Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime (Official Video)


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    The new album, Everyday Life, out Nov 22. Pre-order
    The first single to be taken from Coldplay's new album, A Head Full Of Dreams (out now). Download the song from or stream at
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    1. Kylie Moore

      Haters would say that the ape is fake

    2. hunter connor

      Girls locker room: I hate gym so much! Boys locker room:

    3. Era Music

      2020 and still here?

    4. Randolf Ducanes

      Ah, beautiful Nostalgia, here we meet again.

    5. God

      Random chimp event

    6. l ll

      The evolution of man

    7. Э4


    8. Esteban M

      Tocas a mi Tia , no la vuelves a contar .

    9. MC Dexpo

      Man, I love this song...

    10. Rishabh Saini

      Teacher : everyone will arive on 10 am Me and the bois at 10 pm 2:48

    11. NinoschXD Villarreal

      Ira we un changoleon

    12. Info Chan

      Wow one bi

    13. gamer 24

      I would never forget when this song came out

    14. Harpreet Brar

      Now this explains the evolution 😝

    15. Mawbiangdor Syiem

      Congrats for 1billion view

    16. James McAvey

      This song MV reminds me of a game that but it ’s a really bad game

    17. ISRAEL pro

      Omg, peruanos haciendo una coreografía. No te voy a mentir, se ven muy frescos 😦👌

    18. jhon Ramos

      Cringe xdxdxdx

    19. Peterson Pantoja


    20. Clarisse e Priscila Cla,Nick e Pri

      Ouvir coldplay Trás paz! Maravilha!😘

    21. Clarisse e Priscila Cla,Nick e Pri

      Ouvir coldplay Trás paz! Maravilha!😘

    22. Arturo Aguayo Torres

      2:48 yo y los panas cuando encontramos la palabra sexo en el diccionario

    23. Fulano De tal

      This video makes me happy... 😁😁😁 i wana be a wild monkey...🙊🙈🙉🙈🙈🙈🙉🙊🙈🙉😝😝😁😁😁😁



    25. S4berTail4 YTB

      Ancestors dance

    26. Ivana adeleke Belnuovo

      I love this song...makes me feel so alive!!!

    27. Karen Giles

      Yo cuando el chico que me gusta me habla😎

    28. Han

      0%- Drugs 0%- Alcohol 0%- Twerk 100%- CGI

    29. Ирина Семенова


    30. Hugo Azcorra

      Peruanos bailando jjaja

    31. DW jassy Paredes Paredes

      Puto le copiaste a el de sopa de macaco 😡

    32. damian talfumera


    33. Be a ace

      Who is still here in 2020 tell me in the comment

    34. xBlack!

      jedyne co uslyszalem to CZIKADA

    35. multifariousgemini

      Was this more entertaining for the creators to make this than the viewers? I love the song but not in love with the video 🤔

    36. Eric Newman


    37. Mario Hermann

      0% Racism 0% Violent words 0% Violence 100% Happiness 100% Monkeys 100% Music History 100% Masterpiece

    38. Fabiola Méndez Jiménez


    39. Nikoloz Gigiberia

      This is how the human race evolved from apes.

    40. Lukas da Silva brum Silva

      Muito toop

    41. Villager

      Random chimp event

    42. fsreg gsrg

      Dear stranger whoever reads this: may your parents live over 100 years.

    43. MAX GUNCH


    44. Marigold Annabell

      Why is this CGI better than most SYFY movies lol Hope ALsel never dies.....I wanna show my kids what my teenage years were blessed with,🙌🏻

    45. TheRussianBear

      Her: i bet he is cheating on me Me & the boys:

    46. FonchCakes

      Hi I'm Paul type beat

    47. Santiago Palate

      Gordito, Eres parte de ese sueño que no me deja dormir y que convierte mis pesadillas en Insomnio, sé que leeremos estos juntos, lo sé, lo siento.

    48. Cristian Arnaldo Tacam Velázques

      Nadie: Peruanos: 1:04

    49. Albino Squirrel

      Me and the boys listening to Coldplay after the girls leave

    50. Un bato Basico mas

      Peru el musical

    51. Lester Lima

      Awesomemakesmefeelgood ooohooo

    52. Alee VP


    53. Big Biddies

      Me and the boys after finishing our Minecraft mansion 3:06

    54. Ajayus Spiritus

      Music was made for to you feel it

    55. dead eyes

      Me and the boys hearing the corona virus has been confirmed in the U.S but we live in the United States 3:41

    56. IM W么SON 502

      Alguien 2020?

    57. Backdoor Games

      Movie: based on a true story Also movie:

    58. Rhoslyn Orr

      Now whenever I hear this song I won’t be able to unsee a bunch on monkeys singing this

    59. Cande Acuña


    60. Estibe M.T

      Cesar and his homies on Friday night