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  1. Juanixa Ruiz

    Am I the only one who thought she was trynna flirt with Rhett the whole time? Even in the main episode?

  2. Aj Alvarado

    13:40 link gets it 😂

  3. Ian W.

    Ice cream? No.. Ice cream? ...No. Ice cream...? ...........

  4. Markus

    *says newfoundland* Me: djdhsjnwskje?!?!?

  5. Nicholas Van Dusen

    Rhett: Guesses 'Guy Fieri' after two dots, a line, and some squiggles Also Rhett: Cannot fathom that the line is a musical instrument

  6. Kaia :D

    *Link scoops a good looking scoop* *Link gets excited* *Rhett scoops an almost perfect scoop* Link: *whimpers* Dont worry Link u did great XD

  7. Jordan Cameron

    The police hold up traffic like that for funeral processions.

  8. Funny Channel

    butt oozing hhahahahahthats what link said hahahahha

  9. Kantann


  10. Amelia Anderson

    Is Link wearing a Brad Mondo t-shirt? It really looks like Brad Mondo.

  11. Bridget McGrath

    I love that Link became that guy at the party who always finds the guitar and all you can do is just smile and nod.


    She needs to come back, she’s fun

  13. Ronnald Esterson Terson

    i Love liver

  14. tomotow


  15. Davide Gaibotti


  16. Ky le

    Who says carmole and not Caramel

  17. CanadianJess

    "I could put macaroni on my own abs" weird flex but okay link

  18. Maliza Maria

    Those kids match their fathers perfectly

  19. stick war LEGACY

    Dammnnnn rhett is old now he act diffrently

  20. AsianOstrich 68

    All their vids are copyrighted??

  21. J

    I made ballon animals as a kid 100 times better than R&L and no I wasn't a clown. I was just a kid who liked baloon animals. You can't be afraid of the baloon or you'll surely be in a bind. It is hard but not as hard as you think. My specialty is flowers. They're so awesome to make. I've made a hat and dogs. A waitress showed me how to make a bike. She made a car as well.

  22. Yasin Hassenbey

    Many references were almost foreshadowing 😳🤯

  23. Loki_the86

    Should hav served joshs sourpatchjerky

  24. Dorian sova13

    What is your trainer code

  25. J

    Link being so lefty doesn't know Day After Tomorrow? What?

  26. Destiny Johnston

    Just wanted to say that Rhett, the hair looks great man lol. Do whatever your heart desires.

  27. Katya M

    Genuinely love the piktionary with food games, this was great! Link guessing Kim was just so frustratingly hilarious

  28. Creature Named Maggot

    Link knows the bog booty women kok

  29. Ardy Head

    Ham Butter=Lard...

  30. J.P. Hardy

    Hey baby, lemme be your Mr. Goodhunk 😘

  31. Kate Schmitter

    8:25 when Rhett said “muh ner nah” I felt that

  32. Hey It’s Charlie

    I love cotton candy Randy!!

  33. Shah Awan

    Josh needs a series

  34. Gamer831crossfire

    its actually pronounced "fieti"

  35. Kira Yoshikage


  36. James White

    How is this video not age restricted? Lmao

  37. douchebaggins7

    Later shitstains

  38. AnimalLover 13

    "Who is this? Mike.... Mi.... Mike Wijouski?" -Link (had me roooollling)

  39. Jessie Sikich

    Kardashian......the Kim one. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. Seductive Pussycat- TAP ON MY PHOTO

    i have no words, dude 😋 👛

  41. Jason Hillyer

    “ThirtySix - TwentyFour - ThirtySix” 😂😭😭

  42. Laila Abdul-Rahim

    I was thinking harry and the Henderson’s

  43. Miriam

    claiming kim k is "THE woman with the big butt" is the greatest dissapontment this show has ever brought me.

  44. J.P. Hardy

    "Kim's butt is oozing..."

  45. Rachel Knight

    The ice cream and xploders are the best in my opinion

  46. Briana Farley

    This was pure hilarity! Literally LOL! I think more Pictionary games in the future would be great!

  47. Chris Moon

    AWWW Cute puppy!

  48. Briana Farley

    HOW HAVE THEY NEVER HAD TOBLERONE?! I'm glad this MORE allowed them to finally enjoy it, but Link didn't seem too impressed.

  49. DEXTER2K

    I had that before it was great

  50. Melanie Horowitz

    Rhett’s dog is exactly like my dog xD also I love how Jade just chilled in Links arms ^~^

  51. Exayevie

    Holy heck, that wheel spin was truly Mythical. An honest “what are the chances” moment lol!

  52. uplate57

    I have got to stop watching these after midnight. I so want some KFC right now!

  53. Kira Yoshikage

    That song is catchy it sticks to your mind easily i think it would be a hit in Europe

  54. Anthony Reeb

    “Bigfoot hyperextending his left arm?”

  55. Jesse Jason

    This woman tries to hard🤦‍♂️

  56. Melancholy Melon

    The ghost protein powder is great

  57. S0UL-T193R_ xd

    whatever happened to jen?

  58. Vanessa Li

    1:21 Rhett nonchalantly asking Lucas if he’s okay was very sweet ☺️☺️

  59. Keziah Jose

    I officially feel bad for flies and other insects l, if that’s what we’re doing to them!

  60. Melanie McGregor

    i could not stop watching the dog the whole time... the real star of the show

  61. malorie dawn

    i had to stop it at 5 minutes bc i was LAUGHING TOO HARD AT THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND DANCES

  62. Dallen Miller

    I really don’t like this girl

  63. fleeZyppc

    i wish the audience didn't know the answer so we could guess along!

  64. Jishan Kader

    Wow this was fantastic 🙏🏻

  65. Fleebl

    why did I watch the whole GMM episode and then watch the whole of this

  66. Birthdxys

    where r the watermelon and strawberry ones

  67. jon dabron

    8:20 Fried peanut butter Merica

  68. Krista Chafe

    No one wants your cheese art rhett 😂

  69. Weirdo Yas

    1:44-1:51 was a cute lil moment

  70. Andrew Nguyen

    bruh I just got jumpscared at 7:42 ....

  71. kerflop

    I love that they seem to be getting along better lately since they got their creative house lol

  72. Leah Greczanik

    “Is that a booty?”

  73. xgage86

    That cereal is an abomination

  74. Caiten S

    Alright you've got me. I'm looking up Iliza on Netflix.

  75. Boots and Bandanas Music

    Dang since when has link played guitar? 😂

  76. GrandmaLoves2Scuba


  77. taylor

    mike wajowski.

  78. Bill Aldredge

    Te Patterson film has been evaluated by better people than you two assholes!

  79. Karla Genesis

    I’m screaming of how funny this is 😂😭😂

  80. Denise Nova

    This is awesome.

  81. ss ghost

    They are taking the piss 🤣🤣🤣

  82. Kashton Palmer

    36 24 36

  83. Liyah Watters

    The groaning has me QUAKING. I'm dieing of laughter. Good lort. God bless these two men. This is my cup of tea right here.

  84. Amanda Brandt

    Sharing ice cream then she coughed!! 😆

  85. Tanner Meche

    god i want a MORE after the MORE, i want a MUCH MORE

  86. Karen Arias

    That last one had an "its notmy cu puff tee" vibes lol

  87. Amelia Anderson

    I wonder if Dashiell inspired Damnyell, lol

  88. Mia Shengaris

    “are we the real estate agent” 😂

  89. Joseph Abke

    Where were the damn SOUR PATCH WATERMELONS

  90. Hannah Soapy

    "Oh, um, Kardashian. The Kim one."

  91. Kira Yoshikage

    What about the invisible orbees

  92. Kira Yoshikage

    Isn’t blowing and sucking the same thing

  93. James Williams

    Rhett pulled a link with the whole “missing the flute” thing. Sorry link

  94. runawayfae ?!!

    "Do you hold a recorder like that?!" Is the exact kind of smartass response I give.

  95. Mark Petersen

    Laughing so hard at Link putting the thing back on the Wheel of Mythicality. The older and more chaotic he gets the more I enjoy him. I hope this is still a show 20 years from now because it is going to be AWESOME.

  96. Tanktech2001

    “Mike wajowski”

  97. Candyboy1018- Clash Royale and More!

    1:23 Canadian link

    1. Candyboy1018- Clash Royale and More!

      I’m so funny omg!!!! 🤣

  98. Madison Heycock

    I literally cried laughing watching this episode, sending me into a coughing fit. This was one of the funniest GMMore episodes ever created.

  99. Primere

    0:52 Chase's laugh lmao 😂 so adorable

  100. Tyler Chae-Banks

    Lot more fun not knowing what they are drawing, you can play along in that way. Also @16:05 Link I agree, v good MORE! Keep up the great work!