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  1. Chloe Richardson

    I feel uneducated as I didn't know what some of these are

  2. Yaki Uzimaki

    spoke is cute

  3. 20,000 subscribers without any videos

    That man spread at the start tho

  4. 20,000 subscribers without any videos

    How did this get views

  5. Milkuii

    Ryan: You deserves the world haley, I got so lucky honestly- and I'm just so nervous Also ryan: It'S hOt aS bAlLs 😂

  6. haneul ishika

    start waching them from their first video and so proud of then their gonna married huhuu

  7. All Archfiend

    omg i crieddd!! <3 live the best life together, forever!! you guys are so cute

  8. Atlasity

    Traph fam all the way!!

  9. cj

    need this song

  10. Emma Gerety

    A friend of mine is engaged at 19

  11. Loretta Mathews

    I got a lab at 3 weeks. I went on a trip for a week and when I came back it had grown so much

  12. shon azzoulai

    My man

  13. Monster

    spock? caaa? No spock not caaa ock

  14. Bella Morven

    This made me cry 🥺😭😖

  15. Mallory Taylor

    “organization nation” -ryan

  16. Grace H

    Anyone else crying?

  17. Sydney Amber Novis

    I need me a Ryan. You guys are so adorable. I'm so happy for you xx

  18. ondrea dangzalan


  19. Ahmed Kid

    Spock is cute

  20. Manpreet Kaur

    And now stay tuned for them to have a child for views in the near future ✨🧘‍♀️

  21. alison webb

    im actually crying - not joking that was the sweetest thing ive ever seen

  22. Leslye Reyes

    I wish I had a relationship like you guys :c But I feel like I won't ever had it

  23. Aiden McDoug

    " R U S T I C "

  24. Menkhu Gurung

    which city is this house located?

  25. Jackie Chen

    I half Vietnamese to

  26. Jackie Chen

    I think the dog should be the ring bear

  27. Michelle Hellyer

    Is it in your home that the room is in.

  28. Jordyn Atsedes

    spock is cute

  29. Peeps Yo

    Awwwwww this is a amazing wedding song

  30. M M

    Cash 👏🏻 Grab 👏🏻 Cash 👏🏻 Grab 👏🏻

  31. Seif Ghazi

    I think I’m as invested in this relationship as Ryan is

  32. Poom Nontapan

    Haley: "Mac and cheese collectionnn and souppppppa" asmr

  33. Hannah Ashley

    Yooo I thought this was Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon from the thumbnail 😂

  34. Diane Oliver

    Why do Labs need single syllable names??? I’ve seen them with names like Molly, Susie, Princess, etc.... so I don’t get it?????

  35. Kaitlyn Hedden

    it was hard to breathe while watching this

  36. lia.plays_

    im so happy for you guys!!

  37. Hailey Coe

    I don’t cry a lot but I literally started crying during this

  38. YƏƏT

    When you do have your wedding you should play forever valentine, just a thought. Congrats though!!!!

  39. Garrett Veit

    Imagine disliking

  40. pixem

    im crying dude my heart 🥺🥺

  41. BlackOps101 101

    Can I come to ur wedding? :)

  42. TL. Moon


  43. Virginia Browning

    Spock is cute 😁

  44. V01D ARGUS On Instagram

    U guys should also make spock a channel

  45. chelsea 2304

    them both knowing damn well they didn't want the first one lmao

  46. Jalynn Pangelinan


  47. heyy itz adri


  48. Cecilia Chiu

    I really hope this is their wedding song honestly

  49. Lexi

    " We have a house together. We have investments. We have a... uh.. spock.'" Lol

  50. K.A.P Live

    Anyone notice how she said “I’ve been using this for 6-8 months” but just a minute later she said “I used someone else’s code to get these bottles because I wanted to try it before I get sponsored by them” EXPOSED HALEY

  51. Ilotomymilox

    I’m cryinggg I’m so happy for you two🥺🥺🥺🥺😭❤️❤️❤️

  52. Getmerich J

    Damn I wanna see the marriage

  53. Megan Paterson

    His dad is literally gonna love her with his whole heart. 100% great dude

  54. presley crain

    after like a week of finding out about yalls engagement, im still in absolute awe. you guys have been my favorite youtubers for about two years now and it literally makes my heart whole to see you too happily engaged, ngl i sobbed watching this bc y’all are the dream couple and no matter how old y’all get i will still pray that y’all stay happily together :) i love y’all and i hope your wedding day is the best it can be!! ❤️

  55. Walker _

    this made me cry

  56. Toto Ly

    I’m not crying for the bajillionth time you are

  57. Tina Sosa


  58. Tina Sosa

    “Yeah it’s like a shovel” she doesn’t even know where to begin lmao

  59. Joel-B.44

    Ryan thicker than haylee

  60. Maddie Bee

    Lol a shower cap I can’t even.


    I’m a women and didn’t know half of these 🤷🏻‍♀️

  62. Bree Gates

    Y don’t this channel have 2 million, let’s get to there lol

  63. grace mercado

    i’m bawling rn

  64. kaylee frost

    Lmao can't wait for pumpy the Breast pump in the next toy story movie 😂💀

  65. f. juliaa

    I'm not crying.. you are

  66. Gemma Henderson

    I don’t know either of you and I’m truly not an emotional but I just shed tears omg🥺

  67. Alecxs

    Nearly cried when I heard the song...

  68. devilynn

    Wait- people use liners with tampons oh god

  69. Donnovan Maldonado

    Clean those windows

  70. TracyVi Nguyen

    Are u not gonna have a wedding inside a church?

  71. Taylor Lillicrop

    why are there so many comments about them breaking up? yes they are young but they're in love, let them live their lives and be happy! how would y'all feel about people praying on your downfall to an exciting milestone in your life? PLEASE spread positivity and love instead of hate!

  72. bla bla

    spock is literally the cutest thing ever

  73. Alexis LeJeune

    I've been putting off watching this because I knew I would cry but like I didn't expect to cry the whole way through the video! also I can't believe I didn't catch the bottle thing!

  74. Mathias Nielsen

    Ryan growing out the stash

  75. Jade Edgington


  76. René Venter

    Am I the only one crying??

  77. sunsetXbri

    Spock is very cute

  78. Via Storms

    Haley: i NeEd MoRe PoWdEr Ryan: It's literally getting stuck in my mouth there's so much powder Haley 5 seconds later: I NeEd MoRe PoWdEr Literally me when I drink Ovaltine XD

  79. Via Storms

    I love you so bad :)

  80. Stacey M

    I’m crying in the club right now

  81. Gianna Plays

    Omg my birthday is August 9th 😱

  82. Exotic NoCs


  83. Julia M

    How old are they

  84. Sarah Mirkia

    Y’all should use that song for your wedding song it is beautiful 😭

  85. Jessi Mitchell

    I'm not crying, you're crying 😭😍 May God bless your marriage!

  86. Addy Jensen

    this, this is what i want this made me cry. this is the best couple in the world. ❤️

  87. makayla b

    me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 3 years and the way you guys describe your relationship and the arguments you have is soooo similar to ours. i’m so glad we’ve all met our soulmates. ❤️

  88. Blue Jay

    His FaCe

  89. Amanda Parker

    "the master could be bigger..." *haley walks into a room bigger than my whole apartment*

  90. Alexis Jakobsons

    U guys should do that pet DNA test and see what breed he is

  91. ckcyndi

    “We have a Spock” 😂

  92. YvriPichu

    i’m not crying! my eyes are just sweating 😭💗


    Omg I cried at the end… ❤️❤️❤️

  94. Daria

    I really hope yall stay together forever 🥺

  95. Alexis takes on college

    I’m sobbing

  96. Apurva Sharma

    spock is cute

  97. Pamela Zingeser


  98. Pamela Zingeser


  99. Pamela Zingeser


  100. Pamela Zingeser