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  1. Nebula Replays

    Your a weirdo

  2. Lexi King

    I love horror 🎥

  3. Xxdjthegodlyxx

    I’m only watching this for Tokyo revenge

  4. danut chelariu

    Hi SisTurd!

  5. Not Vsco

    I feel bad he is doing what he want

  6. i-man

    if i use my mum's makeup, i'd literally be using the James Charles palette

  7. tricky potato

    Dont judge me but if you are real man you won't scream at shotgun shot in game that 5 yr olds plays and theit not scared of it😑

  8. Caleb Amaya


  9. matt

    we need more marcos in the world

  10. Alexia Tikkanen


  11. Elisia Bundurus

    I just say: woowww

  12. Nicola Wright

    When that golden consiler was put on it looks liked the chavs from school lol

  13. matt

    omegle forced him out of the closet big oof

  14. Joanna’s Life

    okay wait... why did i laugh sm throughout this video HAHAHAH

  15. Reta Callihan

    Did anyone notice his earing trendy

  16. Xx Kyra Menezes xX

    “AhHhH...that girls is a bathrub”

  17. peachymimi !

    8:48 this video came out after kobe died, coincidence or nah?

  18. Lazy crazy edits

    I feel bad for you! 😥

  19. hello hello

    i cant belive i just saw the hole video

  20. Elle Smith

    Marco is the sweetest thing ever! protect him at all costs :’(!

  21. Naomi Grant

    Yo James UR HAIR😂😂

  22. Nicola Wright

    Your bathroom is bigger than my living room and bathroom together

  23. JacksonASMR

    James’ eyebrows are so tinsy and cute 😚

  24. Jasmin Atwa

    Anyone here still watching this in 2024 🤪

  25. Luka Bogdan-Hodgson

    so weird watching this in 2020 but kinda shows how they weren't that close anyways

  26. creep-. Nl

    its said public : POEPLICA

  27. Leona Krasniqi

    Hey do you wanna be a girl just asking not to the mad way

  28. Helga Dobrik

    Anybody watching in 2021?

  29. kylied1224

    Honestly my favorite james Charles video this is hilarious

  30. Alex Sparg

    you are my favorite youtuber and i also speak fast so love that about you from sister Alex

  31. Lili Anderson


  32. Lightning Gamer

    Liza: It looks good on everyone Me: don’t cry don’t cry don’t cryyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭

  33. Max Everall

    You look amazing! OMG you look so flipping great in anything! XXX ❤️

  34. Rugilė Petkevičiūtė

    me when i open my older sister's closet...

  35. Kelly Lopez

    James- “nO cAP” Me- *cringes*

  36. Bollywood Masti

    Do the challenge that is makeup in reverse direction

  37. Yousef Najjar

    K susterrrrrs

  38. Yousef Najjar

    Tell me

  39. Devin Robinson

    okay but why does that foundation actually match better than his others...

  40. Lexi King

    JAMES “it’s just hair aha”LOL

  41. Freya Rose Metcalfe


  42. Andrew Iacobucci


  43. anna gojska

    Sister You should do snakes do your make up

  44. Quiqui Nation

    James you should by makeup from wish and do a full face

  45. Nisa Ayu

    I’m tired listening to Ethan screaming omg chill

  46. RainbowGlitterSparkle CC

    Lol love this video made me laugh so much also no changes needed your gorgeous! By the way love the look today lol

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    I love Marco

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    Marco is so cute omg

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    You are so so so nice

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    I wish i knew make up more xD

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    Like para un canal exclusivo español ................

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    When she said she to James I died😂

  54. larry wilcher

    this was actually really cute.

  55. Anousha Taheem

    Love yah and love the parts YOU made are amazing all the others are f***ing idiots you incredible smart sweet🥰😍💄❤️💝❤️💝❤️ luv you

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    Love this video do more sis’ 💚

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    Go to 12:58 in the video and close your eyes

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    Awwww God bless u

  61. Funko findings !

    My birthday is the same as James Charles!!!!!!!!!

  62. Lightning Gamer

    JAMeS I GoT I IDeA FOR A YT VID DOINg YOuR makeup with FOOD! I hope you get this idea into consideration 😁😁😁😅

  63. Bobby Scott

    See this why I like James Charles

  64. Anfal

    12:46 Fav parttt 😂😂😂

  65. eccedxntesiiast

    *james waves* Girls: *dies*

  66. LPS baked brownies

    I'm sorry but I thought I was pretty you know kids are watching this to!

  67. Natalie Jones

    I HAVE A IDEA! You should do the Omegle but do you makeup backwards :) xx

  68. Sherman The snake

    In 2060 we will all be eating insects because all the animals are dead

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    Shot up

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    I love you James❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  71. Elaine Oreilly


  72. sweet puppet

    I love how he said, 'one of my good friends Larray' that's so cute and wholesome XD

  73. Grace Canning

    So funny xx

  74. Grace Canning

    I love youu xx

  75. Sonya Jones

    Am a new comer to your channel.... James I love the makeup 💄.... 💋

  76. Kaća Bajazet

    When James does his makeup with liquid lipstick better than I do with normal makeup...

  77. Euro Lee

    2:58 can like get it tho oml hes so hot

  78. Sister duo squad

    I searched Lorenzo live and got this

  79. SILL

    People who dislikes thinks the james charles memes are still alive

  80. Clarence Chloe

    i need this episodes more.

  81. Jet Xo

    11:26 right boy can dm me

  82. Mihika Dave

    James should call his haters step sisters

  83. Mya Harris

    Omg those little girls and there mom

  84. LAYLONI Lopez1

    I love it when you used Meryl Streep as the "old lady" In the sona i LOVEEEE MERYL STREEP

  85. brinabrina


  86. lin lin

    2 queen ? :з

  87. Katy Burnett

    I am Scottish omg you said my country’s name omg haha 😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 💓 love you James soo much

  88. Malie Marino

    Marco is my spirt animal 😂

  89. Lindyloo

    “Mom look at we r picking out his highlighter” “NO YOUR NOT” “whYYY”

  90. Beth E

    I love you lmao and tbh all the haters just hate bcs they’re jealous and u didn’t even look that bad in this but I guess thats just because your naturally beautiful love you loads ~~ sister beth

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    Makes OMEGLA big again 🤔😂

  92. PanMaster

    Do you even have a Penis?!

  93. Beatrice A.


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    Wait lowkey the guy at 2:58 was kinda hot

  95. Dougdfgger Fi Clark

    Omg you really did not need to do this do not listen to the hate comments the comments are not true I know you are don’t do what they say!

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    I'm soooo sad that they aren't friends anymore 😥😥😥😥😥

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    I saw him at drag on he looked incredible

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    This is the content james needs to do more. He is just being a dork and i love it.

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    evry time i puse your video you look sad

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    James: *burps* Kids in the next video call: 😱