7 People Who Had Plastic Surgery vs 1 Who Has Not



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    1. Adrian Kesten

      6 circumcised vs 1 uncircumcised?

    2. •S a p h i r e•

      Can there be an episode 7 Melanie Martinez fans vs. 1 Billie Eilish fan

    3. Kristina Kane


    4. Arnav Kacker

      Isn't there supposed to be an episode today?

    5. ItzBaileyJr

      i love how inclusive they were with having a trans guy and someone nonbinary

    6. Tj & Tayy

      Do antivax

    7. Rolfadinho OTG

      I wan to see you guys put up 6 current real estate agents against me. I’m a former real estate agent, so I can easily blend in with them as the mole in this game since I know a lot of their lingo.

    8. WCTA Chicago underground sound

      I made it two minutes in before I puked.

    9. Eponser 챔피언

      he looks like the guy on instagram who eats rats and frogs alive :E of course no front !

    10. Avery Belloff

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a>.... 😑

    11. Thomas Falla

      PLEASE do 6 drug dealers and 1 policeman

    12. Shiran Shwartz

      Do next 7 bank workers vs a robber

    13. A. Alexander

      Say you got lip fillers while having this lips? 🤨

    14. Ms.Weaboo

      Is it just me or Anna’s Outfit looks like Rosa’s from Brooklyn 99???🤨🤣😂

    15. Katty Spills Da Tea

      Im still waiting for 6 Billie Eilish Fans vs 1 Secret Hater 💙💙💙

    16. doliio volay

      Next up: Guess who's got coronavirus

    17. Baraa Saifi

      How much is the prize anyway?

    18. Haagames

      You guys should do one with youtubers lol

      1. doliio volay

        Shannon is literally killing it 😍🔥

    19. Ian Wilken

      Why did they vote Sage out?? Lying about their dad dying would have been pretty harsh

    20. Watcher

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="463">7:43</a> is she telling a joke or somethin?

    21. Taylor Benson

      I'll think of what informed both mine and their prior judgements. Judgement is a strong word, and the, "preconcieved notions", that you assumed your viewers had, is a very strong thing to lead with. It was an interesting introduction. Was i judged before i even watched this video? Careful wording says no...but this whole video is about judgement tbh

    22. Erica Janelle

      this is the most chill group of people I’ve seen lol they’re so fkn calm and quiet

    23. JΛMΛ

      "Whisper" 💀 and white ppl mock African names

    24. Micaila Thompson

      Shannon: second guessing herself idk why I laughed when I saw that

    25. a depressed teenager

      the one who said she was a dancer seemed like a sus to me, she was kicked in the face and her nose shifted yet she waited a couple of years to fix it bc of her parents? eeh weird but okay

    26. charlie wiser

      i rlly feel like the kardashian/ jenner clan should’ve been the ones to play this game

    27. Jacksonmarvil Playz

      This made me think about getting rhinoplasty 😔

    28. Bob Ross

      Jubilee really does get the sketchiest people.

    29. millennial sleek

      This is the first time they actually voted the mole out

    30. Giuseppe Collia

      If you're gonna put pronouns on one person, maybe put them on everyone?

      1. a depressed teenager

        i know i always get triggered when i hear someone saying "she or he" instead of them

    31. strikerbiker95

      why does sage's name have (they/them)?? like, sorry but...

    32. God's Sister Janice

      The guy with the smallest lips put on lip gloss and said that he had injections well played

    33. Jasmyn Patel

      Did one of them say "I got it in middle school...." That is such a young age to get plastic surgery!

    34. Hurricane_ Katrina1211

      Shannon is literally killing it 😍🔥

    35. Ally S

      Sage pulled that “my dad died” card like fr that was so low.. of course she goes by they/them she was so obnoxious and tried being funny. How embarrassing

    36. Steven Casteel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="725">12:05</a> "nobody is going to dispute me being trans" - Yep. Weaponizing political correctness for monetary gain. Not cool Kendal.

    37. bodoti qwiu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="709">11:49</a> "WHISPER SIXX like a science project" <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="728">12:08</a> "KENDAL knew would win" WHOEVER EDITED THIS VIDEO ILY AHAHAH

    38. alyssia hamdan

      there should be one with 7 antivax vs 1 pro vaccine

    39. Lyn Boyd

      If it makes you happy then do it...who cares what others think...its your body not theirs.

    40. It’s that Toy show

      How do you get on this show

      1. JΛMΛ

        @bodoti qwiu what? 😂😂

      2. bodoti qwiu

        Middle school wtf

    41. Real Antagonist

      Alot of people hate their nose. If you have a nice nose you are lucky.

    42. Elli O

      trans one was kinda unfair...who's gonna dispute him lol

    43. Birds Nest Bacon

      Sage, Adelaide, and Whisper These namess 💀💀

    44. TheWeirdos44

      I don't mean to be that person, but I could instantly tell who had it done because they do not look good, they all looked a bit inhuman lol.

    45. Feet Beat

      can u do one with one trans and everyone else isn’t trans

    46. ratatouille girl

      I’m so happy that they used the right pronouns for Sage

    47. SoraIdeso

      Sage looks like my Orthodox religion teacher from 9-10th grade she was hot 😳

    48. carleh ϟ kanjirou

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="79">1:19</a>, I LOST xQc Lost

    49. alacarteno

      the girl with silver hait looks so much like phoebe buffay / lisa kudrow it’s inSANE

    50. M Jaymes

      Adelaide and Shannon were the most boring/annoying talkers that’ve been on this channel... It’s like Addy drew out her little surgery story bc she was being filmed

    51. Jada the Gamer

      What did the (they/them) by sages name mean

    52. Potato Chips

      Woah they’ve got the whole spice cabinet here

    53. Cho CaMon

      i knew it that the guy is gonna be from the first sentence cause he put that lipgloss on his mouth trying to pretend that is bigger but that is not how lip injections work :D

    54. :v Lol

      Bruno Will Know Who's Lying This Taste, This Taste Is A Taste of A Lier, Giorno Giovanna!

    55. KPP

      Middle school wtf

    56. Zainab Khawaja

      Someone’s talking about damaging their nose and then their parents not wanting them to do the surgery?😂

    57. Kitty Joyce

      the mole woman

    58. Luca Dodson

      I think sage

    59. Just Jonce

      Imagine the Jimin guy coming here

    60. Coletrain Hetrick

      Your bringing in people who want you to refer to them as they/them?

    61. Coletrain Hetrick

      Anyone who does it for bigger tits is horrible in my books.

    62. Bearded Dragon Sir

      You should do 6 drunk people vs 1 sober person

    63. ¿ paradiise ?

      I’m pretty sure the width of your nose is supposed to be the length of your mouth so that’s what I was checking for.

    64. Jb 98

      ‼️So im just looking for opinions i have a mole in my face, you cant miss it. its a huge part of my identity. its the classic upper side lip mole. some call it the “sexy mole” which i dont think it is. Ever since i was young, i wanna say 8-10 years old, i hated it. its the first thing people look at. my older brothers, would pick on me and say “hey you have a fly” or whenever my mom would try to swat flies arround the house, they (my brothers) would pretend to swat me or mention to swat me. sometimes they still do today. im 22 now. i have a husband and kids now. Whenever my husbands compliments my mole, i cant help but feel insecure, i just simply hate being talked about it. one time he joked about the “fly” joke, and he knows how much that hurts, he apologized but still it hurts. Now i want to remove it, i mentioned it to my husband he says not to, but i just hate it soo much. its not big, its just “normal” size i guess. i didnt know you can remove moles at a young age, if i had known then i would of begged my mom to remove it but now that im older, people know me by my mole, like i said its part of my identity. im afraid of removing it and not be recognized. or im afraid of not recognizing myself and having some sort of identity crisis. but i just hate it so much. what are y’all’s opinions?

    65. Madiouf Ndiaye

      Why did they put they/them next the Sage’s name

    66. Kalku

      They all got booty implants after this video.

    67. la lisa

      Anna's voice kinda sounds like doja cat's voice

    68. MTNation

      Girl all the way on the right is fine asf

    69. m v

      STFU it’s wasn’t for breathing, y’all are just ill 😷

    70. m v

      Lol Jade xDD you don’t have the look

    71. Griffin Treat

      Anna looks like the girl version of Rudy Mancuso

    72. Isabella Watson

      Kendal had it down he’s the real winner

    73. Colby Skinner

      Addelaide looks like Kendall from dance moms

    74. NeatNarwhalz .

      7 people who aren’t me and 1 person who is me played by me and they have to guess who is me but get this were all clones so no matter who wins the money all goes to me.

    75. GamerGator 44

      Do a vid where full time redditors tries to find 1 secret tik tok user

    76. Trvll_Destiny

      I can’t wait until I get the money to get my rhinoplasty

    77. Ava Rincon

      The gurl with the moles was annoying like lit just stop

    78. Iris Olivia

      Miranda doe😍

    79. Milo Hickerson

      You should do a who has the coronavirus

    80. Azar Safi

      Wait...... I thought adelaide said that she was a dancer and something hurt her nose and her breathing was off but then she changed her story! How did they not notice that!!!