Bring It On All or Nothing Tryuots Scene

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    Scene from the movie Bring it on all or nothing where Britney went to the warriors audition for a spot in the cheer leading squad.

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    1. Galadriel Lorien

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> she really looks like Barbie

    2. Lauryn Alana

      Proving people wrong just feels so good 😊

    3. Tania Curbelo

      Me gusta mucho esta película

    4. bbaby lyric

      I want to smack tf out of the bitch w the curls and hoops 😂

    5. yukino yukinoshita

      Jajaja yo me fui desde la primera jajaja

    6. Camilo Castillo

      Twitter brought me here

    7. Ramon Chuluk

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="187">3:07</a> música ?

      1. XRu-byam X

        Gwen stefanie rich girl

    8. Kim Hanbin

      fact: the latina girl is francia raisa, the one who donated her kidney to selena gomez

      1. Gail Sutton

        @Timothi Turner for real? I didn't know

      2. Timothi Turner

        Gail Sutton I thought that she stopped being friends with her?

      3. Gail Sutton

        She's her best friend

    9. Larissa Freitas

      Solange arrasou uma ótima Atriz queria mais filmes com ela... E no geral Amei o filme Real .. o filme foi lançado em 2006 e só vim assistir agora em 2020 Perfeito ! ❤️👏🏽

    10. Mara L

      First bring it on was best.

    11. Shã Bãddie

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="148">2:28</a> LMFAOO THAT WAS SO CRINGE

      1. Ezabel Nena

        Shã Bãddie she was blowin a kiss 😂

    12. Shã Bãddie

      “oh NOW you see what it really takes to be a warrior 😏”

    13. Shã Bãddie

      “that’s right. THATS RIGHT!”

    14. Kiyahna Jenrette

      Camille was low-key being racist towards Brittney whenever she called her "white girl"

      1. Kiyahna Jenrette

        @Angela right

      2. Angela

        It’s true if it was the opposite way around everyone would be throwing a fit

      3. Cristina Alejandra Ocampo Fernández

        Almost everyone in this movie was racist.

      4. Kiyahna Jenrette

        @Amanda Manny bruh what??

      5. Amanda Manny


    15. Rocio love

      Esta película es mi favorita de todas las triunfos robados ❤️❤️

    16. Sky Wonder

      I don’t get it if Britney didn’t want to be in the team then why even go to the tryouts 😂

      1. Mexican Vanillaa

        To prove she could

      2. Sky Wonder

        Ki Woah 😂 I still think it was pointless, but I guess your right 😂

      3. Ki Woah

        uh, to show them tf up.

    17. Lamar Brown

      They need a remake of bring it on

      1. Mara L

        Why? The original was practically perfect. And this is not the original.

    18. Victor Asack

      This movie is so bad lmaoc

      1. mnm for the win

        Nah i love it its fun

    19. Meiry Hellen Machado

      what is the name of the song that goes on at the end?

      1. BorEdZz

        Meiry Hellen Machado rich girl-Gwen stefani.

    20. princess adora

      body double. i'm sure hayden did gym but i don't think that was her.

      1. kelleyohara

        It was her. All the way. I have the dvd

    21. Puppet

      I laughed so hard “damn vanilla latte got some skills”

      1. mnm for the win

        Same lol

    22. Jackie Brown

      Does anybody know the real name of the girl with the red top who accidentally hit the cheerleader? I remember seeing her on “yo momma” On MTV and as an extra in how I Met your mother but I can’t find her anywhere.

    23. Danielle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a> GOD DAMMIT I wanted her to say “It’s Britney bitch”

    24. And M

      I wanna see that chubby girl do all them flips fr

      1. Keishia Hannah

        She not chubby she muscular

    25. Clarys Ayala

      Solange Knowles this the sis of beyonce 🔥

    26. Jahari Toney


    27. Treasure's Life

      I still wondered why TF her ass came if she didn't want to be on the new squad 😂😂😂

      1. lee anne carrington

        Treasure's Life your right when I first seen this movie I thought why the heck did she even tryout if she didn’t want to join the team

      2. Roberto dimas

        She wanted to prove she's better than them. But she promised her old friends she wouldn't cheer again

    28. Nicole Campos

      When I find out she was Beyonce sister I was like they look like each other

      1. Anna Tiira

        WarLord The girl portraying Camille is Solange, Beyonce’s sister.

      2. Jalisha Queen

        They totally do

      3. WarLord

        ........huh? 😂

    29. César B.

      love how many people (guys included) tried out, and it turns out that there was only one spot, and it when for Britney.

    30. bxby_jala

      Okay but Brittney killed it

    31. shannon

      i swear everybody would be hating if this scene was the other way around.

      1. shannon

        LOLIWINX EDITS oh and so what if i’m a white girl? racist much?

      2. shannon

        LOLIWINX EDITS LMAO telling me to go educate myself when this bitch don’t even realise how blacks love to victimise there self all the time.

      3. shannon

        LOLIWINX EDITS LMAO i’m not being cocky i’m just speaking facts my dude everyone WOULD hate this movie if it was the other way and how do they act the victim when black girls say “RACISM” straight away in a damn argument with a white girl when she most likely wasn’t racist and no there not how does a race affect how strong u are? like no it depends if u are naturally strong urself or u work out a lot so no black girls can’t fight better whatsoever it’s just blacks always post vids of blacks beating whites but never the other way around so they look stronger than there competitors they also always call whites for being racist when a lot of the time they aren’t so they can be a rude bitch blacks always act like the victim haven’t u heard of the “racist card” ?

      4. Angela

        Alexander Patterson that’s a lie. They just wanna play victim

      5. Angela

        Mattteo Matei That’s because they wanna play victim and treat whites like shit because they think they’re entitled to it. No one should be treated like shit.

    32. shannon

      this isn’t a good movie at all bc that stupid black girl keeps sayin “white girl” thinking it’s okay but if it was the other way around this movie would have one star smh get a grip all of you.

      1. Angela

        Jackie Brown well DONT be bringing that ghetto lifestyle to a place she originally came from 🤷🏻‍♀️

      2. shannon

        Nightcraver well i can see ur a stereotype for sayin “wHiTe GiRl” and i haven’t said anything about sterotypes it’s just it’s what many black people do.

      3. shannon

        Nightcraver ok black girl or asian girl or fucking anime girl racist ass bitch who supports a damn racist movie tf r ur insults? plainer than a wall so how u gonna insult my insults when ur insults make my brain cells die.

      4. shannon

        Nightcraver nah u replied to me first so i’m obviously gonna reply back if u the one that spoke to me first ur the one that clearly has no life so u shouldn’t reply but ur too mouthy

      5. Nightcraver

        @ufw. Latinas LOL

    33. Sampson Smith

      I love this show

      1. Sampson Smith

        yes I mean the movie

      2. mnm for the win

        U mean movie

    34. Flamer Gamer

      Nobody else realised tryouts is spelt wrong

    35. Flyy Girl

      Britney had some backbone lol that’s why Camille & her minions started to respect her

      1. Marideth flojo

        What is the true name of Britney

      2. sᴀᴛᴀɴs ᴀɴɢᴇʟ


    36. Fern clark

      She is Really Good

    37. B MOORE

      The main Latin girl is in grown ish I love her

      1. alejandra hdz.

        B MOORE omg I love her

    38. Amiria Shuler

      My ass would not have even watched from the window. Also <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> 🤣🤣🤣

    39. val uwu

      this is so cringe lmaooooo

      1. frozen ketchup water

        val uwu tbh it really isnt .

    40. Brittany Harris

      This is a good movie for everyone

      1. GamingwithJj Janise

        It’s not on nextflix anymore

      2. mnm for the win


    41. Legion93

      This is the gayest thing I've ever seen

      1. Legion93

        Ok well, take it easy!

      2. Clayton

        @Legion93 That makes no sense.

      3. Legion93

        @Clayton "Brick" Johnson the same way that it's cheesy but there's but there's not any cheese

      4. Clayton

        Hold up how is it gay?

      5. Eduardo Sanz

        Same... and i love it

    42. Daniel Arias

      Haiden didn’t have to drag my girl Solange like that!

      1. Fighter Lamb

        @Da'Quan Robinson You know that's just her character in the movie right???

      2. lee anne carrington

        You got the names wrong this is a movie remember

      3. Da'Quan Robinson

        Solange was being a bitch

      4. Dionte Brown

        Daniel Arias she was straight and throwing blows this entire scene lol

    43. dxysxbxlla

      They need a partt 2 🥺

      1. Mara L

        Desiree S I really don’t keep track of which order they came out after the first one seeing how they all sucked aside from the first one lol. I was a cheerleader so only the first one has good comedy. And remember, never drop the spirit stick lol.

      2. Desiree S

        Mara L this is part 3. Part two is being it on again

      3. Mara L

        This is part two lol

    44. Roblox Girl

      Lol she said Barbie girl

    45. Kayy M.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> was a serious accident 😂😂😂

      1. Roberto dimas

        Looks fake

      2. Joshua Alexander

        Kayy M. All these years and I just not saw this. I’m screammmmmming 😂

      3. Hippiegoddess142

        Right it was an accident! Why she get so mad

    46. Mar J

      That Rheoncay girl can’t act.

    47. Pamela Barrett

      The 1st and 2nd bring in on movies are my favorite movies of all time

      1. Da'Quan Robinson

        The first third and fifth ones the best 3

      2. Jaila Primm

        The 2nd wasnt that great

      3. Christopher Fraley

        Pamela Barrett I believe this one and the first one where the best. The second one was bland

    48. Leroy James

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> I’m dead🤣🤣🤣🤣 the cheerleader in the background got knock the fuck out

    49. Donette Powers

      They need fight

      1. shannon

        The HashSlingingSlasher i wouldn’t watch a racist film so idk soz :/

      2. The HashSlingingSlasher

        shannon wrong... solange gave jay z the work in the elevator.

      3. shannon

        Donette Powers britney would beat that bitch