Clinton’s outrageous comments on coronavirus leave ‘The Five’ speechless

Fox News

Fox News

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    Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton joins media in making light of surge of U.S. coronavirus cases; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #FoxNews #TheFive
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    Publikuar 2 muaj më parë


    1. Tom Dixon

      Hillary should serve some time in federal prison for lying to Congress and by extension the American people.

    2. Chuck Taylor

      Hey Hillary, you still lost a fixed election!

    3. smitty jones

      Hillary -SHOULD have the RIGHT to remain s i l e n t **************

    4. TheBruceli

      Hi you want suck on trump be it. fox news little d sucker.

    5. TheBruceli

      ugly talk about everything . lookes those people. how ugly it can be.

    6. Thomas Bryant

      More importantly she is a Criminal. State Department emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop shows that she believes that she is entitled to being a criminal.

    7. E R

      Ppl have faith , all will be well

    8. Peter Macander


    9. Shawn Norris

      It's a nasty deal no matter how you slice it

    10. Shawn Norris

      Garfield made a joke that was funny

    11. sacred406

      We all know the number of COVID-19 deaths were fudged and paid for to make President Trump look bad. Those involved hadn't counted on truth tellers (doctors, family members..) and a population that isn't gullible.

    12. Keith Row

      Did he say ,"pizzas"? HA!

    13. Surfwynd

      “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” ― Ernest Hemingway

    14. Ursus Horribilis

      Covid-19 Kills older people. I hope Hillary Clinton gets Covid-19.

    15. Ursus Horribilis

      CHina most likely has hundreds of thousand Covid-19 deaths and are just burying the bodies wherever they can. NEVER, EVER trust the Communist Chinese with ANYTHING, especially the TRUTH.

    16. bassbeasty mitzy

      Of course, the left believe the numbers from China, with no fact checking, what am I saying, fact checking has no place in left leaning journalism

    17. Ponykiller


    18. Geo Garrett

      Die HillderBeast Die! ,🖕

    19. Debbie Ziola

      She's not worth any air time. To hell with her, an China.

    20. alina brauet

      Please don't put her photo on the screen toxic people arrogant faces are abominable to others

    21. Alan Miell

      One big Currupt Joke, that,s Wicked Crooked Hillary Rotten Clinton In one

    22. sally gonzalez

      You go greg, love your thoughts

    23. Michael Saint Arch

      Hillary Clinton is a high level Witch,......the World will be a much less evil place when she is gone.

    24. Richard Badish

      Hillary Honey, you can rub it in Trumps/The Republicans face all you want to. But do me a favor and search Cases/Deaths that are from Democratically ran States. Then you'll see, who was prepared and who wasn't! Each states local government is the first line of defense in such a situation. Is it just coincidence that those states have high numbers? Are they fabricating numbers to use this pandemic against Trump in the 2020 election? I mean they're the only states with the most restrictions and closed businesses to this day... WHY YOU THINK THAT IS?

    25. jonathan hurley

      Wait....did...did...did Juan actually say something that made sense instead of his usual blind acceptance of whatever prevailing liberal talking poin t was making the rounds?

    26. Don

      If anyone need this is Hillary & Gov Cuomo...Yea I said it & I would say it to their face (with my mask on of course).... NAH!!

    27. SLYDOG

      I heard She was dead 6 weeks ago,Hillary,Along with Tom Hanks.

    28. Maggie R

      How stupid can they be? Hillary got China to help her to get Trump out of office it so happened someone had an accident in their Labs Bill Gates is in this as you see Fauci I really don't trust him his Boss is Bill he want to vaccinate everyone Dems party is Democrat communist party of America all the deplorable uneducated people need to come together for the second time and show all the Dems good always win evil

    29. Gala

      These is no more corrupt country in the world than America. Period.

    30. James Harris

      How old is she and billy. Yep waiting for you just around the corner i bet the stones in the streets will break out into a party on that day

    31. James Harris

      The best part of waking up would see killerys feet dangling about a foot from the ground along with her cohorts

    32. Gary Peters

      America is number one in Caronia Virus and in Abortions

    33. mpolanetz

      Why is HIllary still allowed to talk, when it has been proven that she is corrupt, stole money, lied, lied, and then lied about lieing and the News media who are bowing down to her and the Democrats. Do the maths People !!!!!!!!!!!! There are 382,200,000 million people in America which if you can believe the stats 1,500,00 got the virus (93,600 deaths) that makes only 0.4570383912248629% of American people got the virus !!!!!!!!! that is not even 0.5% so how can that surpass China.

    34. Maribel Rios

      She can go back to wherever she was hiding and stay there. We don't need anything from her. She's done. She abandoned the people who voted for her. I felt bad for them. She simply dissapeared.

    35. Mariana I

      Hillary Clinton NEED To BE PUT On ELECTRIC CHAIR For : Being Responsible for Taking Down The Security Ppl In Benghazi Which made Possible and Easy for Killing The Marines , She is A Criminal, A Traitor .

    36. rox rr

      Hillary rodent Clinton will rot in hell

    37. faranger

      Well the media and the corporate leaders are paid by China.

    38. DavidLee

      Hey Trump Republicans, get over yourselves crybabies. At least she didn't call the White House, the Carona House.... hardy har harrr!!!

    39. Mary Crosby

      How many reported cases are actual cases?

    40. jethro

      She's still butt hurt and Google too!

    41. Adam O

      Hillary needs her neck squeezed

    42. Deiter Czerwinski

      Seriously, how much time would a woman get if say, she slapped the F out of Hillary (on camera)??? That woman would have to necessarily become an American Hero, plus become a millionaire!

    43. David Watson

      hillary is as unstable as joe biden.

    44. Amy The Predominant Patriot

      Thank God, we finally have a president that's taking down the deep state tyrant elites! God bless Patriots of America, God bless Hillary Clinton and God bless Barron ❤ and his father the President, Donald John Trump! MAGA all the way!

    45. Jaime Giraldo

      Democrats got no class neither remorse. They would married the enemy for money ! Liberals!

    46. jack mann

      Hillary the optimum scourge of the old democratic mind set. She has continued her campaign against mankind. Just be thankful she didn’t win. 😎🇺🇸

    47. Cypress Warrior

      *Hillary abandoned Americans to die in Benghazi.*


      As a UK citizen I was (past tense) wary of President Trump. Thank you USA for proving me wrong! Clinton and Biden are so frightening, neither of them would know the truth if it got up and hit them in the face. The whole world owes you a thanks for not have Hilary Clinton in power. Benghazi, even here we know she was responsible for the American deaths. Corona Virus (Covid-19) speeches are simply to hide from the illegal actions over Flynn and the truth now coming out. Schiff, he needs to be shifted to jail to join a whole wing of Democrats and law enforcement/lack of intelligence leaders involved in framing Flynn.

    49. 72 Stroker Shovelhead

      Hilly Rotten Clinton...equals pure evil Satan's promised bride when she is called back to Hell. 👹

    50. sheila vidrine

      She is completely evil!!!!

    51. William Erickson

      If Clinton had been president, this outbreak would have happened quietly with no media coverage like every other pandemic to hit US soil in the last 20+ years. Remember the swine flu? MERS? Even Bush kept quiet about SARS in '02. Millions of people died in these outbreaks and others and no one in the media made a peep. The only reason that this happened at all was and still is another desperate attempt to get Trump out of office. Clinton can f off.

    52. Drucinda Roberts

      She is so divisive and nasty and negative. Could she please just stop talking and go away!

    53. D Fifield

      when you watch any leftist so called news you can SEE who is owned by CHINA!!!

    54. D Fifield

      wow Clinton is a selfish wicked witch !

    55. Keith Green

      You can't fix stupid. 🤮

    56. Rhonda Jenifer

      Hillary Clinton is one of the worst humans on Earth.

    57. Kathryn Molesa

      America first. Hillary last.

    58. Rhonda Miles

      That looks like a young Hillary....

    59. Williams Dominguez

      Hillary is a Demon. Gates friend and illuminate as well. Same agenda NWO. Vaccines RFID chips and control.

    60. RED TAPE REED- WALTER Reed-Walter

      Scumbag perfect!

    61. Nino Guerrero

      Greg is right saying "Hillary is already in hell" explains why she's so miserable

    62. Lorrie Bensky

      Leave it to Hillary to be completely good and hateful. She just never lets us down!

    63. Lorrie Bensky

      I can't believe I actually heard Juan Williams being rational! Keep it up! We'll make a Conservative out of you yet!


      Realise there was nothing I could do, put a pillow over her head and cover her with a blanket. Get a taxi. Expired @. They thought there was something fishy. Anyway, now they may have figured it out.

    65. Karen Diefenbacher

      I still don’t see how this is on Trump?? He took advice from medical “experts” with strong connections to the who!!

    66. The Viking

      Are you kidding me Hillary!

    67. Lisa Vernon

      What a healthy and open debate - thank you for giving us normal folk a voice! We all really appreciate it.

    68. Frank N

      It was Hillary Clinton that masterminded her puppet Nancy Pelosi's attempt to impeach Trump. Since midterms January 2019 all the democrats did was hate Trump, use impeachment to remove Trump from office. Obstructionists define today's Democrats. It’s a complete and total disgrace with which these Democrats have conducted themselves. First, it was Bret Kavanaugh's accusations Then the Trump impeachment trials initiated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi September 24, 2019, through January 16, 2020, concluded with his acquittal on February 5, 2020. That's all they do, spread lies, hate Trump. That's the Hillary Clinton Democrat agenda.

    69. Elizabeth McAloon

      Terrible. Hillary Clinton

    70. Mr Horse

      can't this corrupt krone die already?

    71. Michael Bell

      Why do we listen to the one doctor or expert on this? I was always told to get a second and third expert opinion. I agree with Rand Paul. Something strange has happened.

    72. S.F. Morris

      i will never vote ever for any of these self centered horrible people in politics. they all make me sick

    73. PGT Beauregard

      Hillary vs Trump? And now Biden vs. Trump? Is this the best and the brightest?? Hillary has never seen a mike that she didn't like. God forbid she could say just once: 'I really have no comment...sorry...'

    74. Carmen Duhon

      Hillary Clinton....she is so degrading to real women.....she is not FOR women....No wonder old Bill cheated on her....if I had to go to bed with someone like that....I would have to sleep with the lights on!

    75. Virginia Jaworski

      I am so disappointed. They said the Fox 5 were speechless. Fake news.

    76. TheSuzette1

      They do not care about America and American citizens. They have proven that over and over again. These traitors should be banned from the United States of America

    77. Greg Bjelland

      Wake up American people its time for this to end the corruption and career politicians who have wasted time for only thier own agenda.... and the puppets follow.

    78. Here There

      China with lack of testing and on a second wave nos what a joke the Left is !!

    79. Niecy Is here.

      If she were president, we'd probably not be allowed to go to the market.

    80. Robin Thiessen

      The only time I have ever agreed with Juan