24 hour Online Shopping Challenge

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    we have gotten so many requests since our 24 hour shopping challenge, to do ANOTHER 24 hour shopping challenge, so we decided since we're stuck inside our homes currently, that we should do a 24 hour ONLINE shopping challenge. watch to see what happens in the next 24 hours, and stay til the end to see our MASSIVE 24 hour online shopping challenge haul!
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    If you see this, comment "I CANT BELIEVE GABI BOUGHT THAT FOR NIKI LOL"
    only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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    We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our 24 hour online shopping challenge video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!


    1. Ashly Ren

      Gabi’s dresses are so cuteee, you look like a princess 👸❤️ kokoszekmala@gmail.com

    2. Chiara Gali

      Niki & Gabi: you should do this challenge too! Me looking at my bank account: ..... maybe in a few years 😂 Loved the video, and the weeding dresses you choose 😍 paypal: chiaragali

    3. Ella's create's

      Ok I love you

    4. Faith Short

      Niki was going for a yellow vibe

    5. Cyril Arenque

      Thank you for inspiring me to strive harder. So many bills to pay but with limited resources. Paypal: CArenque

    6. Ella's create's

      I’m like niki not really much Gabi in style and acting ways

    7. Chenayi Dzinotyiwei

      I miss nikis blue hair

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    9. Dorete Aaroe

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    15. its_lizzy snow

      I wish I could shop but there's a lockdown

    16. lizi gavashelishvili

      gaby DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMn girl and niki you kill that hair

    17. Stephanie Grace Acdol

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    18. Adina Emric

      Omg my name is Adina😅 I've never heard an American say my name and I didn't know there was a company named Adina' s jewels like what?

    19. Simply Georgie

      Hi niki and gabby hope your starting safe ❤️

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    22. Somara Woods

      gabbi you should get the Layer Long Sleeve Top alo yoga in pink!!!

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      i just want to say you both looked so pretty in all those outfits

    28. Ella Berger

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      Loved the video literally watched till the end you girls are to funny 😂😘 Venmo: jennifer-Lopez-388

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    33. Viviana Vásquez

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      i'M nOt liKE oThEr giRls

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      natallieg2128@gmail.com i jss found out my grandpa has the corone virus & your channel always helps me cope :(

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      My cash app is daybarlow 🥺 Gabi idk of you remember me, but I drew the picture of u and Collin at the beach.

    38. Hig Gig

      Meh idk might as well you never know solo yeet hereeee @darkshadow2070@gmail.com And if you do send me a donation thank you so much ! I would love to draw both of youuu! Here is so of my work but I have gotten better❤😁

      1. Hig Gig

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    39. 23McMillanS Student

      Can you do the helium drive thru challenge? xx

    40. Rosa Martinez

      Thank you for the great content did lift up my spirits after having lost my job and going through a transition right now😊please continue to make more videos they really are great to watch thank you. my email is rosalinared24@gmail.com

    41. Xxx Maha

      Nicki ur hair is fabulous ❤️love itttt 😆and Gabi you are so pretty!!!!

    42. L. Royal

      THAT LAST OUTFIT NIKI OMG, you could sleep in there! 😂😂 And thank you for the ending! I hope you all also stay healthy and safe! - - - Paypal: lucreziareale0799@gmail.com

    43. Alejandra Murillo

      omg to see them come this far is crazy they’ve grown so much 🥺 also here’s my email lol M.ale1002@yahoo.com

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      I really enjoy these type videos, especially seeing your distinct styles! Thank you so much for giving back to ur fans, and trying ur best to upload during this time

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    50. tay martin

      venmo - Taylor-Martin-724 y’all are the sweetest ever for this! i have been a huge fan of y’all for years. i have Crohns and i didn’t find out til after i became obsessed with Gabi at a young age that she had an IBD. to see my idol go through the same things as me always made me feel less alone growing up with this disease

    51. Strawberri Shortcake

      Gabi with that makeup wipe though 😂

    52. Juancarlos Flores

      Does gabi have eye contacts on????????

    53. Nohelia Uribe

      I can’t believe gabi bought that for Nikki!! The wedding outfits were my fav for both 😋 Venmo: @Nohelia-Uribe

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