Awesome Reborn Box Opening Video| Box Packing Video| Should America Allow Polygamy?

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    MAIL: 6569 N Riverside Drive #102-224, Fresno California 93722

    Priscilla's Video:
    Complete Documentary of Linda Kunz (Denise Pratt's half sister) and Tom Green's Polygamous Life:
    Linda Kunz & Tom Green PLAYLIST:

    Nicole Mafi (Paul Kingston's daughter/Leader of the Order):
    The Leader's Daughter (Written by Nicole Mafi) :
    Who is Melissa Ellis?
    'Whistleblower' TV Program (learn how Bryan and Mary Nelson reported a $511 million Kingston Tax Fraud to the FBI):
    Escaping Polygamy (TV Show):
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    1. CJ Laplant

      Hey Stephanie I absolutely love your hair, work and your videos 😍 I have 4 reborns atm but when I get enough I'll buy one of your babies

    2. Huawei Kh

      Huge pile of clothes!

    3. FunReborns81 O aka Karalee

      Oh they are adorable babies!!! I want the 1 in the middle hopefully I get my money soon. Oh I love Hensley too lol

    4. Neola Peterson

      It is cause we all love you

    5. Neola Peterson

      Pick me. Pick me. Ha ha . I love that picture

    6. sally clark

      His is baby berry

      1. sally clark

        Sorry wouldn't let me send picture

    7. CelysRebornBabies

      Such adorable babies....I'm saving my money for a new doll kit that is coming out and hopefully it's soon...stay strong girls 🌹🌹

    8. Maria Scott

      Wow! All those clothes! Awesome video Stephanie!

    9. Maria Scott

      Wow! All those clothes! Awesome video Stephanie!

    10. Tiffany Silker

      I am looking for a reborn for my niece

    11. Tiffany Silker

      Hi Stephanie I was wondering if I could send u a doll for the lawsuit please let me know

      1. nlovewithreborns2011

        Yes you can :).

    12. Maks Life

      Omg I want fuggler I saw one behind you lol

    13. Jacqueline Gabbidon

      Love the boy baby in the middle.❤ nice pajamas and Jz, Stephanie.

    14. ChubbyCheeksNlilFeets Nursery

      A absolutely love your pajama pants

    15. NLWR2011is QUEEN

      I love your outift you had on. I am so glad you have Melissa. I was so impressed with her speech. What lovely things you received. I believe that puppy is Pokey Little Puppy on that one outfit. Much love ❤❤

    16. Rebeca Nunez

      *Early Squad! :,)*

    17. MisterTracks

      lovely video

    18. MisterTracks

      nice video

    19. lara kropf