‘Brace Yourself’: Doctors in Italy Share Coronavirus Advice | NYT News

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    Officials in the U.S. and elsewhere fear they’ll face a coronavirus scenario similar to Italy’s soon. Three doctors and a nurse in Lombardy, the region hit hardest by the virus, described what they faced and offered advice to those awaiting the storm.
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      The New York Times is providing free access to the most up-to-date information and guidance on the coronavirus at nytimes.com/coronavirus. Register with your email address to gain access.

      1. Melissa Kerr

        Nobody wants to pay for your propaganda hit pieces. It's cute how you want to give people info as long as they'll pay. But, that's the slimes for ya. Full of radical racists who spew bigotry and fascism. You're a joke.

      2. Ruth Martin

        @Puppy powerua popu

      3. Edel Mei

        I just wanna help, i had a dream and saw all the people dying in front of me,, and a shadow man beside me, whispered; pansit pansitan halaman ang mkkpg pagaling diyan) in english he said, pellucida plant will cure the patient with corona virus... "PELLUCIDA PLANT" I DON'T KNOW iF YOU HAVE THIS PLANT BUT MOSTLY YOU CAN SEE THESE PLANTS IN THE PHILIPPINES " I hope my dream is a sign that can cure this epidemia.

      4. Sudhanshu Das


      5. Maria Victoria Salita

        Good day to everyone. These are surely trying times because of the corona virus and many lives are being claimed. But recently, I saw something amazing on a live streaming tv program called kdr tv which can be watched on you tube and/or instagram at 10 p.m. Philippine Standard Time. This episode was aired on March 26,2020 and the latter part of the show which was around almost midnight was mindblowing. All viruses, including this one the COVID 19 can be destroyed by means of copper. There was thorough research about this discovery, and what's more it was also mentioned in the Bible, in Exodus 30:18. God instructed Moses to make vessels and a rod with two intertwined snakes to heal the Israelites who were smitten by God due to their disobedience. This must be the one. This might be our hope and answer to our prayers- copper. Please see the show on you tube even if it's conducted mostly in Tagalog and occasionally in English and if the show is more than two hours. Rest assured you will learn a lot from it.

    2. Trev Channel

      Sweden is not doing anything???

    3. super starr

      My heart goes out to you all keep up the good fight because the tides will turn eventually..

    4. imi tt

      Morocco support italy wish jou strengt and goodluck fighting against corona .inshallah may god help jou

    5. Crystal Wharton

      Thank you for your truth. God bless.

    6. Sebastian Minney

      "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” Luke <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1362">22:42</a>

    7. Michael Brückmann

      Respect !

    8. pudan silaban


    9. pudan silaban

      Chek corona virus alsel.info/video/video/g4qJZXd-zqmDmcQ.html

    10. Deja Sunjo

      God bless you

    11. mouse in the house

      God Bless all of us

    12. Kim André Skogstrand

      Bella Ciao! - Love from Norway.

    13. Jason Tsing

      The people who died of so called common flu actually died of COVID 19. The US government hid the truth and finally made it out of control. Right after the outbreak, the US retreated its military

    14. Youtube Daily Fix

      Gov invest for your ppl the whole world will fight economic crisis later but 1st have to fight this.

    15. Youtube Daily Fix

      Make some air filters and negative pressure rooms. Install Automatic disinfectant sprays.

    16. Youtube Daily Fix

      May be this congested confined places where they are treating is overloading with virus causing more and more deaths

    17. Mashudu Mulaudzi

      Why do people love arguing we have Coronavirus killing and that's just it why debate why question each other omg no wonder we are in this situation

    18. Rusty Black Dog

      Unsung heroes.

    19. scout 1

      Nobody will tell you, so I will. I have seen a sepsis in 4/20+ patients I have seen come through my ICU. Possible cases more around a half of those. This is a major factor in the deaths we are seeing and this must be researched/informative to the public. Source: m.dw.com/en/sepsis-a-common-cause-of-death-from-coronavirus/a-52758193 There are more. Please do your own research, I am very tired.

    20. Hura Yan

      Doctors u r the greatest of all...god be with u

    21. kookie175

      its no use, Americans only watches Fox TV on their TV...

    22. Jaime Hernandez

      Ive never seen a disease spread so fast like this one.

    23. Yong-Hao Tan

      The biggest takeaway of this video is: if you get coronovirus and die, YOU DIE ALONE. Please stay at home.

    24. songofthemist

      Bless you all.

    25. Andres Rangel


    26. shamrock4500

      My heart breaks for Italy.

    27. Имя Фамилия

      Держись Италия! 💪🏻🇮🇹 From 🇷🇺 Russia ✊🏻

    28. jasmine

      Why can’t everyone just listen and stay at home? Is that so hard??? I’ve been staying at home for the past 3 weeks but I’m not complaining because I’m safe It’s not serious where I live but I’m taking it serious because you’ll never know when it’ll spread

    29. Kristal Rasonable


    30. pink pearl

      In india same some of them not taking it seriously an will creat problems for the rest the government has taken good decision by lockdown but people are not listning stil going out thinking nothing will happen to them sad

    31. Tarek Lewis

      All governments should take a page out of the prime ministers book in New Zealand. With only 100 confirmed infections she shut everyone on lockdown for 1 month. Why are other countries waiting for a mass infection rate before they chose isolation? When isolation is the only cure

    32. Adriana rodrigues

      I'm really sorry, it's very sad. It reminds me of so many people who died alone in the Mediterranean Sea, fleeing wars, hunger and violence. There were so many calls for help that they were silent in the bottom of the sea. Northern Italy has always been against opening ports to refugees. Sad reality....

    33. Diamond King kyle

      Your right Italy is sincere about their death toll that's why they have the most deaths

    34. محمد حميد

      (Ablution) complete, especially inhalation Protects against infection with corona virus And treating the injured in the first days of injury Before the virus passes from the nose to the lung

    35. Sakshi Upadhyay

      Stay home is better than stay in itlay , respect to all doctors God saves the humains.

    36. Simon Jones

      Coming to usa soon alsel.info/video/video/s42PeIJ8xaWVm5U.html

    37. Lidia

      If I will survive here in Italy, I will pass the rest of my life hunting wet markets in any part of the world and making them esplode with all the stupid ignorant people in it!

    38. Sugbu Life

      This will save lives. Effective Home remedy for Corona Virus according to our Psychic here in the Philippines, you can watch this video alsel.info/video/video/m4yLlXuRwW2HpMw.html

    39. adenx mart

      Stay strong italy ... we pray for you everyday and to all affected countries

    40. suday pasi

      Invia incoraggiamento a tutti i dottori in Italia. Ragazzi, siete molto bravi. Dalla thailandia.

    41. Johan Vanderborght

      Let this be a lesson to people whom still put politics above peoples health. Thinking of politics now will backfire during the next election. Highest respect fot those how are in the frontline and all that support them. We, whom are safe should respect the rules that need to be enforced. Mr. Bolsonaro and Mr. Trump. You have great power. Use it wisely.

    42. Chris J Wilson

      Dear people in Italy. Be perfectly healed and protected in the name of Jesus the Christ.

    43. حسوني غيتار

      A message to the Italian people, oh people, fear God, fear God, God is Merciful, the Most Merciful, and He is the Forgiving, Most Merciful, the Most High, to God so that you can save your souls, there is no god but God and Muhammad is His Messenger.

    44. azlan sharif

      Keep strong Italy 🦾🦾

    45. Curtis F R

      This is a bioweapon. Released in the perfect place with the perfect cover story... Let's not forget 911 and how the aids virus came about. Just saying.....

    46. Romana Novackova


    47. Lare Bear

      Social control is best managed through fear. - Michael Crichton

    48. Karim Mekmache

      Non temere che lincubo finisca Italia. L'algéria ti ama❤

    49. Dead End

      My heart breaks for everybody involved 😭 May Allah SWT ease their suffering and lift this calamity away. Stay strong Italy ❤

    50. T. END

      Please this is no war. This term implements the possibility of winning. We are just humans who try to slow down the spreading of a virus. There is now cure and no vaccin. And even if we get a vaccin in a year, most of us will not need it anymore. In a year, over 70% of the human population will come in contact with this virus. Its not a matter of "if" you get it, its a only matter of "when" you get it. Humanity is part of nature like this virus. And no shield, no mask and no god can protect you for ever. The only thing you can do is, improve your health and try to hide long enough. And it maybe sound a bit aggresiv, but this virus is a chance for everyone of us, to think about there own behaviour in this far to hedonistic society. And i know i know, you want to cheer up a bit. But the fact is the only one who really fight this "war" , is your own body. You all should cheer up yourself with sport, not smoking and a healthy diet. Thank you for reading this. Wash your hands and stay at home. Greeting from a german hospital.

      1. drttyu liqm

        Everyone should isolate and stay at home right now, that is the one way to protect your family, your love.

    51. softly

      Chinese government hid everything


      Long live all the doctors

    53. Neil St Clair

      You can feel the death coming

    54. abbi brophy

      what brave people and how utterly heartbreaking

    55. Monika Sienkiewicz

      1. How many people died from ordinary flu? 250 000 - 600 000 per year. Nobody talk about it.

    56. KarMa CañQuints

      You will be healed Italy and the all the people who are infected. Amen. P.S In lighter side, I didn't know Quentin Tarantino is a doctor in Italy.

    57. jean reno

      Please stay at home and pray. And you have done your sympathy!!!

    58. заграничная жизнь без прикрас

      Over the past 3 months, China has canceled 7.5 million mobile subscribers. What is it like? despite the fact that they do EVERYTHING using the phone, including paying for purchases in the store ... this is by the way how many victims were actually in China.

    59. Jordon Hui

      It is World War 3! Humanity vs virus!

    60. Virus.Chorme

      Hi,here is another video for coronavirus alsel.info/video/video/h4mbXmujqLBndNg.html

    61. Edel Mei

      I just wanna help, i had a dream and saw all the people dying in front of me,, and a shadow man beside me, whispered; pansit pansitan halaman ang mkkpg pagaling diyan) in english he said, pellucida plant will cure the patient with corona virus... "PELLUCIDA PLANT" I DON'T KNOW iF YOU HAVE THIS PLANT BUT MOSTLY YOU CAN SEE THESE PLANTS IN THE PHILIPPINES " I hope my dream is a sign that can cure this epidemia.

    62. Shannon Massa

      China really screwed up

    63. paolo penaflor

      Hello USA ,SO HOW MANY CASES?they're on the top 1 NOW ,my hunch never go wrong they're doomed

    64. ILoveHorses❤🐎

      Theres a video out,on you tube, by the " Med Cram" channel here on you tube- on Acute Respiratory issues- they list 3 things, backed the New England Medical Journal, to improve the survival rate in patients with ARDS (pneumonia & on ventilation/respirators) and among them were changing the Tidal volume, lay patients prone for 17-18 hrs daily (decreases mortality from 31% to 16%) and paralysis. Paralyze pts so they breathe with the ventilator, not over it.

    65. George Mc Laughlin

      This was a deliberate release of a deadly viruse big changes after this that's what they do biggest criminal s of all there all apart of it trying to go along like there not fckd the world ryt up TRUMP SAYS WHEN OVER THINGS BE MUCH BETTER ,,HMMM,??? DEPOPULATION TIME GOD BLESS GUYS

    66. Sudhanshu Das


    67. annag cocl

      Everyone should isolate and stay at home right now, that is the one way to protect your family, your love.

    68. DJ SLOW

      How many flu patients came in along side these Corona people? How many flu deaths were there?

      1. annag cocl

        United Nations hold a International Summit after appropriating an investigation Committee headed by a Coronavirus Zhar. His team’s mission is to collectively identify the

    69. Vlad Țepeș

      Idk you guys , but I have a bad feeling when the virus will disappear!! Second round should be with the vaccine!! What kind of vaccine would be ,for a engineered virus ?!?

    70. Marie Assouman

      To all involved make no mistake God is not mocked everyone will rip what they sowed, think real hard, whosoever offended God's people and thought they got away with it, not so fast prophecy is being fulfilled right before our very eyes.

    71. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

      Much strength for all

    72. ema nuur

      Just stay at home.. don't let covid 19 spread.. separate ourselves from this virus.. break the chains.. if you must work just work from home or find other alternative for not going out..

    73. Chicken Noodle Soup

      Why didn’t we prepare

    74. cynthia jomocan

      Godbless all of you Doctors, nurses, all medical and hospital staff, praying for Italy...from the Philippines

    75. Skip McDonald

      Thank you for sharing. May God give you His strength and wisdom.

    76. Question Everything

      My question would be how many big cities does Italy have 5G rolled out in. This virus is in a regular virus. This is a frequency virus created by 5G at very high megahertz. Being created in conjunction with getting a flu vaccine. I don't know why people aren't telling the truth, but they really need to start telling the truth that 5G is not okay for the human kind.

    77. NPC

      *not all heroes wear capes*

    78. Brittany Shoemaker

      There was a man long ago who had a great idea...floating hospitals that could approach countries. Jacque Fresco!

    79. FABIO999able

      Pos yo nomas digo que fierro x la 300 pariente 🤷‍♂️

    80. Vincent Heart

      So fake.