Runescape video's from the clan " Glory and Gold "

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  1. VENOM_ghostz

    We need Mr.Beast

  2. Rip van Winkle

    How do I make a donation? I would love to help out anyway I can. God has blessed me in many ways and I would love to bless Tony. 💜💜💜💜

  3. brosome kev

    I love this guy

  4. Issac Gonzalez

    I want to play RuneScape with you!

  5. Einstein_48

    why just why would somebody do that to tony. at 2:09 the song name is just perfect for what the troll did to tony.

  6. red wolf

    you should make merchandise to sell

  7. Blaze

    This is really messed up

  8. Tom Plant

    you know they are a keemstar fan and just wanted to piss him off

  9. Red 06

    The chat spamming #keemgay ... Get some better insults for that gnome 👏

  10. FuchsiaButter

    Sir, you're a wonderful man and I hope you have many more years to come. To see you so happy brought a smile on my face, as I've been having a really bad month. Continue to have fun in RuneScape, and never stop being so damn awesome. ♥️

  11. Cody Jurek

    God bless you Tony

  12. Kearia Ward

    How can we donate if we don’t have Twitch? Edit: I donated $20 directly through PayPal ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Stevie Alexander

    man that sucks... Tony, if you had a shirt made that said "Now thats the truth" Id buy it XD

  14. Alexgt117

    Im so sorry this happened to you. I hope you still have faith in people. You are a good person we need people like you in the world

  15. Darren Phillips

    I’m sorry about what happened and I hope your family is safe and that keemstar stops making up stuff and eventually gets arrested, because with the evidence everybody has, he should be arrested

  16. MzBubblegum


  17. Piinkdiink

    Came from H3H3 but staying because I adore you!!! You are a sweetheart and I’ll die for you TONY!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Daniel Wang

    1:55 Did she come? No like seriously What the hell was that

  19. Jack Roberts

    Love you man your a great streamer keep up the great work man!

  20. ETRZ 47

    Why would u donate it if you want it back?...that guy is going to hell

  21. P.Q. S

    thats messed up

  22. P.Q. S

    the person who did that should get a life

  23. Skipping Alloy

    I love you. you’re the best

  24. Daniel Wang

    To be completely honest, I think the person was just genuinely trying to make Tony happy by giving him a moment where he thinks he got 10,000 dollars, but was too dumb to realize the long term consequence

    1. red wolf

      I don't think so people do this all the time on twitch

  25. Google Chromosome

    We should start a patron or go fund me for Tony and we should at least donate 1 dollar each like @Clown ass bitch said

  26. Daniel Wang

    We need mr beast in his stream

  27. NintendoKnight

    @kavos explain this then considering you claimed that they were fully on good terms now

  28. Dylan Chadderton

    I never played this game...i always though it was Run Escape not Rune Scape 🤦‍♂️

  29. Michael Wade

    Personally Tony I understand this sucks and such but you should remove this video and refrain from talking about things like this,at least publicly. I only say this because the person/people responsible are only looking for a reaction out of you and in posting a video you have in essence validated their existence. just imagine the little bastard going to his friends and saying look what i did to this old man and showing this video. I know this sounds harsh to say but ignoring these people publicly will help prevent it in the future. Also be wary of any donation because they can be disputed up to (I believe) as long as 3 months after the donation. You don't deserve the trolling you get and I like so many others think your a great person.

  30. Frantic

    Probably a lil kid who accidentally did it and there parents saw it and didnt think anything of the child so they called it in

  31. The JD Aleister

    That is really messed up

  32. Brandon Morse

    I’m happy there are so many of us here from H3H3! Keep your chin up Tony

  33. Thicc Boi

    We all love you Tony

  34. Astraplaysyt

    Thats messed up :/

  35. Brandon Morse

    Keep your head up man!! Keemstar will get his karma hope your life is going well. I will be getting some friends together to donate soon!

  36. PuzzaIsAlive

    I'm gonna get tons of shit for this. But no, h3h3 did not change your life. All he did was re address an old situation.

    1. Radiation Register

      He cleared his name thus reducing the amount of hate he gets. This makes him happier and changed his life for the better.

  37. Briebrie Melika

    <3 <3

  38. Logan SC


  39. Betz Gaming

    Have you ever played borderlands? It’s a great game and looking for a squad to play with

  40. Øbi

    This is why Keemstar and all his followers should put into the spotlight for the world to spit on

  41. Zodgee

    Someone start a gofund me for Tony

  42. Louis Chen

    A potential candidate for Iroh in Avatar Live Action

  43. jeff madsen

    Man that sucks! Sorry dude!

  44. Dragon Barbue

    hey man ive seen what shit has happenned to you i wanted to tell you that i wish u good luck and hope you'll have awesome things in your life

  45. blink

    hes still alive and well :)

  46. Dixie Normus

    Tony is the most amazing person on this planet,he deserves every bit of love on earth

  47. WouldYouJust _

    I've found my new grandpa. Mine is no good, so I'm adopting this one. ❤❤❤🤘🤘🤘

  48. Shane Murray

    Whoever has the heart to troll a nice man like Tony is sickening

  49. Mc


  50. Kristy Eagle Bear

    My boyfriend said he aspires to be just like you some day!

  51. Shampou


  52. Grizzly Behr

    You just cant catch a break brother. They should have made it clear to you that they either "messed up" on the amount OR told you they "wanted it back". Anyway, your spirit, perseverance and selflessness is amazing. You deserve so much more and are worth much more. I'm 29 and it really is amazing to see someone at your age still living their best life. Keep it real bud, and we'll see you around 👍👍👍 And you're going to get f**ked up comments on here no matter what. Just pay attention to the ones that are REAL and mean well

  53. Lewku

    I don't know anything about RuneScape but I hope you get a load of rare drops the next time you play it.

  54. Tara Horton

    what a disgusting person. tony you are the best, learning about you recently and watching your videos have been a positive experience for me. you are so genuine, kind, hilarious, sweet, and honest. don’t let anybody make you feel otherwise. you’re an amazing man with an amazing family, and i hope you know how many people support you. have a great week tony.

  55. Last name First name

    I'm really sorry to hear this. I hope everything works out for you

  56. Abdul Munim

    It could be a poosibility that he mistankly donated $10,000 He moght be wanted to donate $1000 but accidently added another 0 in the amount

  57. KrystocWind

    Guys let's get Mr. Beast to help this good man out!

  58. Christian Martinez

    Woah this was recent?! I just came over here because I was watching a video on people hating on Skyrim Grandma. And it made me wonder how Tony was doing and I see this coincidence! Wtf

  59. ItzJam3z

    this is amazing

  60. Gamer Gabe

    It happens to most streamers and you're getting a lot of attention so it's pretty normal

  61. Evan Williams

    it was totally keemstar!

  62. Babies4Breakfast

    honestly it could have been a mistake maybe idk

    1. Grizzly Behr

      I dont know man, that's quite a few 0's to f*ck up

  63. That Guy

    Idk how people could threaten this man, I barely know you and you still inspire me, stay golden and I’m glad I saw your story from h3h3, I’ve never despised anyone as much as keemstar knowing that he doesn’t actually care about you

  64. Wyatt Gunner

    Keemstar is a evil person. New way back when he did this to you and I unsubscribed to him back then.

  65. Ryan Hanthorn

    Wow, glad karma is coming back around and good people are getting blessed and evil people are suffering the ill-effects of their folly. Glad to see the scale of justice tipping back in favor.

  66. Crazy PJ

    Tony you are amazing hope your doing well!

  67. Thomas Collins

    You are amazing tony I’m sorry people won’t just leave you be. You deserve nothing but kindness.

  68. DoctorWhom Gaming

    Whoever did this to Tony sold their soul to satan. Such a heartless person.

  69. Marissa Clifford

    You're so incredible Tony. That's fantastic you we're going to move into a new apartment, that's heartbreaking they want the money back, I'm so sorry to hear this. You're an amazing person for giving the money back, sending prayers to you, it's understandable you feel pain from how the world is. You keep being you, I love you Tony! 💓💓💓💓💓💓💜 Giving the money back after being trolled is a very compassionate act of kindness that inspires the world. I'm so happy for all the blessings that you do have.

  70. no no

    He deserves 10000 dollars for this whole thing

  71. Nightfire56

    Tony you are amazing!

  72. Rocky Rocky

    You are a good

  73. bluesteel101

    Tony i'm so sorry bad things keep happening to you. Just know your positivity inspires me and i'm sure many others every day.

  74. Ghost King

    That’s terrible

  75. Lue Overwatch

    We need MrBeast to drop by and do the real donation

  76. Pug Judge

    Tony is lit af

  77. Eye YeetAss

    That's pathetic if that was a troll, karma is a real thing and itll come biting some asses in the long run.. Don't let it hurt you Tony, you're still fucking awesome, you'll get your big break soon

  78. Shem Pen

    love you too tony!

  79. Saint Lvcifer

    Good on you Tony, we fuckin love yah my dude. YAHOOOOOOOOOO

  80. Yvaitius

    We should try and get Mr Beast to come to one of his streams. lol

  81. Jessica Bakker

    Keemstar is a garbage human being. You did not deserve anything he has done to you. On top of that, you seem like a genuine and sweet man. I’m so sorry that he continues to try to ruin your career because you seem like an easy target to him. You don’t deserve that.

  82. Nick Cunningham

    What pains me the most about what happened over four years ago is that you're the same age of my dad, and hearing you almost cry on video saying you don't want Keemstar's money and you don't want anything to do with him was just heartbreaking. I could never see my dad going through that. You're just an old man who wants to enjoy Runescape and this gnome just drags you into ALsel drama and showers you with hate and sorrow that you never deserved. It's just not fair what he made you go through. Lots of love; best wishes to ya.

  83. Marcela Hernandez

    Is it a troll?!? No wayyyy

  84. ben ccert

    Lmfao that should be illegal

  85. Turntapp

    Show them the video of the donation. You might not have to give it back, screw that guy! If it was a mistake he should’ve went in his discord the day it happened and told him.

  86. Hamster Hideout

    200th comment :)

  87. Matroid

    Let's all go donate to this man this week. We need to help him out

  88. TrevorTheTree

    No matter what side you're on or if you support H3H3 but Ethan fucked up bad. He's started the second ad-pocalypse thats gonna ruin so many careers on this terribly managed website. Woohoo

  89. Andy Baker

    Well done.

  90. SaGe OwL

    Leave this man alone, ffs this all harassing is pure retardation

  91. Sid Tewari

    We will always be on your side Tony, your the best

  92. LordEvanGamer

    MAKE A go fund me

  93. Derp Derpington

    Tony don't be stubborn and create a gofundme. We want to see you happy so we can be happy a well. Don't make us unhappy by not making a gofundme... Did the reverse psychology work??? I tried


    people are dumb. if it was able to go to your account, then they deserve to lose it

  95. Inflatable Friends

    Why the fuck would someone troll this beautiful man

  96. wolf121

    Wow this is really messed up. how shitty can people be ?

  97. Just Another

    This would help someone so much. How could someone joke about doing that

  98. bruh strawberry milk isn't milk

    Ima pop into your twitch tomorrow Or I guess today in a few hours??

  99. Tim Perry

    Tony we'll take care of you brother H3 army and Rsgloryandgold army unite! Start a GoFundMe and we'll chip in!

  100. tyler isham

    Solution, everyone go spam on Mr. Beasts most recent video to donate a real $10,000 to Tony