Are We Smarter Than Middle Schoolers?

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Smosh Pit

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    In this completely original- never been done before, points-based trivia format, we will finally find out if we’re smarter than the average middle schooler!
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    1. Smosh Pit

      Raise your hand if you knew who the 2nd President of the United States was without Googling it 👀

      1. Averelli

        Yup. But do you know the 4th?

      2. Zagan Makaiden

        @RA WT yup

      3. Fadi Fazal

        Nile is the longest river

      4. kool unicorn

        Its me c:

      5. Allie Baba

        I got 5 and a half right!! Don’t know how many points but the half is cause I only got liver not kidney

    2. TacticalToxicator

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="341">5:41</a> Olivia: “Anchorage.” Alaskans: “Why didn’t Juneau?”

    3. Buttered Piece Of Toast

      This is sad. They're getting questions from 4th grade wrong.

    4. Ella Reed

      Me in middle school: 😏

    5. Sophie Ojala

      Do you guys have a Smosh summer games theme.

      1. seeni gzty

        Social distance fool.

    6. Mia Karlsson

      i wanna work for smosh so bad 😔

    7. Javier Parks

      1850 ponts

      1. seeni gzty

        This is wrong the Nile is longer, Keith is wrong

    8. Cheese Man

      When the virus ends the merch song is going to be irrelevant and needs to be changed

    9. keegan harbison


    10. Captin Ollie

      Even i knew the John Adams question And I’m British

    11. ace of kings

      Isnt this basically are you smarter then a fifth grader

    12. ally venezia

      flashback to reailty house when they got harrison out by the same question- what is the longest river in the world. THE NILE RIIVER IS LONGER THAN THE AMAZON!!!!!!!

    13. adam fink

      Chlorophyll more like borophyll.

    14. Rock girl

      This is just proof that everything we learn in middle school is useless.

    15. Firas Albalushi

      The nile River is the longest

      1. Rock girl

        The 2nd president is john adams

    16. Nick Mock

      I didn’t google anything.. i used bing instead 😳

    17. Silver the Wolf Demon

      I actually knew most of the answers...faster than they did lol

    18. Na yeon나연

      The longest river is not the Amazon river it’s nile in Africa 🤦🏻‍♀️

    19. Khobi Carmichael


    20. gamers rule

      Pls subscribe to gamers rule and after that look up to hide an seek extreme roblox

    21. Alex Russell Music

      Amazon is the larger river by volume, but the Nile is longer

    22. Hayley Waldrop

      This is wrong the Nile is longer, Keith is wrong

    23. Wendyyy PP

      Social distance fool.

    24. Z- Kermit

      All I care about is the merch in the store I just forgot about quarantine

    25. omari jackson

      That moment when you know the second president because hamilton

    26. Jude Davis

      Kimmy acts like every annoying Disney channel girl.

    27. Ely Dex

      The square root of 144 is both 12 and -12

    28. Adwaiya Srivastav

      The last answer is wrong by more than a mile, quite literally

    29. bcvbb hyui

      Shayne: “Who invented the telephone?” Everyone: ~wrong answers~ Me, a Canadian, screaming at my phone: “ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL!!”

    30. I couldn't think of a name

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="535">8:55</a> mines in my penis

      1. bcvbb hyui

        I need more of these in my life

    31. Kathryn Williamson

      Ha I’m an with grader and your all dumb as shit... wait hold on... why don’t I know the answers?!!!!!! FUCK

    32. glowingcelia

      The 2nd president is john adams

    33. Goofy Goober

      Shane's the only one who's 6 feet apart. Oooooooooooooo

    34. Crafty Dafty DIYS

      Halloween town is a CLASSIC

    35. Tom Dumat

      The buzzers had Scottish flags on them

    36. Samuel Ng

      Who else love the merch song

    37. Elyssa Cranford

      "I miss human touch" "THERES MERCH IN THE STORE"

    38. Savannah’s Mitchell

      Me in middle school now like 😣😏I know this

    39. Savannah’s Mitchell

      Me rewinding the vid to dance with Courtney 😌

    40. [Second]

      HElium Nitrogen TAntalum Iodine. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!!

    41. Achraf Ejjar

      I only came here for the intro

    42. Frikken toes bro?

      I never say biblioteca I say librería, I understood why keith started saying something with l and kept stuttering lol

    43. Rohania Prabsters

      how do you not know the second president

    44. AdelaideAnon89

      Isn't the Nile the longest river?

    45. Bryn Kruzlic

      Does it bother anybody else that the random category is the only one that uses white numbers?

    46. Landon Mallonee

      the longest river is the nile

    47. Kayla Brown

      I need more of these in my life

    48. Annly P

      Courtney freaking hitting the button after two words make me CACKLE especially when she and Shayne just stared at each other like “what the heck was that”

    49. Annly P


    50. Naofumi Shield hero

      Tbh who even cares about the second president

    51. Mr Wierdo

      Olivias back☺️😊

    52. Iustin Tranca


    53. iPyromantic

      "In the body, where is the blood carried to be purified?" ~clears throat~ WHAT THE SPLEEN DO?

    54. RetroPretzel

      I’ve lost all faith in humanity Putin, launch the nukes

    55. Cukko 786

      Kimmy was so sexy speaking Spanish 🤤🤤🤤

    56. will j

      Shayne: Who invented the telephone? Courtney: John Adams. Shayne: (is 10000000% done)

    57. * l x m o n m i l ø *

      wasnt in middle school and i already knew about the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd president :PP

    58. Grant Games

      H= hydrogen

    59. Logan Kale

      Did anyone else play along and keep score? I ended with 1,150😁

    60. callmebagel

      Wait, why aren't you social distancing? It's still quarintine, right?

    61. Ginny Lee

      Pls make another video like this

    62. MajinSawdust64

      Why did I know the capital of Alaska? 😪

    63. i am seal

      I’m in grade 8 and can’t answer half of these questions. Then again I’m Canadian.


      wait they know all that in middle school i learned that most in primary

    65. Killer Rock

      Y'all are wrong the longest river in the world is the Nile river the Amazon river is the largest

    66. Martin Kurtev

      You'll be all bummed to know that Nile is the longest river in the world. It's in a country called Africa ;)

    67. Símun Hans Dalsgaard

      The Amazon isn't the worlds longest river tho. The Nile is

    68. Spencer Mclaughlan

      Shayne: “Who invented the telephone?” Everyone: ~wrong answers~ Me, a Canadian, screaming at my phone: *“ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL!!”*

      1. Giacomo Bonetto

        Well, i've got Antonio Meucci at the phone and he doesnt think so ahaha

    69. King Frodo

      "Amazon River", its the nile

    70. Dawgz D3m0lish

      A triangle is... LxW divides by 2

    71. Lola Guerra

      The amazon isnt the longest river in the world lmao

    72. Yeneivi 13

      Wait a damn minute y’all the lo best river in the world is the Nile river the Amazon is the second one

    73. Destiny Lourenco

      I ain't that bitch, but Baby The Nile river is the longest river in the world, get middleschooled!

    74. Idris Missi

      You don't have no boobs either

    75. Annie Crane

      Please make this a series 🥺

    76. ale_cruz 06

      "who was the 2nd oresident if the U.S" Me: James Washington Jr Me: *realizes wtf i just said* well thT explains why i failed every social studies class in middle school

    77. Captain Vaughn

      So Courtney guesses Woodrow Wilson but didn’t get John Adams?

    78. Brody Webster

      Can we have more of these videos

    79. soiung toiue

      Shayne gets ONE degree and he’s now being THAT teacher xD

      1. soiung toiue

        I was a middle school dropout🙄

    80. nani

      Anyone else said librería