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  1. Lin Y

    Packers are a classy team they fought hard they deserve all the respect.

  2. Jack Spencer

    I didnt know they got so hype about bowling but the announcers got me into it lol.

  3. Nelson Pangilinan

    How much is the perfect game? Million dollar?

  4. TeamUs

    Biggest dude on the floor picks up a chair. Come on big man, I am all for supporting teammates but really. Immediate suspension

  5. Hamish Murray

    As a chiefs fans I’m very happy about the new overtime rule.

  6. Stephen Short

    Way to kickoff the new year/decade, Tommy! Truly a classic performance.

  7. Servant to Be

    And once again the Green Bay defense has failed to deliver...Get rid of Pettine now...Not interested in another Dom Capers era

  8. tomkillsjerry

    And that little popping noise when their thumb comes out 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Perpetual.Art

    Ugliest uniforms in the NFL, and I love seeing them loss!! Especially Aaron frickin Rodgers.

  10. tomkillsjerry

    This commentary is the best

  11. Jack Field

    This looks like a great rules but should also have kickers

  12. DJ Doble U

    Guys what did we learn here? 🤔 1) Apparently the commissioner made a report. 2) Astros made their decision. 3) I want my mommy.

  13. Jane EM

    Bobby Knight would fit right in with these teams.!! Hahaaa! Grab a chair! lol

  14. Jake Toys and Games!!!

    Why no comments

  15. Zokir Turayev

    Золотой человек майк тайсон

  16. crunk bunk

    packer tears. so satisfying.

  17. lSil3ntZer0l

    Best title match ever. Hands down.

  18. confusedsay


  19. Ricky Dhillon

    Cooper Manning? Who the fook is that guy

  20. A A

    People don't realize that most of these NFL players could care less about the outcome of the game. They try their best to win, but if it doesn't happen they move on. They don't cry about it. They get over it really quickly.

  21. Kevin James

    We had chase to go Superbowl y you have to lose NFC Championship 😥

  22. SoldierofGod

    Those nerds are the worst

  23. Robert Baragar

    Suspensions for every player that entered the stands, life time bans for every player that threw a punch in the stands. No person that pays for an entertainment event should be at risk of injury from the entertainers due to undisciplined reckless behavior.

  24. A Z


  25. Yautja Prime

    What they say: "We just can't have this, it's unacceptable." What they mean: "Thank cheez-its something exciting happened so we can get views. No one cares about our sport otherwise."

  26. Glenn Corbett

    Maybe about a 3 or 4. I am not upset by it as I expected a clown or two would not vote for him but it's B.S. When it's not about their career but politics instead. And I am saying that about all the inductees ever. Mariano should not have been the only unanimous vote either. There many other players that deserved this honor but they were denied it because some write who never played the game had a grudge against the player, was jealous or was trying to make some obscure point. The Hall of fame is about the player. Not some asinine writer trying to make a headline. I truly feel in cases like Jeter's where they are clear hall of famers and only a few voters didn't vote for them, those voters credentials to vote should be reviewed because that voter is making it about him and not the player or the fan.

  27. Yautja Prime

    Amazing that the best thing about some sports is when they fight. I don't care about basketball, baseball, hockey, football, or anything. I only care when it turns into combat lol glad no one was hurt though.

  28. mrheyz

    I watched the whole thing. Tommy Jones is !The Man!. That was great bowling!! Darren did good but against a 300...what can you do?

  29. Perpetual.Art

    You really think people are going to care about this Mickey mouse league? No way, just more stupid rules to make your minor league a sloppier league.

  30. Jared Land

    This better be aired in Canada 🇨🇦 just saying.

  31. Febreezeee 7

    see you later string cheese 🥱🧀

  32. Glizzy

    As a niner fan nobody is to blame, they played hard. Great job on the season it’s not easy going from out of playoffs to nfc championship.

  33. Raymond Kennon

    Number 22 Kansas should be permanently banned he had a chair thats intent he was gonna hit someone everybody else three games if you threw punches rest of season thats intent too

    1. Salavin

      Raymond Kennon but he didn’t.

    2. Raymond Kennon

      I said everybody should be suspended for getting involed that means coming off bench too!but get real if 22 swings n hits someone with chair its jail time

    3. Raymond Kennon

      He picked up the chair with intent thats not protecting anyone get real!

    4. Freez

      He was defending himself lmao permanently banned... for defending himself against the benchwarmers on Kansas St. Oksy buddy

  34. Dlee09

    That stadium rocking wow!

  35. Madaragun

    I like how they are talking about the brawl like its such bad thing and unacceptable. In reality, deep down inside they are eating it up and are excited because this means they have something to talk about for weeks to come

  36. GMJ

    At least on paper, this sounds far less predictable than the NFL has become.

  37. Jeff

    Anything is better than a chargers game

  38. king Maaly

    Shout out to Green Bay. You’ll had a great season and you guys put up a fight in the championship. A lot of team would of loved to make as far as you’ll did this year. I kno I would of been ok with my 9ers last year having your record. Nothing to be ashamed about. Go 9erssssss❤️💛

  39. Gianway

    1. Michael Jordan 2. Michael Jordan 3. Wow, this is tough. Michael Jordan

    1. Gianway

      1. Michael Jordan 2. Dr. J 3. Larry Bird 4. Magic Johnson

  40. Godofredo Corpuz Jr.

    If DeSouza Suspended By Determined The No. Of Games Missed, Next Schedule For Kansas (If Necessary): 1/25 vs Tennessee 1/27 @ Oklahoma St. 2/1 vs Texas Tech 2/3 vs Texas 2/8 @ TCU 2/12 @ West Virginia 2/15 vs Oklahoma 2/17 vs Iowa St. 2/22 @ Baylor 2/26 vs Oklahoma St. 2/29 @ Kansas St. 3/4 vs TCU 3/7 @ Texas Tech

  41. Travis Rehder

    Now you know how it feels

  42. Wyatt Earb

    ✌Jimmy Graham ✌

  43. jwanda10


  44. vitoduval

    Ok W I N!

  45. Bay Area 650 EPA

    As a Niners fan i got a lot of respect for Aaron Rodgers and my Boy from EPA Davante Adams.

  46. Keevin Hesue

    Pack it up & get outta town lol

  47. Paolo

    I don't get why he's 36th in the mock draft. Dude is a bucket and could help every NBA team coming off the bench

  48. Keke Kim


  49. ThaenGknificent

    I'm sure most people are unaware of Mike Shanahan once played QB for the same college as Jimmy G

  50. Vj Long

    I hate the packers but I respect Matt leFluear first year coach turning them around and Aaron Rodgers is a good QB but I think Green Bay just needs to improve its defense to take it to the next step

  51. Angelo Galang

    Nail it!

  52. windblown phenomenal

    they need to go back in grade school for good moral behavior

  53. Winston Williams

    OK.... Nope.

  54. George  Mills

    Props to Floyd he used boxing the right way. Why killed yourself it's just a sports.

  55. Vince Gedeon

    Back to packing more fudge💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 See ya next season 😂

  56. MadmanBob67

    Walk of shame

  57. Dirty Kool Aid

    Your the best Mike! #Starship7

  58. bart simpson

    I was at the game. Packers fans showed class. Some stayed through ceremony

  59. Purple Smart OG Kush

    no sympathy, do it, frisco, and end the leagues blatant east coast bias

  60. Allen Orea

    WOW!! So glad to hear this news 👍 Yes it had me crying, because,I,was a big fan of Jimmy Johnson back when he won Back-toBack for the Cowboys!!!, Thanks, Coach Jimmy Johnson!!!!!

  61. Pancho El Sancho

    No thanks. I'll just watch College Football thank you.

  62. Indy Syder

    There's a difference between having an opinion and being flat out absurd. There's no excuse not to vote for Derek Jeter. This was done on purpose for an asinine reason. So yes, that individual shouldn't be allowed to vote in future Hall of Fame elections. Some players are obvious Hall of Famers whom shouldn't be voted against. Yes, Derek Jeter is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. However, this one missed vote is irresponsibly inexplicable.

  63. AgUyWiThAdReAm :

    Does anyone else here something slamming

  64. Steven Pena

    Aaron Rodgers pouting nothing new

  65. Michael Mcconnell

    That's a classy CEO

  66. Sir Joelsuf

    I learned more about Barnes from the first 3 minutes than I have in almost 20 years of watching him lol. Didnt know he could loft and didnt know he could pop pins out like at 2:58.

  67. Rednekked68

    A chair? Really guys? Dang....

  68. 노승율

    My hero!! Tommy!

  69. J. Baked

    Walk of shame 😂

  70. Jackson K

    Imagine how hype this would be if it had actual nfl players...

  71. Samuel Carrillo

    Mike McCarthy is drinking their tears rn lmfao

  72. Howard G

    I would like to know. Although, that is a good point about the limited number of votes. But, with the country going off the rails cuz we have a grifter in the White House, there are bigger things to worry about. 5 years went fast.

  73. The World According to Jim

    Never fun losing!!!

  74. Mrmoose34 Bp

    why is this its own video?

  75. kiko Palomo-casem

    Im a seahawk fan but for the 49ers good luck on the super bowl "LETS GO 49ERS" 🌉🏈

  76. D Nice

    If you're going to make a mockery of the voting then they should be forced to come forward. They knew what would happen when they didn't vote for Jeter.

    1. Glenn Corbett

      @david brown It's a shame when jealousy and hatred cloud your vision.

    2. david brown

      D Nice what’s a mockery is even thinking he deserves it

  77. Brendan Hoffman

    Maryland won a true road game in the big 10 today (Definitely don't check who it was)

  78. KM

    please somone drill this d.bag next year. pleassssseeeee

  79. tommy fasthorse

    I'm a Niner fan for life...But Respect to the 1990s cowboys;Jimmy J,Aikmen,Smith,Irvin,Novacek...they use to tear up my Niners

  80. Caleb Jeter

    I’m not even a Yankees fan & I think it’s bs

  81. Brandon

    That's alot of L's

  82. SN Drag Race

    Glad he's on our side now (49ers)

  83. Peekkkz

    Knew they were gonna get destroyed go niners❤️ but also respect to gb they gave it all they had

  84. Clay Win

    Yeah, you're a big man, throwing down like that...

  85. Chris Serrano


  86. Lyn Caho

    They're lucky no one really got hurt or some folks may have spent the night in jail. There'll be enough video footage to figure out who did what to who. The game was a blowout and this was totally uncalled for. Suspensions for all involved.

  87. Jas

    That's true! Sports manship requires The discipline... just like the Matial Arts. Disciplining and controlling emotions... but in that case... that was difficult to hold it in... I would be upset too.. I'm not sure! Thank you! Thank you!

  88. Michael Gomez

    Defense can't score?

  89. V

    As a die hard Niner fan, I always felt sympathy for Aaron Rodgers for coming up so short of the Super Bowl in recent years, but this time the Niners were the better team.

  90. Dream Noise

    Nosebleed seats

  91. FOX Sports

    On a scale of 1-10, how upset are you that Derek Jeter wasn't a unanimous Hall of Famer?

    1. david brown

      FOX Sports 0

    2. Jason Nova

      10 but I'm still salty about the idiots who didn't vote for Griffey.

    3. w1seguys


  92. The Ubiquitous Viewer

    Well they hate kickers don’t they

  93. Toby Sessions

    Packers fan, my dad life long niner fan. My dad said he’s been waiting for the niners to go to the super bowl for so long, but I’ve never seen the Packers go to the super bowl because I didn’t even know they were a thing in 2010-2011. But my brother in law is the one who really ticked me off

  94. Chris Larson

    Bo may be the best athlete ever.. but Prime is the best. #1 draft pick of all time from HOF players.

  95. Mike A. Garza

    49ers and Joe Montana are 🏳️‍🌈

  96. Robert Sievert

    LOSER! You're a LOSER! Are you feeling sorry for yourself?! Well, you should be, because you are DIRT! You make me sick, you big baby! Baby want a bottle? A big, DIRT bottle?!

  97. TheReal Kross

    Stay sleeping on Garoppolo 😴😴

  98. RW3ints

    Amazing how you losers complain real men arent playing like the 80's anymore and then cry about this.

    1. O-H-I-O Go Buckeyes


  99. javigprz '

    The #CHEATstros !

  100. uce chapo

    Cheese heads got grated by my 49ers! #questforsix#faithful#empire