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  1. Makayla Wheatley

    "Thanks you guys for cleaning up!" *proceeds to make mess again*

  2. dick castle

    You think these guys can f around some more? Get to the damn point already

  3. Blox Builds, Tours and Role-plays

    Sharks have teeth!!!!!!!🦈🦈🦷🦷🦷🦷

  4. rak pq

    12:23 😂😂😂😂 I don't know why it's so funny

  5. Ailsa Ni

    This looks so fun?

  6. Cuban Pete

    Link reminded me of garff from. Wayne's world when he did the face close up

  7. Simon Smart

    You do NOT want to drink a dingleberry 😂😂😂

  8. I am an Alien


  9. ahmad alshalabi

    this came back to my recommended , and im glad it did

  10. Adam Garas

    I work at McDonald’s and I’m 14

  11. My patronus Is literally Voldemort

    It should be illegal for Rhett and link to say the word daddy

  12. Suspended STUDIOS

    You have to drink 2,016 vold drinks for this type of teeths

  13. Chris Sparks

    Rhett says Sharks don't have teeth.....but Google says Sharks can up to 50,000 teeth during it's lifetime lol. Some sharks have 15 ROWS of teeth, top and bottom!!! That way when they lose one, another one from their many layers of backup teeth just replaces it.

    1. Ailsa Ni

      I won the science fair in 5th grade doing this experiment, except I actually used human teeth. My brother was a paranoid kid and when he didn't want "some weird sketchy fairy

  14. Rogical

    Loved this episode. The crew sounded like they were having an awesome time, moments like these I wish we had a bts cam. Grats to Meagan too ☺

  15. aza993a

    Worth it

  16. Kyle Dilley

    Tony Hale isn’t funny

  17. oggy jack

    Why does Rhett looks like Jesse from Athlean-X but with beard?


    5:44 that's a compilation moment if I've ever seen one 😉😉😉

  19. Rebecca Soto

    I like how all the comments are people giving their love and support for Link. You're the best Link!

  20. Pippi W

    So much laughing, I had an asthma attack. Totally worth it!

  21. r a n d o

    who won the mustache

  22. metro2savagetv

    What is the point to click the bell if you update at the same time every weekday every year?

  23. Kenneth Nash

    Dr Pepper and lemonade

  24. niduoe stre

    That is NOTHING! Put a Standard Steel Carpenter's Nail In A Glass With Coca Cola And Check It In A Week ...YOU'LL SEE 😱...

  25. Riley Simplican

    Nicole has got the thickness

  26. manofwarandmusic501

    5:17 best response ever with setup

  27. Mel

    Link being an uwu man for twelve minutes and 36 seconds straight

  28. jkat1

    The new closing music is nice.

  29. B4ND1C00T

    Rhett- "If you wanna really get under somebody's skin press on their soft spots when they're bothering"

    1. niduoe stre

      BBQ soooo good .. You no need teeeff.

  30. Creepystone Animations


  31. Moisty Man

    I’m shocked that so many people don’t know who myth is

  32. Kimmy Rivera

    i haven’t watched you guys since i think 2015 or before, i miss those days lol

  33. Mogzy210

    Awsome episode full of anxiety and social awkwardness . Love it haha :D

  34. Planes & Planes 飞机

    In Pakistan cousins marry all the time. Brother and sisters don't.

  35. Planes & Planes 飞机

    At 12:25 who else saw that tiny spark jump from the frame of the phone to the home button left to right. Watch in 0.25x slo mo.

  36. Bibsquid 707


  37. Lorx

    Oh, shnap!

  38. Sierra Hurd

    Myth being confused about Link reading jumanji while Rhett is used to Link's randomness lmao

  39. plupo

    gmmore is so awkward

  40. Mats F.

    Id like some taters with a side of not dying please.

  41. SheepDogGaming

    You guys along with the Googan Squad and Demolition Ranch, are helping me fighting my demons. I was diagnosed with PTSD from Afghanistan and I appreciate your videos. Thank you for all you do.

  42. Patrick Bateman

    What a bunch of dickheads

  43. Michael Williams

    Time to prank the tooth fairy 💀

  44. Tori Applehans

    15 raccoons in Rhett’s yard lmao

  45. JarrahRainbow

    How have they not known about the Falkland wars

  46. Other

    Wegman's makes some good coffee

  47. Jerome Simpson

    Soda is poison

  48. Douglas Khilia

    I love there show say something good for ounce

  49. Mr Voorhees

    You should do it in like mntw for my gamers

  50. Carolyn

    I won the science fair in 5th grade doing this experiment, except I actually used human teeth. My brother was a paranoid kid and when he didn't want "some weird sketchy fairy" paying for his teeth, so he had hoarded about 6 of them in this secret 'tooth pillow' he used. Perfect experimental test subjects...

  51. Noah Imel

    Where can one get that handheld microscope??

  52. Varghese Aji

    I am from Canada

  53. Received Army👻


  54. zmoonlord21z

    You are pronouncing Roches wrong it's pronounced Ro-Shays

  55. BloodtoBody

    I cannot decide which part of this was my favorite. Damnyell's wild hair/Richard that reminds me of me in the morning? The hilariously uncomfortable attempt to explain testicles? The uncomfortably hilarious silence as Damnyell contemplated the scronut and Link his life choices?

  56. Danica Tanner

    Just looking at Josh gives me the RAZZLE DAZZLE 💖

  57. Natt the pancake

    "thank you guys for cleaning up" immediately make a mess again

  58. Daniel Villagomez

    I did this as a science experiment in middle school

  59. World Pog Federation

    A Slammin good episode! Do another one!

  60. Chris Doncic

    Is that gemini man?

  61. pbufh

    Who are these rejects and how are they trending.

    1. Zain Khaled

      pbufh who are you ?

  62. spicy ranch


  63. Shoshone Stover

    BBQ soooo good .. You no need teeeff.

  64. Zenexium

    Isnotmikupuftee In the mythicalian language translates to its not my cup of tea USE UR INNER SKULL

  65. Kristian Igama

    How bout leave it in sprite for a week?

  66. BIG BILL

    I always knew Pepsi was better

  67. Wesley Norman

    "That's a Coyote teeth" says both of them😂

  68. Amelia Cole

    Who is that

  69. Silver Rickert

    Link🥳what went through his mind in the beginning😅😂😂

  70. Otis Horne

    Shenshishive teeth 😂

  71. Cam Sim

    Myth seems so genuinely nice

  72. The Puppet Show


  73. Kimberly Dang


  74. Private Account

    Wow... how AMAZING. You left something susceptible to duress dyes and stains INSIDE something with CARAMEL COLORING????? AND IT STAAAAAAAINED????? WHAT. A. SHOCKER!

  75. Kit Kat

    Alas, Rhett and link are as awkward as I remember

  76. Julie Storie

    I don't like grapefruit but I can understand the salt cause that would take the bitter away a bit , little tip you can blput a pinch of salt in bitter coffee and it helps take the bite away

  77. ilovemartinmilner

    This is so funny! I've heard the story so many times and I still laugh.

  78. KP

    Well this episode got weird

  79. Charles Wilson

    Yawwwns. Ppl trying too hard to be funny instead of getting to the point. 👎👎

  80. Yanir Govrin

    Professor Birch tree is just a pokemon professor

  81. 1,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    "Brush when you enter the trash can, brush when you leave."

  82. Cat Nugget

    Link is just amazing

  83. •Miracle the Magic Potato レイラ•

    We did the same, but used egg shells and it was for a school project

  84. Collector Vee

    And 4 months later Ned will have stayed up for 36 hours to drive sleep deprived. I don't know why I find that so funny

  85. Green Glasses

    Want to know how and why you are both dingusi You didnt show what a tooth brushed every day

  86. Angelica Calderon

    I did the same experiment with my brothers tooth. And I only got a freaking participation award.

  87. Amaury Ruche

    The guy on the right is trying so hard to be funny give up your not funny and the guy on the left was just brought back to life from the cave man files

  88. Hailee Adams

    Good. God. I can't handle Rhett's hair.... UGHHHHHHH

  89. Heidi Carbaugh

    Well that “The Loudest Baby” pitch took a real quick dark turn 😯

  90. Kris

    OMG!! Link....My grandparents that raised me were Nanny and PaPa! Never heard of another person with Nanny and PaPa! I am just in awe right now!

  91. Luongo

    you didnt read about the falklands war

  92. Jose Diaz

    Avatar animado cortesía de Rina Shion de aries pako

  93. Albin Eriksson

    I love Cole and Dylan Sprouse and I love your Chanel

  94. masashake86

    mythbusters did it first

  95. Nate R

    4:00 xD

  96. Absolutely Everything

    There whole point of this video is...???

  97. Wisnu Canal

    Nice experiments Big like from Jakarta

  98. Hello Peoples

    Rhett you sir are a spork.A sharp personality but very useful.

  99. Jay Vang

    Omg raising canes is sooo good.