Crazy things you can do in Call of Duty Warzone



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    Call of Duty Warzone is brilliant and offers up some very fun gaming moments. Here are some crazy things you can do that not many people know about! Cheers to R/CoDWarzone for the clips. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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    1. Mason The Average D&D Player

      *Is he going to get away? Not when Booty Snorkler is around.* -Jackfrags, 2020.

    2. some guy on the web

      It's just brilliant

    3. Harry_ 0501

      I'm just waiting for a clip that was hig kn me to be on here, all 3 of us on trips got rpgd getting the load out drop 🤣🤦‍♂️

    4. michael steven

      What the heck is the gulag??? Lol i love the game name booty snorkler

    5. michael steven

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a> that guy wasn't that good he was just cheating using an aim bot it's not hard to figure out

    6. michael steven

      Lol what!? That's crazy i love this game

    7. William Davis

      Y’all talking bout rpgs needing to be nerfed nah nerf loadout crates

    8. Andrew Boyle

      Fun fact: if you restock from an ammo crate you get 6 extra rockets for the joker! SIX!!!!!!

    9. Cole Kampa

      Good video

    10. Jr CROOZ

      My favorite clips : The one where u yelled out , " TRIPLE PANCAKE ! " And also the last couple parkour ones 🤣

    11. kwaminator 777 light over darkness


    12. Jeff Taylor

      Would be great if I could actually play. Apparently this game and Motorola modems don’t get along at all.

    13. Ratul Hassan


    14. Conspiracy Realist

      All these videos were me with all my different accounts... i wouldnt lie about something like this

    15. subscribe for n0 reason plz

      I think we can all agree that this game is the game of the year...

    16. Big Jamal

      I love warzone compared to other BRs just because it almost always lets you carry on playing. You've got the lobby, self revive, buy-backs and the gulag so the only time you're properly not involved is waiting for a game. It means I don't get mad when I die because it feels like I've not wasted my time in a match.

    17. Sheamon Galang

      Hey man love your videos and commentary, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind showcasing my clip on one of your videos? It’s pretty hilarious and I think you might like it!

    18. Almighty Ninja1

      "If you didnt like it, dislike it, not a problem" that is the most wholesome thing I've ever heard

    19. Joshua Dickson

      been slicing people up with the chopper during pre game 😅 so awesome. havent done it during gameplay tjo

    20. Connor D

      I like how he says all the names of people and they're all normal and then we get to booty snorkeler

    21. Ben Laws

      My question is. Can you use your gun to kill a spectator in the gulag?

    22. Brian Writesel

      Keep it coming learned some an laughed some

    23. Erik Der Moosmann


    24. invisible window

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="325">5:25</a> Hol' up

    25. Neil Bansal

      Bro I swear loadout drops have more kills than me 😆

    26. tigersunruss

      The Joker doesn't just fire without locking onto something. This guy locked onto the building.

    27. daCOLDness

      The game is broken.

    28. Gary Maguire

      It’s a Land Rover not a Range Rover

    29. James

      That Bertha 3 piece was disgusting (x he had no business winning that game

    30. Zenikaya Webb

      Y does this video have 4k dislikes?

    31. Josh More

      My very first game was ended by someone else's loadout drop landing on my head

    32. TheMLGVillain

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> ah yes, Newton’s law.

    33. Not Nikot

      this is just what toxic noobs do all the time..why use the guns when you have cars

    34. xtranger High

      I’ve won a few times but honestly it’s frustrating when people join a 4 man team just to go on their ways. If you’re not gonna help play solo.

    35. Hush Kaaney Williams

      I hate those cowards that just hide n snipe people.

    36. Lil Bee

      I like the fact that this but is so calm

    37. Hit Children Not Juuls

      WoW yOu CaN sTaNd GuYs

    38. anant rawat

      Lol...pubg still best 🤣🤣🤣🤣..(sarcasm😑)

    39. Ante Dzin

      Warzone would be sick if you could destroy buliding like in battlefield

    40. Deniz İnci

      shit video

    41. G. Akay

      Killed by a stone yesterday in the gulag lmao..🤣 smh

    42. force

      This game is so f*cking good, finally a game which isn't dead or boring.

    43. dokcso

      Some of these guys are so lucky to get pitted against noobs. Final clip: I mean what quad is so stupid not to have one be guard?

    44. Basketball Jones

      BootySnorkler is actually a friend of mine lmao did not expect him to make one of these videos😂

    45. The Icon of Sin

      Me and my boys landed on kids so much that they added a warning for people hot dropping on you ❤

    46. Zachary 99

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="414">6:54</a> did he say daddy

    47. lucky nab

      3 killed at last 👍🏻👍🏻

    48. charlie gaudino

      These are moments that would usually be "battlefield moments" and it's great to see in call of duty. I just started playing warzone and I'm hooked!


      These clips make me wanna play but when I play I get shitted on

    50. Team Spintop

      How did the guy in the blue vehicle turn that Sharply? Mines got the turning circle of a bus

    51. Dave [MeDa]

      I've seen a vid where the guy killed thereeeeee people with one rocket while they didnt even touch the floor (the game just started)

    52. Nazia Tabassum Diary

      We don’t need commentator please

    53. Onyx Ivs Yt

      Pc player RUN

    54. Enes Bingöl

      Why would you get out of the building if an airstrike is coming?

    55. MolonLabe

      Imagine popping shots off at some guy and then he reappears from the gas driving a truck destined to make meat paste out of you and your buddy.

    56. Jim Beam


    57. Thomas Nye

      Bruh I didn't even know how to self revive lol

    58. Xd Odin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="507">8:27</a> so this is the guy who keeps on getting my name first...

    59. The Ghost 972

      I promise you, there are some kills in there if I was the guy killed I'd report them

    60. IisFum

      "He's bassically batman with a gun that kills people" so Thomas Wayne batman?

    61. JordanKnight

      That parachute to the truck and then pistol kill finish. Savage


      One question I play call of duty modern warfare but i installed the update to warzone im a ps4 player do i need ps plus to play with rl ppl?

    63. James May

      Lol this isn't call of duty this is Battlefield:6 😂😂😂😂😂

    64. Don Pepe Ho

      Using helicopter blades to get kills is my favorite lol.. some people just stand there and have no clue I can do it!

    65. Hubris

      I once took down 9 guys on the downtown highest building's roof, I wish i recording. 3 squad wipes, 3rd squad killed me, I went to the gulag and came back and landed on the roof and killed them while they were sniping on the roof with 1 melee and 2 gun kills.

    66. Jonathan Rodriguez

      It’s not goolag it’s gulag you people pronounce it goolag and it’s fairly annoying

    67. charliethc

      Great stuff!

    68. Ethan z0mbie


    69. Dallas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="508">8:28</a>:Is this what car chases in movies are like?

    70. The Legend PUBG

      My friends U will love my game PUBG Just watch before the follow I’m a gyroscope player and this is new channel The follow will motivate me please

    71. DragonWingz

      "Dislike not a problem" -Me: Okay

    72. SaucyWednesday

      these clips would be good if i didn’t have to listen to u talk

    73. couchpoet1

      Machine learning

    74. Jesse ybarra

      I love cutting my shoot and using the explosive crossbow bolt on enemies. It's hilarious 😂

    75. max Le Heup

      Defender car

    76. Chompe Martinez

      3.9k people doesnt have Warzone on their ps3 or xbox360

    77. Tess Tickles

      A guy near the sewer place in downtown was about to hit me with a buggy until I threw a trip mine, the car blew up right before it reached me and I survived

    78. Nathan Collins

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> that looked like the truck takedown from advanced warfare campaign

    79. Cesar Paredes

      fuck people who shoot people before they land lmao

    80. Brian Rodriguez

      A moment I wish I had recorded was when I landed on the supermarket but a group of 3 didn't see me. Threw a grenade and downed 1 shot the other and then hunted the 3rd