Childish Gambino - 3.15.20 ALBUM REVIEW

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    untitled unflattering.
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    FAV TRACKS: 42.26, 53.49
    LEAST FAV TRACK: 32.22
    Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?


    1. Nicolas Lopez

      Hey Anthony, the white screens don't work like green screens.

    2. Spectrum Gaming

      Oh god when you talked about the closer i started imagining .Paak's voice instead of Donald's, and I actually got kind of sad about the wasted opportunity, Imagine it with Andy on the verse and Gambino on the Chorus instead

    3. James Reagan

      Damn, you'd really disrespect the funky feel of 47.48, wouldn't you

    4. Ryen Thomas

      I think your ear may be losing touch with the new stuff.

    5. Pummelfay


    6. Totally Not A Cylon


    7. Michael Leone

      socially distano

    8. Milan ten Bosch

      I like it and i would rate it a 7,5

    9. Matt Jerkhole

      This was one of my most anticipated albums as well especially because if I remember correctly this was announced to be the last Childish Gambino album way back. The entire weird release gimmick and the strange song titles confused the fuck out of me and the album sounded very unlike Childish Gambino and the tracks disconnected from each other. But after a bunch of listens I have to say I like half of the album quite a lot. The first half especially. I got a good handful of tracks I really like to vibe to even when there are others I completely hate. 35.32 is fucking terrible for example. But 12.38, 19.10 and 47.48 are a lot of fun to listen to for me.

    10. Elijah

      Love that FlyLo stays in the back

    11. Xxxx Big Rich

      Just weird, but hey different strokes for different folks! It sounds like he was tripping on acid while recording😂😂

    12. Glip Klopsyiop

      It's not that good

    13. PiNkMoEfOe

      I bet melon would of liked it if the cover wasn't black....not cool melon

    14. L S

      Review Pearl Jam’s new album

    15. Elijah Blade

      I'm still blasting "to be beautiful is to be hunted"

    16. rickenbacker40011

      It gave me mad cherry bomb vibes

    17. Matthew Steinke

      Professor Fantano, I turned in my essay that you assigned on "Thrift Shop" deservedly being ranked No. 1 pop song for the 2010s on Google Classroom, and you gave me a 'Z', and wrote, "I rate your life a solid four." I'm confused to say the least. What was my grade again?

    18. opji

      for production value i would give it a 4 but personally i really like this album and would give it an 8

    19. SenecaRose


    20. jaskaran kang

      next rate lebron's performance in the 2016 NBA finals

    21. Redemption

      How Fantano has rated Childish Gambino: Camp - 2/10 STN MTN / Kauai - 4/10 because the internet - 5/10 Awaken, My Love! - 7/10 3.15.20 - 4/10

    22. doo doo boy

      this nigga hates music

    23. jerrypaws

      oddly enough- my favorite song off the album was 39.28. By a lot. Anyone else?

    24. bruce_l._music

      I think this is the FIRST of 4 albums. Donald released two vital pieces of work with the album. A note and a piece of concept art. In the note, he referred to this project as the "First Book" and the cover art had 4 individual covers. That's why it took him four years to release the music and why many other songs (Human Sacrifice, Saturday, This Is America, Summertime Magic, etc.) weren't on this album; but "Feels Like Summer" was.


      He got it all wrong

    26. baller456100

      Boo! Not here for this one guy!

    27. SupaDupaQ

      47.48 is actually amazing. you may have an awful ear. and are soulless.

    28. im.RETRO

      Silly melon, you forgot to add the album cover in the background.

    29. UrbanaSupernovA

      Algorhythm is one of the best songs I've heard in a while. I respectfully disagree with Fantano on this album, I like the risks taken here. I don't believe it to be bland at all 🤷‍♂️

    30. GroovyBeats

      How is the comment section of this guy always not about the subject?

    31. Calvin Gardner

      C'mon man lol, were 19.10 & 47.48 really THAT bad to people?? Those two are my favorites

    32. John Brocken

      Damn, but I thought 32.22 was a banger. OK fantano whatever you say goes.

    33. Govind Menon

      Goddammit Anthony. I really wanted to like this album

    34. Louie Perez Too

      I love gambino but I am just lost on this album

    35. Ari Wilson

      Feeling the shirt today Anthony.

    36. Hogman 5000

      childish gambino music has always sucked

    37. blacknoiseJACK

      Melon your cerebral interpretation of music drains every bit of art and nuance out of music- I implore you to feel the music more my guy.

    38. Ray

      Childish Gambino didn’t make the music I or anyone expected so its a 4 - Anthony “death grips is real music” Fantano “the needle drop”

    39. Marco

      who is this Childish Gambino you're talking about, this album is by Donald Glover...

    40. Garlic Gang


    41. N00BClan Gaming

      Review surf curse- disco next 👏🏼🤦🏼‍♀️

    42. Maronator K

      Thank you for the time stamps Anthony but what are your favourite tracks

    43. Ponatshego Moselakgomo

      I can't take this review seriously He listened to tge album with a pre conceived idea of what Donald is Same with Tyler's Cherry Bomb A$AP's Testing Kanye's Yeezus Uzi's Eternal Atake These are some good albums if you listen to them without the hype around them

    44. Thomas Zizzo

      damn I thought it was kinda dope

    45. Azurealms99

      This album will grow on people over the years.

    46. graayyy guuuh

      Kicked their momnin the mother board 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    47. Fed B

      19, 24, and 42 are actually really good songs. The rest is.. shockingly abysmal for an artist of this caliber. 39 is the most obnoxious song i've heard in a while, 12 is boring as hell, always end up skipping it when i play this, and the ariana grande feat just feels so weird and out of place which is a shame since i should be excited about these two artists collaborating. I'm not even going to comment on 32 because it would get this comment flagged. Agreed on the Prince worship. Not good at all. I'm actually quite sad about this record :/

    48. Tyler Betschart

      Since CG or DG released this for free, I feel like this is a kind of mixtape, like his previous Royalty and Kauai/Stone Mt That being said i pretty much agree, but I love the last song. Gotta loosen up Melon

    49. Brian Carrillo

      Fantano I’ll admit, I’m a huge fan of Donald Glover and I love his music so much, my #1 favorite artist, and when I first heard this, I loved it but I was a bit skeptical of everything he did in this album but the thing is, once you let it grow on you, your in love

    50. Julian Carta

      Yeah...21 really breathes a lot life into this album with that one track. He's someone to keep an eye on

    51. Noah Atkinson

      There’s no conversation in this comment section. It’s just the same recycled flannel jokes

    52. Ronaldo Malcom

      It sounds like Animal collective taking too long to do something cool. Haha very clever

    53. Torrent Doesnt Win

      he missed.

    54. FireFly Epic

      Making primal grunting noises while elvis-pelvis thrusting us for 10 minutes isn't a review, Anthony.

    55. hugo pooe

      dude should be on the roast panel lmao

    56. Denzel-S-_-

      Try listening to the album backwards

    57. Garner Montgomery

      The Big Date

    58. Super Pochaco

      "Yeezus Runoff" production is probably the most damning thing you've ever said in your life, Anthony. That's akin to calling it the liquid at the bottom of a garbage can. The refuse of waste.

    59. Wackaz

      19.10 is amazing wtf?!

    60. Shane Mccoy

      Man fuck you guys . A couple of the songs were a little too pop-ish and some of the production was misguided and messy but I think the ablum makes a huge leap and finds a rhythm and soundscape about Halfway through . Love all the Funk/Gospel elements as well as the experimental trap/ edm beats with those and other elements added . Besides a couple points I think it’s quality and good listen .Little Foot big foot is a good song and I will fight you 🤷🏾‍♂️

    61. Kanye East


    62. Burghtown Music Group

      AnTrippin’Thony Fantano 💯

    63. Jeremy R

      More like a 3 or 2/10

    64. lee togo

      Dude its not Childish Gambino, its Donald Glover presents, so i would say you cant compare it to a childish gambino Album

    65. Rpm

      Why you no like?

    66. joe moeller

      This was preceded by one of the most significant musical statements of the decade though...

    67. Edward Jimenez

      When you said you didn’t like 19.10 you completely lost me.......... that’s textbook Gambino, REAL Gambino not a producer morphing his vocals into something else then throwing in their personal sound. This album was exactly what I was hoping for from bino after because the Internet. Ps never forget you have rodeo at an 8..... Idk what else needs to be said other then that.

    68. Gunnar Allen


    69. Manny Estrada

      I loved 19.10 🤷🏻‍♂️

    70. King Yoshi The 3rd

      wait, algorhythm wasn't supposed to be a fun silly name?

    71. Fountain of tears

      Saying, "i rather go watch The birth of a Nation", is taking it waay to far, Anthony.

    72. Nathan McKenney

      I love 19.10 it’s my favorite song on the album but in my opinion after 32.22 the album kinda goes down.... also the songs are too long in my opinion and should have ended around 3 minutes

    73. Antonius

      Review Skepta, Chip, Young Adz - Insomnia

    74. Antonius

      Review Skepta, Chip, Young Adz - Insomnia

    75. No userame

      I kinda liked <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1150">19:10</a>.....

    76. Majoris :v


    77. dot.jpeg

      this review sucks you're a joke fantano

    78. Emmanuel González

      I guess it did come in my life time

    79. Ben Tevlin

      I disagree

    80. That One Guy

      Lmao it sucks so bad