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  1. Kevin Palmore

    45 refuses to take any responsibility for his wrong. That's scary in a leader.

  2. Keith White

    It's kings fault

  3. Colin12475

    Both the judge and rapist deserve the Light Yagami treatment. ╔════════ ╗ ║████████ ║ ║УA†нηΘ†E ║ ║████████ ║ ║████████ ║ ║████████ ║ ║████████ ║ ╚════════l l

  4. Douglas Carson

    Biden would try to fist fight the corona virus

  5. xhands01

    Public has 'no appetite for lectures from the Leftist Virus of hypocrites like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, AOC and the rest of this band of IDIOTS, extradite them to Wuhan to join the CCP Virus Party along with Fake News CNN

  6. tom frankfooter

    lol this is great.

  7. EboyTvs

    Just let him answer the question. Just stop talking! Ugh! Let fauci talk. Anything trump has to say I don't care to hear about this. I wanna hear the experts, not the orange dumbass

  8. Allex Gibbs

    Jim "Captain What If" Acosta

  9. Arlie Riefer

    Governor, you are doing what you have to do! Keep up the good work. New York depends on you to hang in there to ask they stay home until they all do!

  10. Rocksolid64

    My, my, my, aye-aye, whoa! M-m-m-my Corona!

  11. sdcaob1

    Why can't we have 100 % Testing. Is it really that hard. Quantitative the positive and end this. This is the USA. How can this be taking so long?

  12. Liberty309

    CNN is so fake I bet this really didn't happen !!! :-)

  13. David Brooks

    deblassio didnt close nyc schools until march 15th !!!! acosta is a POS

  14. SuperBeachbum74

    costas is phony as a 3 dollar bill

  15. John Moose

    You guys suck! Get to the point.

  16. D Lit

    Let him and Aunty Maxine take a IQ test he see how they fair!

  17. tim dicks

    I hope u feel better host of show I jus heard u have this virus stay hydrated safe love this channel I'm a little fan..🙏

  18. Eli Gonzalez

    Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pray plz just in case..... we all neeed to pray Jesus plz forgive those we lose let us enter your kingdom if we leave this earth. In Jesus name amen

  19. Linda Chen

    It's really good to hear the voice president speak independently. This information is helpful/ reassuring/ important.

  20. Voltarian Technology, Inc.

    *The great empire of Idaho must begin its conquest.* It would be closer to California... *But **_still._*

  21. Dimitri

    1:02 The offical N-word button

  22. Jr Brown

    creepy Joe is busy playing pocket pool ....and blabbering about his gansta days

  23. outdoor fun

    Acosta along with his fellow media leftists and the entire Democrat Party were calling Trump a racist xenophobe for banning flights from China. Up until March 2nd Pelosi and NY politicians were telling people to continue shopping and take the subway. Even take in a show. Good news. They ALL are on tape saying. Just more of the left being typical useless hypocrites. Happens time and time again yet the braindead will still believe everything they say and vote for these disgusting no moral character idiots.

  24. ROB112

    How does Pelosi think she has any credibility when she cain't even keep human excrement & dirty needles of the streets in her own district? Facts are while Trump implementing his travel ban on China and assembling is Wuhan virus task force in January Pelosi & democrats were opposed to both. As late as March 12th Pelosi & democrats were trying to reverse the travel ban on China with a Bill in the House! If Pelosi & demonratts actually cared more about the safety of American people than furthering their agenda they would not have delayed the Stimulus Bill over a week & trying to secure funding for identity politics, abortion & climate change when people are dying. Sorry if your to scared of real facts & only get your news source from a trash network like cnn with SO MANY retractions, defamation lawsuits & settlements you might realize your only being used as a political pawn by the left who now more blatantly than ever makes it obvious power is their only concern

  25. Donnovan Becerra

    The fastest car chase in history OMG I would die if I was in that white car

  26. Dave G

    Everything that orange lying buffoon does he looks like a fraud. He talks like a fraud, he grooms like a fraud, his marriages were frauds, his businesses were & are frauds. Trump is a lying pig! Time for a pig roast.

  27. Chris -

    Lon Demon is not a journalist, he is a Marxist propagandist. This psychopathic little fraud and all his lies will come to the surface and everybody will know the truth of what he really is.

  28. User name

    Get Trump out 2020

  29. Mitch Batten

    I don’t believe him, he is a professional liar, a fear mongering propagandist. Put all the MSM treasonous trash in prison.

  30. Alicia Barba

    Shame on those complicit with evil, God will remember those unwilling to take the log out of their own eye first🙏Heavy evidence of child trafficking and murder and the weak minded and angry are worried about the Presidents underwear. Mercy for those who judge without applying it to self first🙏

  31. Bryan A.Cal

    Ohh I miss the good old days...trumps "coronation" is like going to the gas chambers.

  32. Gretchen Bates

    Won't listen to CNN anymore!

  33. Helen wang

    I believe you will be healthy soon. You may eat more onion, garlic , vitamin C and E .

  34. Ram

    Incredible India

  35. James Travis

    When people in authority dont even understand basic mathematics. I'm a videographer, and understand basic maths, I dont know how to work out the maths but i understand the concept. If you're in some kind of power, surely you need some kind of basic numeracy skills. I got a job at a tool shop once and had to pass a basic numeracy and literacy test, how can people not understand this type of stuff?

  36. D Lit

    He wants the United States to be the Ununited States, ITS SO UNAMERICAN! SEND HIM BACK, SEND HIM BACK, SEND HIM BACK, to where his grandfather derives from!

  37. Connie Stewart

    Go deeper & draw CLOSER ...

  38. Non Compliant

    Chris Cuomo= Hubris

  39. Armando Garcia

    Pence does such a great job of acting stupid to avoid answering the undefendable.

  40. Linda Chen

    Thank you.

  41. James Trueblood

    CNN is a joke they won’t cover the threats and shaming sanders supporter got being blamed for Hilarys loss you don’t own us or our vote


  43. TheForgottenHero

    I've entered here just to dislike it.

  44. mountopian 1

    You can see the door behind him where he keeps children locked up till he wants to fiddle them.

  45. Richard

    Trump is an idiot and a xenophobe and will never help people like her. He hates people like this.

  46. Brigette Va.2020

    Praying for chris and all others affected by this monster.get well soon❤🙏🏽

  47. Jack Braddell

    There are no Biden Bros. Settling for anyone but Trump even DNC fix shill Biden is going to get it. DNC should have supported twice as popular Sanders and later toned him down.

  48. Cynthia Yanez

    He is scared because he is realizing that the fact that he hasn't done anything sooner it is becoming very obvious. This is his fault!


    Omg no wonder she looks so afraid. She’s being interviewed by CIA

  50. Adventure Escape

    They come back with all kinds of bullshit excuses and jargon.

  51. adsız

    You are against to trump look what's happened to you I his given to you corana virus if you are good to trump his give you corana beer with lemon...

  52. Jolly Rogers

    Ridiculous how much hatred CNN has. Instead of being part of the problem, be part of the solution. Ask the right questions and come up with solutions instead of party bashing! So sickening!

  53. Hama Habib

    Good luck all the best 💐

  54. COLTON

    To trump supporters, go out, have fun, have a drink with your friends and family like trump said 🤭 The whole coronavirus is just a hoax!

  55. Jr Brown

    she is an 80 year old, wine and klonopin walking POS She is irrelevant to everyone except CNN dumbocrats

  56. Paul Smith


  57. Naira Khachatryan

    We have Trump as president or we don’t have hime, it will not make a difference. They are not able to protect people, medical workers. Unbelievable! God bless America🙏🙏🙏

  58. Deon Go healthy

    Prayers for you Chris.. and your family.

  59. Lost Lyrics

    "I'll be facing triple life" then he gave him the 😉 and the 🔫 😂😂😂

  60. Claudette Walker

    Missed six weeks? Why? Impeachment!!!

  61. Richard Cahill

    Hardcore prison fight google- "Aryan vs dc black"

  62. This is MAGA Country

    I'm happy to see Fredo finally taking the virus seriously. The gym is the worst place to go.

  63. TReeseTV

    At this point he's just refusing to answer CNN or his other "fake news" enemies. To be fair, I also dont like CNN, but I would have to common decency to at least answer the question to the best of my ability.. Come on Trump... How is this man President...

  64. Adventure Escape

    The boy who cried hoax.

  65. James Trueblood

    These corporate Dems are liars they are the one who shame sanders supporters now they keep complaining now that sanders people stand up for themselves the corporate left don’t like being called out on their inconsistencies and to be honest BS then they shame us hell ya we are mad 😠 we are tired of scumbag centrists who lie and call them self liberals what a joke

  66. EmperorN

    This is all BS to scare the people and make it appear real. The news is like a big fake movie. Cuomo is a lying scumbag just like the rest of them.

  67. N Esq

    is a drama queen.

  68. Hama Habib

    Hi.hopefully you get better soon 🙏eat this one tea spoon morning in empty stomach chewed then drink a warm water 💧 everyday the name is black caraway seed .it since it’s in our holly book , I don’t think anyone has allergies with this

  69. mahmga1

    "I know south korea better than anybody" - And that basically says it all..The clown in chief trying to gaslight his way out of a paper bag every sentence..Every single sentence a world of lies, spin, self-congratulatory fluff. Trump makes me want to peel off my own face.

  70. Christoph Resmerowski

    His priorities are all in the toiles. His biggest fear should be his stupidity to subscribe to Godlessness.

  71. Richard Mcgee

    They are all making excuses for failing the American public that make them sound even more stupid! The media should not let them get away as well without answering the questions head on, they are playing with people's lives! Their is nothing funny about this at all! He meaning Trump is grooming them to say what he wants them too! He has known about this since January and did nothing! But what I don't think they actually get is they can catch it too, this virus does not say because you are wealthy and a liar I will pass you by...its not shocking to me with Trump because he has lied every day numerous times a day since he has been in office. But for the people in the background of him, you better do what's right and tell the truth which might be a stretch but remember it could be you, a friend, a family member etc....these are actual numbers and human beings!

  72. Greiyv

    That cop dodged that last question hard

  73. Allex Gibbs

    Trump was called a fear monger for shutting down travel from china in January. Then he isnt doing enough in march. These people are sick.

  74. Vlogger Grandpa

    Do you want to save CNN? Get rid of Don Lemon and all those anti-Trump journalist! They don't speak the truth. They're just out to get the president. Again, just get rid of them and you'll be fine. Nothing wrong with changing the landscape of journalism and news reporting. No one believes CNN anymore. Not watchers because the airports are shut down. :-(

  75. Wade Bolderman

    Dumb and Dumber!

  76. Sum Ego

    Video title: Trump clashes with Acosta in testical exchange. The result is... Trump wins BIG time.

  77. Arlie Riefer

    Chris didn’t listen to you, he is a competent reporter and did his best to protect himself. But being out among the people is where the story is and he had to get out there! You can’t set on the side lines until you have to! Now he has to!

  78. fujigerry

    When Fredo is the more rational, you need to have a hard look at yourself. Lemon is a disgrace to journalism.

  79. 100k Subscribers without any videos



    See this line......This is how we avoid answering questions 🙊

  81. Pam Martin

    The Chinese Communist Party did this to the world and now they are lying and trying to blame the rest of the while making money on it all. They need to be made to pay for what they have done.

  82. Hadley Harris

    I’m British and I completely agree with Alex Jones

  83. Swervetattoos

    Can anybody tell me why Bill Gates has any input on this at all? Kinda weird isnt it?

  84. Deborah Olokun

    He wont live down the sweet guy comment at family dinner.

  85. marax

    india is trash

  86. Gavin Vanrell

    Of course it’s in Alabama😂😂😂

  87. The cutest Furret

    Stay put and just vibe inside. Sit in front of Netflix, Hulu, prime video. Sit and play video games. Heck, a new game just dropped for switch that I already have 30+ hours in, Animal Crossing New Horizons. Read that book you’ve been meaning to read. Learn a new language. Just STAY home.

  88. Grow Someplace

    #StopTheDroplets everyone should wear a mask if they cannot stay home.

  89. Ancient Rageedi

    Trumptards will still support this gutless orange face scum.

  90. LiveYourLife

    Keeping pace with Norway and Denmark? hmm Sweden (with its population of 10M) has 293 deaths while Norway (with its population of 5M) has 44, and Denmark (with its population of 6M) has 104 deaths. So 1.7 times as many deaths per capita as Denmark and 3 (!) times as many deaths pr capita as Norway. That doesn't seem to be "keeping pace" in my view... Listen dear Swedes; us norwegians are supposed to be the weird/different ones! When we don't to thing differently, you shouldn't either :(

  91. Peter Burton

    Is Obama telling us what the next false flag from the Jesuits will be?

  92. Omega Truth

    Love how they move cameras for doctor but not for the president of the United States of America

  93. Jr Sunofthunder

    Mountain and a Hill..!!?😱😱😱

  94. The Helping Review Girl

    I get what Don is saying.....fact check first, then play Trump with all the correct info displayed....

  95. Elhanan Rokah

    Netanyahu is the world behind you, a strong leader.

  96. James Caruso

    This guy is unbelievable! He doesn't answer the questions asked, he makes statements that are patently untrue, and he gets nasty because a reporter has the nerve to ask a question he doesn't like.

  97. Ann Lapadula

    She obviously is stupid common sense stay away from people especially house party . No tears for her. Dumbass

  98. Toilet Paper Bandit

    Don’t blame others if you weren’t smart enough to protect yourself as you watched china get sick.

  99. SuperBeachbum74

    funny how CNN is reporting on a story that's about them and their fake media. CNN = WINDSOCK NEWS

  100. Erick Pancakes

    Hope you guys know there’s so much a psychic can say. From what I’ve heard she wasn’t gonna see her when she got to heaven. That could mean anything. Either her mom won’t be able to make it to see her when she was free. Plus when she said she was underground, yes she was in the basement. Psychic don’t tell you everything. That defeats the whole purpose of living.