Can You Feel It? with Selena Gomez

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    Selena Gomez and Jimmy take turns sticking their hands inside boxes filled with mystery objects that they have to identify without looking at them.
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    Can You Feel It? with Selena Gomez

    Publikuar 13 ditë më parë


    1. Rahul Sharma

      This video is obviously banned in India cause it shows Cow Brain 😂

    2. Qilt

      After seeing Selena react to meal worms we need to get her on I'm A Celeb.

    3. goerge washington

      wasting food or playing with bad thumbs ....

    4. hhhh9579

      Spanish fuck doll !!!

    5. Anshita Rathore

      Selena: I don't know what the ****. Jimmy Fallon: hahaha Me: 🤔

    6. Filip Petkovic

      When a 5.5 feet girl has bigger balls than you

    7. 서영준


    8. scott c

      Selena was right about the meal worms. Ducks do eat those.

    9. Shirley Hoeunigan

      When he screamed “EW!” He totally channeled Sara from Ew!

    10. Buffolow Wings

      Selena free the nipples😋😋😋

    11. Ahmad Salih

      why is it look like that she is forced to do this show?

    12. Wilma Young

      Selena, you left your headlights on. Wow, look at her now. Lmfao

    13. Lumi Bell

      Why selena looks like a composed teen mom ?

    14. Madison Whatley

      My tiddies could never 👌

    15. Thi Nguyen

      Love her dress

    16. Dogan Kaya

      Are you kidding? What have you made the animals? You are joking with the cow brain.

    17. Tarn Nicholls

      She looks like Marie osmand

    18. Sky Six

      Looking good Selena 🥰

    19. porn theater mop bucket

      Let me put something in there and she can guess what it is.

    20. jemimah shirly

      She's aging backwards..omg...

    21. Catherine S

      once i was feeding my hedgehog and a live meal worm fell into my shoe 🤮

    22. v10dodge87

      Oh Selena...❤

    23. Tgvbho Khusanov

      Oh my gee

    24. Nirmal Manocha

      2:33 they murdered a cow for only a 6 minute game

    25. Renèe

      Just love the way her nails are done😍

    26. Madhu S

      Disgusting !

    27. Ria Y

      I like how Selena just touches them without hesitation

    28. Ata Rehman

      Nobody: An indian after watching 2:46 :Prepare for war "Bahubali"

    29. jaya tissa

      Selena is the hottest 🌟 star in the music industry. Jimmy is hot 🔥too.😂


      She's so effing gorgeous

    31. Celina Jailene

      Selena saying “I don’t know what the fuck” is my favorite thing ever 😂

    32. Andrés Levy

      I Love her, btw did she got mad at the end?

    33. teahyungs

      She's so pretty and she's not even scared, i love her.

    34. Irfan zaidi

      is it me or selena is just getting hotter

    35. AlexG Bats

      Bieber is a fool for letting you go😍

    36. Tanner Nelson

      Sure looks a lot like Mrs. Kennedy

    37. Ex JIN

      Can you feel it? Title of your sex tape

    38. Crystal Brewis

      I love Jimmy and think he’s hilarious. But, dang, he’s so dramatic. I always get so annoyed when everyone says he’s faking it, but I’m starting to believe it!

    39. Rahma Abdulrahman

      "I've touched it enough" 😂😂

    40. millie billie zillie

      The worm

    41. dutoiu hour

      Selena is actually the most fearless person I've seen play this game LOL

    42. Thor Nado

      She's 27 but still looks the same as in her teenage years.

    43. Leah B

      what a waste of eggs smh

    44. Dr.B Mirza

      Jimmy really ripped of Good mythical morning :/

      1. dutoiu hour

        2:58 Селена сказала давай хпэпхпхп

    45. Nayara Estrella

      1:16 and 3:25 Jimmy's EW 😂

    46. Black Bullet

      Selena reactions are so funny.

    47. Leo Kovačić

      They really hate selina

    48. Trent Simpson

      2:26 vegans mad

    49. rabe o

      anyone notice how much her laugh has changed? it's so sad to see how much her struggles have changed her, hope she gets through whatever demons shes battling rn

    50. Fiend

      Anyone remember that’s so raven and Can you feel it? Can you feel the love. Nothing feels better the. Feeling the love

    51. ניתאי דהאן

      I love Selena ❤️❤️

    52. DD O'Brien

      @0:46 When she said it, I almost did.

    53. Natasha Adams

      Oh Jimmy I love you 🤣🤣🤣

    54. Some Girl :D

      It feels like Selena became a little more sassier and i love that for her

    55. Lezzet Mutfağı

      starbucks coffe my channel😻

      1. dcoog anml


    56. FrapGaming

      Selena got babies on her knees lol

      1. dcoog anml

        They're probably just gonna throw it away after that. No need to support the meat industry..!

    57. Billy Bob

      She squeezed the guts out & let jimmy smell it, then started wigging out when she finds out its worms 😂

    58. ML123 - MusicLover123 Mashups

      4:44 OH! HECK! NO!

    59. Ste Pushomak

      2:58 Селена сказала давай хпэпхпхп

    60. elba Elba

      She lost so much weight 😮😮🥇