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    As Chinese authorities struggle to contain the COVID-19 coronavirus, they're also working to silence the growing number of critics of the government's crisis plans. Censors have been erasing critical social media sites. At least two outspoken citizen journalists have disappeared. Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin are among those whose whereabouts are unknown. And citizens were outraged at the death of Wuhan Doctor Li Wenliang, who raised the alarm about the virus. Meanwhile, China has reported 97 more deaths from the Corona virus and more than two thousand new infections, claiming these are the lowest figures since January. Officials also predict the epidemic could be over by April. But the World Health Organization disagrees, arguing it's too early to say whether infections have peaked. They're warning the outbreak poses a global threat potentially worse than terrorism. And people in and outside of China are beginning to question the accuracy of the information they are getting.
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    1. VS. Bayu

      İn a different scenario, if covid happened in any other developed country we would be in a worse place right now. Just think about it. They are functioning this fast because of a communist regime. İf this was else where. Theyd be debating.

    2. The Omega Man

      Still want to vote for Socialism Bernie supporters ?

    3. Samantha Grave

      I heard that adding a zero to the total would be a more accurate number of deaths

    4. Phil Zappa


    5. manjelos

      We can not even imagine number of dead, there is a curfew so nobody is on the street, so even if 20,000 people did passed away nobody can tell

    6. William Leather

      CIA Virus. . . . .

    7. KaiserTrigger

      People still think the guys who died got the virus. It was a piece of lead that did them in. Count on it.

    8. homer30

      Today is Feb 17, 2020 and they say there are 1750 dead right now. I don't believe it. The dead people are probably more than 5000.

    9. Shayshay C

      Omg. Least he tell the people what the hack was going more could have died

    10. pol inesia

      This is how your commie rulers control dissents.

    11. Mc Quinoa

      It's not just hongkong that doesn't like the chinese government, along with the rest of the world who's againts that government. There is a great tide coming, even your own people in China hates their own government.

    12. Wally

      Folks end days are upon us millions will die, we have to nuke china there's no other way god can not help us now

    13. Blue Shroom

      The limitation of free speech and lack of transparency in China and reports of journalists there disappearing, that report on the COVID-19, makes the Chinese government extremely untrustworthy. This behavior only adds to the hysteria of the rest of the world and feeds into conspiracy theories. If the Chinese Government is not downplaying the danger of the Covid-19, then why doesn’t President Xi Jinping go to visit Wuhan? President Xi Jinping is displaying himself as a super weak leader for the world to see. He is a coward and in all essence a weak little man. It will probably take a spread of the COVID-19 virus in a more transparent country, for the world to understand it. Then President Xi Jinping himself, will go on and live in shame for eternity.

    14. Fabian Nakamura

      I really hope that COVID-19 will be a wake up call to all of the chinese people

    15. Tien Tran

      Another Joshua Wong????

    16. kin wow

      chinese doctors are killing patients in china! clips showing doctors with guns.

    17. AbsoluteZero

      The same type of government the far-left want around the world. Follow our rules, do as we say, or we'll make you disappear.

    18. Miriam Dioneda

      Yes he looks so scared while talking..

    19. Daniel Bathen

      Death will come for us all, even the mighty Winnie Pooh

    20. Gillian Martha

      I prayed for these passengers to come home. Because I was afraid they would die alone. I thank God they are close to their families. Because we need to feel secured. With family, and the Lord. I praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus. We have to pray for the rest of our people. And also for the mercy of God for the world.

    21. Devvie YT

      4:57 You can hear the gun loading sound in the background. No joke.

    22. Genco Abbandando

      ''I'm not even scared of death. You think I'm afraid of the communist party?'' Mark my words my unwashed lefties, feminists and socialists take over every developed country in the world, the youth will be writing this message in pavements.

    23. kidd villa-pal

      Communism is an outdated ideology. Chinese citizens are now confronted with two threats -- coronaV and, worse, state suppression.👾👹💀☠️🤖😾

    24. Ramesh Hansa Ravendra

      The ideology of the CCP is the real virus

    25. Alex Perez


    26. ROBERT S

      Every government in the world, especially China and USA, will contain the real numbers of COVID-19 deaths to protect the world market from crashing. President Trump needs the economy to run great for re-election.

    27. F M


    28. Meena Paul

      Accept Heavenly Father no other dr can save China... Plz confess your sin come on knee and pray in the Jesus name.. He will heal you... In 2016 the prophecy came from the Holy Spirit for China to Dr Paul dinakaran.... Believe what ever I say the Heavenly Father the only biggest Dr heal you 🙏

    29. Aurius Blancheman

      China said :" we have him under control".. that about says it all..

    30. Aaron X

      You cannot trust the communist and Xi Jingping!!

    31. Johnny

      he became a organ Donor

    32. Madhu Ramchurn

      When some one speaks the truth he gets disappear this is the value of a sincere guy. Pray to god he is safe.

    33. Ravikumar Thiruchitrambalam

      Looks like China's population control strategy especially the elderly and people with less immunity (also a bio weapon testing on its own population). The Chinese CCP is a ruthless party, which will do anything for its ambition like Cultural revolution killing millions, Tienanmen square massacre killing 10000+ college students and so on.

    34. granadan legacy

      This is the most immersive VR game yet! Who developed this?

    35. badam gul

      comminist part xing ping government the very bad people should stop trading with china the atevvery cruel people

    36. SarahSmiles71

      As of February 1st...250 reported of today over 1800 dead...even if those number are accurate and I do not believe they are...wrap your mind around the fact that nearly 1600 of died in 16 what's been reported...I think we all know we are being lied when USA gets these numbers will we tolerate the lies???

    37. Jimmy Cees

      Freedom always comes with a price.

    38. Unboxing9food universe

      I have a feeling that this virus is not natural, I strongly believe it could be a military grade virus designed to wipe out other countries, But the virus got released by accident

    39. Thomas Turner

      DISRUTION OF THE SOCIAL ORDER WILL NOT BE TORALTED Guess what Chinese government the virus doesn't care It reproduces and kills U can think you are in control But right now the virus is running the show

    40. tjjenn

      On FB, a post/email, put on by a Chinese man, who said he is high up in the Chinese Military, he says that it is not corona virus, that the government are covering up, that it is a deadly man made virus, that the government had made , that they planned to spray the virus from Drones in Honk Kong, that it was supposed to dumb down the citizens, stop them from protesting,make them compliant..but the virus escaped, and it is rampant, and it makes people go mad, and suffer internal bleeding, melt down, and that there is no cure, he says that the so called new hospitals are not just hospitals, I think he said there were ten, that he was taken to see one in the city, and the first area had rows of beds, with patients, the second huge room was full of bodies, floor to ceiling, and there were patients suffering with this virus, who being beaten and forced to drag the bodies into the back room, where they had to push them into a there are too many for them to cope with...He said because of his position, he and his wife and only son, were given special bio germ warfare masks,as normal masks do not work with this, but he said his little son is dying from this virus...He said, he was horrified by what he has seen, and must warn everyone..he said he will be shot if found out... this needs looking into, but who would be brave enough to go there...

    41. Victor Hugo

      be careful to not whistleblow in krautland, don´t defy the government in Krautland

    42. LOADING...

      Every citizen posts videos. Lol they can’t catch them anymore.

    43. Darin D

      And so many around the world are advocating that China take over the role of world leadership and power. Geez.

    44. Noah Edwards

      Matthew 24 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ (happening); and shall deceive many. 6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars (happening): see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences (Corona virus?,), and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows. Much more going on but from Jesus himself, the end is not yet there is still time my friends

    45. James Lacey

      Those journalists were taken , locked in a Quarantined building so they will be infected and silenced. This was a Bio Weapon lab breech..... prove me wrong!

      1. Alice Hallam

        See Koreana Jones channel. But Fang Bin is still missing.

    46. BestIntentions

      This man is a hero

    47. Anis Rahman

      China should get rid of communist party into democracy That's what china need

    48. p hoch

      China won't allow WHO to come in and help them. They speak negatively about USA on their news.

    49. Fern

      Communist China is virus. the people in China must get new government. get rid of this communist virus government. people of China must retaliate. speak up for yourself people of China. China government is bad for the people

    50. R K

      During Russia's revolution; the Marxist went in and took over and soon after were arrested and killed and thrown out, meanwhile under the name of marx and communism, the ones in power continued and developed what the world knows now as communism.

    51. Ghostgetter

      I wanna know how this reporter in Beijing talk smack about what's going on and the government not grab his camera or come after him for reporting it.

    52. sbd2qr

      End to the Chinese government

    53. sbd2qr

      They need criminal charges brought against them from the entire world and United Nations. Look at what has become of their actions

    54. J Hu

      If ppl come missing that means the gov is doing it an are.....

    55. #Killingly860

      Good man 💖

    56. Lord Bonez

      Communism has only brought death and misery, it’s time to end it for good.

    57. J K

      China have to pay for the damage around world.

    58. David Ronson

      There is no such thing as whistle-blowers, they are members of the 5th column and spies and should be dealt with severely.

      1. Samantha Grave


      2. Winter Marie

        David Ronson just to ask a question, how is telling the truth considered being a spy?

    59. Satish Bhat

      Economy and lust to be superpower supercedes over freedom and Chinese common man's sorry State.

    60. Kevin Ambunya

      American capitalism is the worst ever virus to happen in the world