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  1. Tayte Tomlins

    Anyone else see sofie dossi when they went onto the ice?

  2. It’s Jennyyy

    Wait is Bobby wearing a “make America great again”😳😳

  3. Jana Mohamed

    Anyone else saw the gem sisters in 8:10 or it is just me

  4. Lauren_xxoo

    I love that Franny's not just asking the questions to ask them. She's actually listening to the answers and trying to understand

  5. Abigail Tisdale

    Imagine franny being a mom (11:45)😯

  6. Ashley Gibson

    Corey is with us and he will always be waiting for you guys and then he will walk with you in the light

  7. Melissa Fantato

    💙💙💙 this was beautiful Franny he will forever be in you and everyone else who loved him’s hearts 💞

  8. Charis Armstrong

    My love for this duo grows more and more each video.

  9. Angela Kasper

    I would play this game all the time with my friends on road trips lmao

  10. Maddie Lantz

    Lol did she pass out?

  11. Dakota Safko

    i miss corey:(

  12. Paige Fox

    I have a big adam's apple it's like an adam's grapefruit

  13. Jxxvan

    #LiveLikeCorey 🤍

  14. natalie madariaga

    betta post a part 3

  15. Kailey Katz

    I just now just found out he died... from tik tok... wtf is 2020

  16. Chloe zwirecki

    This is impressive, Corey will always be looking down on you, thinking, she is awsome, she is my best friend, I love her. He will be dancing and always listening to this song. Love you, Franny, hope you feel better soon - Chloe

  17. Friends Forever

    pls do a routine! Also love you Franny!

  18. Tamia Jackson


  19. Michaela Allen

    I wish i had guy friends like this

  20. Hope Olivia

    imagine having 10 friends lol

  21. The vlogs channel

    Who is here after Corey die?

  22. Artzy Oofer

    Did anyone else see sofie dossi after granny said ready kein?

  23. Anika

    This is how many times they said Tiktok ↓

  24. Adéla Čechová xd

    Her: People in LA are like “no dairy” It’s just like LA tho Me: *directly thinks of Dolan twins* Also me: did she say she drinks a glass of milk before bed? Isn’t she dating the non-dairy king?

  25. joud -

    stay strong bb

  26. Panda Sunflower

    Kian: help me! I'm losing my freaking mind of here. Also Kian: beep beep beep

  27. Adriana


  28. Prateek Rishi

    Thank you for sharing this!! I’m making a move too.

  29. Marisol Morales

    I hope Franny still has that necklace cuz I know it would mean so much now

  30. MegaDoritoman

    Franny!! You lookn hella cute!! :)

  31. Destiny Barnette

    I’m watching this waiting to get more tickets

  32. Mermaid Lover

    Literally the th whole comments: nobody: Not a single soul Franny:who the heck is Madison!

  33. Charlie KE

    So your trying to tell me they are kissing in the thumbnail

  34. Nicole's Squad

    Aww so ship y’all ❤️

  35. Jazmine Slays

    Can you do more parts to this.

  36. Elysia Lee

    Wait she got that mixed up. If newborns have a closed fist it means they're hungry and if they relax and have open hands, it means they're full

  37. Katelyn Chang

    i never knew corey or watched his videos but seeing these videos just shows how impactful he was on so many peoples lives. It truly is heartbreaking to watch how broken they all are. I cried watching all these videos because the pain they must be feeling is unimaginable. A heartbreaking loss for many lives, may you rest in peace corey, you really made a difference in this world.

  38. Taliya Jessica

    That Teddy Graham was delicious thanks bobby

  39. praise evbuomwan

    plz weres is part three

  40. Àshdarkglowwolfplayz UwU

    Is he with you?

  41. Adriana Plascencia

    Where's the part 3 vid coming out?

  42. Aidyn Moerkerk

    i love ur out fit and ur ALsel content is lit 🔥 and what not and you keep me occupied during quarantine during this whole bull shit and i love u to death and lots of love from Canada 🇨🇦 from A

  43. Cassandra Jade

    Part 3❗️❗️

  44. Cassandra Jade

    Yes!!!!!!! Keep playing

  45. Cassandra Jade

    Keep this up Franny❗️

  46. Amber Dixon

    This all just seems like some crazy fake news story. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that one of my favorite youtubers is gone. The world gained another angel! ❤️ we love and miss you Corey 👼

  47. Alicia Rosenburg

    wow you‘re so strong!

  48. S. B

    franny you’re so beautiful

  49. Aaliyah Khan

    Quarantine Gang???!

  50. Celeste Ly

    I am truly sorry for Corey,but I bet Corey right now would tell you to stand up and be brave.We're here for you.

  51. neejoy sola

    since they were roommates. God bless you , keep your head up. You’re right he’s always going to be on your shoulder 💙.

  52. H yo

    franny should’ve gave corey more attention🥺

  53. Joanny Dubé

    Wow franie that was so beautiful and touching that you for sharing that with us he eill be youre gardient angel watching over you

  54. Atilla Boylu

    We also tasted Australian snacks as an student and Work and holiday students who are live in Australia guys I prefer you check its so funny :)

  55. always us

    aww when she talked about corey......😥

  56. Katrina Ysabelle

    Help i thought it was the same picture in the thumbnailll

  57. Azira Ameer

    Franny turns really sassy when she drinks

  58. Pooja Trivedi


  59. krititã

    6:02 the way nezza said 'fran-ny' i lost it xD

  60. Emily Hernandez

    Omg when they said late night snack I was like on my gosh mine is definitely hot cheetos but when Franny showed hers I was like OMG

  61. Simply Chary

    Do more videos with Tara plsssss

  62. Casey Brucks

    She said the mac 135 was $42 and I gasped. I’m so used to buy Morphe brushes that I forgot brushes could be that expensive

  63. lisa b

    i have always loved corey's hair during this time around 💙

  64. Giselle Mena

    Wait what happened I’ve never seen her

    1. neejoy sola

      times he made you laugh😄. I loved Corey he was an amazing person and impacted so many lives he will be missed🥺🥺✨ -I will be here

  65. Macy Reeves

    Branny for life!!!!! I really hope that they get together

  66. Birdy Boswell

    This friend group is so cute

  67. Seija Bishop

    I'm soo sorry for what happened but I do know you will see him again.

  68. Lowkey Lokiii

    when u feel talented bc u didn’t need subtitles😎

  69. Ailinn Kaufman

    Ok can we appreciate that this queen is amazing at singing you,nezza nd the merrell twins should do a song together after quarantine

  70. Ella VVM Lover

    Vanessa: "Whoever is the biggest flirt". Everyone: 👉👉👉 Vanessa: "WOAH". 😂😂😂😂 I love that part. It was at 7:00 if you wanna know.

  71. Deziree Stanford

    😭😭😭😭😭😭I'm crying soo much I always loved cory

  72. komal

    nezza's reaction to the tiktoks omg this friendship is GOLD

  73. 5SOS Xplr

    Why did I have the same answer as JC for every one omfg😂

  74. Emily Rowan

    Such a beautiful song Franny. Rip Corey LaBarrie🕊💙

  75. Yung Pinch Unreleased

    Fran you should start wearing that necklace in memory of Corey

  76. B Popping

    At 13:18 omg 😆 nezza was sooo shok



  78. Faith D

    I’m so sorry for your loss! He is always watching over and protecting you 🥺💙

  79. Jacqueline Højer

    Omg I looooove these vids! Please do more!❤️❤️

  80. cricel playys

    Milo is our favorite drink on pH

  81. Simply Chary

    Why do I suddenly ship franny with everyone

  82. Keren George

    ilysm pinnn

  83. aaliyah vallie

    I miss Corey

  84. Rosie Moonlight

    #Frian alert. My heart is exploding with FRIAN.

  85. Edgar Sedano


  86. Juliana Vazquez

    Mikey Mouse😂

  87. Abi Gillespie

    Aren’t u dating Ethan Dolan 😭😭

  88. Zarina Khan

    Please babysit my little sisters there twins

  89. just erin

    Fun fact, Corey liked this video from heaven ❤️

  90. Lynn !!

    You can play stories without paying diamonds. Just go to genres en choose one and then you get stories were you don’t have to pay.

  91. Dayna Haylock

    This was so funny

  92. Johlean Victoria

    Honestly i cant Bobby😂😂😂

  93. Why Dont We Fan

    i know it might be a weird question, but.. what are the chords to this? I'd like to try to play it <3 love you Franny <33

  94. Simply Chary

    Kristina, Sydney and Bella all look the sameee

  95. bayouartist z

    this whole video has me dying laughing😂😂

  96. bayouartist z

    nezza: i could draw you a mean star or a nice flower😂😂😂

  97. Abigail Santos

    Nezza:throwing it back Franny:You have a hole on your butt

  98. Abigail Santos

    I’m just learning the whole tiktok thing too

  99. Wareesha Ahmed

    The second round that Bobby did was so chaotic I couldn't stop laughing!

  100. Paige Fox

    Corey is the sweetest person ever. I can't believe he's gone