AUDC: DOUBLE ELIMINATION! (Season 1 Flashback) | Lifetime



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    Only 12 of the 14 dancers make it through to the competition in this clip from Season 1's Casting Special, "Making the Cut". #AbbysUltimateDanceCompetition #AbbyLeeMiller #DanceMoms
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    With 12 of the country’s most promising young dancers selected from more than 1,000 national title holders, “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” will reach a fever pitch while a new cluster of mothers brings an entirely new meaning to the term “stage mom” as their children put everything on the line for a $100,000 cash prize and a scholarship to the Young Dancers Program at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York.
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    1. Angelicu

      Asia should’ve been cut

    2. amanikki richards

      Really dance moms😒

    3. Emily Thompson

      Hadleys Mom is so mean

    4. Serena Schenna

      the thumb nail tho

    5. Krisalyn white


    6. Breanna Cooper

      Y'all are the best dancers I ever have seen in the world go dance Mom

      1. Lifetime

        Hi Breanna! Thanks for being a fan! Subscribe for updates from Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and other Lifetime shows.

    7. Danielle Dufour

      I like the AUDC better then the dance moms.

    8. Tihema Elliston

      I just needs to be eliminated she never been eliminated in sync in every of a season videos you should like a lemonade or a meal or something like that

    9. Thaiziara Pereira

      Asia is annoying. I hate her

    10. Wendy Ramirez

      Abby is so mean to the kids😑😑😑😒😒

    11. Bayo Akintonde

      abey is so nice

    12. Emily Earle

      Abby lee miller can I be apart of your dance company I can show you my dancing

    13. Ember Rayne

      Am I the only one who HATES ASIA!?

    14. Carley Harrell

      I love you Abby

    15. Silvija Križanovska

      Aisa craings!

    16. Autumn Neustice

      She’s like the Gordon Ramsey of dance

    17. Julie Sowards

      I feel bad for asia

    18. Mehvish Mehdi

      I LOVE amanda c

    19. Djenica Jacques

      Abby is so rude



    21. Tania Terrazas


    22. ItzNoorYboory

      Brianna is the most respectful girl on the show. And Hadley is the worst. Elizabeth is the one I feel bad for.. And Asia has the best mom!

    23. Edie Dransfield

      Abby: insults everyone The guys: gReAt JoB eVeRyOnE Me: literally dying🤣

    24. Mariah Chambliss


    25. Madyn Gates

      I feel bad for their hair lines ...

      1. Asyaa05

        Madyn Gates yes and the edges

    26. Jorge Mtz

      I love this

    27. Miala Martinez

      She reminds me of Simon Cowell

    28. Antonio Granados

      Yo no se ingles pero me metí aver el video

    29. UNKNOWN You don’t know me

      Abby: you haven’t smiled once Yvette: hold my teeth

    30. Jianne Mari Acelar

      Imagine Abby and Gordon Ramsay in one show😂

    31. Shi Lwe

      Hay dance mom and Abby you are being like really mean to the poor dancers

    32. Majo La diva

      Para mi asia es muy presumida

    33. Smoll BeansUwU

      This is a competition! Me: more like a try not to cry challenge

    34. Madison Morrissey

      If you are binging abby's ultimate dance competition leave a like

    35. Uhm Jasira

      Asia always wins, she’s unstoppable 💪🏽

    36. Evadivao1

      AUdc UorL

    37. Mustafa Najam

      This show is so underrated

    38. Svetlana Artjusevska

      Abby stop shouting at the girls you are so annoying

    39. Destiny Davis

      I dont like Asia

    40. Ba Ba

      Aww Asia crying made me cry! She dances for Mariah Carey ya her All I want for Christmas Is You Tour. She was awesome! You made it girl! You danced for the QUEEN OF Christmas

    41. Donna Lau

      Abby I think is mean

    42. Tahlin Brathwaite

      hate you

    43. Logan Greenwalt

      That little girl ain’t good

    44. Andrea Ramirez

      Abby can be super mean but like serious she’s not supposed to be that mean

    45. jeff ricedorf

      We a

    46. Vianna Pham

      Asia was so cute

    47. Alison Bleiweiss

      So happy for Asia

    48. Slime Wow Queen4Life

      Its crazy how everybody hates asia on this show you can see when hadley was sent home everybody went to give her a hug and nobody but asia mother congratulated her and on other episodes you can see them saying asia shouldn't be there i feel so bad for her

    49. Saffron McCarthy

      Oof that thumbnail tho

    50. •Just Chlo Chloツ•

      Its hilarious how abby just complains about them,when abby was the one who taught them.

    51. VI P


    52. aidie tengah

      Why is abby so stirct i dont like her😤😡

    53. Caitlyn Schrager

      I still can’t believe I hugged Abby Lee Miller last year she she was actually really nice

    54. Kaylee Lopez

      Yay Asia

    55. Rhylee Grace

      The producer come out all like great job after these kids just got ROASTED by Abby

    56. Bo Liu

      I hope that Hadley leaves cause hahahahhahah

    57. Brianplayz gamez

      I HATE ASIA she dosent even care that her friends are going home

      1. gachahanna YT

        i mean, everyone including Asias friends said that she should been cut the first week! And this is a compatition show! Its not about friends

    58. Gracie Tupou

      Abby: Sassy, Bossy, Cool. The other judges: She's so bossy and why is she even here?

    59. Daneli Aviles

      😠😠😠😠😠😠😠👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 look where the city songbb bb

    60. Sidney Lunn

      Abby needs help!!!!!!