AUDC: Kalani Is in DANGER of Going Home! (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime



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    Ally and Tiffany's plan to eliminate Haley goes wrong when her duet partner Kalani ends up in the bottom two instead in this clip from Season 2, Episode 3, "Gods and Mortals".
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    With 12 of the country’s most promising young dancers selected from more than 1,000 national title holders, “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” will reach a fever pitch while a new cluster of mothers brings an entirely new meaning to the term “stage mom” as their children put everything on the line for a $100,000 cash prize and a scholarship to the Young Dancers Program at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York.
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    1. Lifetime

      Love Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition? Stay up to date on all of your favorite Lifetime shows at

      1. 350 subscribers with no videos challenge

        I would love to but can you guys make this available for people in other countries I really enjoy your content. But sadly I cant watch this because I'm in Australia and its only allowed for people in America to watch. But listen not only Americans like to watch your content so please make this enabled for people else where. thank you.

      2. Jes Swan


      3. Jes Swan


    2. It’s Lucy Time

      Like why the heck is everyone saying that Haylee can’t dance she’s amazing her emotions are stunning and she has wonderful feet and flexibility props to her

    3. Alicja Korczewska

      Kalani's voice is the cutest thing ive ever heard

    4. Brooke Chambers

      Tiffany is a villain. She is right she’d do anything for her daughter to win. Her faces to other children’s esteem boosts were completely disrespectful and she definitely did try to sabotage these dancers

    5. Emma Rhadbane

      The last time I was this early Kelly was in studio A telling Abby StOp EaTiNg,ThAtS wHy YoU’rE fAt”

    6. hoi hoi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="165">2:45</a> her mom looked so scary😂

    7. Ava

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> jojo in 2030

    8. Robin Tully

      Why does Abby always have this constipated face when judging

    9. virgin mary

      haley always looks like she’s just shat herself and doesn’t know what to do

    10. Bubbles Cartaion

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="246">4:06</a> she called her cloe then kalani

      1. Rory Fleming

        Abby Melendez she was talking to both of them

    11. Kivu Toosmoov

      Kira is so arrogant

    12. Millie PlayzRoblox


      1. frankie uwu

        What is a seeja?

    13. stolzgta

      haley constantly looks scared

    14. Equipped Melon22

      Who was more annoying Like for Christy Comment for Leslie (I hated both)

      1. Benjamin Thomas

        Equipped Melon22 100% Leslie

      2. Game Breaker240

        Leslie ticked me off

    15. Lara Khaled

      Haley and her mother are rude

    16. Hailey Bates


    17. Courtney Paull

      I am glad kalani didn't go home. Although, Chloe didn't look sad that she was going.

      1. Tyler Shockey

        Spoiler.. Guess thats what i get for reading comments

      2. Courtney Paull

        @Zoe Garcia Oh! I forgot about that. That is very true!! 🥰

      3. Zoe Garcia

        Because a week or two prior she was going home but Ricky used his call back. She knew it was her time and she had an opportunity not everyone was given.

    18. Angel Dust

      If Kalani's eyeliner gets any longer it will fly away😂

    19. twisha Kaur

      She's so rude

    20. Aleksandra Janczy

      Did anyone realize Rochelle that choreographed Golddigga was a judge.

      1. Zoe Garcia

        Rachelle Rak

    21. Manuel Branco

      Abby had issues - it's that simple 😬🍆🍊

    22. Abigail Elsayed

      E3- S

    23. hasini's world

      Me I'm early!.. After 24 hours

    24. Vern Huee tai

      I liked that trinity’s mom was happy for everyone

    25. Jennifer Miller

      They stupid

    26. Dale Ireland

      Yay Haley

    27. Dale Ireland


    28. {Çherry_Çhu }

      Dude it sad how the little girls are so nice to each other but with the mom's it's like cats and dogs chasing each other!

    29. bhafcmatt

      Abbey can walk now!!

      1. Steven Taylor

        bhafcmatt these are flashback episodes

    30. Jeff Smalles

      Haley " Tiffany paired me and Kalani together because she wanted to make me fail. But. This is a dream come true and I wanted to do this my whole life" Me: Hm. Well that dream didnt last that long

      1. Jeff Smalles

        Yeah I just reliazed. I edited my comment.

      2. TK

        i think the dream come true was being on the show lol

    31. Jinx Titan

      I hated when Haley’s mom said she will make sure her daughter stays as if she did anything 🙄

      1. Jinx Titan

        She’s stupid because she didn’t even do anything her daughter stayed because she was good not because her mom did anything

      2. Kamora Kimbrough

        Uh why? Ally’s mom was the one trying to get rid of her

    32. Daida Garcia

      “Their plan failed “

    33. Hannah Xxxxzzz

      Hailey face was very intimated lol

    34. TheGodFN

      Where is rap game season 6?????

    35. ThatGacha Gal

      FIRST XD

    36. poshPug da gamer

      *can't keep up with kalani in rehearsal* I think abbey paired me up with kalani because she thinks I'm gonna fail but this is my dream come true

    37. Lucy Biederman

      I don’t really like kalani that much. Her faces are all the same, and her mom is so rude! She doesn’t stand out compared to Maddie or Chloe. No hate tho! I love all the girls on AUDC and dance moms including kalani!

      1. glenda ramirez

        kalani can dance circles around both maddie and chloe .

    38. Tamatha Wilson

      Love the show 😍 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    39. Absolutely Champagne

      It's clear that Cindy is the real bad guy...

    40. shalom sisters

      dudeeee i legit thought jojo was bald 😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>

      1. ElectricityDanceMoms

        shalom sisters same

      2. George vlogs


      3. Sssniperwolf Lumpy


    41. Awsome TV

      Her mothers face

    42. carrie violet swaps

      Sorry but when kalanis outfit covered her face... 😂 😂

    43. Skye空

      The last time I was this early, Paige and Brooke were still on Dance Moms


      Umm.. Kalani had her face covered majority of the dance bc of her wardrobe malfunction, & she *STILL* danced beautifully!

      1. Catelyn Velasquez

        It’s True

      2. Selina Huang


    45. cat 365

      Early !!!!!

    46. Jordan Carson

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a> was that JoJo🤔😨

      1. LilysAngelzz

        MultiFandom McDobs yea

      2. Israel McKenzie


      3. MultiFandom McDobs

        lixly .x That was her costume/makeup for her dance. Trust me, it’s her.

      4. machtkeinensinn .x

        @MultiFandom McDobs no doesn't look Like her

      5. MultiFandom McDobs

        Jordan Carson Yep!

    47. Andrea Fagan

      Holfag My God so good but I don’t like her Hayley I do you like her but I think it is rather unusual over on your sure

    48. Jana Melak


    49. Velvet Calcium

      Ummmm..... I’m pretty sure Cindy is the BIGGEST villain in the competition

    50. Brook Roberson

      I hate this show so much bullying always have been🤔

      1. Tamatha Wilson

        Then don't watch

    51. Emily H

      Love kalani

    52. monsterkind

      Kalani has literally always been the best dancer. Her maturity, her emotions, her gentle moves...

      1. giaaa

        I’m sorry for asking but, what is pigeon toed?

      2. Diamond Thomas


      3. do you are have stupid


      4. Kyky Doesit


      5. carrie violet swaps


    53. epicly awesome

    54. Serene Wong


    55. Beatriz Casas

      There good maddie

    56. Cj Joanna

      Why is everybody acting like haley can’t dance

      1. Stephanie

        She's amazing she just lacked confidence

      2. jessica mcdermott

        I like her danceing but she chokes on stage

      3. Trinity Rodriguez

        Cj Joanna she can but she’s just not where she is suppose to be

      4. Alicia lim

        @carrie violet swaps nobody is 'perfect' ...

      5. carrie violet swaps

        She’s not perfect but she’s still amazing!

    57. Andrea Gonzales

      Kalanis dancing is so powerful

    58. so good

    59. Brahim idelmenchar


    60. Chloe Lewis


    61. Jes Swan


    62. Purplebunny Gamer

      Omg first!

    63. Rosie Orangis