Coronavirus: Italian city’s warning to the rest of the world

Sky News

Sky News

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    Bergamo’s streets are empty as it deals with a devastating number of coronavirus-related deaths - and residents have a warning for others.
    It is the worst-hit city in Italy, the country currently struggling the most with the coronavirus crisis.
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    1. Bhawana Bhattarai

      Our prayers are with Italy. Hope this phase get over soon.

    2. Alan Juillerat

      God bless and keep safe everyone jesus christ is coming back soon

    3. HansumRob100

      I heard the Chinese health people turned up to help..they saw that Italian people were stil not lockdown even with amount of cases... so they say... no point these Italian people dont care, let go home...

    4. Paul R

      The epicenter of the diseases is china Hopefully this pandemic ends soon with minimal casualty

    5. shaik mohammad

      Ohhh god....

    6. OCD Boy

      It's astounding that the chinese guy(patient zero) had no idea that what is he doing in that moment. eating that bat soup. Will affect the whole world. And go down in history.

    7. Manuj


    8. Avinash Marcel

      China should pay for Italies death

    9. Sasanka Sahoo

      Ask your govt. to leave china love.

    10. Saro edwasi

      The invincible corona has taken many lives of our brotheren. In seeing Italy others have become alert but still it is chasing humans. A big lost.. Rip. God grant them eaternal rest.

    11. Trashboi Ty 原始の

      Why tf is the mayor not even wearing a mask?

    12. Black Gazebo

      The Chinese government should pay billions in reparations for their disgusting conduct regarding this virus. China fucked the world.

    13. Bhaskar R

      Let's pray for Italy from our heart

    14. avithu252

      தமிழன்டா | Corona virus Tamil Doctor Reveals His Medical formula for corona family virus press meet "Found Cure Medicine For Corona Virus" Says Siddha Doctor | Thanthi TV

    15. sabir khan

      Ya Allah raham farma

    16. Jewel Stalcup

      Covid-19 will make history

    17. Murtaza Hassan

      What dont they untie lions in their streets?? Just untie few lions and no one will even think about coming out of their homes... Government should provide food free of cost.

    18. Peace Zone

      World: Lockdown and stay home China: Nice game, give me your stock 😂😂

    19. Kimika Awomi

      N there's

    20. DOTA 2 Anti

      Because they not wearing together

    21. Siam Hangzo

      Keep figthing italy and dont lose hope ! May God have mercy on us..

    22. fr10wi

      тоже ищешь коменты на русском ? что думаешь ?

    23. Benjie Boro

      Hard to imagine watching from a movie turns into reality. :(

    24. God Help

    25. Nelson sharma

      Boycott China and Chinese products when its all over


      Italy dying

    27. Sabrija VucInc

      They are not wearing masks gloves nothing.They are being slaughetered there yet they do noting to fight that virus.

    28. Sabrija VucInc

      Ok they are being slaughtered by virus there, yet this woman doesn't wear mask or gloves or anything .Could there be shortage ? Or they are just not well informed , or something else?

    29. Saleem Khan

      now one powerfull country take an action about the lackdown of Kashmir and the cruelty of the Indian army god lackdown all the entayer wourd

    30. Saleem Khan

      all the sciencey technology country were not able to make vixin for so much smaller organism this is the showing of God that how much he is superior

    31. Tom joseph

      World should lock down

    32. 10 Thousand

      people back in the past dealing with the plauge and black death be laughing at us lol

    33. chit chat


    34. Gamerguy 123lo

      Rispetto dall'Albania, Italia, puoi farlo, crediamo e ti preghiamo ogni giorno #Italia

    35. Yuki Dove

      No lockdown in indonesia, today it reachs 1280ish and nearly 200 died still the government doesnt have an intention to do lockdown..

    36. Rachuon really

      Coronavirus in Italian

    37. Pink Blush

      Be strong. PRAY 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    38. Yaseen K.M.

      The Real Worry is that .... After this Corona is finished, it will take a real long period to re-construct the economy of the affected countries... Which is another painful story... God Almighty Bless my Italian Brothers & Sisters.. Peace & Prayers from South India..

    39. Marie antonette Pascual cabrera

      prayers for italy for phillippines for all over the world.... lord your the only one who can stop this virus.... help us oh lord jesus.... forgive all of our sin as we our sinners.... to god be the glory...🙏

    40. Milky. ❽

      I like fire trucks and moster trucks

      1. Milky. ❽


    41. Ching Ranque

      In 2022, there will a movie about covid.

    42. Nitesh Chalwadi

      after spreading virus all over the world now china has banned foreigners in china


      So sad.Deepest condolences to family and friends who lost their loved ones,and we pray for strength and protection to all those directly and indirectly affected.

    44. Row Bañaga

      The question now is, how the hell Beijing and Shanghai had only less than 500 confirmed cases?

    45. Sumit Mahor

      China ruined the world

    46. ChronicalClinic42

      A small price to pay for earths short break.

    47. Andreia Luízas


    48. Gypsy Sinclaire

      Globalism invites god(religious)..and so on

    49. Mo27halar

      Sadly, Boris Johnson’s now got it. It’s truly concerning how late the English government handled this

    50. Esha Gond

      “But many of us are going to experience what they are going through as well and likely VERY SOON.” This line made my heart beat accelerate.

    51. Fold and Fray

      Imagine bringing your daughter to the most diseased place in the world to protect them from a disease

    52. Poor

      we evolved an immune system equivalent to that of our planet earth. Unfortunately our mother earth is loosing her immune ecosystem so very fast that she cannot longer hold on. We got life so very wrong ..and are witnessing live "the greatest human tragedy of all times"

    53. Hiwot Yonas

      There is medicine for Coronavairus guess????? Prayer only we are busy social media, followed news and celebrity, technology we forgot God this is the time to remember our creator. This is my opinion RIP all lost there life my condolences for family.

    54. Antanas Smetona

      all have to be with mask outside !!!

    55. RAZOR12334

      All forthcoming virus can be stopped only if we stop eating animals.

    56. Ghem Pajanustan

      May the Lord heal our world 🙏... Rest in peace to the souls who have gone away because of the virus...

    57. pentax seal

      is there someone to blame about this virus?

    58. Holy Grail

      She laughed then cried about people dying...

    59. Kristijan Jerković

      Yeah it is very sad but why they dont stay in the isolation, Italians wont stay at home.. The virus cannot spread if he have no people to jump on.. Its simple stay at home...

    60. Dhumketu Media

      Remember this is punishment from Allah

    61. Stella Mercy

      Dear in Christ we are praying for Italy and for entire world🙏🙏pls kneel before god ask for forgiveness only the almighty Jesus can help us now

    62. Satyam Kumar Mishra

      We all should pray for italy and the entire humankind 😢🙏



    64. Saxanith

      I just got an ad about missiles. This better not have been some type of foreshadowing

    65. Stars 17

      LOC DOWN 🇬🇧 We have to follow the rules. Why are people still hanging around on the road. They not shopping for food and not key workers. Makes me angry to see people on the road when everything is locdown in 🇬🇧 Food shop and supermarkets open only. More life's are going to be taken. Get off the streets 🇬🇧

    66. ram kumar

      Pls share this news. Iam RAMKUMAR mettupalayam. from India tamilnadu state. Here one medicine cure the corona virus with in 48 hours. This is from Sidha medicine from thru thani kachalam . Pls try to contact Indian govt and ask the tamilnadu doctor Sidha doctor thiru thanikachalam. Or Contact me.

    67. Vicky Singh

      Humans thought God made earth only for them

    68. Virus Shawty

      It reminds me of black death I feel sorry our world right now Damn those people who started this freak epidemia.

    69. Arsalan Pakistani

      Now the world has know very well the meaning of lockdown. Continously the muslims of kashmir were craying for their lives and families in same condition in india, but the world was busy. HAPPY CORONA to the WORLD..

    70. MrKebasi

      wahabiyahudi and shiea rafidiyahudi and babyloniayahudi/3 sides of same coin

    71. Athulya Suresh

      Prayers left🥺🙏🏻

    72. ABC CAsia


    73. julius dendawijaya

      Here's what the world says to Italy, stop being racist individuals.

    74. Ян Н.

      And humans still laumche wars to each others across the world... Stupid beings! This is the punishment that we all deserve for wars and murders

    75. josiejump64

      Why not test The army tell all to stay in doors. And let the Army deliver food to everyone. Nobody should come out at all other than to collect food parcels. May God have mercy

    76. Cat Monk

      CORONA COVID 19 cover-up by china Dr Li Wenliang Ai Fen

    77. alikanji

      Stay at Home and Save Lives❤ Take Care Everyone ☺ Coronavirus World Lockdown

    78. XanderZone

      The Chinese government needs a serious spanking

    79. Mia Mei

      i really also felt so sad 🙏 we are just a part of human world where ever country we are belong , God please take away this virus iin this world 😢

    80. Mustard

      Its because they don't cooperate.