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    In 2015 we quit our lives in the city to buy bare land in the country and build a timber frame home from scratch with our bare hands, debt-free, with no prior experience. It’s been a wild ride of ups, downs, highs, lows, rain and rainbows, but we haven’t lost sight of our goals and have gotten further in three years than we thought we’d get in ten. Join us as we build our house, develop our rural property, practice traditional skills such as gardening and food preservation and go to even greater heights (literally) of exploring the world through aviation as a new private pilot!
    Young couple builds their own dream home:
    The big reveal of our house plans:
    The big timber frame raising:
    The day we got our sawmill:
    How we made $1,000 in one day milling lumber:
    Why we built a hot tub before a house:
    Living in an rv while building our house:
    Chronological order:
    House build from beginning:
    Foundation of home:
    ICF basement / garage:
    Timber frame workshop:
    Structural insulated panel installation:
    Metal roof installation:
    Buildling a debt-free home strategy:
    Gardening / food preserving:
    It takes us 40+ hours a week to document our journey on both our blog and our ALsel channel. If you enjoy watching our videos and want to help us to produce more of them, learn how you can help us without spending a dime!
    Jesse’s pocket knife:
    Jesse’s pocket flash light:
    Favorite LED portable cordless work light:
    Favorite no-spill fuel pump:
    Favorite BBQ sauce:
    Jesse’s work shoes:
    Jesse’s work jacket:
    Jesse’s casual jacket:
    Jesse’s waterproof / insulated boots:
    Alyssa’s pocket knife:
    Alyssa’s work boots:
    Alyssa’s work leggings:
    Alyssa’s work overalls:
    Alyssa’s fleece-lined work pants:
    Alyssa’s thermal top:
    Alyssa’s thermal bottoms:
    Alyssa’s messy bun beanie:
    Alyssa’s scarf (matches messy bun beanie):
    Alyssa’s waterproof / insulated boots:
    Favorite book on timber framing for beginners:

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    1. Eric Ostlie

      Some great information that is understood by us who don’t watch MSM of any kind!

    2. Alter Ego

      I don’t have an adblocker, but I’ll get one now. Thanks Jesse!

    3. Mary Springer

      I'm so confused What?

    4. Kristen Poisson

      Stop the hate already people , if you don’t like it turn it off

    5. drake tabun

      after just 3 years... the sidings will crumble :( termites are visiting :)

    6. Whiteboycereal

      bruh and i thought these ppl were cool

    7. Garrett Hazlett

      I'm a bit perplexed by the amount of negativity in response to this video. Anyway, it's great to hear that you guys have slowed down to enjoy your hard work and take care of yourselves & kiddo.

    8. Kushtrim Skenderi

      Wow 🤮

    9. raJlabaJloM

      Have the feel that this whole project and the costs associated with it are way higher than if you just get somebody to build it for you. Seems like a lot of people dont understand that building a house of this size would still be very expensive. Just the cost of buying everything you need to do all those things you need to do everything by your self is ridiculous. All the tools you buy pay back only in long term. And on multiple projects.

    10. David Smith

      i hope so...

    11. JoelMDave

      This video should be titled "how to alienate your viewers". Probably time for this guy to count his blessings and realise if everyone lived like he does it would be unsustainable.

    12. Jan loves many

      Freeloader fills he has enough" so he's saying buzz-off

    13. Henry Vande Voort

      you guys are such moochers - I work full time and get more done on my house at nights and weekends than you do.

    14. SuperGeeThing

      Why don’t you start finishing your house dude. Seriously

    15. Scott Reasoner

      Nothing changed still think you are better than everybody else.

      1. soeren72

        Soooo true, stopped watching a year ago, then this popped up

    16. frank aird

      I enjoy all you have done and I enjoyed every moment thank you all 🙏Grace and peace.

    17. Planet Mojo

      I know... I'll fire up the camera and take a dump on all of the people who have supported us all of these years. Brilliant!

    18. Jay Richards

      Oh wow, what horrible person

    19. Ping Pong

      House SIP panels are wrecked - it is going to start disintegrating. What a shame they got lazy at the wrong point.

    20. Missile Man

      I found you today.....and due to this video, I am leaving today!!!!!

    21. treasurehunter5000

      Wow, what a waste of time watching every video you put out. Glad your doing wonderful as some of us are struggling. You just proved that money is more important than your viewers, what a way to end your legacy!

    22. Korn

      This is the reason I stopped watching.

    23. aroy10

      😂😂😂 “let me tell you how to send us money”. I see I have not missed any quality “creations” lately

    24. Moses Exodus

      Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Lord-Jesus-Christ com

    25. Trump Nov 2020

      Blah blah

    26. Short Grub

      lollolololololol....deep breath ...lololololol

    27. E Begger

      zero debt.....can you say liar....

    28. Steven Bass


    29. Tom C

      Look at what the viewers built you!!!!!

    30. Ray Laux

      These Californians had to move to Idaho

    31. Craig Burskov

      Well that made it easy to UNSUB...

    32. Back Down On The Boat

      Shame on me... Are you out of your mind?

    33. Another Joe

      I have been following you guys for years and enjoyed your journey (which kinda felt like mine in a way too)... but this message... what t h*ll man?

    34. Martin

      I'll be back when you start doing actual stuff again..... bye!

    35. Ed Piner

      pontificating is not your strong suite, actions speak louder than words

    36. Steve R

      If i wanted a lecture i would ask for it.

    37. Donald Zientz

      Is he trying to be a kardashian?

    38. Mike Knotts



      freeloader BY BY

    40. Jorge Corrêa do Lago

      Tks.... Unsub

    41. Raymond Pamatian

      I watched the entire Timber frame series again

    42. John Rider

      Wake up. This planned demic is bullcrap

    43. pik nick

      I came here to check. . . yep. . . still haven't put siding on the house.

      1. Little Farm on the Prariehood

        He has a plane though. Priorities. The money from his selfish patrons could only pay for one or the other.

      2. Marcello Genovese

        Me three lol, That OSB is so dead.

      3. mrpenguin237


      4. ARNWRKR too ?

    44. Dry Log

      Shame on YOU!

    45. Robert Casey

      Don't bother making videos your support just shamed you!

    46. Bob & Rhonda

      If your content is "free" then why are you worried about me using my adblocker to watch it for free???????

    47. Mike Kelly

      Thanks for the lecture, love you stretched it exactly to 10 min, one second. Will take my adblockerless viewing elsewhere permanently.

    48. Hans Petersen

      Pride goes before the fall, read that somewhere seems to fit.

      1. BLONDIE GAL

        The quote is, " Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."

      2. BLONDIE GAL

        @Chosen Seed you have the quote wrong.

      3. Chosen Seed

        Hans Petersen PRECISELY!!!! And a hauty spirit before destruction

    49. mikecampanella1990

      Imagine taking this long to build something and wonder why your views are decling. Oh, and taking like 2 years to put on a house wrap of any kind over those expensive sips panels.

    50. Belinda Bartels

      Done too. Use use use

    51. hhgttg

      Narcissism and ego can only take a youtube series so far. Not sure why you would post a video that confirms it has always been about you, not the viewer. Or maybe we all come to grips with our more challenging triats so we become a better person to raise our children.

    52. jeffrey c

      BYE BYE

    53. Sly Brethren

      you mad bro ?

    54. Colin Herbert

      Guess you're frustrated... so am I. Not a nice video and way too late. I have watched all your videos to date but this is the last one. Lecturing 'your' community was a mistake. I'm gone.

    55. John Yonan

      I know what you are trying to say, but WOW, what a poor way of saying it! I began to lose interest after trying to understand why you would put so much effort into building a kitchen and bathroom in your garage, and not pay much attention to the rest of your partially built house. Hey, it's your house, do with it as you may, but where is the siding? Where are the decks? Your videos have devolved into silly and uninteresting chores instead of meaningful projects. This video destroyed what residual interest I had remaining. I do, however, hope you do well in the future...

    56. AB_015

      What's the TLDR?

    57. Martin W

      Sorry but these guys have got too big for their boots. Lecturing to loyal followers, admonishing us like naughty children is bizarre and rude. Very arrogant.

    58. Irish Game Dog

      People who have a condescending personality disgust me.

    59. Tony Torkelson


    60. Sam Brown

      "The amount of work we got done in a day was incredible. Like mind-boggling." You're never at fault are you.

      1. Diggnuts

        Sociopathic narcissist.

    61. nevermindthebollocks

      You guys did a ton of work on your house build and those were the vids I was interested in. I simply don't care to watch your other content, nothing personal.

    62. T Painless

      Selfish people

    63. Brandietta

      I though supporting a creator was watching their video. Totally disappointing that you assume we are lucky your videos are free. They should be free..that's what ALsel is as a platform. Shame on you man..right back at you.

    64. Indianinthemachine

      Great message thanks brother and sister for your inspirations.

    65. Mike Barbacovi

      Highly unlikeable. Highly.

    66. Ken Bayard

      What a piece of excrement.

      1. ARNWRKR

        ...sometimes you just have to take a dump... I go into the toilet and close the door ?

    67. Jerry Gable

      Cleared for takeoff runway 27 . . . maintain runway heading . . . contact departure

    68. Lisa

      Absolutely pathetic! SHAME ON YOU!!!

    69. Kitt Miller

      buy seeds from Baker Creek or MIGARDENER

    70. Ian Craig

      I used to hang out for your video content then it turned into a giant advertorial. I was keen to see the house finished and the family growing. Then you just seemed to disappear.

    71. richelle reynolds


    72. benoit bourque

      Well I've been watching you for many years and to see you quit just like that not see the house finish is very wrong on your part it is selfish I wish you guys the best hope you will learn with your mistakes bye-byeit is selfish I wish you guys the best hope you will learn with your mistakes bye-bye

    73. randyklotz00

      What a bunch of BS, aircraft, pilot license, shop vac. They had no plan to finish the home, debt free BS. User views money for there own personal gains. What a waste of my time!!!!!

      1. Mike Honcho

        Make sure to watch with AdBlocker on!!!

    74. henry wilkinson

      hope so

    75. GFESurvival

      My retirement investments have taken a big hit. I am thankful for still working as an essential employee. But my chance at promotion has been killed along with any chance of a raise. Which now pushed back my retirement. Positive side I have a full garden in the ground, wildgame in the freezer. Stay strong and do what you have to do.

    76. justin dillon

      weird to say i hope they have to go back to the city and get regular jobs again.

      1. Jan loves many


    77. henry wilkinson

      lost me

    78. Ryan Thorkelson

      Shame on you, pretty condescending video to viewers. Should of made this about how YTube isn't profitable. Peace out!

    79. Marc Seguin

      wow......and to think i supported these 2 all these years as far as watching them..gee thanks guys for the slap in the face!

    80. Robert Dawson

      Bye...don’t owe you anything 👋