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  1. mari

    everyone needs to watch these brilliant videos 💀😂😂😂

  2. Blayz TR

    Do if android commercials were honest.

  3. Sewak singh

    Apple is worth about 1.2 plus trillion

  4. xristouri xexe

    She told me that we are braking up when i sent it to her Thanks for letting me free

  5. Pete Smith

    Why does everybody make fun of the AirPod pro They improve so much from the first.

  6. Dilbarkhon Ziyaviddinova

    *these are free.... after you buy them*

  7. Purify Ayden

    Continue the lyrics... *His palms are sweaty*

  8. cookie biscuits

    To my brother

  9. JK Gaming


  10. Solidwater Slayer

    the apple watch is pretty useful lol probably bc im too lazy to take out my phone the audio and battery is really good lol

  11. MegaPika 19

    *people walking with tick tacs in their ears*

  12. The Senate

    These cameras are getting out of hand. Now there are eight of them!

  13. Melvin Morales, Söderbymalmsskolan 8b elev

    I want them !!!

  14. 932001quietstorm

    Apple products are sheet...yall keep buying the same stuff each year.

  15. m.irving _

    RIP KOBE ❤️

  16. GameTheKing1

    Who else scared to get the air pods now thinking they might fall out your ear.

  17. trinitee clark

    the intro very long

  18. Zap Dragon

    Why don 't we get the airpods pro's 3s max pro xr lite 321 minis v2 die the give away

  19. Sherwin Sharifi

    You are hilarious bro

  20. ndn mdm

    No i got bose headphones on

  21. ZOHIL 소힐




  23. MK Legend

    Feature me am good at rapping

  24. Max Bodenhamer

    The way they talk to each other is so fricking corny

  25. R4VeN_

    You sound like RUSS

  26. Viktoria Prinz

    Game: take a shot every time he hits the woah

  27. ziforyu

    Apple is basically the EA of the gadget world XD

  28. The Dark Box

    pretty good lol

  29. BTS _all_the_way

    The first 2 mins were so cringey I'm dying

  30. oikkis

    Team android

  31. Gaming with ZohaibMubarak

    He is gonna gave us tik tak expect airpod pros

  32. Frank Mack II

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 -Blessings

  33. Divino Sabino

    LOL! Giveaway of the apple watch after you thrash it!

  34. Roblox Gaming

    If this showed up in your recommendations =like If you searched for this=comment

  35. Roblox Gaming

    This showed up in everyone's recommendations didn't it?

  36. maxine nerida


  37. Gacha Arixe

    Bro they have the AirPods one or something they’re so broke bro like step up

  38. Толик

    IPhone 11 X s R V T c e Max Pro 2 Lite😂😂😂😂

  39. A Brav - o

    “The concept is there” 😂

  40. farah ameera


  41. Thijs Vernelen

    I was wearing galaxy buds😂

  42. Jupiter Explorer

    I noticed a hostile similarity between this channel and Charles the French...

  43. O Z0n3

    That mustache though

  44. Chris Chris

    This is so gay dam

  45. Chris Chris

    God dam this is gay

  46. Mark Tugas

    I like how they ignored this girl 1:37

  47. Vlad Lvv

    Hahahhahahagahagaggaagga +rep

  48. Ngoc My Nguyen

    True af. I've never understood the hype about these. It's literally "losing" written on them 😂 but everyone has different taste, and maybe they're out of ideas about how to advance new designs so yeah understandable

  49. gelo sabian

    The ugly sad reality

  50. Dhun Hitesh Dave

    RØB has copied Ashish Chanchalani!

  51. John Pile

    How does he drive??

  52. aditri nischal

    Rob: literally states everything wrong with the Apple watch Also Rob: If u want an Apple watch there is a giveaway...

  53. Mark Hu

    RIP Kobe😢

  54. Zoe Harry

    How to use AirPods without having iPhone?

  55. CrazyFree

    But the Apple Watch ist some of Apples best products xD




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  57. Shrankhala Jain

    Apple watch I don't use insta so sorry

  58. NC HAWK Jr.

    A Apple iPhone a hear makes your money disappear

  59. Kyle G

    It’s like Portlandia, but the same.

  60. Noob master

    I removed the like when you said I might get a "apple" watch

  61. Super Kirby 24

    Who else is watching this with the airpods pros 3s max pro lite 321 minis v2?

  62. Jin's Eggrolls

    I've lost 3.

  63. Siddharth Singh

    I am Team Android #teamgalaxy

  64. Prsn

    i can't do it :(

  65. Αντωνης Γκελλος


  66. Evan Wicaksono

    "Iphone is good one" (Rich kiddos)

  67. Edward Johnson

    All you gotta do guys to win these TIC TACS is like fomment and kubcribe

  68. Brady’s awesome vids. Lewis


  69. Älämänope 1232

    They don‘t fall out Sike 😂😂😂😂

  70. Morpheus PVP


  71. Morpheus PVP


  72. Morpheus PVP


  73. Steven Stubby

    oh man... was that a tic tac?

  74. Pepe Ayuwoki

    Este es el comentario en español que estás buscando

  75. J.A

    I lost it here 3:07

  76. Big Dee

    I work for Apple and I approve this message

  77. GamerProLegend 666

    He did his AirPods in his case then 2 sec later he has it in his ears

  78. Birsel

    “Are you watching this video with AirPods in?” Yes lol

  79. Hafiz Emkay

    AD Before watching this video Samsung: Awesome screen Awesome camera looong lasting battery life

  80. Paula Cee

    AirPod pros 💀😂 I died

  81. blackwidow lance

    U r perfectly helarious

    1. Subscribe Caslutnerd

      Hey Lance So funny 👉#caslutnerd

  82. c63thecar

    I hope iPhone 12 have cameras on the side

  83. Vikk _

    The thing is that i almost lost my AirPod in the car. You know that little whole around sit belt? Well yeah it fell down there but luckily i got it out before i lost it. So anyways be careful with seat belt wholes. They are dangerous for ur AirPods!

    1. Subscribe Caslutnerd

      Hey vikkk So funny 👉#caslutnerd

  84. MrRoug

    You addicted to hitting the woah too?

  85. Ankle taker99

    Do the box kidz bop song🔥🔥

  86. 5k subscribers no video please ?

    0:53 Android left the chat 🤣

  87. Asha Jaiswal

    Who else has seen dis in their recommendations for like the 50th time?

  88. 7790 jjjopp

    Airpod at my place 500ringgit fk Apple company

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      Heyy 7790 So funny 👉#caslutnerd

  89. Neveah Stevens

    no dis the 80s now

  90. liza emran


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      Liza hey mate So funny 👉#caslutnerd

  91. Gabby Peng

    he got the likeness down to a tee

  92. Taking Stuff Literally

    Technically, the did change something. whether it's a colour, a camera, or anything. Still is something.

  93. Gabby Peng

    imagine getting the tic tac stuck in your ear 💀

  94. James Ian de los Santos

    wow that AirPods Pros 3s Max Pro XR Lite 3 2 1 Minis V2... (catching breath)... Okay that "Tic Tac" is sure dangerous when it gets all thru inside your ear.

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      James bro wassup So funny 👉#caslutnerd

  95. Jack Riley


  96. yan li

    Which its why I'm still using my iPad from 2016 it's still hella good I get such good updates

  97. Its Wendy Here

    I died when they show 8 cameras XD


    Do you that ear plugs contribute to ear condition? It's not healthy to use it.

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      Yeah blackbird So funny 👉#caslutnerd

  99. Ghxst15

    1:03 I laughed when he said this and said ”what an idiot” now I can't find my air pods I'm not joking

  100. Lowxz .x