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    Binging with Babish's Andrew Rea answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. How did Binging with Babish start? Did Binging with Babish go to culinary school? Is Andrew Rea a chef? Where did Andrew come from? How old is he? Does he age? Andrew answers all these questions and much more.

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    Binging with Babish Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


    1. Binging with Babish

      Apparently I wheeze loudly when I laugh

      1. Sirius

        It's endearing

      2. bayspotter

        Haha lol same

      3. Leo Neil Tirol

        It's not in the context but... Do you play minecraft?

      4. France Lot


      5. Stonecold Hogan

        I have the same birthday as you!

    2. Mondo Connie

      My 9 year old loves Binging with Babish. He calls it Benjamin Babish. Its the cutest thing in the world.

    3. Carla Flesch

      My birthday is September 1st!

    4. Peter Evans

      can u do zayn malik plz

    5. Kratos Gamerization

      I'm 5'9 on a good day. Bruh I'm dead

    6. hen ko

      "Is Andrew Rea a violinist" lmao are people actually confusing Babby with André Rieu?!

    7. OWM

      The mix of weird questions and your attitude is great

    8. Ferritparade

      Me: 0 = a number. Babbish:0 = a representation of the endless abyss and void that is the universe

      1. hen ko

        This is just Ryan Reynolds without hair And a chef

    9. Josh Menza

      Whoa, babish has the same birthday as my dad Except he was born in 1961

    10. googoo gas

      hey, vsauce, michael here.

    11. xspidey

      You ain’t seen Dragonball Z???? Whaaat

    12. Random Boy

      Disclaimer: 72% of these questions have no context whatsoever

    13. togepi the II

      *sees video* Me: His actually a celebrity

    14. Joel Gutierrez

      When the person said can Andrew rea fly I think he meant can he fry

    15. Veronica Mars

      I love this guy.

    16. Betsy Baudille

      I can only hope that the house your in contract with is one of the two that are currently in contract on my block in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

    17. Yves Belliveau

      Appreciate them all, but definitely best one yet

    18. Eduardo Lopez

      Just got into his channel

    19. Jessica Cristaldi

      Seeing him stumble over the married question was really sad. He's written about his depression surrounding it. Do glad he's happy with his new partner now

      1. bofooit gojo

        they skipped the gordon ramsey question?

    20. Iean Ferdinand

      Good thing he didn’t try and open that pub yet 🤣.

      1. bofooit gojo

        How andrew rea gordon ramsay???

    21. thurman spurlock

      I thought his name was oliver babish lol, atleast that's what he called himself in his first episodes

    22. Blues Rock

      When I woke up the sun was shining in my eye. But I live in London.

    23. Angelo Lassend

      This is just Ryan Reynolds without hair And a chef

    24. Leo Watkins

      Get chef John on

    25. Riya Rajiv

      I was today years old when I found out his name was Andrew and not actually Babish.

    26. Dragonbornfighterex Taylor

      Who all though his name was Andrew babish

    27. hannah bisquera

      F I N A L L Y!!!!!

    28. Maverick

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="214">3:34</a> they skipped the Gordon Ramsay question? 😱

    29. ••SunsetMoon••

      Can you do this with ItsFunneh please

    30. bofooit gojo

      Andrew posted on his IG that he has a presumed positive case of COVID-19. I hope he's feeling okay and is staying strong! 💪

    31. MLKKK

      Virgo squad

    32. V Md

      Thank you for the laugh and good advice. 💚

      1. bofooit gojo


    33. Marci Haught

      I would love to see a Babbling with Babish series with him just talking about different theories or anything really. I watch his videos over again because his voice is smoothing.

    34. Luis Kern

      How andrew rea gordon ramsay???

    35. Justin McFall

      they skipped the gordon ramsey question?

    36. chris graf

      "I'm not a chef" if you wrote 2 books about cooking you are a chef. You might not have a degree in it but you are one.

    37. Ask to seduce Miss

      oh god these are so vague because everyone knows him as babbish and he's only marginally famous as it is so google was like whoop

    38. 1996 Toyota Camry

      “Your only as tall as you act” Me thinking he said your only as tall as your height

      1. Ask to seduce Miss


    39. Daulah Iftitah

      What I imagined would happen when Brad Leone saw this: "Yo, Babby. You're on wired?"

    40. Lesia Mahlay

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="377">6:17</a> man, I wish he was in Molly’s video

    41. ButterflyColors

      The biggest surprise for me was finding out that his name isn’t Babish **Surprised Pikachu face**

    42. Sister Catrina

      He skipped a few questions

    43. Sister Catrina

      *w h e e z e*

    44. corwyn joseph

      I got emotional when he started talking about john favreau

    45. brandon A

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="305">5:05</a>

    46. Brenna Clutter

      You guys should do post Malone next

    47. brandon A

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a>

    48. Blade Kim

      He skipped one

    49. Nicholas W. Gushue

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="343">5:43</a> Did Babish cause Covid-19?

    50. seacucumberable

      Oliver Babish was an incredible character.

    51. Helene Louise Emma Sarr

      George MacKay autocomplete interwiew!!!!!!! please!

    52. Corbinite

      why are some people so ashamed of being... average height? I mean even if you were short that literally wouldn't matter but come on, that's not short

    53. Yousif Eyad

      Wtf is wrong with google

    54. Neostar Matter


    55. DQ

      Got a few Unus Annua Vibes at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="500">8:20</a>

    56. Hamza Salman

      Only og's know that babish's first name is Oliver

    57. Raccoon Mom

      I love him 😍 after this, I love him 35788 more 😍

    58. Whimmi

      Is anyone going to mention the ”how does andrew rea gordon ramsey”

    59. Deep hug

      "Is Andrew Rea a violinist" lmao are people actually confusing Babby with André Rieu?!

    60. im chrisitan btw

      Im 14 and 6 foot Jesus Christ babby

      1. we are going to beat you to death

        jesus isn’t real

    61. Lena Steger

      could you do one with billie eilish? that would be sooo cool🤭🥰

      1. Deep hug

        Lmao i feel tripping "can Andrew rea fly" Then there's an eagle ad pops up

    62. Ron Hopping

      Wait? Did you never have a banana in your life before your wedding?

    63. Dancrept

      I think Mayans had a zero symbol many centuries before any other culture

    64. Auke Jorrit

      This man is one of my biggest idols currently. What a wholesome handsome man

    65. S_BrOs YT

      999,058 VIEW

    66. Ruben Martinez

      Hey vsauce Michael here ... Sorry

    67. mtrichie111

      Big things to share (turns out he tested positive for Covid)

    68. UTALK Clipz

      His collar ☹️

    69. Jesús Eduardo Vázquez

      I thought it was v sauce...

    70. EzeegamingE

      He skipped the Gordon Ramsay question... IS HE HIDING IT?!

    71. YNWA

      😂😂😂 here we are on GQ

    72. The Antarctic Empire

      the most anticipated question: who is binging with babish oven glove?

    73. Xander L.

      I don’t respect a man who hasn’t seen Dragonball Z

    74. Daniel Ullrich

      Andrew is officially Famous now 😂

    75. Daniel Ullrich

      WhAt? HiS ReAl NaMe IsN't BaBisH???

    76. Ellie Sach

      Lmao i feel tripping "can Andrew rea fly" Then there's an eagle ad pops up

    77. Jazmine Tesch

      Is it me or does he look slightly...jaundiced...?

    78. E

      The only reason they asked about your height is because your head is usually out of frame

    79. Rheanna Walker

      him saying funsies was something I didn't know I needed in my life

    80. zijuiy wttuy

      You know Babish has become an internet celebrity when WIRED has him take the ‘most asked questions’ challenge.