7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React



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    Generations React to 8 times TV shows and movies predicted the future.
    Watch to see their reactions!
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    Parks and Rec
    Back To The Future
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    7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React

    Publikuar 15 ditë më parë


    1. FBE

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      1. imperlast2

        the janitor in scrubs made up all his own lines so that's what he though

      2. Spider Web

        "Change the world together" HAHAHA HAHAHA GTFO

      3. Em

        No one mentioned Elijah Wood in the Back to the Future clip?

      4. Lalo Velez

        You said 8 and in the title it's 7

      5. Marky G.

        They "predicted" facebook... Myspace already existed in 2003.

    2. sunflower

      *_hey that's a good ideaaa_*

    3. miaubella

      or maybe they are programming us letting us know ahead of time what they will do... it's like laughing in our faces but we are so stupid to fall for it and think it is just science fiction... sigh .. if only people would wake up out of it.

    4. Ampyx YT

      LMAO what if the dome thing the gov put over Springfield came true (from the Simpsons movie)

    5. Wesley Whiteside

      Wasn't that Simpsons episode related to a virus from the 90s?

    6. Mcservers2000

      More like coincidences that happened not predictions

    7. federica.morgen

      10:54 OMG Elijah! I forgot he was in the movie!

    8. Alejandro Murguia

      Social media exsited before facebook. Have you forgot about myspace.

      1. Danni Williams

        I was wondering why people were forgetting myspace

    9. Liquidate Studios!

      Back to the future part II predicted the Cubs winning

    10. Lazy Girl

      The world is really predictable to honest

    11. jpteknoman

      they are not even predictions, most of them are by design or a futuristic scaled up version of something that existed at the time. in the Jetsons for example, at the time there were both computers and local networks so they simply made the network a global thing in the show and the idea of video calls existed since the 30's when someone thought it would be cool to have a camera a tv and a phone work together to make calls and research was done on the subjects since back then.

    12. Vsolcar

      The Facebook "coincedence" fucking bro Myspace ring a bell?

    13. Vsolcar

      The Simpson.. literally "predict" the most obvious shit. Like this virus. Guess what people where talking about when the SARS virus happened?🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      1. Jami ?-

        GamingWithMe45u bruh i’d be pretty embarrassed ngl lmao

      2. Vsolcar

        @GamingWithMe45u I was doing them as I watched the video... It should be obvious since each comment is on one topic.. I only did 3 cause I clicked off.

      3. GamingWithMe45u

        Bro why do you *HAVE* to have 3 comments

    14. Vsolcar

      Shakira literally voiced the gazelle character.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      1. Jami ?-


    15. Andrea Franceschi

      I mean Shakira’s been wearing outfits just like this from the beginning..it’s just typical belly dancer attire/fashion.

    16. Andy Makhlouf

      Sam and Andy are me and my brother that creepy

    17. John Bushway

      Just for fun. In the Back to the Future clip the little boy in the red shirt is elijah woods

    18. Jordan Aldis

      Ross was on Classmates (an actual social media website)

    19. Adlen Del Mundo

      the first video phone was invented by a filipino named Gregorio Y. Zara in 1954 and it is called "the photo phone signal seperator network".. So "The Jetson's" didn't predict the video phone/video chat or whatever you want to call it..

    20. Shay Turner

      I love how she says “we are going to go through eight tv shows and movies...” when the title says 7. Ahah no hate, just thought it was funny 😁

    21. Just Fly

      This first one is obviously intentional?

    22. ironic_nickname

      the crackshot was based on the nes duck hunt gun.

    23. Devon Paroz

      Self-fulfilling prophecy. We are looking for the outcome based on the statement

    24. Mr. Jewish Asian

      God watched the simpsons

    25. slr 4209

      Waiting to see if Walle predicted the future too hmmmm

    26. Mark Atas

      I saw the idea of the first VR glasses in the movie Hackers

    27. Breena Prayag

      The Zootopia character was played by shakira so ofcourse It happened

      1. K.H. Rampersad

        Exactly. How are they so oblivious?

    28. II John Javier II


    29. Sean matthew Acuna

      Simpsons: ..... Movies that predicted the future: Your not the only one that was cursed with knowledge

    30. r3drift

      Shakira always has thst silloheote though and she's done that look already

    31. hengeyokai

      Seems na like everybody forgot about Myspace and Friendster.

      1. SM PARERO

        Are you filipino

    32. Best Tiktoks

      They didn’t predict the future they just really want it to happen....

    33. Cheyenne Wennmacher

      Yeah Simpsons can predict the future but when they show Tokyo they write down that it's Osaka. So does this mean Mount Fuji is going to move in the future too?

    34. xRandom bishx

      Even tho this ain't a cartoon A guy in 2012 predicted that Kobe Bryant will die in a helicopter crash I thinks that's creepy ;-;

      1. tinyHongjoong

        Thats creepy

      2. Happy Guy

        Yeah. Glad it happened.

    35. Ljsquared

      problem with the Friends/social media one is that social media existed before Facebook, myspace came out a year before Facebook. Plus colleges had what we know of as social media as well there was just a specific website for each college. Facebook took that idea and connected multiple colleges together, then took it further connecting the entire world. I feel like a lot of these "predictions" were, a lot of the time, just smart people seeing something in a movie or tv show, thinking it was a good idea and running with it.

    36. defectIllusions

      we had social media before facebook -_-

    37. PunkTunes

      bruh Mikaela looks exactly like victoria justice lmao

    38. Vicky Ran

      Shakira actually played that character that protrays her

      1. Lee Nguyễn

        they literally said that in the video like 10 times

    39. Ira Ford

      Great one.

    40. Crystal the Weird Potato

      The Jetsons one is _actually_ very predictive. The others are too close together, but that one was mind-blowing

    41. Haley Faragalli

      Writers are crazy

    42. Nirmiti Marathe

      I think that shows don’t predict the future, people probably base those things off of those shows or whatever, idk. 🙃

    43. Dreem Walker

      Come on ... there have been SEVERAL outbreaks of deceases between 1993 and NOW ... so this is just farfetched and sad.

    44. Mariposa

      Illumnati confirmed

    45. cafesmitty

      Scrubs Bin Laden episode... c'mon now.. everyone knew that he was chilling in Pakistan... everyone.

    46. Divisha Agarwal

      Here I am thinking if there will be an Osaka virus in future.......

    47. yanga akdasta

      They obviously knew what was planned before it happened. That makes it way less scarring once you know how evil the people in power are.

    48. Luis Rodriguez

      Eric wearing that Capra collection!! Hope BigT is watching!

    49. Wilfred Mensinga

      Just say 100.000 things and then cherry-pick and you can predict the future.

    50. RuffusCG !

      It’s stuff that’s pretty much predictable tho

    51. Melissa Charles

      It’s just creative ideas and thoughts injected into media. I’ve had ideas and then seen it come true, but I dont consider it “seeing the future”

    52. Richard rage

      yo here is another prediction video on the Simpsons:alsel.info/video/video/nYiuZatyuZ2Lk7I.html

      1. Trixian Apdol

        Fuck I've been rickrolled -~-

    53. Caleb Doyle

      I mean the simpsons has been running since the 80’s, it’s bound to have a portion of its skits come true IRL.

    54. Kristina00f YT

      Simpsons u better make an episode prediction when 80% of the population got quirks/Superpowers

      1. Kristina00f YT

        Edison Hou yes lol

      2. Edison Hou

        Kristina00f YT my hero academia ?

    55. Letitia Anderson

      That short ASMR by that girl right there tho💗

    56. Alex Loder

      I'm 100% convinced these "predictions" happen because creators get inspired by what they see and try to make them real; it's neither predictive programming nor pure coincidence

    57. westtell4

      that friends episode in 2003 was Friendster it existed before myspace or facebook and was one of the first socialmedia platforms

      1. hartshapedvideo

        There was also Friends Reunited in 2000

      2. amanda cook

        Or they are just mocking Xanga which started in 1999 but didnt really catch on until 2001-2002

    58. id104335409

      Who came up with face-time? It's called video call.

      1. Elin -

        Iphone users

    59. slarti bartfast

      The Simpsons virus one is stupid. It's Japan FFS ! A different country how is that prediction?

      1. ひろと

        @slarti bartfast yah...without a host most bacteria dies within 48 hours

      2. ひろと

        @Tia kelly viruses have spreaded in similar manners since forever though... diseases aren't a new thing brah...

      3. Nacho Sanchez

        @Declan Moran how's that a prediction if it's happened before. Before the episode and between it and today. Several times.

      4. Declan Moran

        I think it’s more like a virus forming in another country and spreading to the us and countries around the world. But I agree, it’s stupid

    60. DarkMoonGeneral

      Uhhh where's star trek ? Star trek the orignal series had the flip phone and tng had tablets and other items kinda a fail you didnt add star trek .

      1. DarkMoonGeneral

        @skiddadle skadoodle I'm aware of that star trek is a show.

      2. skiddadle skadoodle

        DarkMoonGeneral it says tv shows and movies

      3. DarkMoonGeneral

        @DGramusset while you are correct this list said tv shows and movies not writers.

      4. DGramusset

        Uhhh, where's Jules Verne, he predicted too much to even make a list.