Hi, everyone! My name’s Azzy and I’d like to welcome you to AZZYLAND!
I’m a Canadian girl with a passion for all the good things in life :) From the heart-warming and hilarious, to the surprising and exciting: I welcome it all!
That’s why my goal with this channel is to inspire positivity, by bringing people together to encourage one another!

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  1. ii_mochilia

    The face mask is for Barbie!🤣🤣anyways have a nice day and don’t forget to smile!

  2. Haylee Arriola


  3. Rebecca Tsui

    7:04 ... why at this tragedy a watermelon gets crushed

  4. Lauren Vlogs

    4:58 my teacher had that It’s a giant box with mini tictac boxes inside

  5. Juliette Howell

    Of course I believe in aliens 👽 and ye I believe they don't have da desire to come to us HoOmAnS

  6. Aurelia H


  7. Hannah Banana

    I wish on 11 11

  8. Deo Haganta

    Hoss dat

  9. Angela Neely


  10. David Hamilton

    Also I am a boy and I have more female friends then male friends.

  11. Todoroki Shoto38

    Azzy:that was the stupidest joke No one laughed let’s be honest Me:*laughs*

  12. Amelia Edmiston

    6:55 Smoke heart

  13. Karen Polke

    In Australia almond is pronounced as A R E M A N D S

  14. Chocolate Milk


  15. Ruby's Art!!

    We dont deserve them 🥺❤❤❤

  16. David Hamilton

    I’ve been friend zoned

  17. Niccole Blackwood

    Don't watch video Me:watch it

  18. Wardah Al-Saady

    YAY OMG :D

  19. Chris Arbuckle

    I'm ten and I have been eating icicles for a long time

  20. Katy Kitty


  21. aweng_gaje channel


  22. Nicole Barrett

    Watching this at 2:00

  23. XEmmaPlayzX Roblox

    I like the way she said lady Gaga go girllll

  24. Blue queen T

    0:40 we have that in Kenya

  25. Diana Hernandez

    And its so satisfiing

  26. _*•Himikø•*_

    Kokichi really said in the hydrologic press (kokichi is from danganronpa v3 killing Harmony)

  27. Lbs Planet


  28. Sara Kugler

    I would do the animal because I’m obsessed

  29. Jas Ann


  30. Chloe Yow

    I cried when sibas dad died rip

  31. Bianca Mancini

    I'll become a toilet because it's my superhero after tacos

  32. Aimee Mcmaster


  33. CloudywithachanceofPlzhelp

    ok why does that sound like an asmr?

  34. Ieva Zuokaite

    You sad WOW!!

  35. Gaella Olivera

    I like your costus der pert💓💗💗💗💗

  36. W ì ł d F ł ø w ē r š

    Did u see how cute Azzy was!🥺❤️

  37. Londynn Slack

    He might be crying so he could stay up late and so he could do his schoolwork at night time and

  38. Unyeetable 1234

    Where’s jordi

  39. Eva Hahn

    4:55 so cute even tho he snake 🐍

  40. Michelle Lin

    Azzy I created the lava for them u know

  41. Karen Bentley


  42. Zoe Rose Athanasi

    who text the teacher

  43. Gregory Hollifield

    Me no batteries in my Furbies

  44. Secret Alvarez

    Yay she noticed the second one not the first one

  45. Karen Bentley

    Your boyfriend watching in the back of you

  46. Alex Gentry

    I would just wait for the lava to get cold and then walk through

  47. Antony Cole

    The new definition of parallel parking.

  48. Emma Robbins

    I am so late because I didn’t watch this until 2 years

  49. Jimena Galvan

    All my friends have exchru thes behiend der thes on 1st grad!!!!😭😢😤😟😔😕😯😥😣

  50. angelina sujadi

    I can do the w on

    1. angelina sujadi

      I mean one

  51. Tessa Author

    that toilet paper cake in 2020........

  52. Aylin Fregoso

    Azzy why don't be a striper honey no pls love ur vids not this one for the first time

  53. Jerzee Roo


    1. Jerzee Roo


  54. Brooke McLachlan

    I’m not even talking only because I’ve seen better not trying to be mean Azzy

  55. Brissa Hernandez

    Azzy: *making a video about food* Jordi: *chilling in the back*

  56. game falor

    U can call no one if u dropped to phone down the drain

  57. Nele P

    I love team trees🤩🤩🤩

  58. Sanie

    1:13 i need this spray so that I can spray my heart as it keeps on breaking

  59. Isabella Thompson

    I love animals so much that I even know that cats don't like water cuz of their fur and it's heavy for them if they get a water cuz of their fur

  60. Jamauri Reynolds

    You a a great person I love you make more video with gloom

  61. Oscar Perez

    Me:reads title Me:so you don't love jordi you should leave

  62. Evee_pokemon Love

    Me:this is a photoshop bread bruh Me again:I'm gonna search this up Siri:WOW ITS REAL Me:you said WOW!!!!

  63. Kennedy Kelsey


  64. A and M studios

    I’ve been super late to school I came in at 12pm

  65. ashley amundson

    yea [ ;

  66. ScrubyFace :0

    I’ve been chased by a rooster and trust me, their mean😳

  67. rynki li

    Watermelon my favourite food

  68. Ariyana Rhodes

    I found my cat in an Ali

  69. XxSunflower xX

    My friend ivy is fat and I don't call her fatty or fatass but other people do

  70. Bobbi Lefler

    do u know some people are born with no hand

  71. Wascar Hernandez


  72. game falor

    Yes pizza goes on pinneapple ehh the other way round

  73. Autumn Watts

    I didn't loose any of my lives

  74. Abcde Maggio

    I can do the clover leaf

  75. rynki li

    I eat watermelon seed

  76. YourTypicalGemini

    This is how many times Azzy said coincidence I I I I I I I I - - - - - - - - - - - > Tricked you! Coincidence! ;D

  77. Jessica Shaw

    Fit through

  78. Jessica Shaw

    I can roast those people for ya, they're fat they call you cancer they should watch the back because they cant fitthrough a door

  79. Danika B

    azzy you make my days ike 200% better! THANK YOU!!!!! i love you and all your videos. your are super funny and always make me giggle. i have been a supporter from day 1 and you are my fav youtuber. THANKS!!!!!! have a good day!


    I can do the one we're the thumb backwards the one that says rare

  81. Emi Tolli

    Azzy your cat is a bombay i have one to! 😊

  82. Antony Cole

    “Lady can we be friends and throw hair on needles?”

  83. Cara O'Neal

    Love you azzy

  84. bijay gaming

    0:44 to 0:45

  85. Jasmine Schmidt


  86. iivakrs 2 sister Bridget

    I want all of them so bad

  87. Zuraimi Abdul Wahab

    0.35 she should be grateful cuz now all soaps are running out cuz of the coronavirus

  88. Earl Carlon

    7:38 Me that's relly disturbing

  89. The Reaction Channel

    even fish eyes?

  90. rynki li

    At 8.08 sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeee

  91. Ahmad Muqri

    Azzy you are a cheater

  92. Kylie Kelly

    when it got to the grandpa passing it reminded me about my grandpas death so i started crying

  93. Chase Brooks

    Azzy sounds sick in this Vid

  94. Jas Ann

    She said I love you

  95. Lulu9_2010 Corrales

    On the bread part she said wow

  96. Kristie Wendt

    I have webed toes but I dont think that's rare

  97. Tyann Trach

    I thought it was a fox or a cat at the beginning

  98. xXFuntime StarXx

    I recognize LaurenZside

  99. jelmar braga

    I had a scary experience in my old house its when i was awake at the middle of the night and then i heard a noise i dont know what its saying but i remembered we had a creppy doll my uncle gave us i was only with my parents but my parents was asleep i waited until the noise was gone i didn't woke my parents but then i went to the bathroom i saw nothing under the bed, then it stopped my parents woke up ..That was two years ago im 8 now i was six that time i still remembered it and thats all 😣😣

  100. odd_Rj 5675

    And the most annoying thing is when you charger either breaks or doesn’t work 🤦🏽‍♂️🙄