2020 iPad Pro Review: It's... A Computer?!

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    The iPad Pro refresh is impressive. But does it answer the question?
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    1. Boom Bammer

      Things apple is good at- Making multi-functional products Making the best video Cameras Making the toughest glass Keeping the doctor away

    2. 3D ToolBox

      I think Q-life is driving him crazy😂😂😂😂

    3. Judith Baderha

      When he coughed I was like. CORONA

    4. Jay's World

      please gift me

    5. Zaphod Stone

      When they make an iPad that can run windows programs, games, etc like my gaming laptop does i'll give it a try. It's the best iPad ever made but it's still just an iPad. Not a laptop replacer. Not even close.

    6. Dayve Ilonze

      The intro😹

    7. AK HD

      (Clearing throat) Google (Clearing throat)

    8. Kwame Appiah

      DC transit has Lidar on its buses 👀

    9. Kwame Appiah

      The DMV is strongly bucking the idea of staying inside. Especially with tourism down, even more of our residents are flooding the parks/ streets. Any who... I love that Apple put this out just in time for people to spend their stimulus checks

    10. Meet Patel


    11. Throwaway Account

      That eyebrow asymmetry.

    12. Runner Res

      Does the backlight of the screen bleeds over time, like the iPad Pro first generation?

    13. Splash

      The new iPad is just 50 bucks more than the old one. So I just got the new one since Im in need of one

    14. Apple official


    15. Poliarinis

      wow... finally apple did what samsung had a year ago with tab s6 :D

    16. joelperry997

      so what's the marques score?

    17. Daniel Palma

      Ey Marques, any chances you start reviewwing Android tablets too? I know they are not as good as iPad is, but maybe you can take the better ones and reviewed. Maybe compare them with the iPad. Or instead of Android tablets, ChromeOS tablets? I think it would be a good idea.

    18. Carlos

      Man 6 gb RAM is nothing! My S20 has 12 gb!

    19. Carlos

      I would call it a "computer" if it had MacOS Catalina.

    20. nisse3991

      About having a good camera on a tablet. Back in the day, I would’ve been inclined to aggree: Why would you want to be that guy?! But...Since i’ve stepped up working as a coach in Archery, my iPad Pro as become my number one goto tool for videoanalysis. I know it’s fairly specific, but the 240fps are priceless for me. Just some food for thought :) Great vid... as usual ;) Keep it up, and stay safe!

    21. White Creation

      Who want to ipad pro? But I need to 1000 subscriber so I aspect your beautiful support.

    22. Braden Jensen

      I thought the "What's a computer" thing was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing when Marques' mind was "blown". It's how I would react if a kid asked me that while using an iPad.

    23. Saurabh Jha

      The next level guy

    24. Ahmed Fahmy

      I wish I have this , but i coud not afford one :( can i get as a gift :)

    25. Mumtaza Rizky Iswanda

      LIDAR tech would be very helpful for interior designer as well as for engineers who need to render real-life dimension prior to finalizing the draft

    26. MAKSTR

      LIDAR = Camera's light meter

    27. Nihilyst

      Dude screw apple when your device is 2+ years old its basically useless unless you don't want to update any apps or install anything new on it.

    28. Eagle Eye Media

      great acting marques foreal foreal

    29. Vicky Sieto

      it cant do excel like real computer does

    30. jeremiah hunter

      Who’s watching this on an iPad?

    31. iGiggs

      Can this iPad turn the water into wine🍷🤔

    32. James Chang

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="264">4:24</a> how do you block everyone's view if you're in the back row ??? HAHAHHA

    33. Alex Hendricks

      apple should make it optional on ipad between mac os and ipad os

    34. Taseen ROYAL

      Hey how did you get shift ctrl and alt on the built in keyboard

    35. Finn

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="261">4:21</a> Asian tourists in Times Square be like

    36. JMusiquex

      Where can i get that addidas jacket

    37. World Aquarium Singapore

      LiDAR is a game changer

    38. Colin Su

      Great video. I would like to know if it can run LaTex.

    39. 9latinum Studioz

      Nice $alt lamp 👌✨🔥✨

    40. Karan Somaiya

      I loved the suspense that the audio was from iPad

    41. William Gum

      What's hilarious about this is that it's the same claim every year. Is it true this year? NO! I have a graphics art major friend who brought an iPad pro last year. I showed him that our school gives out Adobe for free. Long story short. He can't do everything you can on a PC. You can do some of that stuff on a Mac but there are still features missing. Its just unprofessional and that makes it an expensive toy. The iPad this year is the same, you can't do everything you can on a pc with better specs for less of a price. Macs are not more secure, look at what Russians are doing with hacking. Seriously, GOOGLE it cause Apple search engine and AI are way behind. The feature of an iPhone are at best two years behind. And face id is easier to trick than 1 in a billion finger prints. If you all want to live in some cognitive dissonance world like a bunch of Trump fans ok. But stop saying the same thing every year. It's not a computer. It hasn't been for years and it won't be until they give it a computers full of program.

    42. Poketrevor

      Oh my god that Apple ad is the reason why I bought ALsel Red haha

    43. rapidmage

      I would TOTALLY buy it if it had iOS AND Mac OS, a keyboard doesn’t make it a computer

    44. Jimmy Gunner

      I caught the 420 in the thumb nail, I see what you playin at


      I have been watching Marquee for a very long time but today there were not that much detail about the product like charging , screen sad 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    46. Divine Zeal

      My MacBook Pro is 13 inches... iPad Pro is 12.9.... hmmmm huh?!

    47. Melody Butler

      Upgrading from the iPad Air 2. I ordered this today in silver, 12.9in, 128gb. Can’t wait!!!

    48. Ríshabh Poddar

      @mkbhd I understand your audience is general consumers and it makes sense for you to review mainstream products like the iPad. But I would appreciate if you could review something that the "total-nerds" would like, for eg: The Lenovo ThinkPad Fold or reMarkable Tablet 2! Looking forward.

    49. SUPPLEX Time

      I still have my iPad from 2017

    50. Aww Skit

      Lmao why would I need a trackpad on a touchscreen?

      1. Pedro Alter

        I would like both. You don't have to wave your arms around every time you want to do something. Even though it doesn't seem like it's that far to the screen, if you touch type, it's pretty nice to keep your hands on the keyboard and just flick your thumb over to navigate or click. Why would you not want as much flexibility as possible?

    51. Ethan Zeccardi

      I think it's gonna be used for the future of reviewing things in ar, like amazon products, or apple products, things that would require a really good camera/ar sensor

    52. X Fade

      MKBHD: So how much ram do they have? Apple: It's a surprise! Us: Wait what?

    53. StandUpTheVanguard

      i rewatched :20 - :30 like 6 times. great reactions lol

    54. Wraith_ PrimeTime

      It’s has more space than my Xbox

    55. byGeorg3R

      Oh, a camera bump! What a nice feature!

    56. Isaac Fish

      You can afford all this I have a cheap phone lol I'm jealous

    57. Ronald Escarez

      Nice quirks and features.

    58. mochi

      what’s a computer? *questions existence*

    59. HGST

      I have LIDAR on my robot vacuum

    60. Ray

      You had the Beastie on a CASSETTE TAPE! 👍🏻🤙🏻 Now all the kids are going to ask "what the hells a cassette?" 😂

    61. Aaron Cooke

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="203">3:23</a> all iPad Pro have 6 gigs of RAM.

    62. Lydia Weinberg

      Would you be able to do what iPad is truly worth it for college students? Because as dope as the iPad Pro seems to be I can't justify breaking the bank, especially when I already have a Macbook Air. Thanks in advance, LOVE your videos.

    63. Thibaut Mahringer

      It’s not about cursor, mouse or anything like that, a real computer have real full fat programs to work on it. It’s up to the app devs if iPad is or will be as good as a real computer or not.

    64. Dubs Guy

      idek why i watch these when i cant afford anything theyre just so damn addicting

    65. Ruslan Nabiev

      I just want to say that those people who do to hide delicate and intricate things that make people happy have a special place in hell. They keep others depressed, you ever see people on the highway just drive by in a car that's weird and quirky, it surprises the hell out of me. I don't care if I cant afford it, just how they keep you in the dark until they get it is insane. I don't care about the things you own because you own them or the things themselves, but there is still a value things serve when everyone is allowed to have them you know. Fuck this world is so fucking selfish man. Jesus Christ. It is too damn egoistic and narcissistic, people are too in love with themselves and that is very very very bad for everyone else.

    66. The Singaporean

      Its not a com cause it runs on ios idiot

    67. TitusJ2002

      Me watching on my 2017 generic iPad with good storage be like😭😭😭 I’m broke

    68. Mzwandile Harmans

      Is there a competition? I don’t think so, those too slow s6 galaxy tabs 🤭

    69. Kenny McCann

      Can't wait to buy. Great video!

    70. Laxman Kumar

      Sir can I get I phone like harnoor Singh in usa

    71. Max Zheng

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="267">4:27</a>i was literally pissed when you held the ipad in front of the cam, blocking my view 😂 😂 😂 😂

    72. Jay Jay

      Isn’t 6 gigs of RAM across storage sizes one of the new selling points and distinguishing features of the 2020 iPad Pro? 🤔

    73. KxR

      Can someone tell me what on earth that green thing at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="499">8:19</a> is?!

    74. Chris Jung

      get a haircut

    75. jonny j

      Funny how the "new" chip is the EXACT same a12x as the old ipad pro. Proves that people really are quite delusional...

    76. Lens Cabin Visualz 2020

      Finally heard him ask people to subscribe 🤣🙌🏾

    77. Matt Gissentanna

      I’m considering switching to the iPad Pro for photography and ALsel. My 2018 13 MBP has issues handling FCPX with Lightroom and Photoshop open. I wonder if 6GB in the iPad Pro is enough.

    78. The Apple Professional

      Is the iPad Pro from 2017 still a good deal?

    79. nimish sharma

      is it good for coding?

    80. Lizwi Buthelezi

      I have a 2018 iPad Pro 11-inch and I am not going upgrade my iPad.