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    Met a girl at Los Angeles baggage claim on a chance encounter and things developed into a classic case of 'this could be us but you playin'.
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    1. luis whiley

      Finally, a swoozie art style I can recreate

      1. The Chef

        Love stickswooze

      2. Spirit wolf


      3. PuzzleHead

        @Talentless Cult Member i always see you dude

      4. Aidan Games

        Well this one is still to hard

      5. Isuapig

        Swag lmao so true

    2. Abad Roman

      STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Queen Kris

      Notice me Senpai 🥺

    4. Emily Steelee

      :( i love you, it's okay

    5. MJ Intheflesh13

      Jeez that is Leanardo Decaprio art style GUH DAYUM

    6. Nick M80

      ayy swooz you need to spend more time on your vids because if I look down your page amazing vids are coming up but this isn't you need to focus on vids not weekly thank you for your time

    7. Jay Tee

      A-list celebrity... Is it Drake?

    8. 5G will kill us unless we dont stop it

      If a youtuber with 7 million subscribers can't even find love after this long, I think we're all screwed.

    9. halo halo

      Instead of baddie, i hear batty 🤔🙄

    10. Jaime Campbell

      Yeah. Swoozie.... Homie.... You're expecting way too much from the women you mean bruh. Lol. Glad to see you making videos again

    11. Jalil _uno

      you shoulda gone with first gurl mannnnn

    12. John Johnson

      is this the new animator?

    13. Diego Martinez

      What happened to the other animation

    14. SolidSourSkittles


    15. Jasmine Lozon

      How is Swoozie single at this point? Someone flies me to LA I’m theirs

    16. Patricia Blue

      Ok sleuths, who’s A-list celebrity?

    17. Chidera Oyeka

      Swoozies stories are becoming more of the same. I honestly don't believe them anymore.

    18. opzz xsin

      Swoozie: The quality will be so much better coming up...WATCH Also swoozie: Looks like someone in kindergarten drew it. I'm just tea no shade

    19. DixieNormous

      God dam what’s wrong with LA

      1. opzz xsin

        Simp alert

    20. Humble Dread

      Good guys like use really Be finishing last huh?

    21. lanita nelms

      Finally,a swoozie art style i can recreate

    22. Pastel Princess

      It’s okay Swoozie, we’ll just give you some ice cream

    23. Caleb Davilmar

      Swoozie, its cause your a ninja remember

    24. Tiara Polus

      This honestly made me really sad cus I can relate

    25. L44:RØNIN LITEツバイパー

      This guys youtube channel is older than me ;-; barely I'm December 2006

    26. thisgirljoanna

      Swoozie my man how bout you try a normal girl next time. Just saying lol

    27. Amirah Frederick

      Aw your good enough swoozie🥺

    28. Amirah Frederick

      That teeny all might figure in the back is cute

    29. Jayme Higginbotham

      Should have gone with the first girl haha

    30. iPokePixels

      I love Swoozie's stories, but at some point I wish he would pick an angle of flexing OR trying to be relatable. Playing the victim of constantly pursuing women for shallow reasons and having a luxurious life is not a good look. I have a lot of respect for him, but these vids make me roll my eyes more than anything else

    31. eirini stef

      Well you know what makes me sad? That every time you make a nice move a dumb girl suddenly forgets you and when she needs you she texes back Nooo girl back off you are trash🙃

    32. Spirit wolf

      Swoozie has been big boy oofed in the dating world

    33. Mizu Boni

      Yo! Swooz that shirt is life man, I love it! Sorry about Lax girl I never let that kind of behavior *fly* y'know what I mean? lol

    34. Anna W

      If i would be in your type i would date you Swooz... anyway good to see you back on yt

    35. XD SINA

      Simp alert

    36. Toby

      Why did you get lazy with the animation

    37. Ann Ash

      Any guess know who he’s talking about?! Common my Asian netzins y’all snoop this shit out very amazingly

    38. Najja Lewis

      Get you a me 😉

    39. chocolatte

      Legit tho Jesus knows she's a keeper You'll find her when the time is rite

    40. Maintain Music

      Story of my life yo only I diddnt make it past step one

    41. Melissa D

      Could the A-lister be Drake?

    42. eggs 3433

      Can you people sub to me plz 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 I’m a gaming Chanel

    43. Carrine Wright

      Haha, I’m glad ALsel recommended this video. Quality content to binge for quarantine.

    44. Dilhat 12


    45. Erik Nino

      Rlly dude how did we go form good animation to okay animation to fucking Drawings 🤣

    46. Francisco Navarro

      They don’t deserve you king😔😤

    47. lil bae

      The drawing has gotten progressively worse swoozie what's up

    48. Jaiden Narcisse

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> every day i wake up and contemplate where my life is heading and where my decisions have lead me, but when i gaze into the mirror at night and ask myself am i a man i have to take a second to look at this picture and say yes. yes i am a man

    49. SeñorRedPanda

      I love the consistent posting!!!

    50. TF7

      Okay swooz if no one will be real with you I will. Wtf is this shit?!?!? Story was great but did you actually let that fucking kid draw for you??? Go back to making your own shit plz... but it’s none of my business nor my concern 🤣❤️

    51. Lukas

      Anybody know who the A list celeb is?

    52. Rey Wright

      Not feeling the art style here! Sorry.

    53. Dessert Girl

      Swoozie is my celebrity crushhhhh

    54. Connor Koehler

      Swoozie be simpin our here and getting used for free flights

    55. Sugar Lips

      came to the comments seeing if anyone dig deep nd found out who “A-List celebrity” is and i’m deeply disappointed to just find miley cyrus comments abt LAX😂

    56. Nifemi Badejo

      Bro, you have soooo many peng friends, don’t stress for you’re time will come. ML from England ❤️ You’re lit!

    57. Bravo-1

      My nigga stop digging in the dumpster thinkin u gonna find gold some day. There's no quality human beings worthy of relationships there, stop trying. Get a new outletoutside of your social sphere.


      I remember the vids when you spoke about cheating in school God the times fly

    59. Gisselle

      wonder what it would've been like with option A ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

    60. Jack K

      She wasn't going through your follows. If you follow the same people, your mutuals are shown on their front page.

    61. Jack K

      I love the low production value lol

    62. Alania Sandifer

      Swoozie really do be outchere looking like a snack, a snickers bar, a meal😫

    63. Jonathan williams

      Bet it was someray

    64. TbsSlang bang

      If y’all still think swoozie ain’t f*ckin and he be flying all these girls out you crazyyy🤣🤣🤣 Or he is gay .

    65. TbsSlang bang

      Swoozie gettin big asf🤣🤣

    66. Barrington Latham

      Sounds like something future would do

    67. Joshua Robinson

      Shoulda gone with the other baddie

      1. bocoy noiu

        came for the tea ended up with the Boston harbor in 1773

    68. Mazin Jamil

      there is a All Might figure behind him

    69. Jaylanena93

      I think this means you should've gone with baddie #1 Swooz

    70. Jordan Menzel

      Don’t worry sWooZie. I’ll slide into your dms😂

    71. Gref Steel

      I feel a couple of tears for this man

    72. Teem Tony

      That’s a rip my guy, you’ll find the one tho brother

    73. Guy Bental

      Swoozie in the last video: I'm getting new animators so y'all don't have to wait so long between uploads The new animators:

    74. Blake Lauper

      What happened to this mans drawings

    75. Crafty C

      "I tried so hard and I got so far, but it didn't even matter". - swoozie

    76. Treacle Games

      10/10 UHD 8K GRAPHIX

    77. Joanne Dube

      😂😂😂 hilarious

    78. XxXMJXxX

      How do you have some many girl friends (note space between the 'girl' and friends)

    79. Yours Faithfullyxx

      You lied. You said you were gone for months cus you wanted to “have better animation” now you’re back all of a sudden with scribble 😒 I feel betrayed

    80. Romario Lilly

      I love u swoozie 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙂