Binging with Babish: Cold Cure from Kenan & Kel

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    This week, I'm sick n' self-quarantined. Can the golden era of Nickelodeon kids sitcoms help cure what ails me?
    Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free
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    1. Binging with Babish

      For anyone that's curious - I'm on day 7 of symptoms/self-quarantine. I was told by my doctor and the CDC not to be tested, as here in NYC at this time, tests are only for those who have been hospitalized. Symptoms can be severe to nonexistent, but in my case, they're pretty much like a flu with bonus loss of taste/smell. Jess has it too, we're holed up in my apartment with a shitton of broth, video games, and her cats. We hope you guys are staying safe and healthy - please do your part to help flatten the curve, and stay home!!

      1. Custom Coin Rings USA

        FYI 2 dogs have tested positive for COVID19 so don't let your cats out or near anyone else either for a while.

      2. YoungBloodGinger

        Best wishes!

      3. So Far Away

        Hope you feel better quick!

      4. Annie Peacock

        Get well soon! Thanks for isolating x

      5. Christopher Manning

        Get feeling better! Always appreciate the humor and light in these crazy times

    2. Blutige Tränen

      Y'all playing Animal Crossing?

    3. Meg’s Bakery Universe

      Really love your content, it inspired me to start my own ALsel channel.

    4. flat Mars society

      Can I request you do pavlova it's my favourite and I want to see how you make it

    5. Foster's Folklore Fridays

      Get feeling better! My wife and I watch your videos all the time and we appreciate all that you create. Have a good one.

    6. tra lee

      You should do one of the many crazy sandwiches from Scooby doo

    7. Daemongod

      Please do the "broodwich" from ATHF. The episode is short and If you watch it you will get an "ingredient list" And my prayers for your health and the health of jess

    8. Bart Broux

      dude please sneeze in the elbow

    9. Movin Jayasinha

      Andrew, it's best if u start inhaling with steam, If ur still not feeling better. This will kill the virus in ur lungs due to the heat of the steam. If you can, it would work best if u could add a few lemon leaves inside the water you're steaming with. This will perform an action similar to soap, breaking the membrane of the virus. Hope it helps Get well soon babish

    10. jelle tilburg

      you should try surstromming now you have no sense of smell

    11. equitine _

      Hope you get better soon

    12. Golden Nugget

      since half life alyx came out, woul you consider making the club sandvich from russel's description of it?

    13. AyyTee

      Fun fact: Marshmallows were used to treat colds and sore throats in the early days as they extracted the sap from a marshmallow plant and used it in tea to sooth sore throats and treat cold like symptoms. So maybe there was some method to the madness for the use of marshmallows in the concoction?!

    14. Gus Gould

      You should make Minnie’s stew

    15. 5tarwatch

      Babish, Please make Russ's Club Sandwich mentioned in Half-life ALYX.

    16. ATsashaka NiCe

      just dont try it

    17. eLab

      Get better soon

    18. Leela Negron

      I hope you feel better soon Babish! You are awesome!

    19. Paolo Villanueva

      Can you make Branzino from the amazing spiderman?

    20. TDM Style

      So sorry you and Jess are sick. Get well soon!

    21. ZKY a

      Can you make a taco sphagetti burger form talking tom and freinds

    22. Firdaus Azmee

      Hope you get well soon babish 🙏

    23. RADXYBRO


    24. Gamer Console234

      Please do a star wars special. I love star wars. Blue Milk?

    25. SillyFigure 156

      Can you do egg sandwich from Birds of Prey (the new movie) and drop it so that you can’t eat it at all?

    26. kapachi

      Pls do dalgona

    27. Rukun uddin

      u should do chilli from regular show

    28. MakoRuu

      Please be safe, Babish!

    29. Mike Wazoski

      Make ratatouille meal😳

    30. Gavin Martin

      Do Pickle Rick, I seen some funny shit, but no man other than pickle rick can make pickle rick attempt at your own risk

    31. Olliver Wilson


    32. -lag _bot-

      I want to see him make a good burger

    33. Aiden Drake

      When the high number were coming out of new York Babish is the first person I thought of

    34. Saturennr

      So his name isn't Babish?

    35. Ophir Weiss-Hurvitz

      for some reason I really want you to make gefilte fish. it’s *usually* pretty bad. I want to see you struggle making it better Get well soon :]

    36. Anytarsier67

      when your feeling better can you try to make cookie cats from Steven universe?

    37. E3N Killer

      Shokugeki no soma foods pls

    38. abbsnn cose

      That reminds me of the classic Australian sketch called "Strop's Hangover Cure" from the Paul Hogan Show. Take care of yourself mate

      1. abbsnn cose

        Get better soon Babs. It's scary as all hell out there. Hope you and yours make a full recovery sooner then later. Prayers and best wishes from South Florida.

    39. Danny Ganelin

      Get well Andrew!

    40. Jesse Moneyhun

      I was in the same deal :( hope you're doing well. At least you have Jess!

    41. Interim Guest

      *looks at logo* vsauce now has cooking channal?

    42. NotJustAJeep

      Get well soon!

    43. Will Kriss


    44. Joey Clemenza

      Woah..... I hope it’s only a cold 😢 get better, Andy!!!!! I knew at least one of my favorite ALselrs and/or celebs was going to get sick.. and so far, I know three... this is horrible. Flatten the curve and keep your asses at home, people!!!

    45. CynicalString56

      Can the next one be Tiana's Gumbo?

    46. Will Kriss


    47. Jeff Bergstrom

      I have loved BWB but I am finding it increasingly more difficult to want to make anything he is making.

    48. Yason You

      Get well soon guys

    49. Liz Fults

      If you die I’m suing coronavirus

    50. Peter Burke

      Hope you recover quickly!

    51. JFX Creations

      You should do fish fingers and custard from doctor who

    52. Bella novia

      Lots of love and prayers to you and jess hope you both get well soon ✌💕

    53. Dh3v1n comments

      Do sandvich from tf2

    54. Jason Rodriguez

      Do some Steven universe foods because it ended.

    55. J. J.

      Get better soon Babs. It's scary as all hell out there. Hope you and yours make a full recovery sooner then later. Prayers and best wishes from South Florida.

    56. AgL Perez

      Is it me or does Babish look like Ryan Reynolds with a long beard

    57. Corey Gibbs

      Feel better soon, both of you!

    58. The16th Hack

      Oh! You should make the soup from Ratatouille, the one that gets linguini fired then promoted.

    59. David Salas

      First I hope you get better also, if you could try to make coffee and curry from persona 5 I would love you forever

    60. Morning

      I didn't know you had C-19 😰 I am so sorry for you, I hope you get better!

    61. Königstiger

      With every ingredient he added i cringed harder and harder

    62. E. Nigma

      Be safe, Andrew. I hope you & Jess both recover quickly and smoothly without any complications. Stay hydrated, get lots of rest blah blah blah you're a grown man you know how to care for yourself. I'll be keeping you two in my thoughts, keep us posted on recovery.

    63. JCProfit

      So, how’d it go?

    64. Mr.BareBear

      Hello King Babish. I would love to request an episode of binging with babish and in this recipe it's with Ed Sauce from Good burger. Ya know, welcome to good burger home of the good burger can I take your order? If you don't it's ok. But it would be cooler if you did

    65. Michael Martinez

      Hope you guys are feeling better at this point! Mentally prepared for the long haul of Shelter in Place order here in Los Angeles, but also work at essential business so still exposed. Hoping to not have to get this one, as I have some underlying issues that seem worsen cases of this thing. Like most Americans, I also could not afford to be hospitalized.

    66. Simbelmyne 444

      Damn dude praying you both get better! 🙏💙💯

    67. Justin Popovich

      We got to get this man to do some food from food wars (Shokugeki no Soma)

    68. Team Freddy

      Can you try to make bacon soup from bendy and the ink machine please

    69. Rezky Fachruddin

      I pray for your healt sir

    70. Loppy Sue

      Can you do Squidwards order from just one bite

    71. Brennan Cooke

      he should do a red green loaf of bread the size of a washing machine

      1. Brennan Cooke

        Ep 178 "Lady in Red"

    72. sicky icky

      You should do the rusty special from Pokemon rusty from dorkly

    73. Alexander Espinoza

      Andrew, I'm on day 7, feel like having cabin fever, Ps2 broke on me, but making the best of it. Planning to watch the 1st part of Stardust Crusaders.

    74. Maddy and Maddie

      you will love my cooking fail!

    75. Big Mo

      Andrew (aka Babish) - hope your feeling better and that your not dealing with “the virus”. Get well soon

    76. luke Duncan

      Hi, Mr Binging with babish. Could you please do your own take on the Cookie Cat from steven universe or anything else from steven universe. You are awesome i love your tutorials they are awesome they taste great!

    77. Gabriel-Blake Kuehne

      i hope you get better

    78. CrossingTropic

      Here's an idea what about doing somes dishes from the anime "food wars" there's 3 or 4 seasons so there should plenty of dishes to choose from

    79. Sophia Cortez

      Also it give u all the ingredients

    80. Sophia Cortez

      U need to make laims loaded lasagna from I’m not okay with this it so cool you should do it