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  1. Jay Maina

    Now this guy... 😂😂😂

  2. Seckan TV

    This all Trump's think is a whole show 🤨🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Mr. Patch Plays

    "More correct than before" sounds like the next "alternative facts"

  4. Stop Propaganda

    These fascist impeachment Nazis on China's payroll don't want a trial; they don't care about witnesses; and they want the senate to dismiss their sham more than anything else. They just want it to look like the exact opposite of all that is true for the sake of public opinion (Deep State pawns like Trevor will help with that). They will forever claim that Trump got away because of senators who are supposedly acting as his pawns. They will claim that justice is dead because of politics (projecting their own depraved truth onto their opponents as always). This is all for show in the hopes that they can manipulate public opinion enough to defeat Trump rather than assassinate him (which Iran would be blamed for now in order to appease the military industrial complex and Israel).

  5. Adna H

    I can’t believe how many idiots live in the country 😭

  6. Brandon Bodley

    You need to get funny mr noah

  7. Corn Pop's Mutton Chops

    Oh Christ, you guys. Read all of the relevant documents in their entirety. Don't listen to this blowhard. Seriously, read everything or you're in real danger of being deceived.

  8. Dont Eat My food

    anybody else get an add from Pete?

  9. Sharon Haywood

    The blatant corruption of this Republican party is astounding.

  10. Michael McMahon

    Why do we have so many people in Congress? Republicans never agree with Democrats and Democrats never agree with Republicans. All the votes today were all right down the party line, so do we need more than one of each. I also think that presidents shouldn’t have lawyers. He should get a public fucking defender. I hate Trump.

  11. Guy Depraetere

    Trump is a fool, a liar and a narcistic sociopath ! ! !

  12. octane

    4:04 wtf in tarnation is that !?!? when you see somethin like that you better just go to bed...

  13. Renita

    And the white girl with a nose ring *says* "...

  14. roel racho

    Im not an american. But i think trumph only answers insults by saying some insults. He just returning what he has received from some arrogant dude.

  15. John McQue

    3rd in line for the presidency.

  16. Magneto Jones

    “I wasn’t wrong, I’m just more correct now.” I’m gonna try that with my wife tonight. If you never see anymore comments from me, then you know how that went.

  17. Willie Payne

    wasn't wrong before... more correct now. rudy couldn't have said it better (lmfao)

  18. Jonathan van dorsten

    This impeachment is gonna bite the democrats in the ass their case is weak as shit if you couldnt get him on collusion with russia you sure as hell wont get him based on a phone call.

  19. kittykat wolf

    Hes a total Muppet... and I disagree with him on every level... but damn... gotta respect that honesty!

  20. Adam N Africa

    I wonder whose idea to leave phones in the boxes I bet you they will try to access the Democrats phones and blackmail them.

  21. Adna H

    “Make em eat some bacon”, so he basically said fuck Muslims 😂

  22. Prashant Roy

    Bitch now defends Pakistani army's genocide. Why doesn't she ever criticise Pakistani army. She is living a great life in the UK, while girls like her are still going through the same condition. Hypocrite!

  23. Георгий Колосов

    TRUMP THE BEST PRESIDENT USA💪😎! leftists and democrats damn bastards and traitors not only the USA but the whole european civilization🐐🐐🐐💩😈👬💩🙉🙉🙉

  24. Anurag sood

    "you've got nothing to loose, than your nukes" 🤣🤣

  25. quest 77051


  26. Benjamin Istvan Cseko

    Why is this show such a toxic mouthpiece?

  27. W Coston

    MLK!...He left the door open for the haters!

  28. Andre Nel

    But Trump never abused his power... even though "Abuse of Power" isn't an impeachable offence... President Trump never did that either... the Dem-socialists are grabbing at straws in this impeachment trial... imaginary straws at that... In an honest country President Trump would never be impeached... fortunately America is more honest than the few Dem-socialists who inhabit her...

  29. Rui Alexandre

    It's going to be a massive hangover when Trump leaves the office and there's no more daily Trump joke fixes like the video above.

  30. Admin Fenzexpo

    Dems got trashed in the senate, legals had to keep repeating the rules but the dems are like doh, we are stupid we don;t know what we are doing hahahahah its so worth watching them fail again!!!!! Impeach hearings were INVALID bwahahahahah

  31. eigensinn83

    The opposite of Donald Trump? An Asian; a man; likes math, and actually has a oh there goes my bus.

  32. Kurodraco Valladares

    Donald Trump: chuckles I'm in danger

  33. Moe Nasri

    USA politics are fun as hell lol

  34. George Vargas

    How can this joke represent our country

  35. KinderTubeHD

    Liddle Marco....

  36. MrPickledede

    Fuck you foreigner Noah

  37. Tweetyresm

    Get yalls editing together

  38. randall2020

    Trevor is the best thing since Jon. He is underrated. He has not sold out on Bernie like Colbert has. Israel is a big pork producer. To be truthful, Christianity was not a is a subtraction.

  39. mon santos

    He needs a brain transplant (aside from hair transplant) 😂😂😂

  40. Gretha Towanda

    Trump is taking everybody down with him. Forcing them to show their true colors. And these people did not show a hint of Shame at all. Loyal only to the one that gave them the most money and power and telling the rest to f*ck off just so they can remain in their position right now.

  41. lIMZEY

    1:34 reminds me of that episode of family guy where lois’s dad threw peter in the garbage can😂😂

  42. johnny

    Guns for slaves to proteck themself. So, your funny, but you are wrong. Love 25 discount in all black clothes!!!!!

  43. kaxitaksi

    Impeach the 🐢 for obstruction.. btw impeach the whole corrupted bunch!

  44. Michele Olson

    Very insightful.

  45. Zee Fort

    I have always wanted to go to america,but as i can see in the videos that white people are very rude towards non white people.

  46. Nyarlathotehp

    People need to remember... Our Constitution was decided on by a lot of different people. See: Continental Congress "" The group came from a variety of social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds as well as occupations, some with no prior political experience. Most were veterans of the revolution. Of the final 55 Framers, only 39 were signers of the Constitution. Also they locked themselves in and boarded up the windows to keep the public out, so... ...Maybe we can keep improving and getting better, since that's what they wanted... ...At this point I would wager they would appreciate transparency and social responsibility.

  47. David Dempsey

    I will definitely vote for Trump 2020 now that I see what the Democrats are doing

  48. Bruce Arneson

    Perfect GOP dick.

  49. The White Beaner

    First, the BURN! Then the YANG BERNIE 2020! YANG 2028! I'll be back in 8 years

  50. Jay Groenewald

    All of trumps supporters look racist as f#$k..

  51. Jesus Navarro

    How can you not want to hear a person and then say talk to me?

  52. Esmeralda Luna

    This is proof that people with different views can get along. There's way too much division when it comes to parties.

  53. Gino diFonzo

    Doucheowitz, unlike now, was bigly wrong before.

  54. Wilmrbadguy

    President Donald Trump is the NEW AGE HITLER, Wow so they set the rules when the commit crimes and it's justice yeah sounds pretty much white person in America to me. Check out my youtube page....Wilmrbadguy

  55. Kenni André Pedersen

    What the hell is wrong with that political system? It's so corrupt and partisan that its effectiveness must be suffering badly. How long can the same Senators be in office?

  56. Jacqueline Knauff


  57. Stan Taylor

    There is no facts against Trump! Stop going with what the left propoganda machine is feeding you. Stop showing people how stupid you really are! Start thinking of excuses when Trump is found not guilty and when Trump win the next ellection again.

    1. Dahn

      Lying, traitorous troll.

  58. SoTyp Me

    "Alright Minion. You were right. I was....less right" Megamind (2010)


    "It was terrible how quickly the Dems rushed through the investigation though the House. Lets get this trial over ASAP." Have they even heard of irony?

    1. Lena Wagenfuehr

      Sure they have! It's like bronzey or Goldy, only it's made out of iron!

  60. Angry Kittens

    "Lie to win an election. Who cares about principles?" Sounds about right for the Republican party.

  61. Annie S.

    Eisenhower was the last great Republican.

  62. Ciri TV

    Sikhs are really really nice people! I'd hate to see good people be treated this way

  63. harry wissink

    Good lawyers are a blessing

  64. Sarah Adera

    Trump will be acquitted. Period. Stop this Fucking shit. We're all tired of it.

  65. maggie198333

    If you admitted to be wrong in the past, how are you sure that you are right now?

  66. Mariana Villarroel

    This is the worst representation of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. What a disgrace to America. What a disgrace

  67. Judo Chop

    this guy is losing his comedy.. or the writers.. missy elliot? bomb squad? you get paid millions and you can't do better than this? fml

  68. AskDenis Kago

    Quite a banana Republic! What a shame.

  69. Ryan’s Rides

    Man you got to love this guy!! He’s my daily dose of laughter everyday!! Keep doing what your doing man, you rock!!

  70. Communicator Lehmed

    No not the negative stuff outta closston, the mess these 3 months. Only worky stuff. Thanks.

  71. CrniWuk

    my only question would be where he was when the tea Party movement took over the Republican party because Donald Trump didn't appear from nowhere and just took over this "host". It seems a bit to me like there is to much blame on Donald Trump and to little talk about the hotbed the Republican party created over the last few decades where someone like Donald Trump and his rhetoric could flourish. I am not calling Rick Wilson a bad person or even see him as a driving factor. But honestly, when you look back at the rhetoric particularly after Obama took office, there was major shift within the Republican party away from rational conservatism to a much more extreme version of it. They simply started pandering to the fringes of their movement and they allowed those extremist voices to slowly but steadily take over their politics. I mean seriously, what did they expect would happen? All this dog whistling and extreme rhetoric. The real issue for the Republican party here is that their traditional voters are simply disappearing. Just take a look at the demographic and who the voter base will be in the future. There are a lot more minorities now and many younger people do not see them self as Republicans. So the Republicans had really two choices here. Either change their message in becoming more moderate and also addressing minorities as voters which would have meant to tone down their rhetoric in that direction a lot. Or, go with the fringe movements, mobilising the extreme and voter bases they never really touched on before like fanatic Christians and outright racists. Well turns out they chose the later. And soon they will pay the price for it. Because populism is not a good way of running a country. Particularly not one like the United States.

  72. Knut Haugen

    2:41 pause

  73. greysonn Aller

    Jon Stewart would have shredded her in a hilarious cathartic way. But instead we got this dude, twisting himself and spinning for the lair. MISERABLE

  74. Communicator Lehmed

    Forget about it.

  75. chimpakawanzelu

    lil' ricky created this monster. he should apologize.

  76. Nyarlathotehp

    Alan Dershowitz helped sex offender Jeffrey Epstein get a plea deal. Now he’s tweeting about age of consent laws.

  77. greysonn Aller

    this guy just doesnt get it

  78. BigBison-

    Cover Tulsi. Why the black out?

  79. poontc

    This clip an obstruction of justice? Trying to influence the jury (Voters)

    1. Dahn

      Desperate much?

  80. sol rayz

    4:16 "I can't wait to go to the bathroom without getting arrested." Wouldn't be the first time some republican law makers have been arrested for "going to the bathroom" !

  81. cyberfennek

    Just get him out allready. How long time can it take?

  82. delta 14o6

    I swear, I have a brain tumor that grows a little bit every time I hear this fucking troll open his trash mouth to speak... LMAO

  83. Jim Kontos

    oh the irony.... a unfunny comedian who makes millions of dollars and drives Lamborghinis has the balls to say capitalism is bad

  84. Tired Democrat

    I'm getting tired of Trevor he's not half as good as the Chinese guy johnny chieng

  85. Joe Weis


  86. Ahnobi Ahnobitok

    4:16 has Larry Ward talking without thinking, live, on national tv! Smh

  87. Anna Showunmi

    When he put his tongue outside 😂😂just like a kid😂😂you’re funny Trevor

  88. MEND New Zealand

    A RUSSSSSSian trial in the DARRRRRK of Night...?Impeachment is about cleansing the ORIFICE?Trump took an Oath of Office.. but you got an Oaf in Office!!

  89. Theodore

    “Abuse of power is not an impeachable offense” tell that to king George

    1. Lena Wagenfuehr

      Well, he wasn't impeached, was he?

  90. Raniya A. Qadir

    Oh my lord.... He really is a baby 🙈.

  91. Charmaine Swinney

    Sounds like he's saying that the Democrats should dumb things down

  92. Jesse Tman

    don't insult turtles...

  93. bodoti qwiu

    I will vote for Yang, even if I have to write his name in.

  94. Crazy Cajun

    Ken Starr...famous for his obsession with water that is white, cigars and Monica's vagina, and also blue dresses stained with baby batter. So remind me again why ANYONE thought this guy would be a good counsel?!?! 😳

  95. Stripey Bag

    Aww you forgot the part where Little Donny almost caused World War 3.

  96. Marcin Marcin

    Far more correct now... Buahahahaha

  97. meredocu

    I don't know why he said that this is gonna be " a pretty tight ship". they voted against using the evidence they ve been hoarding. this is pretty much saying : we don't want to know the truth, we just want this trial to fail. there is nothing tight here. 53-47 is going to be the vote for every decisions. it s a complete mockery of the whole system.

  98. Valayar Checkpost

    Go back to Africa bitch

  99. poontc

    So sexual harassment is not a crime? If a judge hears a sexual harassment case needs to have the same judgement as hearing a corruption case?

  100. Felix Calvillo

    Crazy as a bed bug my favorite