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  1. Umar Iqbal

    Who cares if its natural or not, a diamond is a diamond, only ones should be worried are the diamond mine owners


    Race is just too toxic and foolish. The fact that she said some people love the history of natural diamonds, they mean the horrific histories, damn 😢


    Race is just too toxic and foolish. The fact that she said some people love the history of natural diamonds, they mean the horrific histories, damn 😢

  4. Toby W

    Sounds like the 747 could take two rockets.

  5. EMUSK

    What a special moment - private company taking people to space. Total game changer. The flood gates are now open for space exploration.

  6. mac berry

    With this being the first flight with humans they might be able to learn more about the rocket. Humans have better sensors than robots


    “Two first American astronaut” 👩‍🚀 👩🏾‍🚀 oh wait wrong emojis...I wonder if it was only white people who fought the wars to bring the name America up 🕊💤

  8. Joshua Iosevich

    Working memory varies, I can do about 10-12 digits with no tricks. My genius friend can do 16.

  9. Lacrima

    Note: The "Friendliness" gene is present in most Opportunistic Hunter/Gatherer animals. This means that technically you could domesticate the vast majority of Canid and Feline member's but it would take a very long time and there are some issue's that arise, Domesticated Animals tend to get smaller than their wild counterparts(Because Size is no longer a necessity unless selectively bred for a job that requires size.) Cat's are smaller than their African Wildcat origin and most dog breeds are smaller than your average Gray Wolf(There most recent cousin) for example. Why does being an Oportunistic Hunter/Gatherer matter? Well, its because dogs and cats were domesticated by realizing that Human's have settlements that contain Resources that they can Scavenge off. And that Human Settlements often attracted easy Prey such as Mice, then we humans noticed that Dogs and Cats are good at a lot of things, so we started to entice them to stay near our settlements and slowly but surely the Cat and Dog were bred into a different species that isn't inherently afraid of humans(Kitten and Puppies born from a ferral mother aren't afraid of you, the mother is though, life experience made her that way.)so with animals like Fox's and Raccoons the same should apply. Both animals already live near human settlements, both are Omnivores(Fox's Less so) and both are currently afraid of us at birth but to be fair they should be considering both are also considered a Pest in modern society(Even though Fox's kill of rodents and other pests just as well as Cats do).

  10. Jose Pineda

    Man I was so worried my poop was gonna hurt when it came out because I was so blocked up but, like this launch, it was a success!

  11. Geoffry Vickery

    But it wasn’t electric tho.

  12. Benny The RolliNstOner

    Why don't we send a couple more with our technology now?

  13. ShrekOnionLord

    Interstellar Travel, Impossible?, No, Difficult?, Yes

  14. Fernando Formento

    Cómo puedo ver este en Español?

  15. Drumf Bum

    This is the definition of YOLO

  16. Speaking Freely

    Video: The virus is "comfortable" and under no evolutionary pressure for it to get better. Everyone: And there is no need to freak out?

  17. Derick Chafton

    The children! Save the children!

  18. Kilroy was Here

    The young BLOOD

  19. John E

    Why do you suppose the virus is so good at infecting human hosts? Since it is new to humans, should it be less adapted to humans rather then animals?

  20. Bold Verto

    U didn't mention something, the mutation we mention it's not self mutation its recombination mutation which may occur in fall or winter with other outbreaks which we may cause worse coronavirus ( again it can be wrong)

  21. The Blah Family

    The Fantastic Mr Fox!

  22. Alexandar Antonov

    concrete is not waterproof

  23. Seanie Boy

    That moment when you're stuck in a full hotel Elevevator in the back corner

  24. Kilroy was Here

    You shouldn’t be able to change something slightly and then get it re-patented

  25. Brian Thorpe

    God bless the USA still number one

  26. Oscar Vera

    I will drown with my city and swim with the fish

  27. It doesnt MATTer

    When they finally come back to Earth, theyll realize that theyre the only two human survivors of an apocalypse that had happened.

  28. Texuh

    The first time in 61 years lmao

  29. Anna Bogdashevsky

    I have a pet arctic fox, a domesticated red fox, a fennec fox, three dogs, and two cats. The foxes are my favorites and are the most beautiful animals I've ever seen. They are the kindest and funniest out of my pets especially my arctic fox. They have come along very far since my childhood where people in school where scared of them.

  30. dacoolist

    Love the video! Space is wild, and an area of mystery - keep it up

  31. Cyber Stalker

    Only 0.0000000001, Percents, We Ride A Damn Space! Its Long Way.......! To Go!

  32. God Of Pastas

    Sierra ? Ahah my Macbook pro of 2008 has high sierra !!

  33. Loki_Playz

    You mean you went to Save a Fox and got to meet Finnegan?

  34. R Manning

    Anyone who's seen the film "rim of the world" knows whats gonna go down in July lmao

  35. Kadam Nopi

    I feel sad... Cannot care and love ours own mother nature #Thinking about space tourism #Americans traitor of the world...

  36. Leyla T.

    I just could not understand that why does she pronounce the word 'astronauts' in a different way? Sounds like a german word :)

  37. Leyla T.

    Helal olsun ! Congratulations!

  38. *zev* *bronshteyn*

    they sure are lucky they had the opportunity to leave earth

  39. mathias kiilu

    Hey US, Russia just handles the business better

  40. Kamel Labiad

    Normal humans: lets sit in front of camera and talk Hipsters at the verge: lets film you with a camera then play that video on laptop and then point a camera to it

  41. Incognito

    These guys made the right decision leaving earth

  42. Ajvad Sayid Mohd

    "Viruses exist to make copies of themselves". Of course humans have an entirely different purpose.

  43. simgenur açıkel


  44. joits

    Waiting for the development of the Epstein drive...

  45. Vergil Son of sparda

    It’s nothing more then the flu you people are drowning sleep and your almost dead

  46. Lord ballsac the 2nd

    Americans pay Russia 80 mil per seat American warns of war Russia. Russia buys what with money? You couldint make this nonsese up or any ticker

  47. Shibz Shibz


  48. Michael Brown

    The only thing they take to space is your imagination. Adults that lie as children become big liars as adults!

  49. Johs Carlo


  50. Sujal Gurung

    Just imagine how amazed the aliens are gonna be when the astronauts introduce them to touchscreens.

  51. Kyle McNally

    I was in New Smyrna Beach for the launch, saw a few seconds, but most obscured by the clouds :(

  52. You nass

    It has become difficult to believe you.Corona revealed all of the hidden

  53. Space Cowboy

    Love the boots..are they astronauts or fly fisherman?

  54. Random Cat

    Misleading title. It's only that for the first time, Space X has launched humans to space.

  55. DaBrat

    Maybe our generation will see space 🥺🤯

  56. Aneesh Kumar

    5:21 vormir

  57. Vernon Williamson

    pizzagate logo really?

  58. E Gg

    Neil Armstrong would be proud

  59. Harvest Workers

    @Jeremy Staples . . You are correct, I read it wrong. However, even though they said what they said, didn't mean they did what they did.

  60. Paula B

    Love your creative art of collage. Well done!

  61. Achmad K


  62. Jerelle Packer

    I see alot of pollution


    So, only the rich people can go to Space? 😭

  64. Brad brouwer

    Nice to see they have their over designed coronavirus masks on


    Wow, thank you for explaining it to me. I was actually confused when I watch the Global News.

  66. My life My Rules

    Will the day come when people protest NASA brutality... Destroying human health from space...and playing Gods ...

  67. Alvy Tundag

    Good choice for those astronauts who leaves earth.

  68. Tiger Zero

    virus can mutate to be less deadly or be more deadly

  69. Joeschmofromcocomo

    We simply need a new fuel source, or learn more about magnetic fields to slingshot from planet to planet.

  70. Joeschmofromcocomo

    USA USA USA....awesome...we are well past due for space exploration. Space is truly the last frontier

  71. Shaun Bidois

    Not surprised these astronauts wanna get out of here I do too...for good

  72. Habi Rahmatullayev

    Can anyone explain me what so special about this launch?

  73. MusicSounds

    Pencils: am I a joke to you

  74. ShadowChilly

    2:11 if my PS4 controller had DNA

  75. Fōx James

    its like 5 grand

  76. Thomas M.

    50% of comments: don’t friend out *yet*

  77. Anonym

    Now domesticate a fennec fox

  78. Kevin Winch

    Alisha go Dragon crew Doug and I knew you rock Ellison's and Martindale Hubble Martindale Tulsa Oklahoma and California

  79. Ren Everlast

    I think I need to make alot of money...

  80. Kenny Tee

    All of this is gonna eventually lead to a perilous mission that involves rescuing Matt Damon from outer space

  81. victor feliciano

    bravo elon musk..bring human to mars!

  82. Jai Jai

    I think those two people might spread corona in mars too ... 😄Just for fun😎

  83. scarlet eyes

    plot twist: aliens are thinking in their minds to conquer earth in 2 years or so

  84. Ond

    what trickery is this???

  85. Daddypig is 14FT

    That’s all true. But the real question is Can it handle minecraft shaders ?

  86. Head Shot

    Everybody don't believe doctors and business man they are destroying health and wealth they are real threat to society

  87. gnarmarmilla

    Thanks much, Verge. I was wondering what was going on with this. Man, 80 million bucks for a seat? That’s crazy...we don’t need to go to space if it cost that much. How about helping single parents send their kids to daycare while they work? How about helping poor people pay rent and finding a place to live? How about paying for people’s educations? It’s amazing, but we have too many other issues to take care of. I pray God will help our leaders to be more wise and understanding.

  88. Navaldeep Sharma

    Nation first is the best thing. Atleast smwhere nationalism appeared after a long time

  89. Prasanna Gnanasekaran watch it guys if u have time🤗

  90. prussianmirku0

    idk about all this I just like his music

  91. Suchaa Gill


  92. onenikkione

    Privatizing going up in Space...yawn. What will you do up there? Staying at a Holiday Inn Express now that's awesome.

  93. robertobeats!

    first time?? what about 1969??

    1. A_003

      Learn to read..

    2. ColetheKing2002

      robertobeats! This is the first manned Space X rocket

  94. Meh Meh


  95. Jason

    Invest in $SPCE

  96. lia

    idk still convinced elon musk is a super villan

  97. Kj

    No women and no MINORITIES? 10 STEPS AHEAD 20 STEPS BACK

  98. Kj


    1. whiteclifffl

      Why don’t you volunteer?

  99. Md Sadik Hossain

    You are Look Beautiful..