Custom JBL SPEAKERS! 🔊🎨 (pleasing)



3,7 mln shikime3 808

    Thanks for watching !! SuBScRiBe! :-)
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    1. Lina Mmo

      I want one mine got stolen. They all were cute too

    2. svetlana volosevych

      I’m the way I am cuz I sleep to much 😴

    3. Amir Faiz Mokhtar

      i want the painting kit so bad!1!1!1!1!1

    4. GENESIS lara

      Rip Kobe

    5. Louis Do

      Whoever is sad of Kobe dying, like

    6. wendell carvalho

      Acho que sou o único brasileiro que fica vendo os vídeos dele ;-;

    7. Phenom Music

      Your moms is funny man

    8. Bryan Fonseca

      Hello Marco

    9. Matin Parwani

      Bro when you paint Your things it looks good.When I do that it Looks like a Piece of shit and my mom will kill me😂😂

    10. Idk

      The thumb nail is fake he just painted the box

    11. Fortnite Erick

      Can u hook me up with some shoes plz

    12. Tech smartzz

      Marko brother can you gift me a Bluetooth speaker

    13. Josh Jack

      Tell ya what free styling is something i can appreciate no matter how good or bad

    14. Celine Ibrahim

      Ahhh your almost at 4 miliionnnnnn

    15. KING

      Привет, марко. Нфига не понимаю но очень интересно. Спасибо за прикольные видосики))) Удачи)

    16. Açelya Ağcakoyunlu

      wooow My favorite secoond its look charming

    17. Charlie Slump

      This was very (pleasing)

    18. apple_haisee!

      Poke some holes into the front of the speaker so it would sound better

    19. paperflower selena


    20. Kenny Seiuli

      Your so good at drawing bro bro

    21. Mercy B.

      what instrumental is that ?

    22. SETSU

      who's ur partner bro, so cool edit :)

    23. Jose Flores

      Target is not fun

    24. Afgmclaren

      I will pay you for the wolf one. Can i buy it??

    25. Frank Helewski

      Nobody: Not a single soul: Being called little Duckling: :))

    26. 绝地求生pubg

      what is the song

    27. Alina Goes



      Nmms yo tengo una así xd

    29. The life of Chels

      he is so talented

    30. Jayson Riveria

      I love what you do Marko keep it up man 💜

    31. Jan 2609

      I don't get how fast this channel explodes xD I am here from 80 k 😂😍

    32. Money Mirr

      I have the square version of the speaker

    33. Angelise Colon

      I would love to get a Apple Watch and win a custom one

    34. micah hanish

      Kind of reminds me of Vexx’s style

    35. Isabelle Aguilar

      Why did I think the title said sneakers instead of speakers 😂

    36. toprak tuva Kaya

      0.49 keyboord what

    37. toprak tuva Kaya

      O 48

    38. Maxim Charopka

      Я один русский?))

    39. Bella Aubrey

      Does anyone know what tape he uses

    40. Aguss Argarate

      En argentina para comprar un jbl tenes que vender un riñón y encima tener suerte que no sea trucho xd

    41. Rocket Raccoon

      Looks dirty

    42. Daniela Kuznecova

      What paint does he use when customing things like this?

    43. TROSE_13MM ty

      Those are dope

    44. Valmakry Media

      Bro will you give me one please

    45. мγѕτις gαмιиg

      Next video : customising toilet paper

    46. NightXtreme

      Why don’t you keep some things for yourself

    47. jk2813 MG

      Song of the video?

    48. Team TPC

      Thanks for making the vids u make they always cheer me up and everything you make is extremely cool keep up the grind man

    49. Xenotrickx

      He needs to sort out his keyboard... it's got like splashes of.. I dunno.. shit?🤞😂

    50. Aviyah .Y. אביה יהודה בּן נשיא דוד

      Marko add a link to the music in the video

    51. Olivia Flores

      FIREEE 🔥🔥🔥

    52. Ronibaloney Kramer

      My teacher

    53. Laurin Mrz

      I realy like watching ur vids!

    54. der_Echte

      Does it work with black boxes aswell

    55. Kali D


    56. 안형준

      Music name?

    57. Riley Long

      Such a fire speakers

    58. Nazi I488

      Главный не тот, кто посрал, а тот что обасрался ☝️☝️☝️☝️

    59. Shamsa Alameri

      But literally you are good at it but I’m not

    60. Allisson Santos

      Algum BR?