1. Mustanaamio36

    Of course he came back. He didn't take his head nor his Quickening.

  2. Master Gamer

    I didn’t know I was watching a movie trailer

  3. GameNotFast


  4. Nate kun

    Woooowww there is a spoiler in the discord Chat that unvle richard lives XD

  5. Sage Bowers

    You know shit got real when a bread boys video doesn’t end with someone screaming.

  6. Culn

    Glad to see the anime is finally starting its first story arc

  7. Platinum Calamity

    Me: Sees Avdol vs Polnareff on his tv Also me: ah I see you're a Stardust Crusader as well

  8. WilczyForever

    What happen when you delived by 0: 0:34

  9. Spindash Studios

    Cousin Richard first appeared from what I know, in the simping video. Read the discord chat.

  10. vineo top


  11. fwtenticspy851

    if you dont mine me asking but where did you get that avatar from asking for a freind

  12. James Bruno

    Bread boys can you make another video again please

  13. 7Soon-hasoon -حسون

    comments: son: doesn't do something wrong dad: (He's trying to lie his eyes)

  14. BoomBoom Pickle

    What gets me is the discord chat between them

  15. Music Town

    A new netflix series...

  16. Rob

    I like how they say present day 1:04

  17. Simon Spota

    Son's heresy skills are more powerful in each video

  18. bloop

    Lmao look at their conversation in discord

  19. fck vwlz

    A new arc?

  20. Me good dog YT

    0:05 does that hurt?

  21. God


  22. fck vwlz

    Mon key

  23. Commissioner Badgeface

    He should do a “son, have you only gotten 5 upvotes in pewdiepie submissions”

  24. Will Aguirre

    *loads lmg with religious intent*

  25. Shade Shmule

    Bro Bread Boys is getting at least three thousand subs a day, they are popping off!!! Makes sense though, their content is amazing!!!

  26. ElectricPeaPlayz

    This is very strange

  27. KeeganKraze

    What the heck is that discord conversation?

  28. Jonathan Tamoama

    Some say you can even see the rage in his eyes 1:01

  29. Offwhite Boi

    Son are u studying in there?

  30. Ethan Bai

    0:46: *When your package is labeled “fragile”*

  31. J.C.

    Does Richard become an Assassin?

  32. Dakan X

    His father became his girlfriend

  33. Toa Lesovikk

    Every fucking time with the shot gun!😂

  34. Andi Andong

    Tank you bread boy is happi

  35. hatedkris

    vibe check time

  36. Zo I

    Bread bois I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say 20 minute vid special that includes face reveal

  37. Jesse Shortis

    I love how the category is Education

  38. King Mustang

    Deus vult

  39. shrek man

    Catory education Well their not wrong

  40. Cody Games

    This video made me understand the phrase “simping”.

  41. rio chan


  42. Romir 308

    And because of this in my recomended I binged the whole bread boys saga so far


    it's so unsettling that I can see someones face

  44. Calamitas 1234

    Where did the healing potion table go! TELL ME

  45. Wakin Sarabia

    Father, can i have those lumch meets

  46. Lloopybook

    This was teased in the simping video

  47. tiggle5485

    I guess you can say, _THE SEAT OF POWER IS IN DAAAANGER_

  48. Phitthawat Inthavong

    This is literally the best description of a dnd paladin or cleric i have ever seen

  49. DJ NoBlue

    I saw his eyes

  50. Ghost2Inkling

    I just love how when the Father punches Cousin Richard it turns into an X-ray

  51. Shogunbirds

    I thought I was going to hear "Parry this you fucking casual!" as he stepped out the door.

  52. mlazenby2 eli

    I love this channel 😍

  53. Ivo Joaquin Legelen Rial

    Now the son has to start an epic crusade in search of his father

  54. Bass Michigan

    This is beautiful art.

  55. Zach Murray

    That’s some pretty good heresy what’s the sause

  56. [89thAH] ArmA III:Optre Shenaniganus Maximus

    Lol I love how son just has easy access to a Desert Eagle now

  57. Nathaniel Antonio

    Hes back!? *Grabs MG42* BEGONE

  58. Panzer Faust

    Did he just make a story off of a shitpost about a knight helmet

  59. Patrick Jones

    Gets me every time 😅

  60. DJ NoBlue


  61. REAZA

    first becomes a meme,second:becomes the best anime ever XD

  62. G-MAN


  63. Emanuel Fanelli

    I gotta admit...for once i agree with the dad

  64. AlertedCrows64

    h a m

  65. Ben Costelloe

    And thus, the story begins

  66. Fizz Boyo

    Good to know before shotguns were invented, father just punched things. But like, really really hard.

  67. Ketsueki Ren

    I actually kinda saw he’s face in 00.9178 seconds

  68. orpheus280


  69. Vibeke Hatting

    Lol The end

  70. Alpha Green

    I feel like seeing another person's face just feels out of place for this channel 🤔

  71. Tony Stark

    His dad was literally waiting for this moment 😂

  72. Matthew White

    The shotgun is starting to rust...

  73. Matthew White

    This is like Hunter x Hunter where in the very beginning, everything is pretty light-headed, but in the second half of the show shit hits the fan real quick

  74. Kyle McCleerey

    Who allowed someone to play Cousin Richard Nice

  75. MainFootball1

    ALsel:Watch This. Me:No ALsel:Watch This. Me:No ALsel:Watch This. Me:No ALsel:Watch This. Me: OH FINE FFS

  76. Kyle McCleerey

    I swear to god you're videos are the best I've seen in years.

  77. ZxMbI

    What Dark Souls lore looks like for new players:

  78. Blue

    I wish this was a movie.

  79. Corrupted gems

    How the dad died now

  80. Corrupted gems

    Really JJBA