A New Chapter..

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    I have literally missed you and ALsel so much and I am so excited to be posting again. I hope everyone is safe and staying sanitary and sane in this world craziness. We will all get through this together. love you so much.
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    1. Morgan Adams

      I’m so excited to post this and can’t wait to start posting regularly again. Thank you for giving me time. I love you so much and I hope you are safe and healthy in this world craziness. ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Karissa Arias

        I love you so much Morgan!!! This is amazing you truly inspire me thank you for this🙂✨

      2. alexis w

        Ava h wcwe miss ji j

      3. Yaiel Ghaffaar

        It's 230am on the east coast on April 28th, I've been so depressed during this quarantine and I swear your videos are so relatable and has truly helped. You're like an extra bestfriend. You don't even realize how you give others hope and inspiration to just hang on. Thank you. I really needed you and you delivered.

      4. A. I.


      5. Farhana

        Love youu!!!!! 😆😎🤩🤩🤩😬

    2. Mystical Zonks

      I know this is late but for everyone saying that she’s beautiful and shouldn’t be depressed it’s not that easy, depression and confidence take a lot of time and y’all act like it’s nothing and she’s just saying it cause she can, so please people don’t view themselves the same way

    3. Amber C

      Morgan is east coast pretty like myself! Come to NYC when Miss Rona leaves. I’m just seeing this now and I’m choking I’m laughing so hard

    4. Alisa Baughman

      You are so very gorgeous inside and out, I've seen videos of you past and present and your size never came to mind. First thoughts of you- " oh my gosh she's so pretty!" "She is so cute and funny!" "Ahhh I love her!!" Seriously...girl you are so fun to watch. Keep on posting and livin it girl! Loves from Idaho. 😛😘😁

    5. Finn Gacha

      Why tf is she single

    6. Tiffany Woodward

      I absolutely love you, You are an amazing person and I love watching you. The struggle is real, I am no size 4, I am almost 50.. I deal with depression every day but, you make me smile, laugh, and feel young again. You are putting yourself out there when us old timers wish we could have. Please keep doing you.

    7. Sophia Fanton

      wait can you do me a favor morgan tell shane to come back i miss him!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Lil RM

      Morgan! Your the shit! Don't think any different. Fuck what anyone thinks be you do you 💯!!!! People will always have something to say no matter what you do ! Me personally your a burst of inspiration to be true to your self ! To the haters , " If you don't like me well to fucken bad for you cause I'm the ISH BuhBye Now!" Keep being you! Your gorgeous, hilarious willing to explore a new sense of anything! The anticipation of watching your growth you got this & don't let anyone tell you different! Tell them to kick rocks 🤷‍♀️ Love & Light

    9. saad jaha kayani

      Bring trinity back

    10. Jesse H

      Morgan you’re literally so beautiful!!!!

    11. Ashlyn The Weirdo 1018

      u and trinity are funny im ngl i watched one vid and fell inlove with your videos! I cant wait for you to post~ I love the videos you post with trinity! You two should do a series of videos where you both go places and do overnights at states or somthing idk lol i loved the video where you accidently sprayed her with bug spray and i died of laughter bc u were laughing and im over here laughing my a$$ off on the ground like AHAHAHAHH and my dad walks in and slowly walks out like "shes insane" thats how awsome your videos are we will support you no matter what!

    12. Franky Vielle

      Fu@k pies, your awesome as fu@k.

    13. Danielle Easter

      I love youu🥺❤️

    14. ishvampire

      I came back to this one for the scene of the party...EPIC editing.

    15. Emily Josaphine

      This entire vid was gold. I love the added voice clips of your guests 😂

    16. Rosa Diaz

      catharsis is not an easy thing to accomplish

    17. vilde aubell

      I feel so sad about this video, because you are so beautiful and I never want you to doubt that. There is only one reason I want to visit the us, and that is that I want to give you a hug (so badly) Avis to tell you that your are beautiful and that your are worth so munch more than what you think. I wave been binge-watching your videos all through out quarantine (in Norway) and they really make my day way easier. You are absolutely the best, and I don’t want you to ever doubt yourself again!

      1. vilde aubell


    18. Fitbeee

      I related to this video so much! MORGAN YOU ARE AWESOME🙏☺️🤩🥳!!!!! I Love the pie story it's great!

    19. alex i guess

      no one: literally no one: picture of shane: i’ll do it

    20. Kathleen Griffin

      Morgan this was incredible! You have such creativity and are a rare beauty. This 65 year old nana loves your vlog. You rock!

    21. Brittaney Few

      stay strong

    22. Brittaney Few

      STAY POSITIVEs stay strong

    23. Brittaney Few

      supper beautiful STAY STRONG

    24. Brittaney Few

      very beautiful STAY STRONG

    25. Brittaney Few

      you supper beatutiful Stay strong love your videos

    26. Sian Gauci

      I think i have spent enough time in the closet hehe

      1. sahar bayat

        Me too

    27. C K

      This genuinely made me happy. You, your friends, your brother and Shane are getting me through the hardest most devastating time of my life. You're motivating me to keep going and fight. I've put on your brother’s or your channel to fall asleep...just positive sounds in the background. Damn, it can be hard to see the light at the end of a tunnel, but you being so open and honest about being you are helping people to see their light. Yes, I'm drinking a glass of wine and pretending we’re best friends...quarantine celebrations 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

    28. Sophia Schultz

      omg morgans me at 3am

    29. Taylor Murphy

      Love you Morgan ❤️❤️❤️ your always fun to watch.

    30. Lala Thyravong

      Morgan fuck all the people who Are superficial I think that looks are only thing that are important. You’re beautiful inside and unique. You look great. You’re one of my favorite youtubers. Please don’t give up, don’t give them the justification.

    31. xvixctoriax

      i honestly want to see that gangs reaction all together

    32. WutThe Unicorn

      Morgan: I am mentally stable. Also Morgan: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="612">10:12</a> Me: *Are you sure about that*

    33. i luv garrett watts

      i love you morgan you are literally so beautiful. you are honestly the definition of natural beauty.

    34. Tamara Buxton

      Recycle it, and make a face mask

    35. abbi follenweider

      when she started cursing i was like 😳

    36. Karen Woolley

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="428">7:08</a> I know ... I live in a world of grey, not feeling, because I'm afraid to feel :( I'm working on it, but it's scary and not pleasant ...

    37. Karen Woolley

      Five second rule, it's all good!

    38. Jada R


    39. The One Cornelia

      Social anxiety. LOL that everybody's waiting for you just to say the wrong thing and mess up. Did you just predict trying on Trisha Paytas as clothes?

    40. Britney Mathis

      Morgans mom just being like "ok let's have pizza!" I'm dead 😆

    41. Fuzza majumula

      Please don't say you're depressed! You're so talented and fun! If you need time off, please take it. We'd rather know you're alive and well than that you're stressing over making ALsel videos! Please, please, please care for yourself as much as your fans do.

    42. Somah Heath

      Your ‘making of your self pie’ story was the best effing thing I’ve ever watched. Thank you queen.

    43. Oliver St. Clair

      *I’M STIRRING* Sorry, ADD Morgan, chill. Don’t worry about randos over the internet!

    44. Gacha Idiot

      Morgan is really pretty Andrew better make his move before someone takes her

    45. Abigail Caldeira

      Dude if only other ppl could understand Wht us over weight ppl feel

    46. Just Fam

      You’re beautiful inside and out. Thank you for this 💗

    47. Natasha Ramirez

      I got lost when you starting talking about chefs and pies

    48. Sandra Kelly

      Your Awesome

    49. Macey Storm

      You’re beautiful and I love watching your videos you are always so fun to watch. Your “pie” is awesome, full of beauty, and fun. 💜 please keep being you and stop comparing.

    50. Miss editor

      Omg I wish I was you Morgan

    51. Petra Yaacoub

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="318">5:18</a> when she said ''how am i supposed to make my pie'' i felt that

    52. Crystal Wehmeier

      Don't listen to that other chef! You put in and take out whatever ingredients you want! And I know you'll have a beautiful delicious pie! 😉🥧

    53. Monique honeybee

      I love when YOU talk about how these other people portraying a "perfect" life are not really flawless, because I actually believe you. When those people say it, it comes off disingenuous bc they are only saying it for the appearance of relatability. When they talk it IS disingenuous.

    54. Zoe Weatherly


    55. Tilly Seymour

      this video was the fattest mood

    56. Natalie Parsons

      Morgan I wish you could meet my friends, we’d be a great quad because I feel like you match us so well 🥺🥺 love you girl, stay safe!!

    57. Kiersten

      I love how there's nothing in your cabinets lol.

    58. Maya Thielen-Herrera

      I love you, Morgy. c:

    59. Marley Simmons

      Morgan, you are actually an icon for me. You’re so beautiful, funny, and you portray love not negativity. That makes me so happy, and I love watching your content! I hope you’re having the best quarantine possible, and that all of your friends, family, and especially you are safe and healthy. Much love! 🤍🤍🤍

    60. Matthew Criddle

      “It is important to feel things” Pulls up knife 🔪 Me too sis!!! 😂😂

    61. Isabella Martinez

      I really wish I had some pie right now

    62. Chloe Myers

      This video is a whole vibe.

    63. Chloe Myers

      You talking about "your pie" is MEEE. 😅

    64. Z Kawaii


    65. Madz Moon

      Omg...the pie thing....I have never related to something so much in my whole entire life..

    66. Baby Sushi Boy

      Is that??! Gary's meow!?!?From SpOnGeBoB?

    67. Taesty Kookie

      hey morgan!! please know that there are thousands of people here to support you for being you and will be here to support you through the smiles, tears, and everything in between. as a viewer of your channel since your very first video, it’s just been absolutely amazing and just an honor seeing how much you and your channel has evolved over time. i’m so happy to hear that you’re taking care of yourself and staying as strong as you can through these times. i wish you the absolute best through everything morgan and i among so many others will be here to support you. thank you for trusting us to open up and telling us about your life in general. i have so much hope that you’ll get through this and just find some sort of positivity in each and every day because no matter what kind of day you may be having, there will always be a positive thing. hold onto that positivity as long as you freaking can and just try to stay as optimistic as you possibly can. i know you can do this morgan!! stay strong

    68. Heather Valenzuela

      Morgan: Please Do STORYTIME Videos! U are a great Storyteller!! I love your Personality,so down to earth, Beautiful inside&out, Funny & Entertaining!

    69. Selina Verbanas

      morgan i feel like we're the exact same except you have more money, can drive, live somewhere else, have a different time zone, have a better phone, have more followers, are a youtuber, can drink, have more subscribers, doesn't go to school, have better friends, know more famous people, have a larger family, are prettier, are taller, are funnier, are more loved, can edit, has a cool life, only has a cat, are thicker and are more amazing. yeah but other than that, we're pretty much the same.

    70. Patricia Nichols

      Aww you are so honest and brave and love your videos. You are gorgeous and make me laugh. Try and stay positive and continue self growth.

    71. Edgar Orozco


    72. missSDW

      What's said at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="484">8:04</a> doesn't sit right with me.🤦🏾‍♀️🥴

    73. Zoe Charlotte

      i love how i can pinpoint which video each sound clip came from, love you morgan so happy you’re happy 🤍🤍

    74. Elizabeth Pilson

      As a lady in my late 20s, watching your growth is amazing!!!! Your content is funnier than anyone else’s on ALsel. I like watching you more than David, and allll the others!

    75. Elizabeth Pilson

      We love your iconic cherry pie!!

    76. Elizabeth Pilson

      La is only a small space in the scheme of things. All that superficial shit doesn’t matter... but I can understand how it’d feel that way.

    77. Brandon Duke

      The edit is everything!!!!

    78. Lindsay Magruder

      I think you're awesome. If u have haters, you're doing something right!

    79. grace s

      i accidentally skipped to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> and i was so confused...💀💀

    80. OMG Tjhappened

      Morgan! Don’t read the negative embrace the positive we love you girl! 💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜