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    The past is haunting you. Anthony Mackie is Takeshi Kovacs in Season 2 of Altered Carbon, streaming February 27.
    Watch Altered Carbon, Only on Netflix:
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    Altered Carbon Season 2 | Main Trailer | Netflix
    When a job brings Takeshi Kovacs back to Harlan's World in a new sleeve, he finds the planet at war - and his long-lost love lurking in the shadows.

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    1. thatcraymboiwiththespeakerbox Mkhize

      8 MINS LEFT

    2. Focus FMO

      So I waited until midnight and the show still isn't up smh I'm in cali so it's passed 3am east coast time

    3. James Day

      Am I the only one who wishes they'd be true to the source material? I mean, yeah. S1 was cool. S2 looks interesting. But the novels were great.

    4. Jazify

      Not getting a solo MCU movie/series, goes to Netflix' Altered Carbon instead.

    5. Joshua Ballew

      Ugh. I would much rather Joel.

    6. ясна далбаеб


    7. Dorian Montiel

      Esa versión de "Piel" de "Arca" donde la encuentro?

    8. Kevin Barnett

      Uh yes please!!!

    9. Dan Flashbang

      The show doesn't look like it'll be anywhere near as good without Kinnaman. Not a big Mackie fan at all but I'll buckle in for season 2 and hope for the best!

    10. Zebro

      So this is what Falcon has been doing after Endgame...

    11. stitcherymart

      I cannot wait to see this! Season 1 was amazing!

    12. Tuan Van

      This show has the best Dolby vision experience.

    13. Kevin James

      Loved the old actor, but this dude is a amazing actor. Should be just as good if not better.

    14. Desperadox23

      *Read the books*

    15. Michel Gibson

      So sick.

    16. online study class

      I miss kristin ortega

      1. Bryan Carranza

        She'll have a small cameo. Slow the video speed around 1:38 and shes def there.

    17. M. Armand

      Protagonist origin: Japanese and slav Name: Takeshi Kovacs Casting guy: We need a black dude

      1. M. Armand

        @Dominic Buckner interesting... I didn't know that, thanks for the info

      2. Dominic Buckner

        The show is based on Altered Carbon book series and in the second book Kovacs is placed in a African military-upgraded body

    18. Twix Twix

      Whoop whooooooppppp!!!! Season two babyuweeeeeeee

    19. Hüseyin Üçüncü

      Well Netlfix f**ked this one up too, nothing against Mackie but Kinnaman made this show. Why fix it if its not broken, guess the majority will not recieve this well as i did not myself.

    20. shay english

      does anyone know the song they used in the trailer? ive heard it somewhere before

    21. Chris Peters

      They made him a negro are you kidding

    22. K'

      Anthony Mackie is a great actor, this is going to be good!!!

    23. Ghetto Tasher

      Why is he black tho bruhhh

    24. olternaut

      Looks better than the first season.

    25. Lily Raimey

      Poe. Nothing else counts. Poe.

    26. Nugnug Caveman

      Hope we see more of Kovacs's original body. That dude's a badass.

    27. hunterofpike

      Cut the Check!

    28. MidKnightGeek

      Does anyone know if season 2 is based (in any part ) on the 2nd or 3rd books of the original series? From the look of parts in the trailer, there might be hints from book 3 but I haven't read it yet so I'm not sure. Then again, the Netflix version might be going it's own way forward. Just curious ;)

    29. GRL Ludwig

      An excellent adaptation of the trilogy by Richard Morgan. It's nice they changed the story up, but so weird Rei is his sister and not his sadistic ex lover. Good novel, great series.

    30. Nomsa Selele-Daniel

      I for one, can't wait! I'm so excited!

    31. Robert Kitchen

      Anyone know where I can get the music used on this trailer?

    32. Laurin

      Sb knows the Song?

    33. Adam Repka

      Altered carbon without Joel Kinnaman isnt altered carbon :(

    34. Knoseek

      Best Serie ever🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 pls 10seasons

    35. Shinigami

      I hope they bring back Joel somehow, at least for an episode.

    36. Ik Ben

      I'm looking forward to this... I don't know how to feel about Mackie, I loved Kinnaman and Will Yun Lee. I'll give it a chance!!

    37. Anakin Skywalker


    38. Anakin Skywalker


    39. Ddd Nnn

      THANK GOD... ive been waiting sooooooooooooooooo longggggggggggggggggggg its about f in time....

    40. Mike Smith

      rip The OA

    41. Mrityunjay

      Want to flop this series? Director : Yes, let's replace Kovacs.

      1. Bryan Carranza

        Kovacs? It wasn't his sleeve to stay in.

      2. Mrityunjay

        @brittonlj Any idea about developing likeable character?

      3. brittonlj

        That's the point of the show. The man is an operative trained to hop sleeves on every world he visits. This is his game.

    42. Weeber


    43. joshua olumodimu

      I miss my white guy

    44. lisa450

      this is clearly gonna be a let down

    45. Riley Bell

      Can't wait. Awesome show. Kind of rare these days

    46. Adam Clarke

      Mackie just feels wrong for this character, not looking forward to series 2

    47. TCJones

      Bring back the other guy!

    48. Azrael Dadashev

      Bad bad choice for the actor for Takeshi! Why not return him his own japanese body???

    49. Dirty Slav

      looks better than s1.


      Anthony Mackie has come a long way since being "Fruit".

    51. GET REXD

      guys it's confirmed!! season 4 he will get corona virus!!

    52. KeAndre Jones

      Kinsman not here? Not watching made us wait all this time just to switch people? I already wanted him to be happy with the police girl fist season smh a waste

    53. Jlager Thomas

      damn bro...he can now say the n word

    54. Alejandro Chávez

      Se cagaron en la puta serie.

    55. JK's On You

      Man why are ugly people being casted this looks good but the actors are wack man there hasn't been a good young actor in awhile what happened to a young Brad Pitt or DiCaprio or Washington I don't buy it this isn't even worth a download

    56. ลิ้นจี่หน้าหอ

      Next season Try Dev Patel as the Arabian skin

    57. TheCring IsStrong

      Why is it always a black guy I’m tired of Netflix pushing this shit on us 🖕

    58. artnos

      I hope there is a refresher video i forgot everything, he is still looking for his sister? I thought she died?

    59. Oscar Antonio Flores

      Ima miss Reileen

    60. ShogunBean

      How much you Wana bet he comes back as a woman in season 3..... F u Netflix.