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  1. YED

    Gib=KSI... Just dogs that pressure and pummel.

  2. Vic Vic

    So ridiculous

  3. Freddy Prieto

    2:18 lol 2 episodes back to back when dudes left hanging

  4. Mikaele Tangata fou uce 4 life Samoan mana

    Seriously thought that was drake 😂

  5. Marcos Castillo

    I was a hater but now no more this is the most exciting fight ever I mean both contenders! Great fight

  6. Mayank The Great

    I feel bad for the interviewer...

  7. Josh Pens

    Team Ksi but I can’t see how Logan Paul lost

  8. Throwin Hunnits

    1:06 need to put this in a meme where it cuts to him laying on the canvas after Gib knocks him

  9. Joe Hanshaw

    Budd already lost to Amanda

  10. Happiness stay

    B O R I N G

  11. Diego Olguin

    Boxing is becoming a circus

  12. Safiollah Zad

    Dislike for Jake Like for Gib

  13. luis luna

    Everybody talking about that his not ready, which is true from my point of view. But the kid is just answering a question with respect towards himself and those names he mentioned because he looks out to them as being elite boxers. Not really calling them out just said he would like to at some point of his career.

  14. G Nayr

    Hey Cyborg, this Budd’s for you!

  15. Cureyji Ali

    As much as I want to gib to win l want jake vs jj.

  16. German Alonso

    Mexicans with 2+ losses should not come out with Mexican music.

  17. brandstandard

    Dana and Joe Rogan look strange

  18. Future Prediction

    How does Jake have the better coach, quicker hands, fitter body, healthier/ more beneficial diet....and yet still Gib’s punches look more intimidating than Jake

  19. Num1BullShit #1

    Why did the ref stop the fight right when he hit the floor? If it was a hit directly to the eye then rule it a knock down, give him a ten count to see if he could at least get him to stand up bring the doctor in. If a boxers arm get broke.. that's not a knockout or win, it might be a NC. But say the he stood standing and asked for the Doc and the Doc states physically he can't continue due to damage that possibly blinded his eye so he went down to protect himself until doc came in. I bet he didn't go down from that punch bc it didn't even hit him solid n slide off. He should gave him a ko count allow him to bring doc in and gave him that bit of time to see if his vision came back? Anyone else agree?

  20. Nezar Sadiqi

    El prĂłximo rival del canelo

  21. Odar Pino huaman

    la verdad cosio tiene una zapatos muy malos, esos zapatos no le dan estabilidad cada vez que daba un golpe se quiere caer y cada vez que recibe un golpe parece que estaba con patines

  22. Mohammedreedha Al-hilw

    14:13 lol that is a big lie

  23. Einārs Bistrovs

    Fight begins at 5:33

  24. Bearhead Bb


  25. Bryan Reyes

    Why did y’all take this fight off haha cuz of the heat against the clear loss of Triple G

  26. Jhu Youknowwho

    Jake should smash this guy He can’t fight He can’t even push 😂

  27. Andre Aviles

    imagine this could be a draw but they don’t want too lol

  28. Kenshiro

    Shame it wasnt a 20 year old Mike Tyson Instead

  29. Noel Carr

    If you think Jake will win then you're tapped

  30. THETGE

    do u think he will be able to fill his fathers shoe ?

  31. Emmanuel Wall


  32. R E

    This is cringy

  33. Bodyboarding Chronicles


  34. Oroma Mark

    imagine its been target practice lol

  35. RomeDa515

    Jakes not even better than Logan

  36. TheLumeri

    When Cyborg is done with Budd, that "LESS" IN FEARLESS on her wears will VANISH.

  37. Kurt Reid

    So satisfying hearing “it’s just a fact that I’m going to win this fight” but really... he lied didn’t he.

  38. Lukas Santing

    Gib is somehow both the most experienced and the underdog

  39. WolkerSam

    Looks like Cris Cyborg using some seruois doses of steroids.

  40. Douglas Guiotto

    Cyborg is a man !? đŸ€”

  41. Un Reveal

    Ksi Knowledge, TRUTH, integrity That is the acronym the comentator said Wow really? Truth

  42. ToRebio

    man it is so sad that everything you see now is fake

  43. Chito Puff

    Hommies put that work in so don’t run your mouth

  44. Khan Naeem


  45. TheHuskyK9

    The fighters are falling everywhere, the ref is falling everywhere, the crowd is falling everywhere, everyone is falling lol

  46. Rupesh Sapkota

    It was a bad time to choose floyd For anyone Even crawford or danny or shawn or keith or any welterweight Just no match for floyd in his prime

  47. TheHuskyK9

    Bruh, I have never seen both fighters and the ref fall down so many times in one fight, and most of the falls weren't even from knockdowns. The canvas turned into ice for that fight lol

  48. Rico Lolo

    Ksi too wild gibber will show more boxing

  49. Chad Cox

    Ah man boo!! This the weakest one yet.. You cant "Pull up" w/out the fighter lol.. Na i love this man just found this on youtube. Keep'em coming! The Danny Garcia, Teofimo & Zab one was tight!! Cant wait to see you guyz "Pull up" on some more haters!!đŸ„Š

  50. S A

    That's annoying I got reccomend the jake paul uploaded 1

  51. D'Range Live

    Ref coulda gave a minute for them to get some better shoes or grip. That's kinda hatin allowing that to continue defenseless due to faulty equipment. That's actually pretty negligent & dangerous for him not to call time. I mean they stop it for loose tape but not slippery shoes? Cold business lol

    1. miguelbinha


  52. OneShotMBG


  53. L Coleman

    This fight was horrible!!!!

  54. Joren Ambeguia

    Wala ito kay pacquiao

  55. Dingus Squatford Jr


  56. ontweh

    I think it’s fair to say ice skates don't work in boxing

  57. Garo

    quality content there DAZN

  58. Great White

    logan:i feel ill,i sneezed 3 times. 6ix9ine:no he didn't!


    Lol this was crazy


    You are the idiots

  61. Lalo granados

    Cada pelea munguia se Mira mas pendejo y sinceramente canelo le pone una putisa q la recordaria today su vida

  62. Roberto Gutierrez

    Turbo in Spanish, Turbo in English.. the word comes from Latin , like many words are similar to English, but different pronunciation.

  63. David Ogawa

    Gib is tiny. If paul loses this hes pathetic

  64. Mohammad Mustafa

    Is it just me or does Jake literally push like he's scared of gib

  65. ComicsLegend

    This will be great!

  66. Woogieboogie

    So they don’t allow trans in UFC? But bellator does?


    Stands up takes a few steps back and grabs hold of the plate, I mean shield lol.

  68. myka deaver

    Clash of the dad bods

  69. ontweh

    Marin’s Corner should have known better. You can’t train brain toughness and CTE isn’t fun. Marin is going to be slurring and stumbling real soon

  70. Andre Malchus Bediones

    Tbh Logan won bec ksi is just rude

  71. young simba

    Cyborg like alot more compose at the face off cyborg for the win even Steven wonder can see that

  72. Joseph JoeJoe

    These things are funny, but you have to be careful. You can get someone hurt.

  73. gjjl 1st


  74. HeresToUsTX


  75. Oroma Mark

    what is happening with the shoes of cosio he is moon walking

  76. Littlesnowy

    one question : when's the fight

    1. Get Money

      Littlesnowy 30th jan

  77. Alfredo Miranda

    Even I has doubts on Canelo first time I seen him. Didnt hate but just doubts. Im Mexican blonde hair blue eyes and I was gonna start doubting on this fool. I think Canelo has shown he is gonna be great. If you really analyze a boxer and all his fights, not just one, you can see their style and skills. The promoting side if it is business you cant hate on business cause business has no rules and or limits.

  78. Anthony Martinez

    Orange County in this card!!!

  79. Steven T. Rhinehart

    The Last Emporerer tamed the Rampaging Storm⚡⚡⚡ Rematch Perhaps?

  80. Quentin Valeriano

    Does anyone know who that fat dude with pink hair is ?

  81. The Real Absolute God.

    Who tf is the guy at 5:35 😂 like fr he look mad sus and acts like everyone knows him when everyone knows Ksi

  82. j dub

    I'm expecting a knockout by nose

  83. TheHilt92

    The absolute state of Armani 😂😂😂

  84. Frank Cotto

    This canelo would beat TF outta Mayweather

  85. j dub

    Wow this kid really might be a sociopath for real

  86. Brian Rios

    I actually didn’t know who was gib 💯😂

  87. OSCAR

    Jake wins against gib jake loses to ksi

  88. Leroy Thomas

    Neither fighter ready for Tank. Not even close!

  89. Alfredo De JesĂșs cedillo

    El payaso del boxeo SaĂșl kawuashi Alvarez jajajaja

  90. Angelo Romero

    Big respect from a Mexican fan for both fighters!! Boxing at is best!! đŸ‡ŻđŸ‡”đŸ‡”đŸ‡­

  91. Todd Brown


  92. The Dildaddy

    I can’t believe we’re all Watching ALselrs box professionally.

  93. Stephan Hollinger

    Now do 1 wit Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward, Terrance Crawford, and Deontay Wilder

  94. Essau Martine

    A donde estan los guates o hondureños!!!!son bien gritones antes de que les peguen!!!!viva mexico aunque les duela!!!!!!!les arde!;;


    KSI WON😡 I wanted Logan to win

  96. Victor G

    14:47 due outs ice in his face to make it look like he was crying for views lol

  97. Mohebullah Afzali

    This fight was a draw.

  98. Yokie

    All of them are trash

  99. Anthony Barron

    Gib is clumsy

  100. DanIsZeref

    U think im taking this as a joke? Also logan keeps asking math questions...