      "iPhone entry" "Done" Why : Because i've never have good phone.❤

    72. cheneng cheng

      "Iphone entry" "done" Why: i really want an Iphone for photography please

    73. Melissa Happy Russo

      "Phone Entry" "Done" Why: my phone is very old and I don’t have the money to buy me a better phone and I were very happy because I didn’t won anything on every giveaway I entered

    74. Draw with Ha

      I hope i win 😞 i like it 💙

    75. arnelia macay

      "IPhone entry" "Done" Why:I want to gift to my sister for graduation gift

    76. ArTiny KM

      "Iphone entry" "Done" why: i really love taking pictures but don't have a good phone or camera that will help me take pictures with good quality...also i want to have anything customized by every designs you do

    77. Shan Gaming

      Your drawings are too god I love it.

    78. shiladitya sarkar

      "iPhone Entry" "Done" Why: Cuz I don't even have a phone. (I'm watching this video from my father's phone)

    79. Andrei Cruz

      “phone entry” “DONE” WHY:cause ur beanie cool

    80. Ryuunosuke Yuhigawa

      'Phone Entry' 'Done' Why: who wouldn't want a free iphone /shrug (and it's getting hard if my lenovo-a1010 with 1gbram hahaaha')