It's Niki and Gabi! Aka the opposite twins:)
We're twins, but we're polar opposite in our looks, fashion, and personalities. Even though we're "twins," we're our own individuals, which is why we titled our debut EP "INDIVIDUAL" available for purchase, download & streaming now!
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  1. hannah robbins

    Gabi and Collin make me so happy

  2. gacha lesslie

    Is it just me or does gabi have beautiful eyes in #3

  3. Deishazefer Wirihana-Te Kuru

    gabi looks so different from the videos that were made in 2017 or 2019

  4. Wambui Wachira


  5. Zamya Miles

    You said it was three of us but it's 4 instead because you include your brother

  6. Liam Niki

    LOL I LOVE THIS!!!!!

  7. Jessica Nguyen

    Thanks for keeping me company while during these times, I love you!! Venmo: @jessicatnguyen

  8. MacKenzie Luft

    I just want the porcelain dolls. I collect the dolls.

  9. Sakina Max

    Niki and gabi you should do this but switched then add the points for both video

  10. Melissa Loveless

    McKenna is to funny my favorite is Hannah Ann 😂🤣

  11. Beatrice Olugbemi


  12. Gladys Carrana

    you guys should definitely do a blind fold buy each others outfits threw the time of day

  13. Abby Lawrie

    Abby-Lawrie is my venmo. been watching you guys since i was younger

  14. susana chaidez

    Did you even pay for the Starbucks 👀😋😂❤️

  15. Junette Derr

    Uh 2020

  16. Hey Its Angel Chan

    Niki&Gabi: Oh i should by these thing There Card: Im Doomed HHAHAH Email: [email protected] Can i get help? Cause im planning to make my own cosmetic business. So that i can help my family. Even though im a small youtuber and im not sure if people are going to buy if i make one. ❤️❤️ But I appreciate help❤️🥺

  17. Eve Hackett

    They didn’t tie. Nate rated the mayo an eight not a nine. Gabi should’ve won.

  18. Jaycee Hay

    Gabi didn’t do what niki did

  19. virak phay

    Most of those people I know because I’ve been watching them long all of them friends

  20. Sandstorm567 Sandstorm567

    That Kim and Kanye part got me

  21. Purisima Abelo

    Gabi is very pretty

  22. Aneeka Khan

    I love Ariana grande

  23. Yvonne BARNETT

    :is there anything vegan lol

  24. Sandstorm567 Sandstorm567

    Kylie needs to see this

  25. Mara Bolivar

    Gabbi's pretty without make up 😍

  26. boom i i lo

    You guys are lucky i only have brothers! I have 3😑brothers

  27. Sandstorm567 Sandstorm567

    I am officially dead and I love y all niki and gabi

  28. CoralineNotCaroline

    Half the comments are about Nikki’s style she doesn’t act like she’s different she’s perfectly fine

  29. Queen x Christine

    Niki: you have big shoes to fill... Collin: what shoe size is he? Niki: that’s irrelevant Me: ummm? 🤔 but you just.... oh, nevermind 😂

  30. Colby's girl 1

    Emo squad

  31. Mary Leggett

    First time watching y’alls channel and I definitely subscribed!! I love both of your styles... I’d say I’m in between because I’d wear a lot of what you both got! I can’t wait to see more of your videos ladies! 💗🖤💗 Bless my Venmo so I can do some quarantine shopping too 😘 XOXO @Mary-Leggett-2

  32. Carly Keil

    How is niki so awake gabi would be me

  33. Skittles !!!

    Collin really IS my favourite (besides niki

  34. Emma Barclay

    paypal-emmabarcs you guys are so amazing and genuine! have been watching since literally forever!:)

  35. suniixdays

    niki's hair is a whole mood and im living for it

  36. Hana Zafer

    My email: [email protected]

  37. Reese McMacken

    Gabi how are you so pretty

  38. Erin Schucker

    More more more 👍🏻

  39. Slime queen Tarleton

    Do the boyfriends switch photo shoot yasssssss queen

  40. JessTheGlitterBoss

    I don’t think y’all really did this for 24 hrs lol gaby could do this in one hour or less lol I don’t believe any 24 hr challenge but doesn’t mean I’m not entertained watching this

  41. Khloe Zimprich


  42. Jessica Cohron

    My brothers Birthday is on November 6, 2002 when your best friend or a really good friend passed he turned seven the best day of his life because he was seven and he got a puppy for his birthday and I was only not even a month old I was a couple days old when this happened

  43. Roxy Colegrove


  44. Carly Keil

    Who else thought it was funny that they had a film house 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  45. Olivia Lupo

    Why is Nikki obsessed with her hair? Like it is all she ever talks about, that and “cool and warm tones”. Lol

  46. Lydia Edwards

    venmo: lydiamedwards

  47. Stephanie Medrano

    I would love nothing more than sending this money to my mom who unfortunately got laid off work and is back home supporting my siblings she is the strongest person I know single mom always taking care of others and putting every one else’s needs before herself anything would help thank you for supporting others Gab and using this platform to give those who aren’t fortunate enough to be working or making money in these times 💕 VENMO: Stephanie-Medrano-17

  48. Rian Jost

    did anyone notice it said ¨wait for the end to see my fancy vog¨ like vlog not vog

  49. Lauren Watts

    My Venmo is Lauren-Watts-29 My salon had to get shut down and when I said I wasn’t able to pay my rent I got kicked out. So now I’m out a salon and money 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Thanks for doing this. Hope you stay safe and healthy! ❤️

  50. Gymnastics Girl

    2020 anyone?

  51. Ava Wingate

    Make a dance to your own music videos

  52. Shella Mae Mercado

    Love ur hair !!!

  53. Adrina Chiappe

    please make more episodes

  54. Cooper'anne Fotheringham

    Been in Quarantine for 9 days as I have a upper respiratory infection and watching you guys definitely keep me sane💜 lots of love from Australia 🇦🇺 email: [email protected]

  55. Callieino 1

    Ok then

  56. Jav Ramirez

    Niki’s shirt😐😑

  57. Shella Mae Mercado

    Love ur vidddddssss

  58. Meena Maggie

    Venmo- meenamaggie Literally have 3$ to my name and can’t pay my bills 🤦🏼‍♀️


    Go to Eliches and I love the Kardashians

  60. victoria lang

    Gabi needs to ease up on the make up holyyy

  61. Travis Huff

    you are so good look like them.

  62. JC Ch.

    Now im confused 😂

  63. Robyn Bartlem


  64. super fun

    Gabi's hair looks amazing!😍

  65. Amerie Goodman

    I can't belive you guys aren't twins!

  66. Khloe-Lynn Austin

    Niki and Gabi i’D love a tiebreaker we could do who’s the most flexible couple

  67. Lucy Worsley

    pls do more

  68. Ryleem1214

    I loveeeee this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. Natalia Roman owo

    wow everyone is taking this so seriously they were just trying to have fun jeez if someone said i won because i looked like ariana grande i would take it ask a complement just like gabi did (also if you see this i love your channel)

  70. zoe quastel

    pretty sure i rewatched every niki and gab viddd

  71. Madison Taylor

    niki is so hot like howwww

  72. LeaRae Hazel

    you are" t divas your very very very pretty!!!!!!!!! btw #DIVA#

  73. Mia Kelly

    2020 any1 And also at 2.21 if there is any friends fans out here u know 😂

  74. Mickala Tenns

    This is weird niki seems kinda girly

  75. gianna mcclain

    When your closet is big enough to live in it 12:34 , I can't relate😂😂

  76. Ela Vojinovic

    My Piggy Bank Is Crying😭😭😢😢😦😦😖😖Are They Billionaires???!!!!

  77. Jasmin Rose Alicaway

    I love nikki's outfit❤

  78. Astrid Wolfo

    What if Niki was Gabi and vice versa..

  79. Sarah Rodriguez

    you dont want to go through it

  80. Ava Couright

    I can’t hear

  81. Sarah Rodriguez

    im going through that right now. it hurts alot. i cant redo it, ever.

  82. Zunaira Toor

    don’t have a job rn!!! my email is [email protected] 💕

  83. Khloe-Lynn Austin


  84. Allie Boyd

    This comment section is just sad. I see comments hating on Niki. I see comments hating on Gabi. Come on guys! If you don't have something nice to say don't say it at all. Keep your opinions to yourself. Niki is just not confident in herself and she needs reassurance. I completely understand her, bc I am the same way. Also you people keeping saying Niki is being rude well you commenting that is rude. Dang. If you don't like Niki then go to just Gabi's channel. Grow up people.

  85. Khloe-Lynn Austin

    In this part Gabi and Nate they actually seem like a couple but Nikki and Collin they just feel like a best friend

  86. Sophie Gregory

    Niki and gabi where the first youtubers i ever watched

  87. Alana Hodges

    Comment niki and in comments put a red❤️ Who do you like more

    1. Alana Hodges

      And put a red heart for both of them I like both!❤️❤️❤️

    2. Alana Hodges


  88. Ava Lovejoy

    How do you guys look sooooooo alike to celebrities I literally sooo confused

  89. Lmaya Ajlouni

    Can someone tell me where the one where gabi says yes to niki all day cuz I can’t find it

  90. Alicia Alvarado

    Nate just like mhmm

  91. Beatrice Olugbemi


  92. Clara Melamed


  93. Reese Lowther

    When gabi taught the class how to be fancy it reminded me of the first fancy Nancy book😂😂

  94. Janellebeeez playz


  95. Danae Mercado


  96. Kendelynn Scheele

    My gmail is [email protected]

  97. zoe lee

    Venmo: @zoe_rae622

  98. Zekie's Corner

    Man you got a lot of food